Stray Ch163

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 163: Viscountess

Bagelmaurus flapped its wings and flew around in a variety of patterns over Clementine College.

Considering Nemo Light’s true identity, the dyed gray parrot didn’t dare to really leave this limited sky space. Now it was extremely certain—Even if it burrowed to the most remote corner of the Abyss itself, the Demon King had the ability to dig it out, so it could only test it to a certain extent repeatedly, and when Nemo showed signs of anger, it would immediately concede on the spot.

This was a dangerous and exciting game that made its heart pump with exhilaration. Bagelmaurus landed on a tree in the college adjacent to the castle and skillfully combed its feathers, which were made colorful by dyes.

‘Perhaps this generation of Demon King wasn’t particularly bad,’ it thought impartially. At least it had never heard of a Demon King that had a mate, as there was only one relationship between the Demon King and other creatures—hunter and prey.

No, no, to put it another way, Nemo Light may just be biding his time. Eventually, he would still eat those people who had no respect for the Demon King. After all, the Demon King was a completely different class from them. Occasionally hanging out with humans may just be one of the quirks for this current Demon King.

The gray parrot tilted its head and thought for a few minutes, and then came to that serious conclusion.

A group of humans passed under the tree. Bagelmaurus stopped combing its feathers, moved two steps, and hid itself in the lush green leaves. Honestly speaking, it didn’t think it was necessary to hide. After all, birds were one of the most popular pets, and there were many kinds of parrots at the academy. Even one student brought a red-feathered eagle.

However, thinking of Nemo’s warning of “not to be discovered”, the gray parrot couldn’t help but feel anger in its heart. The noble superior demon lord shrank its neck and once again reduced its sense of presence. Facts have proven that it was the correct choice. If it was still bemoaning at the end of the branch just now, it might have fallen to the ground at the bottom of the tree due to the shock.

It recognized those people.

Although the appearance had been well concealed and the aura was beautifully eliminated, with its current strength, it could accurately detect the identity of the other party…

It was the nightmare it hadn’t seen for a long time, Vance Talbott .

After obtaining the blood that Nemo voluntarily gave, Bagelmaurus’ power exploded. In terms of power alone, it should surpass Vance, causing the confidentiality curse that he had placed on it to dissolve naturally.

But recalling the cold and ruthless suppression of his aura, it still shivered instinctively.

Vance Talbott was dressed as a manservant, with long gray hair that was tied up in a bun. He was carrying a huge leather suitcase in his hand. He was naturally mixed in with a group of humans—the distinctive orange pupils were obscured by an illusion, which made those eyes now look ordinarily light brown.

His expression wasn’t aloof, nor did he smile. It was as if he was wearing a mask.

A beautiful middle-aged woman was walking beside him. The woman had a perfect smile on her face, a kind temperament, and simple and natural makeup. Her long copper-red hair was coiled into a bun at the back of her head, and the brilliance of a diamond hairpin flickered in her hair. She was wearing the uniform of a professor at the academy, yet the simple style of the robe couldn’t cover up her beauty.

Bagelmaurus thought, ‘She was just as perfectly disguised,’ and shrank into the leaves again. Unfortunately, her combat ability seems far worse than Vance’s, and it instantly recognized her.

They had met in Hailem in Garland, the Sage of the Abyss, Telaranea.

Even if it didn’t participate personally in the battle of the Withered Castle, the gray parrot still roughly knew what happened. It had never been good at analyzing, but there was only one simple conclusion in its head—Teleranea equals trouble.

The demon didn’t make a big deal about going against the surface with great fanfare, but the two of them had clashed twice. However, in the opinion of the impartial Lord Bagelmaurus, Tumbleweed and Telaranea just happened to be on opposite sides of the fence. While Telaranea might not hate them, it was still inevitable that conflict would arise between them.

In fact, if they fought now, they might not be at a disadvantage, but it wasn’t clear if the Sage of the Abyss was planning something.

Thus, Bagelmaurus chose to turn its tail and flew towards Clementine’s student dorm. It could report this matter as soon as possible and make a small contribution, so that when the next time the mean Demon King bullied it too much, it could still bring up this matter and offset some of the punishment.

Not long after Nemo returned to the dormitory from the confinement room, he was pounced on by the colorful parrot, causing the books he was holding in his arms to scatter all over the floor.

Emanuel’s confession was still heavily pressed in his heart, so Nemo was distracted, but he couldn’t truly be angry with the gray parrot. He just sighed good-naturedly and began to pick up the books on the ground.

