Bu Tian Gang Ch48

Author: 梦溪石 / Meng Xi Shi

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 48

Zhong Yuyi shook his head and said solemnly, “There are invisible geographical differences between countries. Generally, it is very difficult, but when you go to the United States, you can invite the Yin god of that country.”

In layman’s terms, it’s difficult for the Yin God to cross the restrictions of countries and nations. The farther the distance, the weaker the sensing ability.

Dong Zhi said thoughtfully, “Does this also have something to do with nationality and blood?”

Zhong Yuyi showed a look of admiration. “Yes, it does matter, as bones, blood, and soul are all indeed related.”

Dong Zhi said strangely, “I was in Boss Long’s office that day and saw you invite Huanhou. It stands to reason that he’s so famous and canonized, so shouldn’t it be an invitation? Yet why did it seem like a possession instead?”

Zhong Yuyi: “Yin Gods, to be precise, are not complete with three souls and seven souls1. They may also be a ray of divine consciousness or a thought. Depending on the merits, virtues, and incense offered in the world, they all vary. For example, the Great Guansheng Emperor2 is canonized by emperors throughout the ages, and he’s constantly enshrined. This is naturally a true God, and it’s not easy to invite such a person.”

1Reminder: Refers to the three souls and seven souls that govern the spiritual part of the body. See lore glossary for more details.
2Title given to 
Guan Yu, a famous general of the three kingdoms.

Everyone nodded, as they had a new understanding of what the invitation to Gods really meant. Now, with new expectations, everyone was extremely excited when they recited the materials. The benefits of taking a class in a yard were revealed at this time. The area was empty, not at all crowded, and there were many trees around to insulate noises. There was quite a distance between the neighboring farms, so they didn’t have to worry about alerting the neighbors.

Zhong Yuyi dismissed them, and they all dispersed. He only said a few words on the first day of class. They shed some tears of sympathy thinking about Ding Lan, who was still running around with his students on the road at this moment.

Seeing Dong Zhi, Gu Meiren lowered her head and tried to pry some information. “Who do you want to invite?”

Dong Zhi said, “Isn’t this close to the Ming Tombs? Maybe the Yin Gods of the Emperors of the Ming Dynasty will be better. We can stagger and invite one for each person. There are only nine of us and thirteen emperors, so it should be enough.”

When Liu Si heard what he said, he laughed. “Do you think it’s like dividing an apple between everyone? The imperial mausoleum is guarded by the Six Ding and Six Jia Gods*, which are even more difficult to invite than an ordinary Yin God. As teacher Zhong said just now, some Yin Gods have disappeared or reincarnated, so it may not be possible to invite them.”

*They are the gods in charge of the heavenly stems and earthly branches. The six gods of Ding: Ding Mao, Ding Si, Ding Wei, Ding You, Ding Hai, and Ding Chou. The six gods of Jia: Jiazi, Jiaxu, Jiashen, Jiawu, Jiachen, and Jiayin. They are equivalent to Liu Ding, the goddess of Yin and Liujia, the God of Yang.

Chi Banxia was worried. “Then who should I invite?”

Everyone scratched their heads as they researched while talking and laughing with each other, and so they passed the day like this.

Early the next morning, they got up to wash and eat, and sat in the yard waiting for class to start. Zhong Yuyi was still slow and looked indifferent, but what he said yesterday was enough to make everyone take it seriously.

“There are two ways to invite a god. One way is to invite the spirit, and the other is possession. To invite the spirit is to invite the Yin God, but it’s not considered a possession. Many Yin Gods must possess the person because they lack spiritual energy. This possession is generally used for asking questions. If you can invite a righteous god with sufficient spiritual energy, they can even assist you in battle.”

The key to inviting a god was first based your bazi, the second was sincerity, and the third was luck.

Thus, only those with a heavily Yin bazi had the physique to invite gods. In other words, just like a vase, how much water and how many flowers it could hold would depend on its height and size.

