Stray Ch124

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 124: Out of Reach

Oliver finally managed to control his chin so that he wouldn’t gape his mouth open stupidly. The girl who claimed to be Mora nodded generously to him and made a casual greeting gesture. The blade on her fingertips gleamed.

“Oliver Ramon,” he coughed. “Black Chapter.”

“Actually, I heard you just now, but I like polite people.” The girl nodded with satisfaction, and her tone sounded pleasant. “Normally we would kill you now. Unfortunately, we can’t kill people at this moment.”

Oliver was a little uncertain about whether to clench the hilt of his sword and make a preliminary defense.

“Stop it, Mora.” Randy moved his neck, and the joints made a muffled sound. “He has no malice. At least not now.”

“Of course I know. I’m just teasing!” The young girl curled her lips in dissatisfaction. “Did I scare him? Are you jealous? ……You have to admit, Randy, he’s much more handsome than you.”

“…” the tall male assassin turned his head.

“Do you think I didn’t know?” Mora said quietly. “There was a lady with big breasts in the carriage just now. You turned your head and glanced at her several times, and your heart was beating faster for a few seconds. A few seconds!”


“Of course, I can understand,” Mora pretended to wipe away tears that didn’t exist and twitched her nose, “so I decided to talk to this handsome young man more. You have no say in this.”

“…” Seeing the petite female assassin approach him, Oliver quickly took a few steps back and decided to remove himself from the flirting between the two people in front of him. “I have a boyfriend.” His tone was extremely firm.

The two assassins looked at him at the same time, one with grief in her eyes and the other with faint joy in his.

“What a shame!” Mora looked aggrieved. “I was hoping to I’ll fall in love with you and break up with this stupid stake—”

Randy still had a serious expression of displeasure. At that moment, he was looking up at the sky, pretending not to hear anything. Suddenly, he took a breath, and when he spoke again, his tone was no longer as relaxed as before.

“Mora,” he only spoke her name.

The short girl and Randy quickly exchanged glances before they went straight back into each other’s bodies. Their flesh crisscrossed without any obstacles, not blending. It was like Mora was walking into an opaque phantom. Just as her figure disappeared, a surveillance bug staggered over.

‘This makes sense,’ Oliver thought quickly.

Why Randy claimed he couldn’t fight high-intensity and long-term battles, why he was an assassin, why he was only equipped with a heavy and strong metal shield, and why his body move less when attacking. If the girl hidden inside his body needed to move with him, this would explain everything.

But if they wanted to ensure that they wouldn’t reveal it, they must act in exactly the same way. The synchronization rate of the movements of the two and the degree of communication between their minds were absolutely terrifying. He couldn’t even believe it was true.

“Are you…?” he asked Randy implicitly. “Is it a spell?”

“It’s a curse.” Randy carried the shield carelessly and glanced at the surveillance bug with the corner of his eyes. “It’s been many years. I don’t care… Shhh.”

Randy jumped into the bushes, and Oliver hid almost at the same time as him. Heavy and messy footsteps mixed with heavy breathing hovered around them. The thick smell of blood passed through the trees and into their noses. Those wandering outside resembled more stunned beasts than humans.

“You asked me to cooperate… In hopes that I would contain the enemy and minimize the range of our movements,” Oliver whispered when the enemy went away. “Miss Mora has to move with you, right? What’s this kind of synchronization…”

“Fourteen years of practice.” Randy didn’t look at Oliver. He pulled aside a little bush and peeped out. “Now you should worry about yourself, Mr. Ramon.”

He glanced at Oliver with almost no emotion in his eyes. “I suggest you kill the guy just now. He was injured. It shouldn’t be difficult for you.”

“Why?” Oliver raised his eyebrows.

“We have our purpose, but you’d better not be soft-hearted.” The tall man’s face was calm. “Even if you kill one, you can enter the mobile barracks and stay away from this hellhole. I only need a temporary collaborator who won’t stab me in the back, but I don’t need a good person.”

