Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch211

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 211: Jintai Qiuchi’s Housewarming [Extra: Bai Yueguang (20)]

“Breaking news! The most anticipated costume drama of the year, <Night Talk at the Ming Palace>, has released the makeup photos!”

“Not to mention anything else, Bai Qingquan is really suitable for ancient costumes. So handsome and has unparalleled beauty.”

“This drama is really the drama I’m most looking forward to. It’s produced by Sunshine Media, the director is Guo Rui, the screenwriter is Meng Xiaosheng, and the male lead Bai Qingquan. They are all from the production team of <The East Palace is Coming>. That year was dominated by <The East Palace is Coming> so we can expect this to be the drama king of this year.”

“Not to mention the quality of word-of-mouth, the popularity will be extremely high. There are too many people who have lingering feelings for the East Palace. The most regrettable thing is that Touhua won’t be in it.”

“Shen Jintai is now focusing on the big screen. In fact, I also hope that he can act in a TV series again and take the Emperor for the Guohua Awards. This way he’ll have a grand slam in both television and film.”

“Isn’t Touhua going to make a guest appearance. In the first episode, he and Zheng Siqi will guest star so the show’s premiere will be quite stable.”

“The protagonist of this drama is the scholar under Emperor Wu, played by Bai Qignquan. There’s no female match for him though, so it seems that Bai Qingquan won’t have any romantic scenes in this drama. Looks like his sexual orientation had somewhat affected his career.”

“In the past two years, the subject matter in film and television has truly blossomed. It’s no longer like the past where heterosexual relationship in dramas have dominated. Same-sex, crime series, suspense, male-focused streaming* and the likes have all made a rise. The acting careers of the two of them had greatly affected the landscape. If this was only a few years ago, they both would have to retire.”

*(男频流) This is a genre that focus on a handsome male protagonist in a fast-paced media. Think infinite flow or where the protagonist transmigrates to different worlds.

“After all, <The East Palace is Coming> was too bloody. I have always felt that this drama has a profound impact not only on the film and television industry, but also on a social level. It had greatly changed the public’s acceptance of gays and broadened new subject matter to film and television dramas. I hope that <Night Talk at the Ming Palace> will also bring surprises. Bai Qingquan’s acting skill is fine, but I also hope that Shen Jintai and Zheng Siqi will guest star as well.”

Like <The East Palace is Coming>, <Night Talk at the Ming Palace> also used the broadcast while filming model, which meant that the filming schedule was quite compact. Bai Qingquan stayed with the crew and occasionally will film late into the night, so he didn’t much time for his bedtime calls with Shi Lei.

However, once the filming for the drama was over, Bai Qingquan’s new house will be ready to move in. He haven’t made preparations to move in yet, but Shen Jintai and Yan Qiuchi was already preparing their move.

Fang Fengmei felt reluctant: “The second son is still abroad and now his heart has gone wild. He won’t even talk about coming back during the holidays. The boss and Xiao Jin are also moving away.”

Fortunately, she’s no longer just a housewife who had nothing to do all day. She and Yan Tiefeng worked together to assist their son with the company, so she didn’t have as much idle time as before.

“Young people nowadays are like this. They all like to live separately from their parents,” Yan Tiefeng said: “I heard that Lao Shen sent a sofa set to their new house. Should we also make a show, so we don’t fall behind him?”

“You two always try to compete with each other,” Fang Fengmei said with a smile: “I asked the boss and he said that their new home isn’t lacking anything. I just prepared a four-piece set for them, so that’ll do the trick.”

When they moved in, Shen Jintai and Yan Qiuchi invited their family members from both sides to attend dinner in their new home. They had invited some staff to prepare the meals for them. Bai Qingquan and Zheng Siqi sent flowers to congratulate them, which Shen Jintai took and put them in vases.

He sat on the ground cutting the flower branches while Yan Qiuchi, who was more organized than him, was responsible for the unpacking. This time, they had brought their daily necessities as Shen Jintai was planning to take a break for a month so he can stay in their new home.

From the towels, which were black and white, to the toothbrushes, everything was couples related. The cup that held their toothbrushes was a couple’s model sent by their fan. The pattern printed on it was Quichi Yingjintai.

In addition to that, even their slippers and the likes were all color coded in black and white, giving a simple and clear vibe, matching Yan Qiuchi’s style.

Their house is a single-family villa, just for the two of them. With less people and more rooms, Yan Qiuchi had asked someone to redecorate two of the rooms to open them up, making the master bedroom and living room much larger than previous. As a celebrity, Shen Jintai had countless outfits, thus Yan Qiuchi set aside a room reserve just for his personal closet. When you enter, the clothes were organized neatly. To one side was all the formal clothes, then casual clothes, and drawers that were dedicated to underwear. There was an area dedicated to belts, watches, ties, and a row just for shoes.

Fang Fengmei, Liu Qi and the others were touring the house. When they arrived at the closet, Fang Fengmei smiled and said: “Look at their clothes. Apart from black, white, and gray, there’s almost no other colors.”  

Despite being a big star, Shen Jintai’s style was relatively traditional and low-key. All his bright colored clothing were mainly worn when he attended events. He usually like a simple and formal style, which was highly consistent with Yan Qiuchi’s aesthetics.

“At first glance, this house is decorated to Qiuchi’s style,” Yan Tiefeng said: “It’s too simple.”

