Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch222

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 222: Move in Together [Extra: Yao Cheng (4)]

After accepting, he deliberately sent a message: [Who?*]

*This was sent in English.

After about an hour, he received a reply from Shan Cheng: [Sorry, I just saw it. I’m Shan Cheng.]

After Yan Yaoxuan saw it, he immediately replied: [Do you want to be a 0 for me?]

After sending it, he cheerfully waited for Shan Cheng to reply to him as he put his legs on the sofa.

Shan Cheng responded quickly this time: [Why don’t you have a look? Are you free recently? I like to invite you out to dinner.]

Most likely due to yesterday’s experience being too exciting, Yan Yaoxuan feelings seems to move towards Shan Cheng and he was a bit reluctant to give it up. This was the first time he had close contact with a man, and it felt fresh and exciting, especially when Shan Cheng responded to him. The confrontation between two men trying to conquer each other had a strong sense of speed and friction.

It was fine to just kiss and touch, and if things progress further, then he can do it. He was captured by desire so he replied: [Okay.]

After replying, he laid on the bed and thought about how he can change a 1 to a 0, so that he could get that beauty Shan Cheng to lie under him. When he think about conquering him, he felt a strong sense of accomplishment.

When he was about to fall asleep, the appearance of Shen Jintai appeared in his mind again. Alas, there was no one in the world that could compare to Shen Jintai, at least for him.

The next morning, Shan Cheng sent him an address and made an appointment with him for dinner tomorrow.

Yan Yaoxuan went with Gao Weicheng to buy clothes. Gao Weicheng asked: “Why are you so showy all of a sudden?”

“I have to be one day,” He changed into a suit: “What do you think?”

“Do you want to hear the truth?” Gao Weicheng said.

Yan Yaoxuan nodded.

Gao Weicheng said: “Honestly, I think your brother looks natural wearing suits, and you’re more suitable for wearing casual clothes.”

“I can’t compare with my brother, can I?” Yan Yaoxuan asked.

Gao Weicheng said: “No, you two have different styles. Of course, you look good in formal wear, but at our age, we don’t have formal occasions to attend to so who would wear a suit. Don’t be as old-fashioned as your brother.”

Yan Yaoxuan picked out two formal suits. He felt that he couldn’t look too young. He needed to have the 1 aura that he should have. He has never competed with his brother as he thought he had already lost in this regard. Compared to his brother, he didn’t look as mature or stable, so he could only use his brother as his role model.

After buying clothes, he went to get a haircut. With a comb over side cut*, a suit, and shiny leather shoes, he drove his most beloved sports car to where they agreed to meet.

*You can click the link to get an idea.

Since his intention wasn’t to have sex, when he met Shan Cheng, they chatted unexpectedly. The more he looked at Shan Cheng, the more pleasing he became. Apart from the fact that Shan Cheng was a little taller than him, every other condition was good too. Fair, thin, a handsomeness that was almost exquisite and a little exotic, though overall he looked more Asian. His conversational skills and temperament were outstanding. It’s a pity for this person to be only just a one-night stand. Rather it’s better to be one’s lover instead.

Yan Yaoxuan felt that he couldn’t ruin this little 1 beauty, who he’ll make a 0, so he changed his mind from the intention of a one-night stand to a more serious conversation around love.

With that in mind, he made three more appointments with him this way, and on the fourth appointment, he visited Shan Cheng’s residence. As a result, when the two of them entered, they found that someone was inside.

“You don’t live alone.” Yan Yaoxuan said slyly.

Shan Cheng frowned.

Shan Cheng lives in an apartment that was small, so from the entrance you could see the entire living room. There was a maid cleaning up and a lady that was standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling window. She was on her phone. When she saw them come in, she smiled and said: “A’Cheng, you’re back.”

The lady was taken aback when she saw Yan Yaoxuan, smiled and asked: “Friend?”

Shan Cheng said to Yan Yaoxuan, “My mother.”

Yan Yaoxuan became embarrassed as he respectfully greeted his future mother-in-law: “Hello, Auntie.”

