Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch223

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 223: Short Chapter [Extra: Yao Cheng (5)]

The restaurant that Yan Yaoxuan took Shan Cheng to is the most upscale restaurant he had ever been to. During the meal, he secretly ordered a car filled with flowers by excusing himself to go to the bathroom.

He’s good at romance and when you have money, it make romancing much easier.

“Are you used to eating here?” He asked Shan Cheng.

Shan Cheng said: “Although I rarely go back to China, my old man and my mother have authentic Chinese stomachs, so they usually eat Chinese food at home.”

“I have eaten all the world’s delicacies, but Chinese food is still the best,” Yan Yaoxuan poured another glass of wine for Shan Cheng as he spoke.

After drinking a bit, he wanted to drink more with Shan Cheng. It’s best if they drink lightly, to loosen themselves up, but not to the point of being drunk. That way, if he makes a move on Shan Cheng, the other party can still respond.

He still remembered the scene after Shan Cheng had stripped down. To subdue such a person, a little alcohol was needed.

“Is it okay?” Yan Yaoxuan asked: “I don’t know how much you drink.”

“The amount is good.” Shan Cheng said.

Yan Yaoxuan thought his alcohol tolerance was pretty high. He often drinks with Gao Weicheng and the others and even developed his own method of getting rid of hangovers.

He smiled and clinked his cup with Shan Cheng. When Yan Yaoxuan felt that he was getting a bit red, he found that Shan Cheng’s face as also a little red, so he filled each of their cups again and drank another glass before they left.

Since they both had been drinking, Yan Yaoxuan called a driver to take them back. As he sat in the back, he started to become dishonest. Under the influence of alcohol, it encouraged people to become more courageous.

He wasn’t afraid that the driver in front would see him, so he stretched out his hand and touch Shan Cheng’s thigh. Shan Cheng turned his head and looked at him, then gave him a smile as he took his hand and rested it on his lap.

Yan Yaoxuan moved his whole body towards him and stretched out his other arm. He wasn’t a lecher, as he only wanted to create the atmosphere, so he touched Shan Cheng’s arm for a while, then caressed it and said: “I didn’t expect your arms to be so muscular.”

Shan Cheng didn’t speak.

It was a little dark in the car. When Yan Yaoxuan saw that he didn’t speak, he thought he was being shy. He liked a shy Shan Cheng. The domineering man inside him rose sharply and his movement and tone became more dissolute as he said: “You didn’t drink too much, did you?”

As he said it, he touched Shan Cheng’s cheek.

Yan Yaoxuan always felt that he really had a physiological desire for Shan Cheng from the beginning. When he touched Shan Cheng’s warm and smooth cheeks, he recalled the fiery excitement he had when they first met and his heart pounded loudly, causing his entire body to become hot.

Shan Cheng did not stop him, and this acquiescence made him even more emotional. It seems that he can accomplish something tonight. Today, he had not only wine, but also romance.

When they arrived at the entrance to his home, Yan Yaoxuan asked the driver to leave. The moon was hanging brightly in the sky. He glanced up and stretched himself as he said to Shan Cheng: “Can you help me open the trunk. I bought something.”

Shan Cheng came over and opened the trunk. As soon as he opened it, he saw it filled with dozens of red roses.

Yan Yaoxuan put his hands in his pockets, walked over coolly, and asked: “Do you like it?”

As he said it, he stretched out his hand and took a bouquet of roses and handed it to Shan Cheng. When Shan Cheng received it, he impatiently pulled Shan Cheng into his home. As soon as the door opened, he grabbed Shan Cheng domineeringly, pulled him towards him, and pressed him against the door.

When he was up close to him, Yan Yaoxuan realized that due to his height difference in Shan Cheng, he had lost a bit of his momentum. He stood on his tiptoe slightly and finally caressed Shan Cheng’s head.

What is a 0 doing being so tall?!

Shan Cheng still held a rose in one hand and looked at him with a smile.

This person was more beautiful than flowers. Yan Yaoxuan’s heart was beating like crazy when he saw this. Beauty, I’m coming.

He leaned in and kissed him. At this moment, Shan Cheng turned his head slightly and avoided his kiss.

He’s still playing hard to get. This only turned Yan Yaoxuan on further. He likes the wild type, as if they were waiting to be tamed by him!


Yan Yaoxuan said solemnly: “If you accept this brother’s flowers, then you’re his person. Won’t you let me kiss you?”

“If we kiss, that means we confirm our relationship. Have you thought about it?” Shan Cheng asked.

Yan Yaoxuan chased his lips impatiently: “Cut the crap.”

As soon as the voice fell, Shan Cheng tossed the flower away in his hand and held Yan Yaoxuan’s face, pulling him in for a fierce kiss.

Ohhhhhhh. This kind of feeling, he really likes it!

Kinky Thoughts: Not for long…

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