Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch231

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 231: Eat Your Own Fruit [Extra: Yao Cheng (13)]

Yan Yaoxuan resisted superficially and eventually became honest. He didn’t do it with so much effort last night and he didn’t think it would work so early in the morning. Sure enough, the two tried for a while, but they didn’t make much progress as last night.

Shan Cheng seemed a little angry and patted him vigorously. Yan Yaoxuan was annoyed.

He can accept sleeping with Shan Cheng, but he can’t accept being spanked in broad daylight. He felt like a child and had no dignity. He held the grudge so much so that he wouldn’t let Shan Cheng touch his ass for a while.

However, it seems that Shan Cheng was desperate to do it with him. As soon as he comes home from work every day, he would look at him with insidious eyes. He would stare at him from time to time, before he would go and do something else.

Like now, for example. Shan Cheng was heading to the bathroom for a shower and as he walked to the bathroom door, he would stare at him for a while as he laid on the sofa.

Yan Yaoxuan turned his head and glance back and saw Shan Cheng staring at him fiercely. He seemed annoyed that he was a caught, but he continues to stare back at him forcefully before entering the bathroom.

After taking a shower and coming out, Shan Cheng changed into his pajamas and sat down next to him. Seeing that he was still eating snacks, he asked, “Have you taken a shower yet?”


While watching TV, Shan Cheng asked him: “Can you understand it?”

Yan Yaoxuan glared at him. He actually didn’t understand much so he doesn’t like watching TV, but there wasn’t many things to do with just Shan Cheng at home. This was not how he usually spent his free time, so he decided to call Gao Weicheng and asked him where he was. He hadn’t gone out in a while, and he was bored.

“Is this okay with Shan Cheng?” Gao Weicheng said: “I don’t want to offend him.”

Since he brought this up, it immediately stimulated Yan Yaoxuan.

“I’m in charge of the two of us. He can’t control me,” Yan Yaoxuan glared at Shan Cheng next to him: “Cut the crap and tell me where you guys are.”

Gao Weicheng told him the location. Yan Yaoxuan hung up the phone and got up to get dressed. Shan Cheng asked: “Where are you going so late?”

“To a birthday party of one of Gao Weicheng’s friends,” Yan Yaoxuan said.

“Why does it seem that he goes to a friend’s birthday party every day?”

“He has many friends thus there are many birthdays,” Yan Yaoxuan said: “Are you coming?”

He knew that Shan Cheng doesn’t like this type of thing, yet Shan Cheng took off his pajamas and changed his clothes and wanted to go with him.

This time the party was a private party, held in a mansion. Shan Cheng frown as soon as he entered.

Before Gao Weicheng saw him, Yan Yaoxuan had met several friends. They hadn’t seen him for a while so they pointed at him from a distance and shouted: “Brother Xuan, you made it!”

A blonde-hair man with tattoos on his arms immediately ran over, carrying a bottle of beer. Yan Yaoxuan smiled and hugged him. The man had a cigarette in his mouth. When he saw Shan Cheng with a bad expression behind Yan Yaoxuan, he let him go and asked: “New buddy? Introduce me?”

Before Yan Yaoxuan had time to introduce, another young man came over: “Brother Xuan, I was just saying how this party isn’t as fun without you. Come, come. Cheng Zi is having a drinking competition with some people.”

After speaking, he took Yan Yaoxuan inside. Yan Yaoxuan smiled and looked back at Shan Cheng who was calmly following him.

Huang Mao smiled and asked him: “Dude, what’s your name? Do you know each other?”

Shan Cheng ignored him, and followed Yan Yaoxuan and the others in.

Gao Weicheng had his arm around his girlfriend while he was arm wrestling with someone. His face was flushed. When Yan Yaoxuan came in, he picked up a drink skillfully and flashed into the crowd. Gao Weicheng lost his strength and lost the match. The crowd roared with laugher as Yan Yaoxuan put his hand on his shoulder: “Too weak.”

