Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch206

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 206: Build a Home Together [Bai Yueguang Extra (15)]

When they arrived at the airport, as soon as Yan Qiuchi left, Shen Jintai immediately called Bai Qingquan.

“What took you so long,” Bai Qingquan said.

“I was entangled with Yan Qiuchi tightly,” Shen Jintai said: “I have to board the plane soon so let’s hurry up and get down to business. Have you and Shi Lei confirmed the relationship?”

Bai Qingquan: “Nn.”

Shen Jintai said: “Then I won’t say anything else. It’s just the same feeling. Kiss on the mouth and touch with your hands. If you’re serious, you must hold back!”

Bai Qingquan: “Nn. The harder it is to get, the more cherished you are. I understand!”

“Then you should know,” Shen Jintai said: “You have to seize the initiative!”

Bai Qingquan said faintly: “But… I like being passive…”

Shen Jintai: “…I’m not talking about positions!”

Bai Qingquan laughed. He was in a good mood today because he had received a text message from Shi Lei in the early morning saying good morning to him. The feeling of being love was so wonderful.

“Let me tell you. In term of appearance, financial resources, and fame, you completely overshadow him yet you didn’t take the initiative at all. He kissed you when he said he’ll kiss you, and you fell in love afterwards. Look at me. Do you know why my life is so great now?”

Without waiting for Bai Qingquan to answer he said: “It’s because I firmly grasped the initiative in the early stages of my relationship!”

After these words came out, Shen Jintai felt a little guilty.

Bai Qingquan really showed a very envious tone: “Then what should I do?”

“He’s casually using means to tease you now. You’re about to collide with the deer and have no power to parry. What he said is what you follow, no?”

Bai Qingquan immediately nodded like pounded garlic: “How do you know?!”

That’s just how he is. The chaos in his spring heart was caused by Shi Lei and he didn’t have the ability to resist at all.

Shen Jintai said solemnly: “If you don’t take the initiative at the beginning, you will suffer more in the future. How the relationship between two people starts lays the foundation of your future family status. You have to let him lick you, you can’t lick him… I’m not talking about that kind of lick. I’m referring to attitude. Attitude!”

Bai Qingquan said: “So now, is President Yan licking you?”

Shen Jintai: “…that’s right.” At least in bed.

Yan Qiuchi had teased him and the fact is he had no power to parry against it. When he fell in love with Yan Qiuchi, Yan Qiuchi had also made rapid movements that steadily made him retreat, even though he felt like he did have the initiative in the relationship.

However, he was bent on being strong, but Bai Qingquan was different from him. Bai Qingquan wants to be a little princess who only want to eat and not suffer. The reason why he’s leading Bai Qingquan this way mainly because he felt that Bai Qingquan was too naïve and sweet in this relationship.

It was progressing too fast, so he was really worried about him. To see Shi Lei’s true character will take a long time. But before they even get a chance to investigate properly, Bai Qingquan would already be abducted to bed.

According to his intuition, conbined with his understand of Bai Qingquan’s character, once they get in bed together, he’ll become even more determined. It’s unfortunate that he has to film at this time. Otherwise, he would keep an eye out for Bai Qingquan*.

*Clarity: This whole conversation they’re having is basically Shen Jintai doesn’t want Bai Qingquan to fall and get caught up in Shi Lei’s motions. Everything so far (from his POV) is being led by Shi Lei and Bai Qingquan is simply following his whims (including agreeing to be his boyfriend). Shen Jintai is saying he needs to take a step back and be more assertive so that he’s not just listening and going by what Shi Lei wants but should make Shi Lei bend to what he wants. Keep in mind that Shen Jintai does not know Shi Lei well. For all he knows, it could be some guy trying to take advantage of Bai Qingquan’s naivetés.

“You guys are really moving too fast. Although it has been a few months since you met again, you have only been together for a few days. When I look at him, he looks a bit like a hooligan, but I didn’t expect him to turn out to be a hooligan!” When Shen Jintai thought that Bai Qingquan would be “ruined” by Shi Lei, he felt heartbroken like an old father marrying off his daughter, which made his impression of Shi Lei even worse than before.

His Yan Qiuchi was suffocating in the beginning, but he was very restrained. However, once he takes off his pajamas for him, that gentleman becomes a wolf!

He and Bai Qingquan have different personalities and likes completely different types. He has a more resolute personality and could be strong whether he’s a gong or a shou. Yan Qiuchi is a serious man so he’ll become anxious and would sometimes beg for it.

However, Bai Qingquan has a girly heart. A pure 0. He likes being weak and submissive, so he prefers the strong and domineering type that impose upon him.

Bai Qingquan had a dream last night. In it, he was forcibly kissed again. Since he was a little chick with no experience, nothing else was dreamt besides kissing but when he woke up, he had to quickly run to the bathroom and take a shower, as well as washed his sheets.

When Xiao Feng came over to deliver breakfast to him, Bai Qingquan asked: “How’s Wei Ge?”

“Still sleeping.”

Qian Wei was nearly forty, but he has always been single. Yesterday, Xiao Feng was worried about him, so he took him to his own place to watch over him.

After breakfast, Bai Qingquan and Xiao Feng went to see Qian Wei together. Qian Wei had already gotten up by this point. Bai Qingquan asked him his thoughts on Shi Lei.

Qian Wei said: “He’s okay.”

Before he met Shi Lei, his hostility towards him was strong, so it was hard for him to give an “okay” evaluation. He has deep feelings for Bai Qingquan and always felt that there were few men in the world who was truly worthy of him, so he said: “Are you sure you want to be with him? Honestly, with your condition, there are so many better ones out there.”

