Stray Ch123

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 123: The Third Person

Bagelmaurus felt dizzy. Until the other members of Tumbleweed walked out of the building, it still hadn’t recovered. To be honest, when the word “Demon King” first came out of Light’s mouth, it wanted to deny and ridicule him as before.

But Light didn’t look like he was joking.

Then the tip of its tongue touched the drop of blood, and the gray parrot finally realized that the terrible guess in its heart had come true.

It may be because of the difference in quantity that the degree of stimulation was far from the original, but the feeling was so close that it made it feel creeped out. It was indeed the devastating power unique to the Demon King’s flesh. It was so violent that it seemed to overwhelm everything. With just less than a single drop of blood, the power of its own flesh instantly returned to its peak, even stronger than the fresh flesh of its original body.

Bagelmaurus was confident. Even if the parrot’s body limited a considerable part of its power, now its strength was just as strong as an average superior demon on the surface.

Regaining strength was always a good thing.

It should have felt desperate, and the fear engraved in its instinct was frozen in place. Unfortunately, its fear and despair seemed to have risen above its head, and now there was only a wonderful sense of relief and disbelief…

The gray parrot squatted contentedly on Nemo’s shoulder, pecking his ears from time to time. The fear that ran deep into its bones was hard to overcome, but it was starting to get used to it. The pleasure brought by “bullying the Demon King” was brand new. Every time, it would bring a strange sense of excitement, like walking on the edge of death.

It was definitely the pride of all the Corewen Flat Snakes in the Abyss. Bagelmaurus puffed up its chest.

Ann’s expression, who had just walked out the door, became a little more vivid. She was looking at the grey parrot that seemed to be injected with chicken blood* in confusion.

*Depending on context, it could be being crazy or obsessed with something/an idol, or in this context means becoming very excited and energetic. The term comes from chicken-blood therapy back in the 1960’s when doctors would take rooster blood and inject it into patients, believing it made them highly aggressive and strong.

“Leave it alone.” Nemo poked the beak of the bird gnawing on his ears. “How’s the situation on your side?”

“Oliver should still be in the Insular Court,” Ann sighed softly, “but the information isn’t reliable. I have arranged for someone to watch the prison in the capital of Alban.”

“Thank you,” Nemo murmured. He didn’t feel at ease, and the bad premonition gave him chills on the back of his neck. “Shall we go to Kenyatta now?”

“That’s right. Kenyatta isn’t peaceful right now, so it’s better to sneak in.” The female warrior scratched her short hair. “But Nemo, that incident happened a while ago, right? Although it’s indeed necessary to check the location of where it happened… Do you really don’t want to post a task to find witnesses?”

“No need,” Nemo’s tone was firm. “I have my ways.”

“Well, since… Dylan, what are you doing?” Originally, Ann’s tone was deliberately softened, but the second half of her sentence instantly returned to its hard stance.

“Very interesting information.”  Jesse hooked his fingers at the two of them. “Leave that goat alone. You can’t lose it for just this short time. Come and have a look.”

Nemo put the leash around Bagelmaurus’ neck, then put the gray parrot on the stone sculpture at the entrance of the guild hall. He scowled at Jesse, firmly believing that there was no news that could actually shock him. “…Sorry, I’m not in the mood to watch the excitement right now.”

“Oh, I understand, but there has been a change in the border forest near Roadside Town—” Jesse rubbed his lower lip with a smile. “I think you will be interested.”

In an unknown wilderness in the distance, pieces of black smoke had begun to emerge from the woodlands. Sparks ignited by magic arrays withered the grass, and the center of the battlefield was covered with fire.

Oliver finally put down his bone sword. The burly man in front of him claimed to be an assassin, but he didn’t seem hostile or malicious.

“Oliver Ramon.” Oliver stretched out his hand and shook the other party’s. He then stood up neatly and took out a small broken branch stuck in the gap of his armor. “Have you met Lopez?”

“Once,” Randy said in a muffled voice. “Horizon has stuffed tons of dangerous people on this island, so they won’t like this face.” His tone became serious. “…But I remember he has no relatives.”

His words didn’t affect his movements. Randy stood behind the giant metal shield. The thick shield was pushed slightly back, plowing up a row of soil as the impact of spells and metal explosions could be heard on the other side.

“…This face is purely coincidence.” Oliver grinned weakly. “Is that why you blocked me in the carriage just now?”

Randy shrugged.

Oliver returned a slightly grateful smile to the other party. He stretched out his hand and tried to set up a defensive spell, but the moment he started to guide magic, the severe pain in his neck struck again. Oliver gritted his teeth and maintained his standing position.

“Don’t use defensive spells. Only physical defense is allowed here.” Randy frowned at him. “You…”

Before he could finish speaking, Oliver moved. He slashed the Rest in Peace horizontally forward, and a huge icicle grew from the sword. Although it wasn’t as strong as his ice shield, it could be regarded as a temporary separation between them and the radiated chaos.

“Why are you looking for me to cooperate?” After all this, Oliver couldn’t help but kneel down on one knee to resist the pain that was piercing his temples.

“You look the most suitable,” Randy said. “I’m not good at long-term high-intensity combat, and I need a reliable collaborator for the time being. You also seem to know nothing about the current situation.”

Oliver instantly forgot all the discomfort. His gaze swept from Randy’s face to his strong muscles, then moved back to Randy’s face again. The one in front of him looked like the extreme endurance type—one who could fight ten people. He magnanimously expressed his doubts with his eyes.

The serious-looking assassin ignored his questioning eyes. He stretched out his arm and held Oliver firmly. “How much do you know about the current situation, Mr. Ramon?”

“Nothing at all.” Oliver patted his arm and took a step back. “Thanks, I can still stand by myself.”

