Stray Ch119

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 119: Fainted to the Ground

Oliver took a step back. His soles almost stuck to the filth on the ground.

He had dealt with many real businessmen, and the tone of this eccentric visitor meant he wasn’t interested in any discussion. This wasn’t a transaction based on a request, but more like an order or an explanation of the existing result. Oliver couldn’t see the expression behind the white cloth, but his intuition was screaming desperately for vigilance. He subconsciously held his breath like a beast, staring at the figure in the shadow.

“I’m afraid that won’t do, my lord,” another voice answered him. A thin old man slowly paced over and entered Oliver’s field of vision. His back was severely rickety, his ribs were unnaturally convex forward, and he looked like a living skeleton. “There’s still some value. Alban would be happy to execute a Knight of Silence in public.”

He rolled his eyes and glanced in Oliver’s direction, and stuffy laughter came out of his chest. “Young and handsome, very attractive.”

The man with the white cloth wrapped around his face didn’t say a word. He silently turned his face in the direction of the old man.

“Just kidding.” The old man continued to smile strangely. “I don’t think Alban will have trouble with you—ah, of course, of course.” He turned his head sideways, and Oliver saw the appearance of the other half of the old man’s face. The dry, wrinkled flesh was embedded with rough crystals, and the intertwined crystal columns seemed to be some kind of parasitic creature rooted in the skull. One of the crystals was flashing, but Oliver didn’t hear any sound coming from it.

“Originally, this kid… Well, he could sell for 400,000.” The old man turned his face again, rubbing his hands like a fly. “What Alban means—you see, you did contribute; 350,000 gold coins.”

The strange man still didn’t say a word.

“300,000. It can’t go any lower.” The old man was silent for a moment while his tone hardened a bit. “Alban’s side has been in a lot of chaos recently. They would be very happy to kill this kid and appease the people. There’s nothing more inspiring than fighting the Abyss.”

Three hundred thousand, Oliver thought stiffly. He and Nemo had been wandering around for so long with a reward of three hundred thousand gold coins. Not to mention the physical value of three hundred thousand gold coins, even the number on their team account had never been so big. He was in a daze for a moment. He glanced at the gap in the armor at his wrist and made sure that there was no flowing gold inside.

But this number sounded familiar. He seemed to have heard it once somewhere.

Forget it.

Is a Knight of Silence so valuable? Oliver recalled the capture process and didn’t think it was much harder than catching a wild pheasant. However, now wasn’t the time for wishful thinking. He bit his lower lip hard and focused his attention back. He didn’t even dare breathe loudly for fear of missing any details.

This time the strange man nodded.

“Then follow the process…”

“I said, I want it now,” the man said in a hoarse voice, turning around and walking towards the exit, as if he didn’t intend to leave any more bargaining opportunities for the other party. “Take care of it. We will take him away with today’s goods later.”

The half of the old man’s face facing Oliver was distorted, but he didn’t make any protest.

Things were very clear now. At least he could explain the mess before. Oliver remained in his cage obediently, as quiet as a real Knight of Silence, as if he didn’t understand the conversation between the two.

He was targeted. He was targeted before he came here. Looking at the other party’s eager attitude, he noticed that he shouldn’t have much time. After all, if they wanted to convict him, they could pin the destruction of Vincent Town on him, but they spent a lot of money for it. This shouldn’t be for profit, at least not for a direct benefit.

The group of people who were eyeing him obviously had some kind of cooperative relationship with this place. From his observations, this place seems to be able to communicate with the armies of multiple countries. It wasn’t small in scale. It should be an institution similar to some kind of joint judicial court. That strange man also didn’t seem so polite just now…

Was he from the Mooney Sect? Oliver racked his brain frantically. No, no. The Mooney Sect clearly knew he wasn’t a true Knight of Silence. According to the judge, they also didn’t contact them after he was captured. The people who were anxious to convict him didn’t seem interested in his crimes. It also seemed farfetched that they bought him for religious purposes.

Rather than being uninterested, they even tend to hide the fact that “he wasn’t a Knight of Silence” from the people here.