Gao Weicheng turned to see him, his face flushed and smiled: “You’re here just in time. This kid is very strong.”

“I’ll try.” Yan Yaoxuan said as he put down his glass, rolled up his sleeves, and looked at his opponent with a smile.

While he wasn’t very strong, he had never lost an arm-wrestling match. This time, he met an opponent that was pretty strong and won with difficulty. He shook his wrist proudly: “I haven’t play in a long time, so I’m a little rusty.”

“Awesome.” Gao Weicheng handed him his glass and thanked him for regaining some face for him. After drinking his drink, he remembered Shan Cheng and asked: “He’s willing to let you out?”

“He came with me.” Yan Yaoxuan said as he glanced into the crowd and saw Shan Cheng sitting alone in a chair not far away surrounded by several women.

The peach blossoms* is pretty strong in this one. Upon seeing this, Yan Yaoxuan walked over immediately. Before he could get angry, Shan Cheng had dismissed all the women around him.

*Peach blossoms = refers to luck in romance.

“Well, aren’t your peach blossoms very prosperous?”

Shan Cheng glanced at him and said: “Didn’t you know this a long time ago?”

Yan Yaoxuan said: “I’m going to play with them, so I can’t take care of you. Drink less and don’t get picked up by others.” Huang Mao was calling for him.

On the one hand, Yan Yaoxuan deliberately wanted to provoke Shan Cheng. On the other hand, he held back for too long and the playful nature in his bones could not be erased. Hearing the loud music and smell of alcohol, he became excited causing his entire body to glow.

He could only feel completely revitalized when he’s eating, drinking, and having fun. He immediately followed Huang Mao and the others away.

It’s been too long since he was presumptuous. Now that he had the chance, he completely let himself go. Although he wasn’t drunk, he played and drank to his heart’s content. In the end, he spilled alcohol on himself and simply took off his shirt and waved it around.

Fu Yingying was also at this party. She stared at Yan Yaoxuan and Shan Cheng the entire night. Yan Yaoxuan was having a good time, as he took off his clothes and twist and turn his ass to the music. She looked at Shan Cheng who was staring motionlessly at him. The wind sweeping through the tower heralds a rising storm in the mountain*.

*(山雨欲来风满楼) Metaphor referring to tensions brewing before a conflict.

Wow! How exciting and sensual. She felt like she can come up with an entire fanfic inside her head!

Acting recklessly without knowing death, the insidious and black-bellied handsome onslaught is coming! She grabbed her best friend’s hand and stomped her feet excitedly. She felt that Yan Yaoxuan will suffer tonight.

She glanced at Yan Yaoxuan again. Although he didn’t look as good as Shan Cheng, he was still handsome, in a kind of energetic, wild, and crazy with a hint of ruffian to him. This type of shou was pretty rare.

Concerned about Shan Cheng’s feelings, Yan Yaoxuan didn’t dare get drunk. He had so much fun tonight that he was still humming in the car ride home.

“You said you don’t drink or play around so what did you do?” Yan Yaoxuan said to Shan Cheng tipsily.

Shan Cheng said: “It seems you had a good time drinking and playing?”

“It wasn’t bad.” Yan Yaoxuan said.

Shan Cheng glanced at him and didn’t respond. Gao Weicheng was also in the car with them, but didn’t dare make a sound the entire time. When he got into the car, he found that Shan Cheng looked sullen and had an icy face.

“To be fair, Yaoxuan hasn’t gone out to play for a long time.” He said slyly: “Isn’t it fine today? He’s not drunk. Isn’t that because of you, Shan Cheng?” He smiled as he said this and looked at Yan Yaoxuan.

As a result, Yan Yaoxuan not only didn’t appreciate it, but became arrogant: “Who cares about him? What a joke. Whether I’m single or in love, I’m just me, Yan Yaoxuan!”