“Be careful next time, Bagelmaurus.” Nemo poked the gray parrot on the head. Hayden was still in the school hospital at the moment, so he didn’t need to deliberately lower his voice.

“Guess who I saw?” The gray parrot raised its chest. “You’ll never guess! This is major information.”

Nemo raised an eyebrow while placing the book neatly on the table.

“Telaranea is in this academy,” the gray parrot announced loudly. “He, no, she… Ah, forget it. It’s one of the female professors here.”

Nemo almost lost his hold and dropped the book in his hand again. Although he never thought he could get rid of it completely after the Withered Castle, he never thought he would encounter it so soon again.

“Professor of which major?” Nemo gulped. His own spells wouldn’t mess up. Telaranea had indeed forgotten everything about the Withered Castle, but in order to prevent it from being too unnatural, he didn’t erase the conflict between the two sides when they rescued Mr. Knight Commander. The original “Cahill”—That demon definitely recognized “Nemo Light” and it was well aware of his identity as a Black Chapter.

Even putting aside the matter of the Withered Castle, Nemo didn’t think that Telaranea would lightly ignore the news that “a poor Black Chapter had infiltrated the top academy in Alban”. They must not bump into each other.

“I don’t know, but I remember her face,” the gray parrot said. “She didn’t come alone. There’s another superior demon—that’s the demon I met in Noer.”

“The one they sent out during the Black Chapter test, Pandorater?” Nemo exclaimed. “Isn’t she still locked up in the Mercenary Guild?”

“No… It’s a different one. It didn’t tell me its real name. The name of the body is ‘Vance Talbott’ and he looked less than 30 years old.” Bagelmaurus flapped its wings. “Long gray hair and orange eyes. Do you have an impression?”

“You never mentioned this before.” Nemo’s brows raised as he recalled the brief disappearance of the gray parrot during the Black Chapter test and its unnatural state afterwards.

And the orange-eyed waiter near the Dawn Tavern.

“At that time, I was under a confidentiality curse!” the gray parrot screeched. “That guy is very strong… Uh, I mean, he was stronger than me at that time. He seems very interested in the Demon King, and I was kind enough to warn you!”

It wasn’t that Nemo had never heard of the name Vance Talbott. On the contrary, he was very familiar with it. Every biography related to the Tin Solider Mercenary Group could not get around this man.

The consultant of the Tin Solider Mercenary Regiment, a mysterious swordsman of unknown origin and the swordsmanship instructor of the leader, Flint Lopez. He had been wearing rusty armor in public and no one knew what he looked like, but after so many years, that swordsman should be over fifty years old.

That is, if Vance Talbott was really human.

“When you saw him in Noer, what clothes were he wearing?” Nemo frowned. He naturally remembered the weird familiarity that the waiter had brought to him. “Was it a black and white waiter uniform?”

“It seems that it is indeed him. If I’m not mistaken, Ollie and I met him once.” Although he was about to be late, Nemo didn’t intend to rush. “There might be a possibility that they just happened to have the same name. I have to confirm it—if he and Telaranea are together, it shouldn’t be so simple. Good job, Bagelmaurus.”

“How did you know…”

The gray parrot jumped up and down on the table with joy, its head held high.

“…So I won’t punish you for running around the college,” Nemo added with amusement.

Bagelmaurus stopped jumping for a while and sank onto the table flat on its ass as all its fluffy feathers drooped.

“Nemo?” Oliver poked his head in and knocked on the open door. “I’m ready. Do you want to go together? We’re going to be late.”

Oliver was immediately stunned. His lover’s expression was particularly serious, but his eyes gleamed with a rare excitement.

“Ollie,” Nemo put the stack of thick books on the table, loosened his hands, and spoke solemnly. “I have a plan. Even though I know it’s devious, to be honest, I’ve never done anything like this…”

Oliver suddenly held his breath.

“…I want to skip class!” Nemo announced it seriously. “In fact, I really want to do it with you, Ollie. But this time I have to escape alone. If we act together, it’ll be too conspicuous.”

“…” Oliver looked at the ceiling and adjusted his emotions for a while. “Ok.”

“By the way, what’s your class schedule for today?”

“Today are all indoor theory classes, and there will be no classroom changes.” Oliver saw that the other party quickly took off his nursing uniform and took out the standard student uniform that was issued to all students. Nemo didn’t hesitate to start changing clothes on the spot, which forced Oliver to look elsewhere to make sure his attention was focused on the right place. “Why are you asking all of a sudden?”

