Stray Ch129

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 129: The Dark Omen

Ann led the fuller goat through the dark alley. She pulled the hood over her head. The wide, thin cloak and the tall figure made it difficult to guess the gender at a glance. Although Kenyatta’s public security was average, it was best to have one less thing to worry about.

Her companions weren’t around, and for the first time, her face showed traces of bitterness.

Nemo didn’t blame her. Not even a hint of unhappiness was revealed.

Strictly speaking, her responsibility wasn’t large. The surveillance bug, like its name, was not specifically bred to find people, but it was indisputable that Oliver disappeared within her reach. Whether as a member of Tumbleweed or as a senior with more mission experience, she couldn’t help blaming herself and falling into self-guilt.

If one’s beloved were to disappear directly in front of another companion, even if they knew it wasn’t the other party’s fault, Ann didn’t think she could continue to get along amicably with the other party as if nothing had happened. She would at least lose her temper, exchange a few harsh words, and vent the pain in her heart.

But she could see that Nemo was even cautious around her, as if he was afraid she would blame herself more for it, or become afraid of him.

This only made Ann sadder.

If something really happened to Oliver, she didn’t think she could come out as unphased as before. After making sure no one was around, Ann knocked on the black badge, called up the light screen, and glared at the series of tasks she had released again. Unlike Cross, who was cash-strapped, she spent money on an instant notification service. The money in her private account was decreasing at an avalanching rate.

This was the property she had saved for nearly twenty years, but she was in no mood to care anymore.

The black badge on her chest quietly pulled her, and the feedback for another task arrived. After making sure no one was around, Ann glanced at the dense text and her back stiffened. She meditated for a moment, took out a communication crystal, and just when she hesitated to contact the other side first, the sky was illuminated by the warning spell of the Laddism Church…

Ann recognized the spell and it helped make her choice.

Nemo took out the gleaming crystal in his pocket. The vulture-like demon worshiper in front of him had fallen to the ground by now, sleeping unknowingly.

After getting the information he wanted, he quickly wiped the other’s memory of himself and spread out his perception in an instant. Strangely, no enemy was approaching his position. In their team, in addition to himself, there was probably only one other person, the former knight commander, who could make this kind of move.

He nervously took out the crystal and quickly walked out the door.

“Mr. Cross?”

“Are you okay?!” It was a slightly low female voice that sounded on the opposite side. Ann sounded quite anxious. “That’s the warning light from the Laddism Church. They must’ve discovered a superior demon or demon warlock. Are there any suspicious people near you? No, no. Right now, get out of there first—”

“I’m fine,” Nemo immediately replied, and at the same time, breathed a sigh of relief. “Besides this, could it be that they found Mr. Cross?”

“No. If it’s Cross, they’ll issue a summoning order,” Ann sounded relieved. “But Nemo, you’d better hurry back… I have something to discuss with you. I’m next to the clock tower in the southwest corner. I’ll contact Cross. There are people at the bishop level here. We can’t risk staying here too long.”

“But there are no demon warlocks or superior demons here.” Nemo closed the door behind him and once again concealed his face in the dark shadows. He jumped onto the roof and began to sprint in the direction of the bell tower. The gray parrot parked on the roof spread its wings and followed him closely. “I… Uh, explored it. Do you really don’t need me to go to Mr. Cross now?”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes.” Nemo closed his eyes again, letting the fast-moving air blow across his cheeks. That little “starry sky” spread out again, still dim… No.

Leaving aside Bagelmaurus, who he knew about, a very bright star appeared in his mind. It wasn’t far from him and was showing the location of where it was going to appear.

What’s going on?

“…No. There’s indeed a superior demon in the city now.” Nemo quickly corrected his statement, but the movement under his feet didn’t delay. “It should have appeared at least half an hour ago.”

He failed to find out in time. Nemo’s back was sweating coldly. After confirming his identity, he relaxed a lot in terms of defense, and it was this slack that caused unnecessary confusion among his companions.

Nemo gritted his teeth and tried to expand the scope of the starry sky in his mind, but his perception seemed to be blocked by something. The closer he got to the edge of the area, the more blurred the “stars” became. If he wanted to be flawless, he could perceive at most all creatures related to the Abyss within a radius of more than 200 kilometers.

The feeling was shocking, like asking him to abandon the focus on his field of vision and gaze at living creatures far apart at the same time. It made his brain feel uncomfortable, as if it was being stirred by an external force.

His cognition was restraining him.

Nemo clenched his lower lip and stopped in front of the bell tower. Although he knew what the stars in his mind represented, he didn’t know the principle. After all, no recorded demon possessed this ability, and he had to figure out why they appeared as soon as possible.

…After he successfully rescued Oliver from the Insular Court.

Nemo saw the figure of the female warrior and he knew instantly who it was. His nose was much more sensitive than before, and he could easily smell the faint scent of thyme on her body.

“There’s nothing wrong with Cross.” Ann glanced at him, as if to confirm whether he was missing any limbs. “They are on their way.”

Kenyatta Central City.

The Preceptor Bishop Felix Waldron was indeed in a bad mood, the kind that made people worried.

Dealing with the group of believers from the Mooney Sect was already annoying enough. Due to the sensitivity of the situation, they had to take care of the young people like fragile porcelain while they were delirious, so as not to provoke those from the Mooney Sect. When the situation of the Abyssal Church deteriorated, he was distracted by dealing with such trivial matters, which particularly annoyed him.

If it weren’t for the fact that they happened to be transferred to Roadside Town, he would never have personally escorted these children himself. The bishop paced back and forth in the room, looking at the crystal ball in the center from time to time.

