Stray Ch146

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 146: Setting off again

He didn’t know whether he’d been asleep for too long or if the weather was too sunny this morning, but Oliver only slept for a short while. He opened his eyes and blinked laboriously, staring at the soft sunlight that soaked half the room.

The sheets under him were soft and dry, and Nemo wasn’t by his side.

Oliver sat up abruptly and looked at his hands, which still seemed to retain the warm touch of his lover’s skin. This time he didn’t think about the possibility that he was dreaming. The scratches Nemo left on his back last night were still faintly painful, accompanied by a pleasant sense of peace of mind.

His lover was the Demon King.

Nemo Light was the monster that had always existed in legends and needed the combination of all the power of various races on the surface to join in on the crusade—not even the so-called “successor of the Demon King”, but the only one in history. Honestly, Oliver still hadn’t been able to digest this terrifying information.

But he didn’t need to think carefully for long. The depression from the Withered Castle was instantly liberated, followed by the impactful confession of his lover. Oliver hardly knew how to deal with the messy thoughts, so he had to skim the emotional part and coldly peel away the strands. He knew what he had to do that was most beneficial for the surface, but he also knew what to do for the least pressure on Nemo. His soul seemed to be divided into two halves—half accepting the shocking reality, and half almost ruthlessly collecting the current situation to make a relatively appropriate judgement.

His mind did get the most reasonable answer, and after that answer, his accumulated feelings completely exploded.

…He was rarely out of control.

Oliver took a deep inhale of the cool morning air, a little frustrated. He tried his best to stay calm, but when he felt Nemo’s temperature last night, there were only two thoughts left in his mind.

Not long ago, he almost lost Nemo, and if the “Demon King” regained all his memories in the future, he was likely to lose his lover again.

In the great emptiness and desire, he completely abandoned reason for the first time. All thoughts seemed to be burned out by fire, leaving only endless heat.

The word “Demon King” instantly became a distant concept.

The inhuman pupils didn’t cast any sense of oppression, and those beautiful silver eyes glowed in the night. He watched them become moist, full of supplication. The slightly long black hair was wet with sweat, and it stuck to the back of Nemo’s fair neck. His lover’s moan and whispered frantically, and then there was only a broken groan that left his throat.

Sweat seeped into the bloody scratches on his back, and the tingling pain only further paralyzed Oliver’s sanity. He didn’t let go and instead greedily plundered Nemo’s body temperature—as if letting go of his hand would make him disappear in an instant.

Now, considering the identity of the other party… He was definitely the craziest lunatic among mankind, Oliver thought numbly.

And he screwed up.

Oliver buried his face sadly into the palm of his hand. Although he could perceive the joy of the other party, it was an indisputable fact that his actions were too rough last night—he even fell asleep afterwards. Looking at the state of the sheets, Nemo had probably already cleaned up.

Oh God.

He had to apologize as soon as possible. Oliver rubbed his face hard and quickly got up and put on his underwear. When he stood in front of the armor, he hesitated for a few seconds.

Oliver tentatively stretched out his hand and pressed against the cold metal. The gray mist diffused from his fingers again, twisting the metal, making a harsh bending sound. In fact, after simply and roughly breaking the long thorns off the armor, it no longer reminded people of the Knights of Silence, but caution was never a bad thing.

After the gray mist dissipated, the armor that could have covered people tightly turned into a simple light armor. Oliver still couldn’t precisely control the mist, which made his new outfit look slightly rough, but he could make do with it.

He quickly put on the armor, hung the skeleton helmet on the back of it, and hurriedly opened the door…

He almost bumped into Nemo, knocking the plate of food in his hand into the air.

The Demon King was called the Demon King for a reason. Dark shadows gushed out quickly and caught the two glasses that flew into the air without spilling a single drop of milk. Nemo himself instantly regained his balance and held the tray firmly again.

The two looked at each other in silence for a moment. Oliver’s gaze moved from Nemo’s eyes to his slightly paler lips, and his whole face quickly turned into a tomato.

“Last night… Uh, I’m very sorry! I went a little too far…”

Nemo’s facial muscles twitched a few times, and his face began to turn slightly blue. Nemo really did mind, and just as Oliver was about to bang his head, he suddenly realized the real reason why…

“A little too far,” Ann repeated. She slowly poked her head out from behind Nemo, giving him a complicated look. “I can’t tell, captain.”

Nemo held the tray of food in one hand, grabbed Oliver’s armor in the other, and dragged him directly back to bed. He glanced at Ann carefully—the female warrior was leaning against the door, holding an unconscious parrot in her hand with an inscrutable expression on her face.

Nemo only felt that he was so cramped that he was close to suffocation. The freshly named tomato’s gaze was so erratic that he didn’t dare look directly at Oliver.

Oliver had just transformed into the armor of the Knight of Silence, and most of the skin on his hands and wrists were exposed. Among them, of course, was the engraved scar and his slender and beautiful fingers. He just stared at them, and all the things from last night rushed to his mind again, making his brain buzz.

“I picked some food that’s easy to digest.” Nemo picked up a bowl of soup, determined to put those messy thoughts behind him. The sweetness of onion and the rich aroma of grease spread instantly. There were pieces of bread floating in the soup. “You have to eat something.”

