Stray Ch151

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 151: Prejudice

The result came out faster than they thought.

At noon the next day, after the test was completed, the two Black Chapters who planned to infiltrate the school stood in front of the gate of the Royal Military Academy of Clementine again. It was just that this time it wasn’t to participate in a test but to officially enroll.

Clementine Academy would provide all the basic daily necessities, but it didn’t exclude students from bringing their own personal belongings. Several young people who looked like nobles even used carriages to transport carts full of personal belongings into the high walls in an orderly manner. Even civilian students often carried more than three suitcases. After all, once enrolled in school, students were strictly restricted from going out. For ordinary students, what they could bring in at this moment was all they had access to for this year. If there were any missing items, the rest could only be purchased within the academy.

Nemo looked at the extremely smooth, manicured lawn in front of him. In the center was a huge and exquisite statue of Zenni that gleamed under the sun, making his eyes dizzy. He now understood why commoners brought their bags inside—the items at the academy weren’t ridiculously expensive, but their quality wasn’t low either. For aristocratic children, it may be considered good quality but low priced, but to an average person, it was an unnecessary expense.

The two Black Chapters, who only planned to lurk for a few dozens day, didn’t really bring any necessary belongings. Oliver made a waterproof canvas bag and stuffed it with his transformed armor, while the ukulele that Nemo gave him was carried on his back. Nemo was carrying a simple backpack and a grey parrot that looked like a fainted chicken.

Ann only prepared two sets of clothes and a pair of shoes for them.

“Clementine will send you professional uniforms,” The female warrior was rubbing an unknown potion on her head while she muttered. “This is for you to use when you sneak out. Don’t use it indiscriminately.”

Most of the reward they got from Randy and Mora was used to pay for their one-year tuition. Naturally, they wouldn’t get a penny back after they ran away. When he found out about the news, Nemo’s mind became numb.

“New students, please go this way.” A middle-aged lady in a gray-blue robe with a warm smile around her round face greeted them. “Did you bring the bronze medal that was issued to you in your name during the exam? Very good. Your dorm area and room number should appear on the back. The entrance is over there. You’d better move fast, boys. There’ll be a ceremony at lunchtime, near noon. You’ll have one hour to unpack and change into your uniforms.”

The accommodation for the logistics major and the nursing major were adjacent. The two quickly found their respective rooms. They weren’t sure if the rooms were divided into parishes or majors, but their rooms happened to be on opposite sides of the same hallways with their doors facing each other.

This wasn’t because of how close the relationship between the two majors was, as Nemo quickly noticed the reason…

The male dormitory area only had one dorm for nursing majors. The nursing and logistics students were the weakest groups in terms of combat power, so the college probably did this to avoid unnecessary conflicts between students.

After inserting the bronze medal into their doors, the two of them unlocked their rooms almost at the same time.

Nemo opened the door and glanced in, closed it in disbelief, then took a step back and directly bumped into Oliver, who was also retreating. Oliver’s ukulele bumped into him, causing a low sound of strings to hum.

The two glanced at each other and, at the same time, found horror on each other’s faces.

They had never seen such a high-end… residence.

Nemo stayed in a nice inn when he was in Hailem, the capital of Garland. He once thought that was the limit he could imagine in his life. It turned out that Clementine Academy’s primary goal was not a for-profit educational institution, as he could clearly see where those huge tuition fees were being used.

The heavy carved wooden door was embedded with a nameplate. Nemo took a deep breath and glanced at the names on it. There were only two. It seemed that this was a double-dorm system.

The sound of the door switching again came from behind as Oliver made a second attempt. Nemo shook his hand and pressed down on the doorknob again…

He couldn’t see the entire room with just a glance. It wasn’t so much a room as two semi-enclosed rooms put together. As far as he could see, this part was already wider than all the bedrooms he had ever seen.