The tone was too cold. Even Shen Ruhai had to agree with Yan Tiefeng’s sentiment. They were both middle-aged old men who like the European court style that’s dominated by gold, preferring the elegant and bright look.

However, after the remodel that opened up the house, it gave a very open floor plan with many windows that brought in light from outside, brightening up the place, which gave off a very warm feeling.

Fang Fengmei’s favorite things are the small details in the house, such as the pairs of toiletries in the bathroom, and the table lamps at the head of the bed. While the main colors and the room looked simple and cold, the small details provided warmth and sprinkled sweetness everywhere.

Dinner lasted until 9 PM. Shen Jintai and Yan Qiuchi escorted the two families out and already had the car prepared for them. As Fang Fengmei put on her coat, she asked: “Is security in this community good? Don’t let any illegitimate rice* get mixed in.”

*Reminder: crazy fans who goes to the extreme, like invading their idol’s private life and stalking them, to get closer to their idols.

“Most people can’t get into this community,” Yan Qiuchi said. The people that live here were all wealthy. He and Shen Jintai had been here several time and usually would walk around. Even when they encounter someone who recognize Shen Jintai, they would at most give a double take, but no one had ever approach them for a photo.

After sending them away, the staff cleaned up and left after finishing their jobs. As soon as Shen Jintai laid down on the sofa, Yan Qiuchi leaned over and said with a smile: “They’re all gone now. Let’s take a bath.”

Shen Jintai glanced at him: “What are you doing?”

“What do you mean? It’s a housewarming.”

“So what?”

Yan Qiuchi’s face had a light and abstinence look, which matched the black t-shirt he was wearing, making him look even more handsome and cool. He said: “This is our first night in our new home. As its masters, we must leave our mark in every room.”

Shen Jintai: “You need to be more specific. What kind of mark?”

“The mark of love,” Yan Qiuchi said: “Stop talking. Get up and let’s take a bath.”

As he said, he started to pull Shen Jintai. Shen Jintai struggled and refused to get up: “Yan Qiuchi, look at what you have become now. Your heart is just like a stallion. When Uncle Yan and the others were here, you act like an obedient dog.”

Yan Qiuchi was too good at disguising. Shen Ruhai and the others probably think that he’s an upright gentleman who doesn’t mess around.

Relying on his height and physique, Yan Qiuchi directly picked up Shen Jintai as he kicked with his legs indiscriminately: “I’m going to scream rape.”

Who knew that this only made Yan Qiuchi even more excited when he heard this: “Scream it! Even if you cry out, no one will hear. Isn’t the purpose of moving out, buying a single-family home, and being so far away from your neighbors exactly for this?”

Shen Jintai: “…”

What a beast.

In the car, Liu Qi smiled and said to Shen Ruhai: “The more I look at Qiuchi and Jintai now, the more I think they are a good match. Qiuchi is so sensible, filial, and mature.”

Usually when Shen Jintai is filming and wouldn’t be able to visit for a long while, Yan Qiuchi would occasionally invite the couple to dinner and visit them. Now Yan Qiuchi is already at the helm of the Yan clan. He’s young, capable, and stable, and is starting to develop more and more into a leader. This was an excellent choice for a son-in-law.

Thus, Shen Ruhai was able to quickly accept him. In addition to possessing excellent qualities, Yan Qiuchi also possessed a gentlemanly temperament that was restrained and steady, looking very clean and pure. His mood was very similar to that of marrying off a daughter. The advantage to marrying him to Yan Qiuchi was he didn’t give off the feeling that “the cabbage he had raised for years was going to be eaten by a pig”. It felt more like he was handing over a flower that would be protected and spoiled. Leaving Shen Jintai in Yan Qiuchi’s hand, he felt reassured.

Outside of the villa, someone was walking a puppy as it slowly wandered under the streetlight. Suddenly, a faint shout could be heard coming from a house. The puppy immediately raised its ears and turned to look at the direction of the noise.

Shen Jintai grabbed the bathroom door with one arm, struggled a few times, and with an “ah” he was dragged back in again. His body was pin against the mist-covered glass door as faint water marks appeared on it.

Late into the night, Shen Jintai was lying at the end of the bed sobbing and cursing: “You’re not human at all… I… I’m blind…”

The moon on this day was excellent. It gradually rose to its highest point then slowly slanted westward. Shen Jintai laid in Yan Qiuchi’s arms. He had stopped cursing and only cried weakly.

“Okay, okay. It’s over. Stop crying,” Yan Qiuchi comforted him in a warm voice.

Shen Jintai opened his mouth and took a hard bite on his shoulder, only to find that he didn’t even have the strength to bite. He felt like a rag doll.

He’ll call Sister Lan tomorrow and see if there’s any activities to pick up. It’s okay if he had to go to the countryside. It doesn’t matter if it’s a rich area or not. Otherwise, he’ll be waiting for Yan Qiuchi at home every day for more than month!

Has <Night Talk at the Ming Palace> started filming? Is there a suitable role for him? Bai Qingquan is his good friend and Guo Rui and Meng Xiaosheng are both good acquaintances. He can contribute to this drama. Perhaps it’s good to make a cameo.

The author has something to say:

Applaud and sprinkle flowers for the housewarming of the Jintai Qiuchi.


Xiao Bai’s and Sishi’s housewarming is still ahead.

Kinky Thoughts: The big elephant in the room between Shen Jintai and Yan Qiuchi’s sex life will get addressed two chapters from now. I’m glad the author does it since I can see it being an issue to some readers.

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