“Your team recruited Adrian Cross. At the time, I thought it was a desperate madman who was careless.” Randy shook his head. “But your blankness just now doesn’t seem to be pretending. Do you really know nothing?”

“Yes.” It’s not something to be proud of admitting, but he truly didn’t have a clue. Oliver pressed his temples hard and laboriously squeezed the words out of his throat. “If you want, feel free to object… I have three questions.”

“Ask.” Randy put up his shield and the ice spikes around them began to collapse unnaturally.

“First, why do you want to fight? Second, why can’t defensive spells be used.” Oliver raised his feet and set up a defensive posture. “Third… Why are they laughing?”

About five prisoners rushed towards the two of them with a slightly crazed smile on their faces. One of their arms suddenly turned into dark purple smoke and rushed straight at Oliver. Oliver took a step back quickly and moved his hand to cast a purification array.

The smoke suddenly dissipated in the white light and the man let out a shrill scream, “It’s a bastard who’s been taught by the Laddism Church!”

This scream attracted the attention of many people. Oliver breathed out heavily. He could feel the hostility gathering in his body suddenly becoming heavier.

“I can answer the first two questions.” Randy swung his shield. The edge of the shield directly hit someone in the abdomen, flinging him away. “Because this is the elimination test for the Death Row Legion. They only need sharp knives and have no use for defensive capabilities. The more people killed, the better the initial treatment.”

“So the reason why they are laughing—” Oliver jumped decisively, stepping on the edge of Randy’s shield with one foot and jumping high. When he fell again, it was accompanied by the sound of his sword mixed with ice ballast.

The enemy in front of him froze back a dozen steps.

“—Is because of this?” Oliver fell back on Randy and finished the second half of his sentence in a low voice. Since the Death Row Legion pursued combat power, he didn’t want to expose all his strength early.

“You can say that.” Randy knocked his shield hard onto the ground, causing it to rumble. The enemy, who was just about to surround him, staggered back onto the ground. “You don’t need to accept the death penalty. You can live comfortably, and you can kill legally—as long as you can survive the battlefield.”

“You’re an assassin.” Oliver swung his sword casually, causing the annoying vines in front of him to break in response. “Why don’t you want to kill right now?”

“This is my…” Randy frowned. He was just about to answer, but he suddenly stopped.

Countless shadow vines that looked withered stretched out from his shadow, entangling him in place. A thin figure emerged from the shadows, walked around Randy, and was about to stab the assassin’s heart mercilessly with a sharp knife in his hand. Oliver drew his sword almost in the next second, but it was too late…

Randy did only one thing.

He pulled out a wide and ragged black cloak from behind him, and the flying black cloth covered the figure firmly. His actions didn’t decay. Just like a magician on stage, his magic was powerful but had a strong murderous aura.

When he loosened the cloak again, the cloak was already drenched with blood that didn’t belong to the assassin.

The sneak attacker staggered back a few steps, looking at him in disbelief. It was like he had slammed into a board full of nails. He had a large number of wounds covering his body, but they weren’t fatal—but if left alone, he would most likely die of blood loss in a short time. The thin man cursed and quickly slipped away.

Oliver put down his sword and looked at Randy in shock. The assassin’s clothes looked ordinary. The thin fabric on his chest was bulged by muscles, and it didn’t look like there were any sharp weapons or objects hidden on him.

On the other hand, the newly appointed leader of Tumbleweed wasn’t arrogant, but he was also considerably confident in his own strength. He admitted that he wouldn’t make a mistake—in that moment, a very short moment, there was no doubt that there were two people inside the assassin Randy. He wasn’t speaking this metaphorically, but there actually were two real-life people.

A touch of snow-white slipped through the gap in the cloak, and a line of sight swept across his face.

Oliver was positive he wasn’t hallucinating.

What’s going on?

If he hadn’t felt the existence of a “third person”, Oliver could have ignored Randy’s technique. After all, everyone had a few tricks up their sleeves, and he wasn’t familiar with Randy. However, it was a person, a living person, who could appear and disappear in an instant.

Oliver swallowed. He checked carefully, and the aura on Randy’s body returned to the previous situation. Since he was imprisoned, his reality had become as absurd as a dream. He finally thought that the current situation was going on the right track…

“Let’s go.” The tall and burly assassin said in a deep voice, as if what he had just done was a routine attack.

Oliver didn’t move. He frowned and began to think about the most polite way to ask. Randy had helped him out a lot, but it was also true that his condition was weird. If possible, Oliver didn’t want to offend the other party because of his little suspicion.

But before he could think of a suitable expression, the answer came out by itself.

A few cold rays of light flashed, and a fat surveillance bug fell to the ground and was swallowed directly.

“It doesn’t matter, Randy. He found me,” a voice said.

The voice was crisp and pleasant. It sounded like a young woman. Suddenly, a girl appeared in front of Oliver. Her hair was as short as Randy’s but was brilliantly golden. Her eyes were big, and the corners were slightly raised with a natural smile. Her figure was slender and strong, but he was a bit short. She didn’t even look as tall as five and a quarter feet. He didn’t know if it was to make up for her lack of height, but the petite girl wore strange shoes with exaggeratedly high metal heels, which looked like she was wearing stilts at a glance.

She walked out of Randy’s body, literally. It was like that big young man was just a phantom, a cloud of colored smoke and dust.

“Mora.” Randy wiped his face vigorously. “This is too dangerous.”

“He found me anyways. Isn’t that right, lovely sir?” the young girl made an exaggerated grimace and pointed her slender finger at herself. “Mora, assassin, and the girlfriend of this stupid stake*.”

*Basically a nickname in reference to a wooden stake she calls Randy to refer to his wooden/stiff personality.

Her fingertips were covered with sharp claw-like blades, and they were still stained with blood.

And there is no metal collar around her neck.

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