A four-column bed was hung with exquisite and thick curtains, and at the feet of the bed was a small, upholstered sofa that had soft cushions. A little further away from the door—The floor facing the window at the head of the bed was covered with thick carpets, and there was a trace of sunlight behind the dark curtains. The room as a whole was dark. Compared to the little light that came in, the floating magic lamp was obviously the real light source.

And it was daytime right now.

There were wide desks and bookcases on the carpet. Heavy books were neatly packed in the bookcases, and the backrests of the armchairs were bulging. All kinds of ink, quill pens, and parchment paper were placed on one side of the desk, and a letter was laid in the center.

There was a simple partition composed of decorations and a wardrobe in the middle of the room. Nemo subconsciously sensed that there was no one on the other side—Perhaps his roommate had already unpacked and had gone to the hall to prepare for the ceremony.

There wasn’t much time left, and he didn’t want to use being late to get everyone’s attention on the first day of admission. Nemo swallowed, threw the parrot on the desk, and quickly opened the closet.

Then his face turned blue.

At the same time, opposite of the nursing dorm.

Oliver was no less shocked than Nemo. Fortunately, when he was working at the inn, he had received nobles, so his speed of adaptation was quite fast.

Without hesitation, he put on the armor and ukulele by the armchair and strode towards the wardrobe. There was no aura of others in this room. Although he couldn’t tell the reason for this feeling, Oliver was extremely confident in his judgment.

There was nothing special about the logistics uniform. It was basically a dark gray stand-up collar uniform, with the emblem of Clementine College embroidered with silver thread on the left arm. A basic defensive array was embroidered at the heart of the lining, and there was nothing else.

Oliver changed into his uniform neatly and pinned the bronze medal with his name on his lapel. He didn’t dare use the mist to give himself a cleansing spell, so he could only hope that the ceremony would end early, so he would at least have time to take a bath.

Ironically, he stared at his strange self in the mirror in a daze. The soft and comfortable fabric wrapped around him replaced his linen clothes, which were light and fast as if they didn’t exist. He was dressed in young people’s clothes, but his eyes were slightly gray and no longer belonged to this age.

He was now standing at the top of a group of residences in Alban, while not so long ago, he was still struggling in hell on earth. Oliver gave a wry smile and fastened all his buttons at his neckline and cuffs to firmly cover the scars on his skin.

He didn’t like this calmness. Honestly, Oliver hoped that his heart could beat faster simply because of this freshness, rather than calm down quickly, like a numb warrior on the battlefield.

“Nemo?” He closed the door behind him, and when he looked up, he saw his lover’s pseudonym on the nameplate at the door. Oliver rubbed his fingers on the letters of “Nemo Murkos”, then knocked lightly on the door. “Are you ready?”

The heavy wooden door slammed open, and the door shaft gave out a squeaky scream.

Nemo pulled his face and tugged at the neckline with his fingers. That unhappiness dissipated a little when he saw Oliver’s uniform.

“Don’t laugh, Ollie.” He lowered his voice. “If you dare to laugh out loud—”

Oliver let out a sigh, and for the first time he felt that his head was spinning. Oliver thought dazedly that, considering Nemo’s identity, he should probably laugh, but on the other hand, he unexpectedly felt good seeing Nemo like this.

Nemo had always worn a looser style, and this was the first time Oliver had seen Nemo wearing this type of clothing.

There were almost no men who majored in nursing in Alban. Considering the convenience of action on the battlefield, nursing uniforms were still based on practicality. It was just that nursing uniforms tend to be more unisex than the rest of the male uniforms that emphasized the hard lines of masculinity.

He guessed that Clementine Academy didn’t bother to design more than one set.

There was nothing to say about the white trousers and long boots, but the white uniform top was equipped with a jacket with a drawstring waist, which almost pressed the clothes tightly around the waist. A few sturdy thin belts were adorned with metal buckles that seemed to be equipped with all kinds of nursing appliances. The cuffs were also very tight, almost tying up his entire forearm. This close-fitting design was probably to avoid the clothes from touching wounds.

