Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch221

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 221: Add as Friends [Extra: Yao Cheng (3)]

Yan Yaoxuan became embarrassed, and his face flushed. He sat up from the bed and said: “This… is this moving too fast?”

Shan Cheng didn’t speak. After looking at him for a while, he put on his pants again.

The passion just now hadn’t faded. Yan Yaoxuan leaned forward and picked up the shirt he took off. He suddenly realized that when the two of them hugged and gnawed at each other, this Shan Cheng seemed to be very aggressive, as if he was really 1, instead of a fierce 0.

“There may be a little misunderstanding between the two of us,” Yan Yaoxuan said: “I’m a 1.”

He wasn’t confident in what he said. He felt that even if Shan Cheng was a 0, his 1 was not confident in front of him, which was why he didn’t dare take off his pants. It’s not that he’s too inexperience, but this Shan Cheng… All he could say was that mixed races are different.

Shan Cheng frowned: “Are you sure?”

What did he mean? Doesn’t he look like a 1?

Yan Yaoxuan stood up and put on his clothes: “There seems to be a misunderstanding.”

Shan Cheng said: “You, are a 1?”

Fuck, these words.

Yan Yaoxuan said with a little displeasure: “Is there something wrong with that?”

“No.” Shan Cheng said: “Let’s be friends.”

What’s so great about making friends with two 1’s?

Yan Yaoxuan said: “I’m sorry, I should tell you the truth. I just wanted to hook up. I’m not looking for friends.”

“A hookup?”

Yan Yaoxuan nodded.

“It didn’t feel like it.”

Shit, what does he mean? Was his kissing skill too poor? Or was his performance too astringent? In what ways was he better than him?

Yan Yaoxuan didn’t want to talk to Shan Cheng anymore, so he sent him out the door. Considering the other party’s family background and the relationship with Gao Weicheng, he took him back to the party.

The two of them had only been together for more than half an hour. Yan Yaoxuan felt very depressed. When they arrived at the party, he started to drink wildly. From time to time, he would glance at Shan Cheng. After a while, he saw Gao Weicheng sending Shan Cheng out.

He went over with a drink in hand and saw Shan Cheng getting into a luxury car and drove away.


This guy really did drove here.

Gao Weicheng returned and walked directly to him: “What did you do with Shan Cheng just now?”

“I didn’t do anything. We just went out for a walk.”

Gao Weicheng didn’t think much about it, and just said: “That’s good. I thought you had offended him or something. He just asked me for your information as if he wanted to settle accounts.”

Yan Yaoxuan felt tight in his heart, and hurriedly asked: “What did you say?”

“I just told him stuff that everyone knows about,” Gao Weicheng asked: “Why? Did you really offend him? Fuck, don’t offend him. Don’t even look at him. He’s usually low-key but he’s ruthless… Is there anyone in his family that isn’t?”

Yan Yaoxuan listened to what was in his heart. Since the transaction wasn’t successful, he surely wasn’t offended. It’s not his fault that the model does not match. He just didn’t expect that such a beauty would also be a gong. It seems that he still has too little experience.

After encountering such a setback in the first attack, Yan Yaoxuan felt particularly frustrated and got drunk. It was afternoon when he woke up the next day. He touched his phone and checked the time and saw a friend request.

He clicked on it to check it out. Just by looking at the other’s person profile picture and name, he couldn’t tell who it was, so he ignored it.

As a result, in the evening, Gao Weicheng called him and said: “Shan Cheng said that he has added you as a friend, so you should accept it.”

“Why did he add me?” Yan Yaoxuan asked.

“He said he wanted to get to know you better. Why else?” Gao Weicheng said: “I specifically asked why and if you said something wrong and offended him. Guess what he said?”


“He said not at all. In fact, he likes you a lot and wants to be friends with you!” Gao Weicheng said excitedly: “If you can be friends with Shan Cheng, your connections network will be extremely useful in the future! You should quickly accept him as a friend.”

After hanging up the phone, Yan Yaoxuan looked at the friend application. After hesitating for a few minutes, he clicked accept.

The author has something to say:

Change your life with one click.

Kinky Thoughts: More like change your life with just one dick.

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  1. YYX, my dear bro 🤦‍♀️ you’re kind of a doofus… Some things should be said before you start. To be fair, SC did take no for an answer without asking for anything or making YYX feel guilty.


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