Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch233 [END]

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 233: All Three CPs are Successful

“Report! Shen Jintai has ascended!”

“Sister upstairs, you’re late. Gold powders have already posted a bunch of posts! ”

“Is it true? Did Touhua really take the film emperor?!”

“Not only did he win best actor, but the film <Welcome Rain on a Spring Night> also won best director! So awesome!”

“Touhua has really soared this time. He has both popularity from the box office and word-of-mouth. The first person in history!”

“That’s true. He’s not the first person to win at one of the three film festivals, nor is he the youngest, but he’s the most popular. Such title like film emperor and empress are just blessings for big stars. They already soar by that point!”

Shen Jintai taking film emperor quickly made headlines in various entertainment sectors. The gold powders even forwarded his acceptance speech to everyone.

Bai Qingquan didn’t learn the news until the next day. He was so tired yesterday that he didn’t get up until late afternoon. As soon as he saw the news, he immediately sent blessings to Shen Jintai.

Most likely due to receiving too many blessings, and with his busy itinerary, Shen Jintai didn’t reply to him. Rather, he got a call from Zheng Siqi: “I called you several times today, but no one answered.”

Bai Qingquan was a little guilty and said: “The phone was on silent, so I didn’t hear it and I overslept.”

It was hard for him to say that he and Shi Lei had just finished their work in the past few days, so the had spent that time in deep love. They had ups and downs all night yesterday.

“Your voice is hoarse,” Zheng Siqi said: “Are you sick? “

…He had lost his voice last night.

Pivoting quickly, Bai Qingquan said: “Jintai won best actor, did you know?!”

Zheng Siqi was really fooled as he responded excitedly: “I called to tell you this.”

For them, it was really exciting to be able to win such an astounding award at such a young age.

They were excited and envious.

“He’ll be back tomorrow. Sunshine Media is estimated to hold a celebration banquet for him. Let’s go and celebrate his achievements together. This is very congratulatory.”

“So soon?” Bai Qingquan said.

He may not be able to go by then as he still can’t get out of bed. Even if he takes a day off, his neck was full of hickeys. He didn’t know if he can cover it up. He was still thinking about what he will do during his next filming.

He has to tell Shi Lei that he can’t kiss his neck. Anything below the neck though is a go. As soon as he finished talking to Zheng Siqi, he heard the sound of the door opening. Shi Lei had returned with food.

Bai Qingquan felt a little embarrassed when he saw Shi Lei, as his neck was no better than his. He tried to sit up but the movement on the bed was scary.

The two of them had made firewood that was extremely compatible. It started with dry wood that turned into fire and ended with the love of a fish to water. The two of them were so harmonious and happy that their love only became stronger and deeper. Shi Lei had also start looking at him differently.

Bai Qingquan has found his ideal man.

The news that Sunshine Media was going to hold a celebration banquet quickly spread. Since it was a big event, the celebration banquet had to be delayed for a few days. Before the banquet was held, a big event happened that made a splash in the entertainment industry.

Bai Qingquan and Shi Lei were photographed.

Bai Qingquan had lowered his guard as he wasn’t expecting the paparazzi to follow him. Fortunately, they didn’t get an incriminating picture. He was photographed entering the community with Shi Lei and then he didn’t come out all night.

Many people started to speculate Shi Lei’s identity because the shot was taken very vaguely that it was impossible to clearly identify who he is.

However, the employees from Livable Decoration all recognized it. They had admired their boss very much. Who would have thought that their boss had manage to chase the famous Bai Qingquan! A top star, a top beauty!

They felt like their business will soar in the future! They were filled with enthusiasm for the future and felt that their decoration company will become even bigger and stronger down the line.

“The celebration banquet organized by Sunshine Media for Touhua is about to begin. I heard that there are many celebrities coming. I don’t know if the little fairy will attend as well!”

“Who is the little fairy?”

“Bai Qingquan AKA Bai Yueguang! I don’t know what’s going on and why everyone calls him a little fairy.”

