Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch198

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 198: I Really Loved You for a Long Time [Extra: Bai Yueguang (7)]

Shi Lei not only knew that he likes men, but also knows that he really wants to eat…


“You can send me here,” Bai Qingquan said: “You drank so much so you should go back and rest. I’m also familiar with the road here, so I can head back by myself.”

Shi Lei didn’t know what he was thinking in his heart. He just wanted to stay with him for a while longer, so he said: “It’s fine.”

“No, really. It’s not like I’m a girl and it’s unsafe here,” Bai Qingquan said: “It’s so cold so I don’t want to bother you.

“I want to send you,” Shi Lei said.

Bai Qingquan was taken aback for a moment. Shi Lei rubbed his nose with his had that was holding a cigarette and looked straight at him. Bai Qingquan was speechless.

He felt that Shi Lei’s words have been very ambiguous. He turned around and continued to walk forward. Shi Lei followed him closely and slowly. The two were silent for a long time when Bai Qingquan suddenly turned his head and asked: “How many cigarettes have you smoked?”

“This is the last one.” Shi Lei said.

This was the last conversation between the two of them as they walked along the way until Shi Lei escorted him to the entrance of the hotel. Before heading in, Bai Qingquan said: “Call a taxi.”

“Got it. You can go in,” Shi Lei asked: “When I return to Nancheng, can I contact you?”

Bai Qingquan smiled and said, “Of course.”

Shi Lei nodded, then gently waved his hand, turned around and walked back.

“Shi Lei,” Bai Qingquan stopped him.

Shi Lei turned his head and Bai Qingquan gave him a smile: “It’s nice to see you again.”

After Bai Qingquan finished speaking, he walked towards the hotel without looking back. Shi Lei was taken aback for a while, then smiled, his eyes were especially bright. This one sentence was enough for him to be happy for several days.

When Bai Qingquan entered the hotel gate, he saw his assistant Xiao Feng lying down while looking out at the glass window.

“Why are you here?”

“Uncle Bai called us and said that you went to dinner with your friends. I didn’t know if you were drinking so I was planning to go have a look,” Xiao Feng said and then glance out: “Who’s that?”

“A friend,” Bai Qingquan said.

Xiaofeng said: “Did you walk back?”

Bai Qingquan let out a “Nn” and looked out. When Shi Lei walked across the road, he stopped and stood on the sidewalk looking towards the hotel.

After returning to the room, Bai Qingquan took a shower, then head to bed. Feeling a little too excited, he was unable to sleep. He felt tempted. He looked forward to falling in love with a man every day, but when it comes to reality at that point, it seems that he could only talk and nod, and feel uneasy, sensing that his feelings were moving too fast.

He wasn’t prepared at all, and meeting Shi Lei again wasn’t in his plan. He thought it was impossible for the two of them to meet again in this life.

Closing his eyes, he visualized Shi Lei’s face. What he remembers the most clearly was Shi Lei’s nose. He thought Shi Lei was more handsome than an average passerby. He has a good temperament and is very manly. His nose was the most prominent part of his facial feature. He’s also tall, strong, and muscular to boot.

He heard that with a big and straight nose, it meant that things aren’t so simple*. Wuwuwu, thinking about such thought made his heart hot.

*Clarity: It means he also has a big dick, though completely unscientific as there’s no correlation between nose size and dick size (same goes for hand/feet size).

Suddenly, the phone buzzed. He quickly looked at it and sure enough it was text sent by Shi Lei. The messages said: [Good night.]

The light from the phone screen lit up his eyes. Bai Qingquan thought for a while before replying: [En.]

After replying, he plucked up the courage to search for news about his alt. After it was exposed, he deleted everything as soon as possible. However, netizens have screenshotted many of his post and spread them widely. It wasn’t difficult to find them. As the most embarrassing memory in his life, he usually tried not think to about it. Now that he found it and started reading about it, he reluctantly threw his phone aside after only reading two articles.

With so much content from his alt, netizens had to pick and choose what to capture and spread. Some picked the most rambling and outspoken content, some picked out his complaints about celebrities in the circle, while others meticulously started categorizing them.

For example, a blogger he just found posted such on Weibo with the text: [What day is most suitable for Bai Qingquan to papapa?]

It was followed by a screenshot of his Weibo:

[It’s snowing and it’s so cold. This weather is suitable for papapa. My husbands should hold me tightly, wuwuwuwu.]

[It’s raining, so it’s not cold or hot. This kind of weather is suitable for papapa.]

[With spring season here, it’s the time for annual mating. This kind of season is suitable for papapa.]

[It’s really hot today. In fact, in this weather you can have steamy papapa. You can exercise and detoxify from the perspiration!]

There was also a Weibo post with the text: [Where is the most suitable place for Bai Qingquan to papapa?]

The screenshot attached:

[Today, my colleagues and I went to Tyumen Mountain to take pictures. The air was fresh, and the scenery was good with dense forest abounds. It’s really a good place for a field combat.]

[Because of work reasons, I stay in hotels all year round. The hotel where I’m currently staying has an oversized floor-to-ceiling window. If I have a man in the future, I must papapa in front of such a window.]

[Sometimes I think that the dirtier the place, the more suitable it is for papapa. For example, in a small hotel with poor sound insulation and particularly creaky beds is most suitable for dirty things to happen.]

[Today’s hot searches are amazing. It’s shameful that some people like to papapa in the fitting room where clothes are sold, but I understand their point!]

Not to mention his [Three days and three nights] and [Lift him up].

