Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch226

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 226: You Reap what You Sow [Extra: Yao Cheng (8)]

Shen Jintai.

He really hadn’t thought about Shen Jintai for several days, unlike when he first came back from China, he would dream of him all the time. Compared with Shen Jintai, Shan Cheng has become less terrifying. Shen Jintai was going to become his sister-in-law. Yan Yaoxuan still felt uncomfortable about it as he still wanted him.

Although the restaurant was very high-end, it was small. There was only one chef, that arranges all the meals by himself, and four waitstaff, two men and two women, of which Shan Cheng was the most conspicuous one due to his height.

As soon as Yan Yaoxuan entered, everyone in the restaurant saw him. He calmly found a seat and sat down as a waiter came over.

This time it was a foreign woman. After greeting him, less than ten seconds later, Shan Cheng came over and said: “This is my friend. Let me do it.”

The woman was taken aback for a moment, before giving him a smile and leaving.

Yan Yaoxuan said: “I’ll have the same as last time.”

Shan Cheng said lightly: “Okay, please wait a moment.”

Yan Yaoxuan turned his head and glanced at him, seeing Shan Cheng’s straight back. When he glanced down, he eyed his sturdy and firm ass.

He used to like Shen Jintai’s gorgeous and heroic appearance and figure, but now he seems to prefer this kind of thin yet muscular man. Looking at Shan Cheng’s long legs and well-proportioned head, he felt his figure was really good.

After a while, Shan Cheng brought his order. Yan Yaoxuan didn’t speak as he ate his meal normally. Halfway through eating, he glanced back slightly and found Shan Cheng was standing in the distance staring at him the whole time.

He quickly turned around and continued to eat his meal. When he finished, he quickly left, leaving a bunch of uneaten food behind. As soon as he walked outside, before he got into his car, Shan Cheng had chased him out and called to him from the entrance of the restaurant: “Yan Yaoxuan.”

Yan Yaoxuan’s heart tightened. He looked back with an indifferent face, coughed, and asked: “What?”

“Don’t come here again.” Shan Cheng said.

Yan Yaoxuan’s heart jumped violently and sneered: “I’m a customer, so I can come if I want.”

Shan Cheng didn’t respond but just looked at him. Yan Yaoxuan felt that the way he looked at him was hot and fierce. He felt a little discouraged as he drove off in his sports car without any further conversation with him.

He didn’t want to go home, so he went to see Gao Weicheng. Gao Weicheng was a partier who either would attend car clubs or parties held by rich second-generations. Recently, he had found himself a new girlfriend and was partying with her at a bar.

When Yan Yaoxuan entered, he saw a bunch of flirtatious bitches inside. Gao Weicheng came to greet him and said: “You should have more fun. My wifey has a few sisters who are very good, with big breast, thin waists, and nice ass. Let me introduce you!”

“Your wife changes men more frequently than changing clothes. Don’t ruin the word wife.”

Gao Weicheng smiled and put his arms around him as they went inside. Yan Yaoxuan found that while Gao Weicheng was rich and surrounded by a bunch of fair-skinned, beautiful women, the girlfriend he was dating had a snake-liked face similar to those online celebrities. He went to the bar in a daze. He didn’t understand how Gao Weicheng could consider her a beauty, as he felt he was more interested in her chest, which was quite big, and her light skin.

He doesn’t understand the aesthetics of straight men. He wasn’t interested in any of the women Gao Weicheng introduced him to.

He felt that he shouldn’t waste too much emotion on a somewhat dangerous character like Shan Cheng. He looked around at the men present. He might have been too successful in pretending to be a straight man as he exuded no gay aura, so there wasn’t any men that approach him to strike up a conversation with him.

Today’s modern society is very open-minded, especially abroad. While he pretended to be straight, he really wasn’t afraid of revealing his sexual orientation. The reason why he never told Gao Weicheng was because of his crush on Shen Jintai.

The first time he fell in love, it was with Shen Jintai. However, Shen Jintai was obsessed with his brother which meant the two brothers were fighting over a man, a fight that he had no chance of winning. He felt too ashamed of this, so he dared not tell anyone.

In order to draw a clear line with Shen Jintai, he deliberately pretended to be a straight man and buried his secret love in his heart. He was so used at pretending that even Gao Weicheng was fooled and thought he liked women.

He drank two more glasses of liquor depressingly and got drunk.

At this time, Gao Weicheng revealed his brotherhood. He sent his girlfriend off and personally took Yan Yaoxuan home. When they got there, he stayed back to took care of him.

Yan Yaoxuan slept until he woke up thirsty in the middle of the night and got up in a daze. Only then did he see that there was still a person lying beside him. He was taken aback, turned on the light quickly, and saw Gao Weicheng rubbing his eyes and looking at him in a daze.

“Awake?” Gao Weicheng sat up and said: “I’ll get you what you want.”

“Thirsty,” he said.