“Although we have faced endless war, the chance of escape is much higher than being trapped in the Withered Castle. To be honest, you may end up worse than those consumables without any combat power.”

Oliver shook his head gently.

“…Aren’t you a Black Chapter? Why are you so reluctant to kill someone?”

“I’ve killed a person before.” Oliver lowered his gaze. “It feels terrible.”

“These are not civilians. They were originally death row prisoners.”

“In theory, we’re also death row prisoners,” he said weakly, curling the corners of his mouth, “but I don’t think I deserve to die.”

Randy turned his face and raised his eyebrows high.

“If I find myself a ‘last resort’ excuse now,” Oliver took a deep breath, “then there will definitely be a second time, then a third—after all, there will never be a shortage of excuses.”

“Interesting. I’m starting to wonder what you did.” Randy muttered in a low voice.

A pillar of fire hit the shrub where the two were hiding. Oliver quickly retreated. He gradually mastered the rhythm of peaceful coexistence with the collar. He cleverly erected ice spikes, forming a fence of ice that gave the two plenty of time to escape.

They had to hold on for three hours. How long has it been now?

Oliver quickly pedaled on the ground and rushed to the relatively dense area of trees, silently estimating the time.

“Although I don’t mind helping you casually,” Randy said as he ran, “strictly speaking, although Mora hasn’t been caught, she can’t get this kind of collar off.”

Oliver used his sword aura to cut down a few trees, then carefully concealed his breathing and hid himself in a pile of branches and leaves. The force of his sword moved forward, straight into the distance, creating a ton of momentum.

“Thank you for your kindness.” Oliver didn’t even dare to move his lips. He spoke using purely the air of his voice. “I will find a way by myself… In fact, I don’t know my specific crime. Those people insisted that I’m a Knight of Silence, but I swear I’m not.”

“…If the Knights of Silence are like you, the reputation of the Abyssal Church wouldn’t be so shit,” Randy snorted and smiled as he hid in the bushes. “To be fair—you do seem concerned about our curse.”

The assassin put his back into the leaves and changed to a more natural sitting posture, trying to seize his idle time to regain his strength. Oliver moved out to make room for Randy.

Before he moved a few steps, he pressed something hard on his hand and was almost pierced. Oliver subconsciously glanced into the shadows. The skull of a reptile was lying quietly there with its eye sockets and the huge temporal foramen next to each other. The lower jaw of the skull had long disappeared, and there were two canine teeth that were still intact.

“In general, we can’t touch each other,” Randy said indifferently. “It’s not good to touch things indirectly, just like this.”

“But I can touch you,” Oliver picked up the small skull, compared its size, and began to try to remove the dirt stains with magic.

“Yes, because it’s just a curse for the two of us.”

“…Is there a solution?” Oliver asked immediately after putting a few restraints on the skull.

“The easiest thing is to break up, but it hasn’t been successful.” Randy’s face still looked foul, but his eyes became much softer. “It’s not possible. I like her the most, and she didn’t find anyone she likes better, so we can only make do with this difficult path.”

Oliver felt a little sad. He probably knew what it was like to be unable to touch a loved one. It was only a day since he was separated from Nemo, and his mood had already begun to go downhill. What would it be like if it was fourteen years?

However, Randy looked calm, as if he was telling the story of some other person.

“There’s still half an hour,” a voice that was amplified by magic fell from the sky. “Please hurry up.”

As soon as the voice fell, a storm rolled their way causing broken trees to pile together. The survivors’ goals were getting more limited, and their attacks became crazier. Finally, someone broke out recklessly, as if what was waiting for him wasn’t the Death Row Legion, but a throne made of gold.

The two people who had been feeling cautious couldn’t avoid it any longer.

“Let me see how long your ‘kindness’ can last,” Randy snorted, and stood up. “Now you have to get serious, Ramon.”