‘What time is it?’ he thought in a daze. A strong enemy was likely to emerge, and humans were still worrying about these red tapes while others were fighting over pieces of land. Felix really wanted to shake those Alban nobles dizzy and wake them up…

Indeed. With the chaos inside Alban everything began to go awry. The headquarters of the Abyssal Church collapsed inexplicably, and everything that followed was difficult to explain with common sense. It was said that the Devil of the Abyssal Church itself, the main force of the Abyssal Church, Hagen Ingram, one of the twelve bishops, died in that incident.

But to the credit of any surface religion, as the church collapsed, the things that ran out didn’t look like they were on their side. The Preceptor Bishop of Alban was nearly 50 years old, and when he recalled the sudden sense of oppression, he still shuddered uncontrollably.

If that was the legendary superior demon of the Abyssal Church…

He didn’t dare to think about it anymore. Ordinary superior demons were not as powerful as that. There was no doubt that that thing was stronger than Aurorae, and there was still no movement after it slipped away. If it really wanted to, he wasn’t sure whether the current unsuspecting human countries could hold up.

Felix, at that time, didn’t hesitate. He sent a notice to the Central Holy Church as quickly as possible for the first time after he left. Now the news should have reached the Pope’s ears—but before the Pope’s instructions arrived, the black figure already had a name among the Knights of Judgment.

They call it the “dark omen”.

The dark omen was quite appropriate. Felix sighed melancholically as he leaned closer to the crystal ball at the center of the table. The crystal ball wasn’t too big. He could hold most of it with one hand. At that moment, it was lying quietly on a silk cushion. The crystal ball was close to dark blue, and a small piece of carefully carved white bone jade was embedded at the top, which would light up from time to time.

It could detect the magical reactions of the Abyss within a radius of ten kilometers, which made it extremely expensive. If it weren’t for the crusade against the Abyssal Church, he wouldn’t be able to hold one for this long with just his authority. Originally, he felt sorry for this, but unexpectedly, a wave of unfinished business had started again. The task of Roadside Town would follow immediately.

He changed his mind. Felix touched the warm crystal ball gloomily. If the world could be more peaceful, he wished he would never see this thing again for the rest of his life.

A very strong spot of light suddenly appeared in the crystal ball, then the sound of rubbing flesh made his scalp go numb.

It was the reaction of a superior demon.

Felix made a quick decision, waved one hand out the window, and directly sent out a warning spell…

The safety of the people in the city came first.

After making sure that the spell was completed, he set up his shield and looked at the superior demon in front of him. To his surprise, the uninvited guest was no stranger to him.

The legendary demon slayer stood in front of him in twisted and squirming armor, wielding a large sword that looked like a corpse.

Felix didn’t know how to react for a moment. Aurorae had never been exposed to any religion before. It wasn’t so much non-contact and it was better to say that he didn’t put them in his eyes at all. This ancient demon must have known they had been observing him, but he never cared, just as people didn’t care about the gaze of jumping spiders in the corner.

“This thing.” The demon picked up the crystal ball on the table and weighed it in his palm. “I’m taking it.”

In just one sentence, the large room was filled with Knights of Judgment who had come to support. It was just that, in the face of this familiar yet strange opponent, everyone wasn’t sure how to react. They all looked at the Preceptor Bishop.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Aurorae…” Felix raised his chest and gritted out the honorifics between his teeth before making a gesture. “It’s very important to us.”

“Really?” The demon’s tone didn’t fluctuate. “I’m just here for a greeting, and I didn’t ask for your permission.”

Felix made a gesture, and the Knights of Judgment leaned forward. The metal armor collided, making light crashing noises.

“Are you sure?” Aurorae grabbed the crystal ball with one hand while the other clenched the hilt of his big sword. “Felix Waldron, your troops are indeed qualified to fight me… but our battle will certainly destroy this city.”

There was even a contemptuous smile in the demon’s tone, “and this is just a small detection prop, which could only detect my compatriots.”

“There’s bone jade in it.” Felix’s face tightened. “You must know this.”

Not to mention the bone jade itself, the associated stone of the bone jade alone could turn ordinary surface spells into abyssal attributes. The bone jade retrieved by the crusading army often needed to be processed in accordance with extremely strict regulations and then divided up by the royal families of each country. No one could explain the specific origin of this previous resource, but even the Demon King’s skull, retrieved by the previous generation of crusaders, the power contained in it wasn’t as powerful as bone jade.

It could not only be used as a conversion medium and energy core in all kinds of expensive magic props, but was also an excellent material for making destructive weapons. Let alone demons, they couldn’t even allow it to fall into the hands of ordinary humans.

Although the size of this bone jade was indeed not worth mentioning, it had undergone irreversible processing and was difficult to apply to other aspects. Still…

“If what I want is this thing, I could easily grab it from those fragile royal families.” Aurorae rubbed the white round bead the size of a grain of wheat on the top of the crystal. “…I’m not interested in this thing.”

“Why?” The movements of the Preceptor Bishop’s fingers moved faster, and one by one, defensive arrays encircled the room. “You have been walking around the world for a long time. It’s impossible for you to need such a detection prop until now.”

“Because I didn’t want to use it before?” Aurorae replied nonchalantly and pressed against the defensive array casually. The array made a sound like glass shattering and was instantly damaged. “Even if our moral standards are completely different from yours…”

The orange eyes flashed coldly from behind the helmet.

“Making one’s parents’ bodies into tools to be used freely… This kind of thing… Humans can’t easily do.”

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