Sincerity of your heart determined whether you would be able to communicate with the Yin God. If you were insecure, you could not only annoy the Yin God but also encounter backlash. As the saying goes, it’s easier to pray to gods than to please them.

As for luck, it was all circumstantial. For example, if the Yin God was too far away from where you were trying to invite him, or he couldn’t hear the prayers of the invitee, then it was very likely that the invitation would fail. According to Zhong Yuyi, this situation was very common. His mother is from an oracle family, and he had watched her invite gods since he was a child. Under normal circumstances, it could be a lonely soul or a wild ghost that appears. The chance of being able to invite the right god was very low, and he himself was no exception.

To prove his statement, Zhong Yuyi brought out an incense table and laid an incense burner on top, dressed in a long robe and magua*, preparing to demonstrate how an invitation to god works for everyone.

*Style of jacket worn by males during the Qing Dynasty. It’s waist length with five-disc button on the front and slightly short with wide sleeves.

“I will only make three attempts today at inviting the right gods. After three tries, regardless of success or failure, you’ll be on your own. I have already taught you the prayers and hand gestures needed. Wait for me to demonstrate so you’ll know how to follow.”

Everyone nodded and did not dare speak, for fear of disturbing him.

“First, the Great Guansheng Emperor.”

The mighty Guansheng Emperor, that was, Guan Yu, was a “martial sage” who had been canonized through the ages and was well-known. Not only was he regarded as the god of wealth in some places, but he was even enshrined in police stations in Hong Kong to ward off evil spirits.

Zhong Yuyi inserted a lighted incense into the incense burner, then sealed his hands and closed his eyes to recite a prayer in silence. Time passed minute by minute. Dong Zhi didn’t know whether he was hallucinating or because of his excessive concentration, but he felt as if the surrounding air seemed to solidify a little, blowing a little wind that was slightly chilly despite the summer heat.

Dong Zhi noticed that Gu Meiren couldn’t help shrinking her neck. It seems that he was not alone.

Suddenly, the three incense sticks were cut off in the middle, as if they had been pinched off by an invisible hand. Someone couldn’t hold their breath any longer and let out a light exhale.

Zhong Yuyi opened his eyes. “It failed.”

Everyone was disappointed.

“Will you continue?” Chi Banxia said.

Zhong Yuyi: “Continue. For the second attempt, I’ll try to invite King Wumu.”

Everyone was also familiar with this one. Yue Wumu, also known as Yue Fei*, was posthumously named the King of Hubei after his death, so some places will call him Prince Yue, Lord Yue, and the likes.

*Chinese military general during the Southern Song Dynasty. He was put to death due to his warlike stance. He was granted the posthumous name Wumu and later granted the title King of È. Widely seen as a patriot and national folk hero in China, since his death, Yue Fei has evolved into a paragon of loyalty in Chinese culture.

Unfortunately, similar to the first time, it failed again.

Zhong Yuyi frowned and sighed. “If it’s not possible to invite the spirit, then I can only turn to possession.”

While everyone didn’t say anything, they inevitably began to secretly doubt Zhong Yuyi’s abilities. Only Dong Zhi had seen him when he was possessed by Zhang Fei. His voice and appearance had changed completely, and even Long Shen called him Huanhou.

Dong Zhi kept his eyes on Zhong Yuyi as he burned the incense, closed his eyes, prayed respectfully, and started reciting the mantra. His movements were exactly the same as the previous two times. After a while, his body suddenly shook slightly before he slowly opened his eyes and began to cry without saying a word.

Everyone was dumbfounded. Some people started to realize that Zhong Yuyi might have succeeded this time. After all, it’s a spirit of possession, so it won’t be as noble or mighty as a true God, so they couldn’t help but wonder what kind of character he invited. All it did was cry and snivel without saying a word, so was it some kind of lonely ghost?

