Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch220

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 220: Bumping Numbers* [Extra: Yao Cheng (2)]

*Reminder: Term means when two 1’s or two 0’s meet.

Shan Cheng was surrounded by two beautiful bikini beauties who stuck to him hard. Yan Yaoxuan was familiar with one of the. It was Fu Yingying, a daughter from a wealthy family. She had always been known for her cold demeanor, but now she was acting flattering and coquettish: “Last time I celebrated my birthday, I specifically invited you. You didn’t even come and said you didn’t like to go to parties. Why did you come today when Gao Weicheng invited you to his party? How eccentric…”

Yan Yaoxuan had goose bumps when he heard this delicate voice.

“Hey,” he patted Fu Yingying on the shoulder: “Make room for your brother.”

Fu Yingying glanced back at him, and immediately poked his hand in displeasure: “What do you think you’re doing?”

Yan Yaoxuan smiled and said: “Make room, let’s sit together.”

“Who wants to sit with you.” Fu Yingying said with displeasure.

She knew Yan Yaoxuan. She didn’t like this kind of dandy who had nothing but money. Even a rich second generation like Gao Weicheng, who didn’t have much ability, was 100 times stronger than him. Shan Cheng certain wouldn’t like him either.

As a result, as soon as her voice fell, she heard Shan Cheng say in English: “Can you two give me some space for a while? I like to have a chat with my friend. Thank you.”

It was very polite, but also cold. Fu Yingying was taken aback for a moment and got up with her female companion: “Of course.”

As soon as Fu Yingying got up, several rich kids surrounded her. She could be regarded as a great beauty, and she had an amazing figure. A lot of rich second-generation had been eyeing her so as soon as she comes in, they would all focus on her.

However, to Fu Yingying, she didn’t bother with these second generations. She flicked back her hair and glanced back at Shan Cheng. She saw that Yan Yaoxuan had already sat down next to him.

How did these two meet?

Shan Cheng’s family background was unusual. His education was strict. Although he had a good relationship with Gao Weicheng, he rarely participle in this kind of circle that loves to eat, drink, and have fun.

What else can Yan Yaoxuan do besides that? He was a slacker that had studied several years abroad and couldn’t even speak English well.

“You are very popular.” Yan Yaoxuan sat down and said.

Shan Cheng smiled. His eyes were lighter in the sun, and his face was really handsome. He was about comparable to Shen Jintai.

“They’re all old friends.” Shan Cheng said.

While his Mandarin wasn’t standard, he could still speak it fluently. Listening to him, Yan Yaoxuan thought he was a very humble and gentle person, very contrasting to his sharp outward appearance. Yan Yaoxuan relaxed. He felt that although he’s never been in a relationship, he was surrounded by a group of masters who love eating pork and was chasing pigs every day. Taking a trick out of their book, he flirted: “You look like someone that I know.”

This beautiful man named Shan Cheng took the bait and asked: “Really? Who?”

It felt so easy. Yan Yaoxuan casually made up a person: “A friend of mine in China. He’s a good friend. As soon as I saw you, I felt you two were very similar.”

As he said it, he waved his hand to the waiter. The waiter walked over with a glass of wine. He took two glasses and handed one to Shan Cheng: “I like to introduce myself again. My name’s Yan Yaoxuan. Remember this name. We may become very good friends in the future.”

This was his first time flirting, so he was a little flustered. However, he thought while the trick may seem a bit old-fashioned, it was probably enough to fool a rookie like Shan Cheng, who’s Chinese wasn’t as strong since he had grown up abroad since childhood.

Sure enough, Shan Cheng clinked his cup with him and said: “Shan Cheng.”

According to the sultry steps he seen from Gao Weicheng and the others, the next step would be take this handsome guy away from the party.

“It’s a bit messy here. I have a more interesting place to go to. Are you interested?”

Shan Cheng nodded.

Things went smoothly unexpectedly. It seems that this Shan Cheng should also like men.

Yan Yaoxuan left with Shan Cheng. With so many people there, Gao Weicheng probably didn’t care much about them. When the two walked out, Yan Yaoxuan took out his car keys, turned around and asked: “Did you drive here?”

Shan Cheng paused, then shook his head: “No.”

Yan Yaoxuan opened the door of his sports car: “Get in.”

Shan Cheng said: “You have been drinking.”

“It’s just two drinks,” Yan Yaoxuan said: “I’m still sober.”

Shan Cheng sat down on the passenger seat.

The UK was different from China. China had adopted the standards from the World Health Organization where anything above 2 dc/L would be considered drunk driving, while the UK was 8 dc/L. Yan Yaoxuan didn’t dare to do it if he ever drank in China, but when he’s in the UK, he was more courageous. Besides, he had drank very little today.