Facing the surging killing intent of the huge waves, Oliver buttoned the skull on his head. It was just the right size under the processing of magic. It should be the skull of a small earth dragon. The sharp teeth on the edge of the upper jaw were uneven, but the canine teeth were still sharp. The nostril, eyes, and temporal foramen were mixed together, causing the porous, special-shaped skull to exude a smell of death that could send chills down people’s backs.

The restraint technique took effect. The skull covered the upper half of his face and successfully turned into a cold and strange helmet. Although most of his face could be seen through the hollows of the eye sockets and the temporal foramen, against the background of the gloomy bones, no one would associate this face with the sun-scorching leader of Horizon.

“This is not ‘kindness’,” After successfully hiding his face, Oliver sighed and clenched the equally pale Rest in Peace. “It’s just…”

He couldn’t find the right world.

Even if he really did kill, perhaps most people could understand his helplessness, but along the way, he had seen many people who still adhered to their principles despite their desperate situation. If he crossed his bottom line here, he didn’t think he could face those “ordinary” people in a dignified manner.

If he was weaker, maybe he really had no choice, but this wasn’t the case. He was strong enough, much stronger than his opponents, and Oliver knew this well.

…Then, even if it was stupid, inflexible, and pointless perseverance…

Compared to the countless self-questioning that were destined to be fruitless and would bring insomnia in the middle of the night after abandoning one’s principles, he chose to bear the price of this persistence and chose to sleep peacefully with a clear conscience.

Nemo, on the other hand, was staring at the flashing bulletin board, only to feel that there was an extra piece of ice in his stomach.

“The cocoon of a superior demon?” Nemo’s voice was dry, and he didn’t even bother to hide it.

“Something that has only appeared in recent days.” Adrian Cross retracted his gaze. “It stands to reason that it can’t hatch as it’ll be bound by the law. Roadside Town will be fine for the time being.”

“Don’t be so sure. We do have a complete… Ahem.” Ann stopped talking in time.

“…I have reservations on this point.” The knight commander glanced at Nemo. “If things get to that point, the guild should send mercenaries from the first echelon. But you see—” The slender finger pointed to the lower part of the light screen. “At present, all medium-sized mercenary groups are exploring. I guess people from all religions are also on the way.”

“Isn’t that great?” Jesse clapped his hands. “There must be a lot of people going to Roadside Town now. The garrison over there must be going crazy. We can get in. Are you okay, Mr. Light?”

Nemo didn’t answer, he slowly raised his right hand, and then slowly grabbed his left arm.

[About this, I have some theories… As long as I feel ‘voluntary abandonment’…”]

He only mentioned this to the gray parrot not long ago. On that dark night when his left arm was bitten off by the Ratliff Wolfhound, how was he feeling?

At that time, he failed to notice the loss of his left arm, but now Nemo could clearly recall the unnatural emptiness of his left shoulder. The surrounding air became colder as a result. At that time, he was indeed willing to give up his left arm, gain physical freedom, and do everything in his power to survive.

“We need to move quickly,” his tone was determined, with a level of authority that he couldn’t perceive.

“…That thing is dangerous. It may be more dangerous than we think.”

The author has something to say:

That skull is based on the skull of a carnivorous dinosaur. The skulls of reptiles do have a temporal foreman, which gives off a dangerous and charming feeling?!?


Nemo: Can’t there be good things recently? Can’t there be good things!

Oliver: (Slowly spit out the dog food he just ate) Wow, everyone is miserable. It’s really bitter.

Ann: I lost the leader of the team. Wuwuwu, I can’t look directly at Nemo… I lost the leader of the team—

Adrian: How will various religions react to the events of the Abyssal Church? I’m a little worried… And what the hell is Jesse?

☆·*·:*·*☆Today is a good day☆·*·:·*·☆

Jesse: I’m going on a date with Adri, yay!!!

Gray Parrot: I have regained my strength, yay!!!

…The two lowest-status people are very happy; The world is really unfair√

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