“I thought about it for a long time last night,” Bai Qingquan said: “I think maybe its really due to fate. Otherwise, how could I have met him again.”

He told Qian Wei everything about him and Shi Lei before. Their pure love in their adolescence was easy to move people. After listening to it, Qian Wei said: “If Shi Lei really liked you for so many years, then it’s really not easy.”

The world change and people are often impetuous that it’ll be hard to meet someone who’s like the past them again. 

Shi Lei was indeed anxious and scheming, but he was also infatuated. Bai Qingquan thought long and hard last night and felt that fate was a wonderful thing. If he meets another person and get together with him, he didn’t know what would happen to Shi Lei.

He really liked Shi Lei. When he thought of such a scenario, he couldn’t help but sympathize and feel sorry for him, but then thought Shi Lei would be able to move on and eventually find another person to be together with.

Thinking of that, he felt selfish and jealous. This man had loved him since he was a teenager and should love him wholeheartedly for the rest of his life.

Shi Lei was only in his twenties. For a man like him he’s quite romantic. He told Bai Qingquan that the decoration of the house only had one last part remaining and the workload wasn’t large. Since it wasn’t too hard, he asked if Bai Qingquan would want to complete the final decoration with him, together.

He told Bai Qingquan that he’s able to do everything, except decorating. Whether it was masonry or electrical, he was good at it and can handle it all.

This proposal was really romantic and smart. For Bai Qingquan, who’s a big star that stays with the crew all year round and doesn’t need to worry about his clothes, food, housing, or transportation, such an activity was quite novel, and it pique his interest, like a child going out for a picnic.

His heart was full of romance.

It also just so happens that he had recently taken a break and didn’t have any work lined up. Bai Qingquan who hasn’t experience real life in a long time had put on a hat and mask, was wearing a casual t-shirt and jeans, as he carried a roll of wallpaper and went into his new house with Shi Lei.

As soon as he entered the door, he took off his hat and mask: “I’ll help you.”

Shi Lei was dressed in a loose shirt with black overalls on. This was the first time he has worn something so casual in front of Bai Qingquan. His tan arms were fully exposed, revealing strong muscles. Coupled with his crew cut and exceptionally resolute face, his whole image was like a wolf.

Young and strong, and as hot as the summer.

Bai Qingquan was born in poverty, so he was quite grounded. Later, when he debuted and soared to stardom, he lived a life of being a young master. Now, because of Shi Lei, he has become grounded again.  He found that he actually like this ordinary life very much. It was practical and fulfilling.

The finishing touches that needed to be done after the end of the renovation mainly included pasting on wallpaper, installing the lights, and things of that nature. Bai Qingquan found that even pasting on wallpaper wasn’t as simple as he thought.

He originally thought that he would be done once it stuck to the wall. Who knew that he had to scrape it first with a scraper? It was hot because the air conditioning hasn’t been installed yet and after a while, he was covered in sweat. He raised his arm to wipe the sweat from his face and saw Shi Lei smiling at him. He told him: “You can take a break and use the little fan to blow some air on you.”

Bai Qingquan had bought a lot of small electric fans when he was on the crew and had brought two with him. He turned them on and had them blow at him and then raised it to Shi Lei. Shi Lei’s fingers were holding the scraper and due to the force, the veins on the back of his hand popped a bit. Even the muscles on his upper arms were tightened and his fingers were stained with paint and color. His nails were neatly trimmed, like a crescent moon.

Bai Qingquan held the fan up and blew it on Shi Lei’s face and saw beads of sweat hanging from his chin. Bai Qingquan’s face flushed as he pursed his lips, feeling that the beads could drip into his heart. It seemed like he was waiting for them to as he became nervous with each drop that kept dripping down.

“Don’t blow it on me. I’m drenched anyway,” Shi Lei said.

Bai Qingquan took another look and saw his back. Shi Lei’s shirt was hanging half lose against his back showing off a vigorous and tall figure.

Ahhhhhhhhh, what was he thinking?

He felt very hot, so he excused himself to the bathroom. He turned on the water and started to wash his face, stroking his hair back vigorously.

“Can you get me a towel so I can wipe my face,” Shi Lei shouted: “I can’t open my eyes anymore.”

Bai Qingquan hurriedly took a towel and went over. When Shi Lei turned his head, Bai Qingquan wiped the sweat off for him and said: “No wonder few people decorate in the summer. It’s too hot.”

“The main thing is you have good lighting from the sun while working, but you can’t ventilate when the wallpaper is pasted on, otherwise there’ll be hollowing.”

Bai Qingquan wiped his arm again.

Shi Lei smiled and turned his head and said: “If you don’t wipe my back, the sweat will drench my underwear.”

Bai Qingquan was taken aback for a moment, unsure if Shi Lei was seriously asking or teasing him. He pursed his lips as he rolled up Shi Lei’s shirt, revealing a study waist. He pursed his lips again and lifted up the shirt with one hand as he used the other to wipe his chest and stomach.

Shi Lei’s body seemed to tighten suddenly, and his abdominal muscles and back muscles suddenly became particularly obvious, as if he had accumulated a lot of energy. Bai Qingquan caught sight of the happy trail on Shi Lei’s stomach.

In this room, which has not yet been completed, with many tools scattered about, there was only the two of them. After closing the door, he was completely isolated from the outside world. He wasn’t a big star anymore.

Bai Qingquan’s face flushed and he put his head on Shi Lei’s shoulder. He was dazed by the hot weather, and he thought that he could not do what Shen Jintai and Zheng Siqi had told him.

While he may look pure and clean, in fact, on the inside he was very dirty.

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Kinky Thoughts: Girl, we all are.

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