“Wait a minute…” Oliver swallowed.

“I’ll watch you eat.” Nemo stuffed the spoon into the palm of his hand. His tone was even a little stern. “The two assassins told me all the fucked up things that Withered Castle did—Ollie, I don’t know what you’re thinking now, but if you’re still struggling about last night. Actually, I…” he coughed, and his voice became lower, “Don’t mind it, really.”

Oliver breathed a sigh of relief. He carefully put the spoon into the soup and then sent it towards his mouth. The warm soup rolled down his long-dried esophagus, even causing a bit of pain.

With a low sigh, Oliver put down the spoon. He picked up the bowl and poured the soup directly into his stomach, almost choking on the pieces of bread. Nemo hesitated for a moment, and finally obeyed his heart. He leaned forward slightly and kissed Oliver’s nose soothingly.

“There’s no problem with Cross and Dylan for the time being. We contacted yesterday,” Ann interrupted at the right time, thoughtfully ignoring the intimacy between the two. “Just feel at ease, captain.”

“What’s the situation?” Seeing that Oliver finally had something to eat, Nemo picked up a glass of milk for himself and turned his head slightly.

“Dylan claimed that the fluctuations of abyssal magic were credited to the staff. He acted innocent and was willing to cooperate with the Laddism Church’s investigation. My God, you really shouldn’t have missed the expression of the Preceptor Bishop at that time—cross went with him. The elders of the Laddism Church won’t watch him slip away again from under their noses.”

She shook the gray parrot that she was carrying in her hand, but Bagelmaurus didn’t have any intention of waking up, so she simply gave up.

“According to the agreement, this bird and I handed over the prisoner and his confession to the garrison. At least Oliver will no longer be regarded as the murderer of Mr. Ramon… No, the murderer of Mr. Lopez.”

“Will Mr. Cross be okay?” Oliver took a big sip of milk and wiped the foam from his lips. After this series of things, the news didn’t make his heart feel easier.

“Let’s just count him as our consultant. Even if the Laddism Church wants to deal with him, there are a lot of formalities to go through. Unless they can convict Dylan and determine that they were carrying out some kind of malicious destruction…” Ann curled her lips, “So as long as there’s nothing wrong on Dylan’s side, Cross will be fine in the short term, but I’m a little worried about Dylan’s identity. If he’s also a wanted criminal on the Laddism side…”

“…No, there should be no problem,” Nemo said, dryly. “Trust me.”

“They are going to Clementine in Alban. The Pope of the Laddism Church is over there now.” The female warrior raised her brows. “We can catch up. Besides, Oliver wants to clear his name, and there are only two choices, the capital or Clementine… Speaking of Oliver, what crime have you been convicted of? Why were you taken away by the Gatekeepers so quickly?”

“They decided that I was a Knight of Silence.” Oliver emptied the glass of milk.

“Bah!” Ann’s reacted straightforwardly.

“He passed the test of the Knight’s Heart,” Nemo added quietly. “To be precise, there’s no problem with the process of the Insular Court.”

Ann’s eyebrows frowned in the next second. “Does he have a knight’s oath on him?”

“He…” Nemo picked a relatively ambiguous statement. “He doesn’t have it now. If he’s tested again, I promise there won’t be a problem.”

“It seems that you two are hiding a lot from me.” Ann rubbed her chin. “Forget it. It’s imperative to quickly wash away Oliver’s crimes. Although I don’t know how you got Oliver out of the Withered Castle, Nemo—Unless you suddenly become the King of Alban, he is still nominally a death row prisoner on the run.”

“We’d better leave immediately, the sooner the better.”

Headquarters of the Mercenary Guild.

“Interesting, someone hired Horizon with a lot of money.”

“Horizon mercenary group. Well, they are mercenaries,” an old man straightened his white beard and responded absentmindedly. “Naturally, employers will employ mercenary groups.”

“But most people don’t hire Horizon to do investigation tasks. This isn’t a commission of a national nature, but a private commission.”

“…You can never guess what the rich are thinking, but it won’t be a boring task. I remember you don’t like to take meaningless tasks.”

“Of course. Let me see, let me see… Hmm.” The old man scratched his head. “It’s an investigation request for a Black Chapter team.”

“To request Horizon to be dispatched, they should be at least a six-eyed spider rank, right?”

“No, this is the interesting thing. It’s to investigate a snake rank team… Have you heard of Tumbleweed?”

The author has something to say:

Nemo: …

Oliver: I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have fallen asleep right away.

Nemo: …

Oliver: Sorry, I should clean up with you.

Nemo: ………No, actually, I don’t mind those.

Nemo: Uh… If you have to apologize, you’d better apologize for your technique, Ollie.

Oliver: …

Little Yellow Book* Theoretical Warrior Ollie√

*Refers to vulgar materials (aka porn and the like).

For things like technique, it still takes a lot of practice to improve it!

It’s just that Ollie will only get stronger and stronger, so be enlightened, Mr. Demon King (???).


Oliver: You want to investigate?

Oliver: Okay, I was single last time. This time I have a lover—

Godwin: …You, go away.

Kinky Thoughts:

Practice makes perfect! Even the Demon King couldn’t bear the force that is Oliver.

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