If such a uniform was worn on a woman, it would probably be considered valiant and beautiful, but Nemo’s body shape wasn’t the same as a woman’s. His muscles were smooth and exquisite, his waist was thin but strong, and his physique was much sturdier than that of ordinary young people, so it was a strange match…

Oliver looked away and coughed a few times as his face turned a little red. After thinking about the other’s party’s decency for a second, he decided not to say what was in his heart. He turned his head and, making sure there was no one around, he quickly kissed the corner of Nemo’s mouth.

“Let’s go.” After loosening Nemo’s shoulder, Oliver raised his eyebrows, and the gloomy emotions in his heart dissipated a little.

The situation was worse than they thought. When the two arrived in the lobby, this cold thought crossed Nemo’s mind. It was impossible for him to keep a completely low profile.

The seats were divided according to profession, and this time the two had to separate briefly. The area where the nursing majors were located was extremely easy to find. A dazzling sea of white, but most of them were women. The freshmen sat uniformly on one side of the table, and only one person sat alone in the corner, looking like a sheep who had lost its flock from a distance.

Nemo sat by himself when the lonely sheep became two.

Countless glances pierced his face instantly. The owners of these glances, regardless of whether they were men or women, were probably divided into two categories. One was contempt, and the other was first admiration, then contempt.

“Hayden Wilhelm?” Nemo recalled the name on the nameplate outside the dormitory and stretched out a hand.

“You… Uh, you are Nemo Mur—ko…”

“Just call me Nemo or White, Mr. Wilhelm.” Nemo ignored the stares and interrupted the other party bluntly. His new roommate obviously didn’t have much resistance. The thin young man buried his head even lower. “May I call you Hayden?”

Hayden didn’t shake his hand. He was about to shove his entire head under the table, as if there was some hidden treasure there.

“Oh, oh. Yes,” the thin young man responded dryly. “Then I too… Uh, Nemo.”

Nemo nodded, skillfully ignoring the sights from all directions. In theory, he was the biggest enemy of surface creatures—It wasn’t the sight of fear, but just contempt for his profession, so he didn’t care too much about it. He was only worried about one thing. Although the possibility wasn’t high, it was best not to have anyone recognize him.

His roommate was obviously a very distinct person. Throughout the ceremony, the thin young man acted like an ostrich wholeheartedly. After being warned once by the school staff that was walking around, Hayden no longer tried to stuff his head into the bottom of the table but buried his face in his dinner plate. This attracted a new wave of attention to them, as people kept looking in their direction, then whispered.

Nemo almost snapped his fork in half. He really didn’t want any more attention.

“Hayden.” Nemo poked his ostrich-like new roommate. He thought seriously that this was simply a miracle. They had been sitting here for almost two hours, and he didn’t even know what the other party looked like. “You can start eating.”

His new roommate finally raised his head.

It was an ordinary face. Hayden Wilhelm was very thin and small, and he probably didn’t reach more than 1.7 meters. His khaki hair was curled badly, and his face was full of freckles. His eyes were big, but they weren’t the kind of big eyes that made people comfortable—they made him look more neurotic than anything.

He glanced at Nemo quickly. Nemo could feel the gaze on his face for a while, but then it became complicated.

“Oh,” Hayden whispered. “Thanks, Ne… White.”

Nemo thought the other party’s attitude was a bit strange. The food in front of him at this moment was the best thing he had ever eaten in his life, so he decided not to think about it.

Oliver also noticed something was wrong. Compared with the weird atmosphere on Nemo’s side, the atmosphere on the logistics side was obviously much better. There were no women in logistics, and the conversations were civilian in origin, so everyone soon warmed up.

“Oh, it’s amazing this time. There are two male nurses.” The freshman on Oliver’s left laughed. “Do you want to make a bet? Guess how long they will last?”

Oliver inserted the silver spoon into the chestnut cake in front of him while his face remained calm.