“May I please ask who you are?” Gu Meiren asked.

Zhong Yuyi wiped away his tears and could barely answer her. “I wish I could go out as soon as possible when I remember Yingtai*, but I never expected it would be a hundred years before I’m free! How painful! How painful!”

*Built in the Ming Dynasty, it is the summer refuge and residence of emperors and concubines. It’s named Yingtai because it faces water on all sides and is lined with pavilions, like an immortal island in the sea.

His voice had changed, sounding much younger and brighter than the original Zhong Yuyi, but it had a deep melancholy.

Is this a Yin God who loves to drag texts*?!

*(拽文) Dialect that refers to showing off your eloquence, pretending to be gentle.

Everyone looked at each other, unable to laugh or cry.

Xie Qingning: “Who the hell are you? Can you tell us your name?”

Zhong Yuyi, or rather, the Yin God that possessed his body cried even more severely when he heard those words. “Look! What kind of world is this that now I’m not even recognized anymore. My life is so bitter! Bitter! Bitter!”

The howling and crying lingered in everyone’s ears until it sounded like the squawking of hundreds of birds.

Liu Si couldn’t bear it and yelled, “Don’t cry!”

The crying stopped abruptly, and Zhong Yuyi stared at him with wide eyes while putting on a pitiful look. A thought suddenly flashed by Dong Zhi, causing him to blurt out, “Are you Emperor Guangxu*?”

*Ninth emperor of the Qing Dynasty who ruled from 1875-1908 but in practice was only up to 1898 as he was superseded by Empress Dowager Cixi who launched a coup and put him under house arrest until his death.

Zhong Yuyi’s crying, which had just stopped, suddenly resurfaced.


Everyone: …

Before, Dong Zhi had said he wanted to invite a Ming Dynasty emperor from the Ming Mausoleum, thinking he would get good results. However, rather than a Ming Dynasty Emperor, they had invited an Emperor from the Qing Dynasty.

Seeing that Zhong Yuyi was about to burst into tears again, they thought about asking something quickly. Although the sound wasn’t magic, the endless crying noise was piercing and also extremely disturbing.

What could they ask?

Everyone racked their brains, and for a while, no one could think of anything.

Xie Qingning suddenly said, “Is Concubine Zhen beautiful?”

Dong Zhi felt that this girl was a bit mysterious. He still didn’t know what abilities she had, but during their simulation training, even Chi Banxia, who had followed Li Ying, was “killed”, but Xie Qingning managed to “survive” in the end. This meant she had good ability, but she was usually very low-key. She would hang around Ou-Yang Yin and Zhou Yue often, so she wasn’t familiar with others.

The question she asked was something that an ordinary girl would ask, causing Chi Banxia and Gu Meiren to show curiosity as well.

Who knew that Zhong Yuyi, or rather, technically the Yin God that had possessed him, when he heard this, cried even louder. He sobbed and said, through tears, “In my heart, her face is like a full moon. Her voice is like a warbler’s cry. She is the best-looking woman in the world… If it weren’t for me, she wouldn’t have fallen into that situation. I have hurt her!”

Suspecting he would cry again and was going to blind Zhong Yuyi’s eyes. Dong Zhi hurriedly said, “Don’t cry, we won’t ask about her anymore. We’ll ask about something else!”

Zhong Yuyi sniffed and finally stopped crying for a moment as he looked up at him. From his eyes, they could recognize that it’s not the real Zhong Yuyi, because in them contained such sadness and sorrow, as if he never had a good day. It was indeed depressing given the latter half of this person’s life history.

Dong Zhi scratched his head but couldn’t think of anything to ask, so he casually said, “That… Well… what do you think of the Treaty of Maguan*?”

*Also known as the Treaty of Shimonoseki, was a treaty between the Empire of Japan and Qing China that ended the First Sino-Japanese War.

Everyone: …

It’s over. This subject is a landmine!