Things may be worse than he thought. Oliver couldn’t figure out what else could make people conspire against him. He had ruled out all the possible reasons. There was only one answer left…

His powers.

It should be a third party he didn’t know. Oliver rubbed the hilt of his sword and confirmed his guess. While he was thinking, the old man directed two women to walk into his cell.

Rather, they were “things” that looked like a woman.

Oliver looked at the two women who were covered with a large piece of white cloth over their heads vigilantly. He could see convex and uneven lines underneath, but he didn’t approach them, nor did he touch the hilt of his sword. He didn’t plan to take these two people hostages; he thought in a place like this, they wouldn’t be stupid enough to give him such an opportunity.

It turned out his guess was correct.

They approached him softly. Suddenly, the white cloth was torn apart and was followed by the crisp impact of metal. Two terrifying-looking metal puppets were revealed behind the white cloth. One of them tightly bound him from behind, while the other drew spells with its twitching metal ribs, like insect feet. The array wrapped him like rain silk, covering every seam of his armor.

When the spell entangled the Rest in Peace, Oliver’s heart almost jumped out of his throat. Fortunately, there wasn’t an alarm sound, and the puppets didn’t respond.

“There’s no potential threat.” Ten minutes later, they finally reacted and reported stiffly.

“Lock the collar.” The old man nodded, and the grinning face disappeared without a trace. “Also, untie the shackles of sound.”

The puppet’s sharp fingers rubbed the skin of Oliver’s neck and tinkled with the metal collar. As if a cold blade had rubbed his skin, he instantly got goosebumps.

His throat loosened a bit, but Oliver didn’t make a sound.

His plan hadn’t changed. Struggling now was a stupid idea that would only attract the guards of this place. It was better to show weakness first and let the opponent relax their guard. The moment they took him out would be a great opportunity for him to escape.

A scream that made his hair stand upside down suddenly broke out from outside his cage. Within a few seconds, a puppet dragged a fat figure past his cell. Micah was spread out in a pile, like a sack of bulging acorns, and dragged away unconsciously. Oliver took a deep breath and tried to squeeze the forces inside him to prevent anything from leaking out.

The puppet pressed its fingers against his collar, and the next moment, a piercing pain went straight to his brain. It came very quickly and without warning, as if a spoon of hot molten iron had been poured directly into his brain.

Oliver gritted his teeth. He was sure he had tasted his own blood in his mouth. The accumulated strength allowed him to hold on to a trace of sobriety, but the lingering pain did not disappear. Oliver threw himself to the ground without hesitation, closed his eyes, and tried his best to control the rhythm of his breathing.

One of the puppets walked around him a few times. The metal feet stepped on the thick filth, making a disgusting croak. Oliver had the illusion that it seemed to be stepping on his internal organs that were twisted with tension at this very moment. He didn’t know how long it took, but the puppet stood still for a moment, and finally grabbed Oliver’s armor and dragged him out “unconscious”.

‘Success or failure depends on here,’ Oliver thought to himself as he spread out his limbs and gathered his last bit of strength.

The edge of Roscoe’s forest.

“We first teleport to Kenyatta on the border, and then from Kenyatta to Noer. Finally, we’ll walk from Noer to Roadside Town.” Ann pointed at the map with her fingertips. “The identities of Nemo and Cross are too sensitive. The old school of the Laddism Church is popular in Alban. They will be torn apart if we go through the normal routes,” as she said it, she glanced up at Nemo. “…Let me make an analogy in terms of attitude.”

Nemo put his hair together hastily, still looking listless. Colestoro was wandering around him suspiciously, while Nemo ignored the other party. The gray parrot tentatively wanted to fly over and perch on his shoulder, but after Nemo glanced up at it, it made an emergency brake halfway and flew back to Jesse Dylan’s shoulder.

“I still have a remaining coordinate address here,” Virgil said, peaking at Colestoro, who was circling with the corner of his eye. “You can reach the nearest Mercenary Guild branch through there, then you can easily find a transit station to Garland from there… I won’t go with you.”