Since he had a strong desire to talk, he would post dozens of microblogs a day. Not only that, when he sees hot searches, he would also post comments, and occasionally would post celebrity gossip, his social life, and even trivial matters in his life. The alt had nearly over thousands of small posts. In fact, the proportion of the particularly crude and inappropriate remarks were very low, adding up only to a few dozens, but the netizens had condensed them all into a list which made them stand out a lot more than they should.

Did Shi Lei see these too?

Bai Qingquan covered his head with a pillow.

Shi Lei was laying on the bed, hesitating whether to send another message to Bai Qingquan. He actually wanted to find a topic to continue chatting, such as sending a message and asked: [Are you asleep?]

However, it was very late now, and most likely Bai Qingquan was already asleep.

He likes Bai Qingquan but that can’t be said the same about the latter’s feelings. He was now more determined than before. After years of hard work, he can withstand any blow, except if he was called a “pervert” again like when his was a teenager.

Finally, there’s also the possibility of Bai Qingquan ignoring him when he contacts him.

He tapped the screen with his finger and open a photo album. Hidden in the deepest part, there were screenshots of Bai Qingquan’s alt. He was a pervert. In the days when he missed Bai Qingquan the most, he used to fantasize about the contents in Bai Qingquan’s alt.

He would fantasized that he and Bai Qingquan were in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, in the wild grass, when it was raining, and when it was snowing, he would be the man who satisfied all of Bai Qingquan’s desires.

While many moonlight powders abandoned Bai Qingquan because of this, since they felt that Bai Qingquan’s exposed side was too different from his clean and pure image, he, while shocked at first, only felt excited after.

Perhaps it was due to his filter. He wasn’t affected by the concentrated screenshots pushed by marketing accounts. He only saw the true side of Bai Qingquan that occasionally would peep out from nearly a thousand posts. As an ordinary young man, Bai Qingquan should possess emotions and desires*. It turns out that he could hate someone, cry, laugh, and also secretly curse them and at the end of the day, wanted to release is carnal desire in the dead of night.

*Refers to the seven emotions and six desires (七情六欲) of human beings. Generally, they are joy, anger, sorrow, fear, love, evil, and desire. The six desires are lust, appearance, posture, speech and voice, sleek desires, and humanly desires.

As an idol, this kind of image would be out of place, but as the object of his admiration, he felt that Bai Qingquan had suddenly become alive and real. He was no longer the dazzling beauty on screen that was some kind of ethereal being that was removed from the real world.

There was also a screenshot where his alt said that when he falls in love, he only looked at whether the person loves him or not, regardless of the other party’s profession or wealth. He only wanted to pursue a pure love.

Shi Lei felt that he could satisfy Bai Qingquan. There is no one in the world who loves Bai Qingquan more paranoidly and obsessive than him. The love of a teenager, after years of bitterness, had now only become hotter and scarier. Because he loves Bai Qingquan, he has already become corrupted by it.

As for the physical aspect, he was confident in all aspect and could satisfy all the wishes of Bai Qingquan’s alt.

Bai Qingquan dreamed that night. Since it was on his mind all day, it had influence him to dream about it at night. He dreamt that he had went back many years ago, when he was still in junior high. Shi Lei had followed him to and from school. When he glance back, Shi Lei would raise his chin and look at him with a ruffian smile.

He quickly turned his head, holding the strap of his backpack in his hand. Shi Lei quickly walked a few steps to follow him and asked: “Aren’t you cold when you wear so little?”

Bai Qingquan said: “It’s not cold.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Shi Lei suddenly stretched out his hand and grabbed his hand. He shrank quickly and took his hand back. Shi Lei said: “Your hands are so cold though. Are you really not cold? Is your aunt abusing you? She didn’t even buy you a jacket.”

As he said it, he took off his backpack and stuffed it into his hand.

Bai Qingquan didn’t know what he was going to do, so he took the bag for him. Shi Lei unzipped his jacket and with a loud “snap” took it off, took the schoolbag back with one hand and threw the jacket to Bai Qingquan with the other: “Here. I’ll give it to you.”

The jacket still carried the heat from Shi Lei’s body, as well as the faint smell of sweat.

Suddenly someone road over with a bicycle and rang the bell. Shi Lei looked back and hooked his hand. When the person road up to him, he stepped on the bike, and it sped off.

“Hey, your jacket!” Bai Qingquan shouted.

Shi Lei sat in the back seat of his buddy’s bicycle, and they drove off in a blink of an eye.

He didn’t wear the jacket. Early the next morning, he took it with him and waited early around the spot where Shi Lei would always wait for him. At 5:30 AM, the sky was still dark. Shi Lei ran over panting with his bag on his back. When he saw him, he was taken aback before saying: “Yo. Are you waiting for this brother?”

“Your jacket,” Bai Qingquan said.

“Just use it,” Shi Lei said: “I have strong body heat.”

Bai Qingquan stuffed the jacket into his arms and turned around and walked towards school. Shi Lei followed behind as he put on his jacket.


Later, Shi Lei would kiss him, and he would scold him for this and the two have never met again.

Later, Shi Lei would leave home and go to work in the city.

In the winter of the year after Shi Lei left for his job, at noon one day, the school’s communications room notified Bai Qingquan that he had gotten a package. It was a parcel with no sender on it. He took it home and when he opened it, he found that it was a Bosideng jacket.

When Bai Qingquan woke up from his sleep, his eyes were moist. He didn’t know what was wrong. He turned his head and buried it in his pillow and cried for a while.

The author has something to say:

A chapter that is half desire and half pure.

Kinky Thoughts: Oh my. This pairing is poking my heart in all the right places. The innocent pure love of their youth is so bittersweet.

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