They wanted to cover up Dong Zhi’s mouth, but it was too late. Zhong Yuyi’s eyes quickly filled with tears, and they began to flood in an instant.

“I have reigned for 34 years. Although I am not as good as the Holy Patriarch, I have recovered Xinjiang and established the province of Taiwan. The world could be said to be prosperous. If it weren’t, if it weren’t… later, I was taken advantage of by traitors… How could this have ended so bleakly…”

When it came to anything sad, he kept crying, and it was useless to try to comfort him. Liu Si couldn’t take it any longer and yelled, “Shut up! Cry again and we’ll send you away!”

The crying stopped for a second, as Zhong Yuyi suddenly raised his head. His eyes were flushed, and his expression was horrified. Everyone was fed up. They just wanted to get this emperor to leave Zhong Yuyi’s body as soon as possible. The other party quickly recovered and started to look around. He touched Zhong Yuyi’s hands and feet, feeling refreshed.

“I didn’t expect that I could return to my body and experience the taste of being a human again after spending years as a wisp of divine thought that’s been floating around for a long time.” He showed a look of nostalgia and novelty as he analyzed Dong Zhi’s clothes. “What year is this now? Are you all shamans invited by the emperor today? Why are you dressed so strangely?”

Zhou Yue sneered, “How can there be an emperor in this day and age? You’ve been a ghost for hundreds of years. Do you even know the changes in the world?”

Zhong Yuyi said angrily, “I am not a ghost! I am just a remnant of his soul!”

“Well, you are not a ghost!” Dong Zhi comforted. “Being possessed by the Yin God for a long time will have an impact on the original body. Can you please leave for the time being so that the person you possess can take a break?”

Zhong Yuyi tilted his head and thought for a while before shaking his head. “I’m not leaving. I can finally feel the earth again. I can look at the sun and smell the flowers. After so long, no one has ever invited me, so I want to experience the taste of being human again!”

Unexpectedly, a Yin God could also be a cheat. Everyone couldn’t help but get a headache.

Liu Si’s face sank. “What if we force you to leave?”

Zhong Yuyi measured him for a moment, then smiled slyly, “Then I will possess you. Your willow tree1 is a good container for my yin to possess.”

Everyone was taken aback and couldn’t help but look at Liu Si. His surname was Liu1, and his weapon was a whip made of a willow branch. Though his appearance was feminine looking, no one had thought much about it2.

1Liu (柳) in Liu Si translates to the willow tree.
2Clarity: This is a bit confusing as it’s not explained clearly, but it’ll be in a bit.

Unexpectedly, he didn’t expect to be pitted against a Yin God. Liu Si’s face became gloomy as he sneered, “If you won’t leave, then I’ll just make you leave!”

As soon as he stopped speaking, he directly whipped Zhong Yuyi.

Zhong Yuyi smiled as he quickly avoided the attack. “If I don’t leave on my own volition, no one can drive me away, and this body will only suffer more!”

Suddenly, Dong Zhi shouted, “The Empress Dowager* is coming!”

*Title given to the mother or widow of an emperor.

Zhong Yuyi was shocked and looked around, and Liu Si took the chance to slap him on the back. With a scream, Zhong Yuyi fell forward*.

*Clarity: If you read the Wiki or footnote, the reason why he’s wary when Dong Zhi announces this is because it was Empress Dowager Cixi who committed a coup against him and placed him under house arrest, where he eventually died due to arsenic poisoning.


His voice was feeble, and since he cried too much, it was also hoarse, but fortunately everyone could hear Zhong Yuyi’s original voice. They all rushed over to help him up.

Dong Zhi: “Lao Zhong, are you okay?!”

Zhong Yuyi touched his eyes. “Motherfucker. Why did I cry so much! My eyes are completely swollen!”

Dong Zhi laughed. “The Yin God who was attached to you just now refused to leave, but Liu Si whipped him away.”