“Thanks.” Ann unceremoniously accepted the piece of parchment with a homemade teleportation array painted on it. “Remember to sign our contract, boss.”

The vitality in her voice recovered, but the atmosphere was like a pool of stagnant water. The team faintly exuded a sense of rupture, which couldn’t be covered up by any positive attitude.

They were probably the only Black Chapter team as unlucky as them—they had just gotten their name and their leader was lost on their first mission.

The female warrior sighed in a low voice. She opened the palm of her other hand to reveal the blackened surveillance bug. She lowered her head and looked at the disgusting bugs, which pressed against her heart like boulders.

What if she found them earlier?

She blamed herself for being so absorbed that she didn’t notice the sudden stop of Colestoro’s circling movements. The white demon came up to her and grabbed one mercilessly, then smoothly stuffed it into his mouth.

Ann, “……”

Virgil looked away silently.

“The Gatekeepers’ stuff,” the demon said softly, swallowing the bug down his throat. His tone was unusually cold and angry. “It smells like them.”

Nemo appeared in front of him the next second and directly grabbed the demon’s wrist. “Who?”

“Gatekeepers.” Colestoro frowned at his hand.

“Sorry.” Nemo let go of the hand holding Colestoro’s wrist. Thanks to the collection of books in the Abyssal Church, he did know a little bit about the Gatekeepers. Even if the Gatekeepers watched the battle between Aurorae and the Abyssal Church, why would they be interested in Oliver?

“They are still there.” Colestoro’s smile looked distorted and unhappy, and a bloodthirsty light flashed in his eyes for a moment. “If you want to kill them and rescue your companion, I can help—”

“I… Let’s investigate first.” Nemo tried to squeeze out a smile. His voice was slightly dry, “and you need to rest.”

Colestoro blinked, and the unhappiness on his face quickly turned into pity. Virgil sighed slightly, signed his name on the mission parchment in silence, and the contract disappeared in the fire. “Calm down, Colesi.”

“The teleportation array is drawn.” It was Adrian who spoke.

This time everyone moved very quickly, but their mood was a bit different from before. Compared with the current state of mind, the anxiety and worry at the beginning were simply not worth mentioning. This time, Nemo was the first to step into the teleportation array, and his figure disappeared instantly.

“Don’t worry about us.” The words he left were short and solemn. “I hope you don’t have to be separated anymore.”

Ann sighed and led the goat to follow, followed by Jesse Dylan…

“I should have stayed with you… I don’t know how to express my gratitude,” Virgil let out a soft sigh and said to Adrian Cross, who was the last to enter. “Now I won’t delay your time. If Mr. Ramon needs our help, anything—just post the task directly in the guild, and I will respond as soon as possible.”

He smiled at him and bowed deeply. The huge bony hands behind him drooped slightly at his movements. “In addition, this is a personal thank you… Thank you for your ‘tolerance’.”

Adrian was silent for a moment, his complicated eyes sweeping across the bony hands. He nodded, and finally stepped into the array.

“Duri,” Colestoro stared at the destroyed teleportation array. “Are they okay? That Light smells a bit wrong—he didn’t even ask me about the ‘Gatekeepers’.”

“If you mean in terms of strength, I don’t think you need to worry.” Virgil looked at his hands. “As for intelligence…”

“I can smell them; we can find them—”

“…Mr. Light said you need to rest first.”

Colestoro’s expression became serious as Virgil stared at him in silence.

“What is ‘rest’?” after thinking for a long time, Colestoro asked calmly. This word had always been far away from him.

“I have been to many places, including the glaciers at the end of the world. We can help them in other ways—a softer way.” Virgil took a long breath and stretched out a trembling hand to the other party. “I plan to investigate the recent situation of the Gatekeepers. Would you like to go with me?”


The author has something to say:

Oliver’s worth instantly increased two hundred times! ……However, he still hasn’t even seen three thousand gold coins.

Trust me, they will have money in the end…

Kinky Thoughts:

I’m so happy for Virgil and Colestoro. They deserve to be with each other!!!

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