“You believe in me so much. Are you not afraid that I will do bad things to you once you get into my car?” Yan Yaoxuan smiled as he turned his head and looked at Shan Cheng.

“What kind of bad things?”

“I actually want to take you to my place.”

Is his hint obvious enough? If this Shan Cheng wasn’t a fool, he should be able to understand what he meant.

After speaking, he looked at Shan Cheng and said: “We can continue to drink and chat. I’m not a bad person.”

Even if they don’t sleep together, he could still get better acquainted with him slowly. To meet such a superb beauty, as long as he can get his foot in the door, he would have the patience.

“If it’s convenient for you.” Shan Cheng said.

Yan Yaoxuan smiled, a little excited. This would imply that he understood.

His place wasn’t far from the Gao’s. It took about 10 minutes to get there. His place was bought for him by Fang Fengmei and was very close to the school he attended. After entering, he went to get the alcohol: “Do you drink baiju?”

He needed to be courageous.

Shan Cheng said: “I do.” After speaking, he looked around Yan Yaoxuan’s place.

“Just sit down.” Yan Yaoxuan opened the wine cabinet and found that he didn’t have baiju. There were a few bottles of wine, a bottle of whiskey, and the rest were all beer.

He opened a bottle of red wine and felt that the atmosphere was good. There was no need to get each other drunk.

However, when he sat down with a glass of wine in hand, Yan Yaoxuan found that he was inexperience, and the atmosphere became awkward. He had brought a man he had just met to his place and he had planned to do adult things with him.

Forget it. These days a one-night stand was pretty common. What he needed was intense sex and love so he could forget about all his bad experience in China. Before they came here, he and Shan Chang had made it clear that there was no need to be coy. They were both adults after all. He took a sip of red wine and leaned towards Shan Cheng, stretching out his hand as he stroked the back of Shan Cheng’s hand and looked at him flirtatiously.

Shan Cheng looked at him and said something in English. The pronunciation was fluent and sexy, well deserved of a person that had grown abroad since he was a child.

It’s a pity that he was a slacker and didn’t understand what was said: “What did you say?”

Shan Cheng said in Chinese: “I have to confirm one thing with you in advance.”

Yan Yaoxuan nodded.

Shan Cheng said: “Do you simply want to sleep with me, or do you want to fall in love with me?”

Yan Yaoxuan turned around, gulped down the rest of the wine in his cup in one go, then rubbed the stains on the corner of his mouth with his thumb and said: “Look at you.”

After speaking, he put the wine glass on the table, reached out and unbuttoned his shirt.

Shit, stop talking nonsense and let’s get it on. He felt that his figure and appearance were good enough that Shan Cheng shouldn’t refuse him. After throwing his shirt on the bed, he stood up and revealed his thin muscular outline and looked at Shan Cheng with a blushing face.

Beauty, are you satisfied with what you see?

Shan Cheng put down the wine glass, and he leaned forward.

Yan Yaoxuan wanted to kiss Shan Cheng, but who knew that Shan Cheng dodged slightly, but pinched his chin with one hand: “Think about it.”

“Cut the nonsense,” Yan Yaoxuan kissed him directly as he said it.

The other party seems to be a novice as the kiss was very jerky. Rather it wasn’t even as good as a noice. However, they were men after all and were driven by the desire of flesh. When they kissed, both their bodies moved, and desire overwhelmed his brain. Both their teeth knocked into each other lips and no words were spoken. Yan Yaoxuan was getting more excited that he forgot how to even get to his bedroom. In short, they kept kissing as they moved towards his bedroom.

When he got on the bed, Shan Cheng, who had been pressing his lips on him, suddenly turned him over and press him under his body.

Yan Yaoxuan roared inwardly. This is a wild beauty, and he likes it!

They were both men so it was natural they should fight against each other. A single spark can ignite both their firewood.

Yan Yaoxuan was so excited that he saw Shan Cheng leave him suddenly. His lips were red as he got up slightly and saw Shan Cheng take off his shirt in front of him.

Wow. He couldn’t tell before because he looked thin with his clothes on, but underneath he was quite muscular.

When Shan Cheng took off his pants.



Before the third wow came out, he bounced off the bed all of a sudden.


When Shan Cheng leaned forward, Yan Yaoxuan immediately stretched out his hand: “Wait… wait a minute!”

Fuck me.

It didn’t matter much to him as Shan Cheng is the shou, but the problem was he was too embarrassed to take off his pants. Compared to Shan Cheng’s, the difference was too fucking tragic! How could he have the face to be a gong in front of this!

“What?” Shan Cheng asked him with eyes wide open.

In an instant, he felt the special feeling of being attacked…

Fuck! He’s not a 1, right?

The author has something to say:

It’s important to have a good model in advance.

Kinky Thoughts: Yan Yaoxuan falling into the same fate as Shen Jintai.

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