“Because he is a fairy. He’s a fairy in <Night Talk at the Ming Palace> and he’s the first man to look beautiful in ancient costume!”

“Will the little fairy bring his rumored boyfriend?!”

“Shit, he has a rumored boyfriend?!”

“Is the sister upstairs disconnected from the internet? He was photographed the day before when he went into the home with a handsome guy.”

“According to my visual inspection of the man’s height and physique, I think Bai Qingquan’s wishes in his alt account can be fulfilled! Ho, ho, ho!”

“If you’re referring to ‘hugging’, shit, I think it’s good.”

“The topic suddenly became dirty…”

“Bai Qingquan is really a collection of contradictions. His appearance is extremely pure but the inside is extremely dirty. I can!”

“Sisters, don’t be dirty. It’s starting. It’s starting. The red carpet is starting!”

After returning triumphantly from Venice, Yan Qiuchi began to prepare for the celebration banquet. This was not only to celebrate Shen Jintai and Qiu Hong, but also to celebrate Sunshine Media. With <Welcome Rain on a Spring Night>, Sunshine Media had blossomed without any shortcomings.

Therefore, this celebration was for both public and private sentiments, and it was bound to become a grand event in the entertainment industry.

Liu Qi was dressing Shen Xiaomei while Shen Ruhai urged from the living room: “The car is here. Hurry up.”

“Coming, coming.” Liu Qi shouted.

Shen Ruhai heard this and went to the bathroom to comb his head. When Liu Qi came in, she saw him combing his hair in the mirror and she smiled and said: “You already look handsome. The hairdresser had just done your hair so don’t mess it up!”

Shen Ruhai put down his comb and said: “Do I look much older than Lao Yan? He’s actually two years older than me, you know?”

Liu Qi smiled and said: “You two; You’re really born to be in-laws.”

At the Yan family mansion, Fang Fengmei urged Yan Tiefeng: “Okay, you’re handsome enough. Stop dawdling.”

Yan Tiefeng said: “This outfit is suitable for Old Shen, not for me. It doesn’t look good on me.”

Fang Fengmei smiled and said: “You’re more handsome than him, and you look better than him in everything you wear.”

Yan Tiefeng tidied up his cuffs: “Where’s Lao’er? Didn’t he return to China yesterday? Why didn’t he come home?”

“He brought a friend back with him named Shan Cheng. I told him to just bring him here, but he refused and booked him a hotel instead. He’s also staying at that hotel. Most likely he’ll just go directly to the celebration banquet later. He has such a good relationship with Xiao Jin, so he’ll definitely go.” Fang Fengmei said.

Yan Tiefeng was not at ease, so he still called him.

Yan Yaoxuan was pressed in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, as his hands were dragged by Shan Cheng causing his body to shake. He said: “My… my phone.”

Shan Cheng asked: “Still lying, huh?”

He had known about Yan Yaoxuan’s secret love for Shen Jintai a long time ago. When he came back with Yan Yaoxuan this time, he wanted to meet Shen Jintai formally and also disclose their relationship and have a meal with the Yan family.

However, Yan Yaoxuan wouldn’t let him enter the gate and instead arranged for him to go to a hotel. He repeatedly warned him that if he told Shen Jintai about the two of them, he would break up with him.

However, Shen Cheng wasn’t a speaker. He’s a doer.

In addition to being unhappy that Yan Yaoxuan regarded him as a shady lover, he was also very unhappy… because Yan Yaoxuan wanted to sneak to the celebration by himself and lied to him that he wanted to go home.

He bit Yan Yaoxuan’s neck. Yan Yaoxuan couldn’t avoid it, so he patted him on the head, but the harder he patted, the harder Shan Cheng sucked, obviously creating a hickey that he couldn’t cover.

Yan Yaoxuan knew Shan Cheng’s temper. The more you beat him and scolded him, the harder he became. In the end, he took the lead and softened and called him husband. As soon as he was called husband, Shan Cheng became much gentler.

“Formally introduce me to your parents and them? Hm?”

“Hm” fucking “hm”.