“Telaranea is in this academy, and I only know that its body here belongs to a female professor.” Nemo rubbed his hands. “Considering your major, I don’t think she’ll teach logistics—but I have to quickly determine her identity so I can avoid it carefully. Keep a low profile today, Ollie. It’s best to stay in the classroom the whole time.”

Oliver nodded calmly. “It’s almost time. I’ll go to class first. Make sure you pay attention to… Uh… Safety?” He always felt that saying this had no practical meaning.

“Nn.” Nemo finally finished dressing. He thought for a moment and spread his hair out to make himself look more inconspicuous. “You too. Use the communication crystal to contact me if you have a situation.”

Oliver left quickly. Nemo took a deep breath as a feeling of wonderful excitement filled his heart.

If he had stayed in Roadside Town, if he dared to skip class like this, he would have been pressed down by Old Patrick and forced to peel two large barrels of potatoes. At that moment, after calculating how much Clementine’s class was worth, Nemo had the tragic pleasure of witnessing the melting of gold coins.

Nemo tucked a strand of disobedient hair behind his ears and crept to the information room in the northwest corner of the campus. This was where all the basic information about the professor could be found. Considering the state of Alban, there should only be a handful of female professors, and all of them were members of the nobility, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find. Ann was in charge of cleaning over there, so maybe he could stop by and say hello to her.

“Mrs. Mandy, are you feeling better?” As soon as Nemo was halfway there, he heard voices coming from ahead. He immediately hid himself behind a decorative stone pillar, eliminated his aura, and even stopped his heartbeat.

“Much better. Thank you for your concern, dear Salter,” a pleasant female voice replied. Without even closing his eyes this time, Nemo instantly located this bright star in the “starry sky” in his mind. There was no doubt that that woman was a superior demon.

“Have you found out the cause? You can take a break for a while longer. No need to rush back to the lecture.” The other voice belonged to an old man. “Otherwise, the Viscount will complain to His Majesty.”

“Oh, no, no. He has always supported my career.” The woman chuckled. “It’s just an ordinary headache. No big deal. It’s just that my head isn’t quite clear.”

“If you’re not comfortable…”

“No, I’m fine. I don’t want the research project that I had just started to be delayed because of me alone.”

“Actually, I’ve always wanted to ask… It’s been so many years. Why do you suddenly want to start studying Trent Plague?”

“Well,” the woman was silent for a moment, with a weird smile in her voice, “you see, this is where my mind isn’t very clear… I forget the reason, Mr. Salter, but this is a meaningful research project, isn’t it?”

This must be Telaranea. Nemo quickly made the judgement. He moved out and looked from the shadows at the two people who were talking as they walked. The red-haired woman in the professor’s robe was smiling and talking to an old man, unaware of his existence.

The next part would be simple. All he needed to do was find out which subject the “Viscountess” was teaching and stay away from the relevant areas.

“Oh, I almost forgot.” Mrs. Mandy—Telaranea’s tone was extremely gentle. “I want to recruit an assistant from this batch of freshmen. As you know, I’ve already selected all the seniors, so I’ve been looking at entrance exams for this term. There’s a little guy who’s got a pretty good head on his shoulders.”

“I’m afraid if it’s a new student, it doesn’t meet the regulations…”

“I believe you’ll have a way around it, dear Salter, no, dear Mr. Principal.”

“Give me the name and I’ll have to look at the child’s family background first.”

“Okay, okay. Nemo Murkos White if I recall correctly.”

Nemo, who was hiding behind the pillar, buried his face in his hands in pain. He originally only wanted to answer a little bit of relevant knowledge so that he could get the qualification to access the professional materials of the Pathology of Abyssal Magic major.

Ann was right. Nemo wiped his depressed face. With his luck, he really shouldn’t do anything extra.

The author has something to say:

Other people messing with things may not do anything. Nemo messing with things is sure to bring those things back (……

And Ollie, the employer has been delivered to your door. Your brother is not far from finding you (?)


Nemo: Since I am the Demon King, I decided to do something bad. Let’s start by wasting tuition and skipping class!


Kinky Thoughts:

I’m so happy they are still so cute and innocent! I hope they stay like this forever!

Ollie was probably thinking on a different line of what “devious” thing Nemo wanted to do.

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