Zhong Yuyi waved his hand. “Don’t bother so much next time. This kind of Yin God has been floating for hundreds of years and is very weak. He can’t stay inside the body of a living person for long and will eventually be ejected whether he wants to or not.”

Gu Meiren couldn’t laugh or cry. “But this kind of Yin God you just invited is useless. If you are fighting, it’s impossible to have time to set up incense and recite spells. After all the hard work you put in to inviting the Yin God, the cucumber would be long cold!”

Zhong Yuyi: “Wrong. The role of incense is to express your sincerity in inviting the Yin God. It can be done without the use of incense sticks and burners. If you can invite a righteous God like Guan Yu or King Yue, their power is so great that they can even decide victory or defeat.”

Dong Zhi: “Is this equivalent to performing a big move in a game? It takes a long time to trigger and requires a lot of effort, but once it’s made, it’ll be nearly invincible?”

Zhong Yu nodded a little. He had just been tossed back and forth and didn’t have the strength to give another lecture, so he went back to rest. With such a fuss, everyone’s interest in inviting Gods had become stronger, and they were all eager to try.

Liu Si was the first to step up. Since his original form was a willow tree*, it was easier to attract yin, so everyone had no objection. He tried twice and succeeded both times in inviting the spirit, but not possession.

*Clarity: Liu Si’s original form is a willow tree, thus his weapon of choice and name.

The problem, though, was that he invited the same Yin God twice, and this Yin God had a bad temper. The first time he was okay. However, the second time he was invited back, he became furious. Without saying a word, he stretched out his hand and pointed to a stone table in the yard, causing it to explode. Once done, he patted his ass and left.

After returning to normal, Liu Si’s face was paler than Zhong Yuyi’s. He had to be helped to a stone stool and said, with a wry smile, “I’ll have to pay for that stone table.”

Dong Zhi said, humorously, “The leaders should expect something like this to happen. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have set up the class to be here. If we were to encounter someone with a worse temper, they could possibly even blow up this entire yard.”

Xie Qingning asked curiously, “Who was that Yin God just now? Why was he so irritable?”

Liu Si gasped, “It seems to be a woman, but I’m not sure. When I invited the gods, my mind couldn’t stay sober like usual, and I was in a state of semi-consciousness.”

Everyone listened and felt perplexed as they couldn’t imagine what kind of state this was.

The next Gu Meiren, Xie Qingning, and Zhou Yue tried and all failed, one by one. This was to be expected, as even Zhong Yuyi himself failed twice in his three attempts.

Ou-Yang Yin muttered in a low voice. “If I knew this was the case, it would be better to go to the burial site with Ding Lao and the others. It would’ve been much more exciting!”

Some people thought so as well, but it was hard to tell.

When it was Dong Zhi’s turn, he asked for incense and began to relax as he recited the prayers silently. Halfway through the prayer, he felt his body fluttering lightly, as if he no longer felt like he was standing and couldn’t stop himself from floating upwards.

Then he heard a chuckle in his ear. “Would you like to see thousands of miles?”

Dong Zhi was in a daze. Before he could comprehend what was going on, his body seemed to be pulled hard. There was chaos in front of him and he couldn’t see clearly, but his ears were buzzing, as if he could hear countless clouds and the sound of wind as he passed them by. His eyes seemed to be glazed over like a pool of ice water, making him feel cool and comfortable.

“If you want to see anyone, you can achieve it just by thinking about it.” The strange voice said again.

Dong Zhi felt incomprehensible, and the scene in front of him gradually became clear, as if the clouds were plucked away, clearing the sky to give vision to the moon. He couldn’t help but make a soft cry.

In front of him stood a huge conference hall full of people. Dong Zhi couldn’t hear a sound, but he saw someone talking. He recognized the speaker at once. It was Long Shen.

Long Shen’s speech only lasted a few words, which reflected his usual concise and succinct style. Everyone at the meeting had serious expressions, and they seemed to be discussing an important matter.