Though Yan Yaoxuan felt ashamed, he felt it was better to agree for the sake of their long-term relationship… and for his ass.

He just let out a “Nn”.

Yan Tiefeng made two phone calls in succession but failed to get through.

Fang Fengmei said: “It doesn’t matter if he comes or not, let’s not be late. Let’s go quickly. Lao Shen and his family have already set off.”

Since the two families wanted to attend the same event publicly, they will naturally become the focus of media attention. Fang Fengmei hope that they can walk the red carpet together.

The love affair between Shen Jintai and Yan Qiuchi is well known all over the world. It’s no secret now. They were going to appear together, so Fang Fengmei felt that she should secretly poke and brighten some of the family members. The look should be consistent, giving off a harmonious vibe.

With such an appearance, it will show everyone that they are a family that fully supported Shen Jintai and Yan Qiuchi!

The two of their families were the first to arrive. Shen Ruhai and Liu Qi were walking the red carpet for the first time, so they were extremely nervous. However, Fang Fengmei and Yan Tiefeng took the lead as they walked arm in arm.

“Are Touhua and Prince Yan getting married? Today, this kind of scene looks like a united family.” Someone on the forum said.

“I heard that the two of them had a wedding abroad?”

“Is the most common thing in the entertainment industry right now? The husband won’t talk about it. My brother-in-law Touhua is a superb talent and a resource giant. He has taken two of the most heavyweight actor’s awards at such a young age. When he was an idol, he was the champion of the draft. He acted in TV and had a big drama like the East Palace. He didn’t lose his fans after falling in love. In fact, he became the person people most want to see married because of the couple’s variety show!”

“The two of them must make a big deal when they get married. It’ll be a blessing for everyone!”

“They’re here! Touhua and Prince Yan is here!”

“People are in good spirits at such a happy event. Touhua looks so beautiful!”

“They’re holding hands! Holding hands! Oh my god!”

The cheers from the gold powder burst out with the spotlight. Shen Jintai took Yan Qiuchi’s hand and walked gracefully on the red carpet.

Shen Jintai, who returned from winning best actor, seemed to have a fuller aura and even more gorgeous appearance. He held Yan Qiuchi’s hand generously. They were both dressed in formal clothing, one wearing gray and the other black, matching each other perfectly.

Following the couple’s variety show, the two had finally appeared under the spotlight as a couple, which not only ignited the scene, but also detonated the Internet.

Shen Jintai held Yan Qiuchi’s hand and smiled at the camera. It all felt like a dream. The perfection of his life was somewhat unreal. At a certain moment, he remembered Xiao Ai.

Xiao Ai was probably using his seven-inch tongue to lobby another person at this moment.

What was that person’s name again?

Jin Yanliu.

Yanyu pp*, bright willows of spring*, handsome, rich, and is widely popular at the age of 20.

*Reminder: Jin Yanliu (金燕柳) name broken down. The Yan () refers to a swallow and is from [yanyu]. Yu () refers to feathers. PP is slang for really pretty. Put it all together makes it a pretty swallows feather.
*Liu (
) refers to willows/ferns. The line refers to the spring willow thats prosperous. Putting it all together. It refers to someone of gentle appearance.

He didn’t know what kind of story that will unfold.

The author has something to say:

The grand finale has come together. As of now, this work is over.

Kinky Thoughts:

Well, that’s it folks. This marks the end of this novel and my first project. I originally picked this up because I wanted to read the story and ended up translating it myself. I hope you enjoyed the series. Once again, thank everyone for your comments, encouragement, help with my translations, and ko-fi donations.

If you enjoyed the story please consider supporting the author by buying the raws. I used Google chrome with their auto translate and this guide on how to buy novels on jjwxc. Remember, only with your (financial) support can artists continue to produce more great works.

This long journey is now over with this project. I hope to see you all in one of my other projects. There’s currently two in the works that I’m translating now, though they are of a wildly different genre than this type of novel. Do check them out if you like a supernatural or fantasy setting: Bu Tian Gang and Stray.

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