Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch224

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 224: That’s the Kind of Man He is [Extra: Yao Cheng (6)]

Yan Yaoxuan was a little excited and nervous. He felt like he would going to succeed today.

But… isn’t Shan Cheng being a bit too fierce? Why was there no feeling of a 0 at all?!

He pushed Shan Cheng hard, directly pushing him down on the bed. He tore open his collar and panted. Shan Cheng moved up, looked at him with a smile, and unbuttoned his shirt by himself, revealing a large, sturdy chest.

Yan Yaoxuan threw off his shirt and rushed up, trying to grab Shan Cheng’s ass with his hand, but who knew that Shan Cheng clasped his hand and kissed him with a smile.

“Do you know that in foreign countries things actually aren’t so clear.” Shan Cheng said.


Shan Cheng said: “Who’s the gong and shou. Don’t be so old-fashioned.”

Although Yan Yaoxuan had drunk, he wasn’t inebriated. When he heard this, he felt something was wrong. He immediately put on his pants to get up and Shan Cheng hooked his neck and said: “Trying to run again?”

Yan Yaoxuan said: “I’m not running. If you want to be a 0, let’s continue. If you want to be a 1, I won’t do it.”

“You don’t have to,” as Shan Cheng said it, he fished Yan Yaoxuan back, turned over and pressed him down.

Yan Yaoxuan pushed hard, but he couldn’t move at all. Shan Cheng was taller and stronger than him, that he was suppressing him in all direction. He felt a sense of fear floating up.

Shan Cheng pressed him and said: “What are you afraid of? I can still eat you.”

“Get off.”

Shan Cheng smiled and went to kiss him directly. Yan Yaoxuan couldn’t push him away, so he bit Shan Cheng’s lip.

The two rolled into a ball on the bed, not like they were making out, but as if they were fighting. Shan Cheng, who he always thought was quiet and gentle, now seemed like he’s a different person. His expression was fierce, and his eyes were even fiercer and the strength his hands had was even more terrifying. Yan Yaoxuan had limited strength so after several struggles, he was sweating all over his body, but his sense of fear became stronger. He bit Shan Cheng on the shoulder fiercely.

If there was a little force in Shan Cheng before, this bite seemed to bring out the beast within him. Shan Cheng ripped open his waistband and turned him over with one hand making Yan Yaoxuan dumbfounded.

In a rush, he cursed and swear and after a few words he was afraid that Shan Cheng didn’t understand his curses in Chinese, so he shouted: “Fuck you!”

Shan Cheng gave him a hard blow to his ass, causing Yan Yaoxuan’s leg to straighten as the hit was pretty hard.

It’s over. The beauty he thought was actually a monster with painted skin*. Now he’s tore off the skin and was going to eat him!

*Reference to <Strange Tale form a Chinese Studio – Painted Skin> by Pu Songling. You can read it by clicking the Wikipedia. The TLDR is basically a guy picks up a girl and made him his concubine, but she turns out to be a demon wearing human skin.

Just when Yan Yaoxuan’s hair was about to all stand up, he didn’t see any movements from Shan Cheng. He looked back and saw Shan Cheng panting on his lap, then stroking his hair as he got up and off the bed.

Yan Yaoxuan hurriedly got up and put on his pants. His ass was still sore from being beaten. He ran outside the bedroom. Only then did he gain the courage and shouted: “Get out of my house now!”

Shan Cheng was sitting in the bedroom, but there was no movement. Yan Yaoxuan got dressed and walked cautiously to the door of the room. Just as he was about to look inside, he saw Shan Cheng coming out.

He immediately got discouraged and shrank outside the door.

Shan Cheng stopped. He hair was a messy as he asked: “Are you okay?”

“Yes.” Yan Yaoxuan said: “Hurry up and pack your luggage and get the fuck out!”

Shan Cheng didn’t speak. He went back to his bedroom and after a while came out with a suitcase. The incident happened so suddenly, leaving Yan Yaoxuan in a daze. His ass still hurts fiercely, and he felt that it was no longer fun. That slap just now had really hurt. This Shan Cheng was terrible. It felt like his true nature had suddenly been revealed.

After Shan Cheng came out, he glanced at him and said: “Then I’ll leave.”

Yan Yaoxuan didn’t speak.

The light in the living room shone on Shan Cheng. His shirt was buttoned up wrongly as half of it was still hanging down. His collar wasn’t fastened, revealing a slightly flushed chest and his hair was a mess. However, his facial features were more vivid under the light, still fair and glowing, showing off that compelling handsomeness, but his eyes seem abnormally flushes as he left the house with his luggage.

The bouquet of red roses was still on the ground, with scattered petals everywhere. The roses had been trampled on and were destroyed and broken. Yan Yaoxuan wiped his mouth and found traces of blood on the back of his hand.

He could hardly admit that he felt hurt when he was slapped.


Kinky Thoughts: You would think you both would have a discussion and made things clear regarding positions after all the times they met before they got to this stage SMH…

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One thought on “Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch224

  1. What a mess… WHAT A MESS! Tbh, this is not as clear-cut as I expected it to be. I thought SC would be the typical yandere ml that attacks out of nowhere and pressures an obviously unwilling partner into a relationship. But YYX is definitely willing, he’s just hung up on being a 1. Ok, you have the right to take back your consent at any time.
    But if it happens once maybe don’t try it again with the same person? And maybe don’t invite them to live with you? And don’t plan romantic gestures to woo them? Then don’t confirm a relationship without making the “rules” clear? It’s really not that difficult..


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