“What an evil to come out.” The one who answered frowned tightly with disdain on his face. “I know that little guy, Wilhelm. His family is in the spice business with us, and he’s rich as hell—he’s a sick man. He plays with women, gambles on horse racing, and does all these crooked things. If you have to squeeze into a pile of Clementine women, it’s definitely because there’s something wrong with your head.”

“Maybe he has a crush on a girl? But with that look, there aren’t many girls shorter than him, right?”

Oliver’s brows frowned slightly. The chestnut cake was delicious, but he was vaguely unhappy.

“Anyway, sooner or later he’ll transfer to another major. You see, there are no men in the senior nursing program. Anyway, his family has a lot of money. This is just him fooling around. Master Wilhelm won’t let his precious little son learn this kind of sissy thing.”

“What about that pale boy next to him?”

“I saw him once during the test. I think he’s a civilian. I don’t think he has much ability. He’s probably relying on his looks to hook up with an aristocrat here… There are many good ones.”

Oliver exhaled, put down the spoon, and was just about to speak…

“Shut up.” Throughout the ceremony, the tall young man sitting on Oliver’s right remained silent, and now he finally spoke. “Everyone who could get in here is capable. Don’t say that.”

“If you still treat yourself as a man, would you go into that kind of major?” The one on the left was obviously not convinced and did not flinch in front of the opponent’s strong body. “Forget Wilhelm, with his thin arms and legs that probably couldn’t even lift a bucket of water. That guy looks very strong, so I don’t believe he couldn’t pass the logistics exam.”

“Maybe he has other plans,” the big young man replied quietly.

“Look at that face… I reserve my opinion. Do you want to place a bet? Since you trust him so much, how about one day when that guy really climbs into the bed of some aristocrat, you’ll give me a gold coin?”


“Make the bet,” Oliver patted the big young man on the back. “Trust me, I’m on your side, brother.”

The big young man frowned and stared at Oliver suspiciously. Oliver sighed. He put down the spoon and stood up, patting the little cake residue off the hem of his uniform, then left the table.

There were lots of people walking around now, and his movements weren’t conspicuous, but what he did next was truly eye-catching…

The freshman in logistics watched as their new classmates approached the nursing long table, said a few words to the excellent-looking male nurse, then kissed him very naturally.

While in Clementine Cathedral not far away, Jesse Dylan yawned.

“Still not ready?” The waiting room was warm. The blond young man sounded sleepy and sank into the wide armchair. “Ah… I know the Pope is very busy, but I’m also very busy. There’s a big fuss, I’m dying to watch!”

“You still need to wait for three hours.” The Knight of Judgement on one side of the entourage raised his brows. “Also, this is the one hundred and eighty-seventh time you’ve asked.”

“We’ve been waiting for over two hours.” Jesse yawned again. “It’s just human nature, do understand.”

The Knight of Judgement seemed to want to draw his sword, but he bravely held back.

“Sir, stand down,” Adrian’s tone was flat. “Since there’s plenty of time, I want to talk to my teammate alone.”

“Cross… Cross, I must—”

“You should know that he’s not someone you can match.” The former Knight of Judgement pointed out mercilessly. “Please stand down.”

Jesse suddenly became energetic.

“You want to be with me!” he yelled in surprise. “Oh my god. Do you want to… Oh, this kind of place is also very exciting, or we can—”

The Knight of Judgement guarding them retreated, leaving Jesse with dozens of glares like knives. Jesse pulled on his collar, and as soon as he was about to jump out of the armchair, he was firmly pressed back by one hand.

“Before we meet the Pope, we need to talk, Mr. Dylan.” Adrian supported the handles of the armchair with both his hands, looking down at the beautiful young man in the chair. “It’s time for this farce to end.”

The author has something to say:

Oliver: Just came out of the Withered Castle. All conflicts pale in comparison.

Nemo: Think about who he is and looks down on all conflicts.

……Like two old people (×

Kinky Thoughts:

Ann’s thoughts are probably: You’re supposed to maintain a low profile! After seeing what Oliver did.

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