Dong Zhi glanced over and saw Zong Lao, Director Jiang, Wu Bingtian, Song Zhicun, and others. He didn’t know what kind of existence he was. The angle that he was looking at them was also very strange. It was like watching them through a camera.

Is this reality or a dream?

He wanted to “walk” over and look at the manuscript in front of Long Shen. Suddenly, Long Shen seemed to be aware and glanced up. The cold and sharp eyes startled Dong Zhi. His mind moved, and the scene in front of him changed, twisting suddenly.

Water rippled, and suddenly everything was blue.

This is… the sea?

He dove into the sea and soon found that the creatures in the water were different and there was no sand at the bottom. It seems like he was in a pool or lake.

Originally, he wanted to look at Long Shen a little bit longer, but suddenly came here. The waves from the water were dizzying as he desperately resisted from the bottom of his heart, but the angle of his view kept slowly moving forward.

Eventually, it reached statues that contained different shapes and poses. It was difficult to imagine there could be so many statues underwater, that he wasn’t sure if this was something left behind from a shipwreck or possibly even an island sinking into the ocean.

Dong Zhi was filled with doubts as he slowly approached. The clothes on the statues floated slowly in the water, and there were small fish swimming around. If it weren’t for the gloomy atmosphere, it would’ve made quite an exotic landscape. Even the eyes in those statues were so lifelike…


It wasn’t a statue at all but a living person!

He stepped back abruptly, and his eyes suddenly darkened again.

Had he returned to his body?

Dong Zhi opened his eyes hard and tried to look forward but found that it was pitch black and he couldn’t see anything. After a long time, a candle finally appeared in front of him. The candlestick was slender and reached towards the ground and had a simple yet elegant design.

Who would use this kind of lightning method now?

Then he saw two people. One was facing him and the other had his back towards him. The middle-aged man that was facing him was wearing a kimono and was talking to the person opposite of him. The other person was covered with a black cloak from head to toe, and he couldn’t tell whether it was a man or woman.

Dong Zhi approached involuntarily.

The middle-aged man has a typical Japanese appearance, with a mustache and deep nasolabial folds. It looked inexplicably familiar, but he couldn’t recall it at this moment. He wanted to see the person covered by the cloak first.

The two of them should be talking as the middle-aged man’s mouth kept opening and closing. He looked at them for a while but couldn’t tell what the two were talking about. Judging by the way his lips moved, he should be speaking in Japanese.

He slowly approached the cloaked figure. As the other party was dressed like this, it made him more curious and impulsive, wanting to see what the said figure looked like. When he got closer, he saw that the cloak was hooded, and the hood was so wide that it covered almost the entire head. His gaze came into the line of sight of the other party when suddenly… At that moment, a change occurred.

The cloak swelled up, as if a violent wind was blowing from the inside, and white colors swept out of the cloak and rushed towards him! As fast as lightning, he vaguely recognized the palm seemed to belong to a skeleton.

Dong Zhi’s heart tugged, as if someone was holding him down, pulling him hard! It suddenly became dark everywhere.

“Wake up! Wake up!”

There was a lot of noise in his ears, and the sounds came like a tide, as if he had returned from a world of silence. Even though the volume wasn’t loud, it was enough to bang his eardrums.

Dong Zhi slowly opened his eyes. The faces of Gu Meiren and Liu Si immediately came into view.

“How are you?”

“Are you okay?”

Dong Zhi shook his head vigorously and found that he was sitting on the ground. He wanted to stand up, but he was weak and was sweating profusely. Liu Si and the others helped him up and assisted him to a chair.

Zhong Yuyi was also called over by Xie Qingning. Everyone looked at him with concern. Zhong Yuyi checked his pulse, and his expression became solemn. “What did you invite just now?”

Dong Zhi panted and couldn’t speak. Upon seeing this, Zhong Yu immediately dismissed the class. He asked everyone to bring Dong Zhi in to rest and asked someone to cook ginger sugar water for him to drink.