Gao Weicheng “…”

Bro, I tried my best to help you.

Gao Weicheng asked the driver to take the two to their house first, then got out of the car. Yan Yaoxuan leaned on Shan Cheng: “Bro, come and sit. Let’s have a few more drinks.”

Gao Weicheng said indifferently: “It’s too late. My girlfriend is still waiting for me.”

“Focusing on girls before your bros!” Yan Yaoxuan pointed to him. It seemed like tonight he really let himself go. His voice was so loud that it attracted the looks of passersby.

“Well, seems like he might be drunk,” Gao Weicheng finally said on behalf of his friend: “Take good care of him and be patient.”

After speaking, he left and got into another car.

Yan Yaoxuan entered his house contentedly and heard Shan Cheng told him: “Go shower. You reek all over.”

He was sprinkled with alcohol and the smell of various perfumes. While taking a shower, he sang to himself. When he finished, he felt his entire body was comfortable and soft. When he saw Shan Cheng sitting on the sofa, he asked: “Are you angry?”


“Tsk.” Yan Yaoxuan said. His “tsk” was very coquettish, rightly deserving of a beating.

Shan Cheng got up and went to shower. When he finished, he saw Yan Yaoxuan was lying in bed, watching a video sent to him by a friend. It was a video of him at the party. He wasn’t aware of how he acted and was startled when watching it. He was lost in the fun that he didn’t even notice what he was doing. The most important thing is that it seems that rumors him being gay had seemed to spread as several men looked very interested in him, whether they were gong or shou. Watching them in the video, all their eyes were glued on him.

Thinking about it, he looked quite charming in the video, open, free, sexy, and handsome. When he saw Shan Cheng come out of the shower, he immediately turned off his phone and laid down on the bed with a slightly guilty conscience: “Tired. We should go to bed.”

“I think you’re still pretty energetic, not tired at all.” Shan Cheng said.

Yan Yaoxuan had a bad premonition, so he said: “This is just how parties are… You don’t participate in them, so don’t make a fuss.”

“Ah, this is the norm? So hooking up with a few people is also considered normal?”

Yan Yaoxuan said: “I don’t hook up with others.”

“Didn’t you wink?”

“No… no!” He was just lost in the vibe and was trying to heat up the atmosphere. He didn’t intend to hook up with anyone. Rather, he was hooking up with the entire venue!

Hearing this, Shan Cheng grabbed his arm: “I’ve been missing you badly these past two days, yet you’re just jerking me around.”

After a long time, without the whip, the horse has become wild again. Being wild by nature, it’s hard to tame. It’s not home-life material. Sooner or later, something will happen. If he want to relieve the consequences, he needed to tame it.

“What are you doing?” Yan Yaoxuan said immediately.

Shan Cheng said: “Why do you always ask me what I want to do? What else do you think I want to do? You, obviously.”  

Yan Yaoxuan’s face flushed immediately. He had drunk too much today, so after lying down for a while, his body had already become soft. Even if he wasn’t soft, he wasn’t a match for Shan Cheng.

However, after drinking, it made him more energetic that he didn’t succumb so easily, so he struggled fiercely. Shan Cheng’s character was like this. He was easily jealous and was already upset. In addition, Yan Yaoxuan hadn’t let him touch him recently, so he was suffocating from holding back.

He turned Yan Yaoxuan over and pressed him on his lap as he pulled off his pants and spanked him. Yan Yaoxuan cursed and scream, but he wasn’t Shan Cheng’s match. When Shan Cheng saw that he was crying, he stopped and comforted him softly. Yan Yaoxuan was already familiar with this routine or stick and carrot, so he cried even harder, though he wasn’t shedding any tears. This made Shan Cheng gentler as he started to coax him with loving words. When Yan Yaoxuan was about to struggle, it was already too late.

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Kinky Thoughts:

One more chapter from this couple, then it’s the finale.

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