Gao Weicheng got up and went to fetch him a glass of water. Yan Yaoxuan took a sip and said, “It’s cold.”

“You have been here for so long, yet you’re still not used to drinking cold water?”

Even though he said that he went to pour him a glass of hot water. Yan Yaoxuan was used to drinking hot water, as he had a kettle at home.

Yan Yaoxuan drank up it up within a few gulps. Gao Weicheng laid back on the bed and yawn: “Had enough?”

Yan Yaoxuan said: “You’re so kind to me.”

Gao Weicheng smiled and said: “Honestly, I don’t treat women this good.”

Although they are both guys, the two of them are different. They get along well with each other, and he had always taken care of Yan Yaoxuan. He was a few months older than him, so he regarded himself as an older brother. Women would try to court and please him while the Yan Yaoxuan beside him was like a young master whom he served.

“I want to confess one thing to you,” Yan Yaoxuan said with emotion through his drunkenness.


“I don’t like women. I actually like men. I’m gay.” Yan Yaoxuan said.

Gao Weicheng sat up all at once: “What the hell?”

“I’m a gay.”

Gao Weicheng scratched his head, thinking that he had drunk too much, and he was a little confused, so he said: “Oh.”

“Are you still friends with me?” Yan Yaoxuan asked.

Gao Weicheng said in disbelief: “What age do you think this is? I don’t discriminate. You are still you.”

Yan Yaoxuan was very moved and patted Gao Weicheng on the shoulder.

Gao Weicheng said: “You have been unhappy recently. Is it just because of this?”

He still didn’t plan to tell Gao Weicheng about Shen Jintai. He felt it was too shameful and felt that it was better not to tell anyone about this matter. It was enough that his brother and Shen Jintai knows about it.

“I’ve fallen in love with that kid Shan Cheng.” Yan Yaoxuan planted himself on the bed.

“Fuck,” Gao Weicheng immediately turned around: “You’re dead.”

Yan Yaoxuan laid on the bed and said with a smile: “The young man is very handsome.”

“Is he straight?”

“Bent,” Yan Yaoxuan said: “I have tried it.”

This shocked Gao Weicheng even more than Yan Yaoxuan’s confession. The fright in the middle of the night was too much that he couldn’t process all this information: “Shan Cheng… You better switch to someone else.”

“Why? I am not worthy of him?”

Gao Weicheng said: “It’s not… buddy, the one who bottoms…”

Honestly, he never expected Yan Yaoxuan to be gay, let alone the other one, but seeing as how both Yan Yaoxuan and Shan Cheng both were, if he were to guess who was the gong, then it would 100% be Shan Cheng and that would mean Yan Yaoxuan is the shou!

When they do it, his good buddy’s going to become… Fuck… he felt it was a little bit too…

“Laozi’s a 1,” Yan Yaoxuan said.

Gao Weicheng was even more shocked: “Shan Cheng’s a 0?!”

Holy fuck! Such a ruthless guy with a good background turns out to be the bottom?!

The picture was too beautiful that he dares not think about it!

“He’s also a 1, so we’re both PK*,” Yan Yaoxuan said.

*PK usually stands for player killing so I think in terms of this context he meant they’re both trying to subdue each other.

Gao Weicheng: “…”

Yan Yaoxuan said: “This girl is a fierce horse. The master’s whip has to beat him a few times before he can be honest. Just you wait.”

What the hell? Girl?

Gao Weicheng felt that Yan Yaoxuan had really drunk too much. He looked at Yan Yaoxuan lying on the bed and said: “Actually, I didn’t know you were gay, so I recommended pretty girls to you. In fact, I also know a few gay guys. Just today, the handsome guy who came with my wife, Kerry, is my wife’s little sister. Despite being a man, he looks like a little fairy. If you like that type, I’ll introduce you. Forget about Shan Cheng. Let’s not die, okay?”

Yan Yaoxuan had already closed his eyes. He poked Yan Yaoxuan with his foot, but Yan Yaoxuan didn’t move, as he fell back asleep quickly.

Gao Weicheng could no longer fall asleep. He couldn’t digest what he found out tonight for a while. He got out of bed and went to drink cold water.

Yan Yaoxuan was acting desperate. It seems that the more provocative he is, the happier he becomes. Thinking of what Shan Cheng said, it made him a little angry and itchy.

He doesn’t want him to come back but what can he do about it?

So, he went back the restaurant again where Shan Cheng worked the next day.

It was slightly raining that day. After he entered, he found a window seat and sat down. This time, he came early. It wasn’t lunch time yet so there was almost nobody in the restaurant and Shan Cheng wasn’t working. He looked around and didn’t see him while he was served by another waiter.

He wasn’t really hungry. He just wanted to come over to provoke him. After fiddling with the fork in his hand for a while, he took a few measly bites. Water drops slowly started to cover the glass, blurring the glass, and he couldn’t see clearly outside.

Does Shan Cheng only work at night and not during the day?