“It’s okay. You just consumed too much energy and physical strength.”

After drinking a glass of ginger sugar water, from his throat to his stomach suddenly became hot. Zhong Yuyi asked the owner to give him a bowl of noodles and handed it over to Dong Zhi. He was trembling from hunger, so he ate the bowl of noodles clean, not leaving even the slightest bit of sauce left, and slowly regained his strength.

“I don’t know what happened. At that time, I did just like how you did it and offered incense and recited a prayer. Then I heard someone talking to me in my ear.”

Zhong Yuyi: “What did it say?”

“It said… The tone is very weird. It seems to say, ‘would you like to see thousands of miles?’” Dong Zhi thought hard and finally recalled about 70-80% of what he witnessed. “I couldn’t hear anything. It was as if I was watching a movie with no sound. It was very chaotic. I saw Boss Long in a meeting, then for a while I was submerged in water…”

Before he could finish speaking, Zhong Yuyi said, “Gao Ming! You actually invited him!”

Dong Zhi asked blankly, “Who is that?”

Zhong Yuyi: “Legend has it that during the Northern Song Dynasty, there were two monsters that caused the chaos in Taohua Mountain. Later, they were accepted by the imperial concubine as two generals. Their names were Gao Mingand Gao Jue2.”

1Fitictious character in the novel Investiture of the Gods of the Ming Dynasty. He is known for being clairvoyant. He, along with his brother Gao Jue, are peach spirits and willow ghosts on Qipan Mountain. Gao Ming is known for his eyes that can see every action.
2Fictitious character in the novel Investiture of the Gods of the Ming Dynasty. He is known for being omniscient. He, along with his brother Gao Ming, are peach spirits and willow ghosts on Qipan Mountain. Gao Jue is known to have ears that can hear everything.

Dong Zhi blurted out, “Qian Liyan1 and Shufeng’Er2?!”

1Eyes that can see things thousands of miles away/Clairvoyance (千里眼) Also what Gao Ming is referred to.
2Ears that can hear the sound that comes with the wind/Omniscience (
顺风耳) Also what Gao Jue is referred to.

Zhong Yu nodded.

Dong Zhi almost grinned from ear to ear. He actually invited Qian Liyan?!

Zhong Yuyi: “They are enshrined and worshipped as righteous gods, but they are generally difficult to meet. It should be a coincidence.”

He smiled and said, “But it’s also very powerful. It shows that they like you.”

As soon as he attempted, he managed to invite a righteous god. Dong Zhi was about to fall to the ground from admiring himself too much.

“Then, am I considered qualified?”

Zhong Yuyi patted him on the shoulder. “You’ve passed the test. You should rest and get some sleep.”

The author has something to say:

Unexpectedly, Guangxu was invited? Are you surprised?

When Empress Dowager came, everyone should know the reason why. Guangxu is notoriously afraid of Cixi, so he was scared away as soon as Dong Zhi called for her~

Kinky Thoughts:

Gao Ming/Qian Liyan & Gao Jue/Shufeng’Er

They are fictitious character in the novel Investiture of the Gods of the Ming Dynasty.

Gao Ming is known for his clairvoyancy. It is said that he has eyes that can see every action for thousands of miles.

Gao Jue is known for his omniscience. It is said that he has ears that could hear every sound that comes with the wind.

Several legends exist about their origins. One tells that they were originally golden essence that were transformed by water essence. The second, tells that they were brothers, Gao Ming and Gao Jue, who severed as generals for King Zhou and died in battle. They eventually became the peach spirt and willow ghost that haunted Taohua Mountain until they were subdued by Mo Niang. After suppression, they vow to follow Taoism and help the world together.  

There are other iterations of this their origins, but they all fall within the same lines of being brothers that possess their unique traits of clairvoyance and omniscience.

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