“You’re Chinese. You look very tall and hadsome,” Mrs. Shan said as she kept looking at Yan Yaoxuan. Shen Cheng blocked her sight and interrupted: “Why did come without telling me in advance?”

“Your grandmother asked me to bring you things from home. I called, but you didn’t answer.” Mrs. Shan waved her hand and smiled to Yan Yaoxuan: “Don’t just stand at the door. Come in and sit down.”

“If you have nothing to do, go back. I have something to talk about with my friend,” Shan Cheng said.

Mrs. Shan nodded immediately when she heard his words: “Alright. I’ve cleaned up the room for you. Ms. Zhang, let’s go.”

Aunt Zhang picked up her bag and kept smiling at Yan Yaoxuan. He was taken back by the two of them.

Shan Cheng said: “I’ll send them off.”

After speaking, he walked out with Mrs. Shan. As soon as he entered the elevator, Mrs. Shan smiled with joy: “Are you in love?”

Shan Cheng said: “We just met.”

“He’s Chinese. I was afraid that you would find a foereigner. I can’t get along with foreigners. The young man is very handsome. What’s his name? What does he do?”

Shan Cheng said: “Don’t come visit me if you have nothing to do in the future. Now give me the key.”

Mrs. Shan stuffed the key into his hands: “You can’t do this when you fall in love. Who can tolerate you besides me?”

“I know.” Shan Cheng said.

“There are some things that can’t be put away so you have to eat them quickly. If you don’t finish, give some to the young man. He’s Chinese so he must like to eat. What’s the young man’s last name?”


Mrs. Shan nodded, then narrowed her smile, and said: “I put tens of thousands under your pillow. You should spend it and tell me once you run out. You’re so silly not wanting anything. Money is cheap compared to our relationship.”

Shen Cheng said: “Just leave it be. I have my senses.”

“You don’t have to worry about me,” Mrs. Shan said: “I know it in my heart, so I won’t suffer any losses.”

Yan Yaoxuan stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows of the apartment and looked out. The view and the decoration of the house was very general. It didn’t seem like a place Shan Cheng would live in considering his status. Mrs. Shan just now was indeed an elite. What she was wearing on her hands and neck was expensive jewelry.

When he heard the door opened, he glanced back and saw Shan Cheng come in.

“Your mother seems to have brought you a lot of food,” Yan Yaoxuan said.

Shan Cheng said “Nn” and opened several boxes on the table, all of which were Russian-style dishes: “Take whatever you want to eat.”

Yan Yaoxuan took a piece and tasted it, then looked at the apartment and said: “You live here?”

Shan Cheng said: “Nn. I recently moved out of my home so I’m on my own.”

“This place is too small, and the building is dilapidated. Why don’t you move into my place? There are so many empty rooms so you can have one. I won’t charge you rent.”

If Shan Cheng lives with him, he can take short hands and eat soft mouths*. He could eat tofu and flirt around with him, and perhaps he’ll be able to push Shan Cheng in the direction that he intended. Living under the same roof could lead to many things to develop.

*Idiom meaning to take advantage of others by giving them benefits.

Yan Yaoxuan made up his mind: “I strongly encourage you to live with me.”

Unexpectedly, Shan Cheng agreed and said, “Then I’ll go pack.”

Yan Yaoxuan was so happy that he immediately helped Shan Cheng. He had very little items so with a few luggage and a packed suitcase, everything was settled. When they returned to Yan Yaoxuan’s place, he gave Shan Cheng the room next to his.

When he took Shan Cheng to dinner, he also rushed to pay the bill: “I’ll take care of it.”

What a joke. How could a rich man like him who invites his little 0 beauty out to dinner would make him pay?!

Yan Yaoxuan felt that he had finally regained a little bit of his dignity. This feeling was great and he wanted to find more of it tonight!

Kinky Thoughts: It’s not going to go as you expect it Yan Yaoxuan.

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  1. What is happening? So his mother is Chinese and his father is a foreigner? But he has his mother’s name. The plot thickens! And YYX, you’re inviting the wolf in your own house 🙉 haven’t you heard any cautionary tales kiddo?


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