He didn’t have the appetite to eat anymore. When he was about to get up, he suddenly found someone standing outside the glass window. When he looked up, the other party tapped on the glass with his finger.

He got up and looked closely and found that it was Shan Cheng. He was so frightened that he subconsciously touched the cup with his finger. He quickly stretched out his hand to grab it, then turned his head to look and saw Shan Cheng looking at him very seriously.

Yan Yaoxuan calmed down for a while, got up and put on his coat. When he arrived at the entrance, the waiter handed him his umbrella. When he opened his umbrella, he saw that Shan Cheng had already reached the door. He didn’t stop but continue to walk forward, as Shan Cheng followed closely behind, causing him to walk faster. Looking back, he saw that Shan Cheng didn’t have an umbrella with him and his body was drenched in the rain, but his eyes kept staring at him the entire time, like a criminal with bad intentions.

He held his umbrella and looked at him, and asked loudly: “What are you doing following me?”

“I want to talk to you,” Shan Cheng said.

Yan Yaoxuan said: “I have nothing to talk about with you.”

Shan Cheng didn’t respond. The downpour was getting heavy that his hair was soaked, and his chin was decorated with beads of raindrops. His facial features became more vivid, looking a little haggard and pale.

Seeing a beauty in a sickly state was painful. Yan Yaoxuan felt that although Shan Cheng was abnormal, he was still a law-abiding person. He knew what enough was enough was so the danger wasn’t actually that strong.

“What do you want to talk about?”

“My place is nearby,” Shan Cheng said: “If you want, let’s go there and talk.”

Yan Yaoxuan put a hand in the pocket of his coat and asked: “Don’t you need to go to work?”

“Already quit,” Shan Cheng said.

After he finished speaking, he walked in the other direction, took a few steps, stopped and looked back at him. Yan Yaoxuan followed him. Despite the rain, he did not share his umbrella with Shan Cheng, but only followed closely behind.

He was actually a little nervous. He didn’t know what Shan Cheng was planning, so he was uneasy. He imagined unbelievable things such as Shan Cheng descending into madness and raped him, or that he was some kind of criminal on the run and wanted to kill him. He thought for a while, but the more he thought about it, the more he felt perturbed, so he took out his cellphone, wanting to send a location or photo to Gao Weicheng. However, when he picked up his phone, he felt nervous again.  

This was the second time he had come to Shan Cheng’s residence. There was already a pool of water that formed from the rain that was completely black. The old apartment building looked even more dilapidated in the rain. When they entered the elevator, he closed his umbrella, causing the water drops to fall everywhere. He said: “I told Gao Weicheng I went to see you.”

Shan Cheng responded with a “Hm” as the elevator door opened and he took the lead and walked out.

Yan Yaoxuan asked: “Everything at home has been resolved?”

Shan Cheng glanced back at him.

“Gao Weicheng told me the rumors,” Yan Yaoxuan said.

“Solved,” Shan Cheng said. His voice was low and pleasant to listen to.

After walking outside without an umbrella, Shan Cheng’s body was completely drenched. His hair was still dripping with water.

Yan Yaoxuan said: “Then why haven’t you moved home yet? It’s too run-down here.”

“I’ve already started to move,” Shan Cheng said as he opened the door.

Yan Yaoxuan put the umbrella at the door, then entered. The apartment was not much different from the last time he came. It was just that it was raining so the lighting in the room was dark. He glanced back and saw that Shan Cheng had closed and locked the door.

He was taken aback and immediately became alert. Shan Cheng leaned his back against the door and stretched out his hand and took off his soaked shirt, revealing his strong muscular body.

His mixed race of half European and American made him look all the more handsome, especially when it was matched by his cold face. He had more hair on his body, which was extremely disproportionate to his face.

“I told you yesterday, don’t come the restaurant again. Why are you here again today?” Shan Cheng said.

Because of his actions of locking the door and undressing, Yan Yaoxuan was already at the height of his anxiety. He didn’t dare say “Because I want to”. Instead, he swallowed those words and said: “I… I like the food in that restaurant.”

“If you torture me, don’t blame me for torturing you.” Shan Cheng said again.

Yan Yaoxuan took a step back and said, “Who’s torturing who?”

“I gave you a chance. If you don’t cherish it, then don’t blame me,” Shan Cheng said. It seems he wasn’t planning on answering the question.

Yan Yaoxuan was about to get goose bumps. He pursed his lips and noticed that Shan Cheng was walking towards him, causing him to take a slight step back. Seizing the opportunity, he rushed towards the door. Who knew that Shan Cheng had stretch out his arm and grabbed him directly by the waist, and picked him up with a single arm.

Holy crap!

The author has something to say:

Here comes the blacken order.

Kinky Thoughts: I really like Gao Weicheng, especially how he responded to Yan Yaoxuan after his confession. Too bad he’s straight. Would make a much better match than that giant walking red flag… then again Yan Yaoxuan himself is also a walking red flag.

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