Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch191

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 191: Everyone Should Be Happy

Shen Jintai and Bai Qingquan walked towards the stage together. Bai Qingquan was still crying while walking, so Shen Jintai simply took his hand. For Bai Qingquan, this was a completely unexpected surprise. He didn’t even prepare an acceptance speech.

Shen Jintai looked much calmer in comparison, but there were tears in his eyes. He turned his head and smiled as he glanced at Bai Qingquan. Bai Qingquan smiled while tears continue to flow. Shen Jintai took him by the shoulder and the two walked towards Lu Ming and Huo Siqin.

“Congratulations to Shen Jintai for winning your second trophy tonight!”

“Congratulations to Bai Qingquan. It’s not easy. I’m so excited to see this!”

“The award speech was great. The scene where they hugged each other just now reminds me of the tidbits posted by the official blog when <When You’re Older> was released. In the movie they depended on each other and went through life and death. Outside the movie, they have also supported each other and their best friends who have won the award simultaneously. There’s nothing more complete than this!”

Gold powder and moonlight powder cheered even louder.

Whether it is for the gold powder or moonlight powder, this was an unexpected joy. The moonlight powder originally thought that the nomination was already a victory, but they never thought Bai Qingquan would actually win the award. Shen Jintai had just won best supporting actor, so the gold powder also acquiesced that there would be no awards for the night.

Shen Jintai made a gesture of invitation, but Bai Qingquan shook his hand and said, “I want to…slow down for a bit.”

There was a burst of kind laughter in the audience, and Shen Jintai stood in front of the microphone with the trophy and envelope. There was another round of applause in the audience, and Shen Jintai’s eyes lit up with tears, and he said, “Thank you, thank you.”

He took a long breath and said: “I’m really happy. Not only did I not expect to win another award tonight, but I also didn’t expect to win this award with Qingquan. The first project I starred in which I made my comeback was through Bai Qingquan’s introduction. I’m really happy to stand here on stage with him today. Thank you for the judges and thank you to everyone who has liked and supported this movie. Thank you, Director Sun Sihai for giving us the greatest performance space. Thank you Song Chenchen, our screenwriter, for writing such an amazing story. For me, movies, like love, are the most important part of my life. Everything I have is given to the role. Whether it’s Li Xu, Chen Zheng, Luo Wensheng, or any other role I will perform in the future. Together, they have made the me the actor named Shen Jintai, and for that I’ll always be grateful.”

Perhaps in another time and space, in another dimension, Li Xu, Chen Zheng, Yu Nuo, and Xu Xingchen are all truly alive. He has felt their pain and their happiness, so much so, that every time he thought they might truly live in another world, tears would wet his heart.

Everyone loves Shen Jintai, so why don’t they love them?

Shen Jintai raised his head and a close-up of his face appeared on the screen. His eyes were so bright and welled with tears.

Shen Jintai glanced back at Bai Qingquan amidst the applause of the audience, then took a step back. Bai Qingquan walked forward, his eyes were red, and he walked to the microphone.

“First of all,” he said with tears in his voice: “First of all, I would like to thank my company, Sunshine Media, for getting me such a good play. Secondly, I would like to thank Director Sun and Editor Song…”

He didn’t prepare any acceptance speeches at all. These were all temporary thoughts that he had just thought of after listening to Shen Jintai’s acceptance speech: “Thank you also, to the judges, for giving me this encouragement. I especially want to thank Jintai,” he said, facing Shen Jintai, and said, “Before walking the red carpet today, he told me that without me, maybe he wouldn’t be where he is today. I didn’t want to say it at the time, but now I can finally say it.”

“You are my favorite actor. I believe that even without me, you will shine brightly. You are the gold that glows wherever you go.”

Shen Jintai smiled and looked at Bai Qingquan very tenderly, as tears were about to flow.

“I have benefited a lot from working with you. Without you, I would not be standing here. Thank you.”

The causal fate of the two of them was wonderful and complicated. The appearance of Shen Jintai disrupted everything and created a butterfly effect that led up to this very moment.

Life has no ifs, and now this moment was the best in his life.

In Nancheng at the end of November, the north wind has already arrived. A tall and sturdy man with a crew cut held onto a cigarette in his hand as he raised his head to look at the big screen in the square. On the screen, Bai Qingquan was holding his trophy, smiling brightly with tears in his eyes.

A middle-aged man walked over slightly drunk: “Boss, why don’t you leave?“

Following his gaze, he saw Bai Qingquan’s beautiful face.

The middle-aged man smiled and said: “Boss, you’re really chasing stars. I heard from Xiao Fang in the office say this, but I didn’t really believe it.”

“Chase,” The crew cut young man said with a resolute face. The aura around him was cold and ruffian like: “I like him, but it’s been almost ten years.”

It was no longer possible for them. It’s just hateful that whenever he wants to give up, he would always see him when he raises his head.

He was the white moonlight in his heart. He didn’t know if he’ll continue loving this white moonlight for the years to come.

He took a puff of his cigarette in the cold wind, continued to walk eventually returning home. He close the door, and laid down on the bed. On the table at the head of the bed was a group photo. The boys and girls in the photo were only wearing blue and white high school uniforms. In the middle of the third row, stood the teenage Bai Qingquan.

At that time, his family was poor, so he had no choice but to drop out of school to help out. He was able to obtain a class photo of Bai Qingquan, which he put in his chest pocket and took it with him to the south where he went to work.

The award ceremony was successfully concluded, and both <Pilot> and <When You’re Older> had their celebrations. Both films won many heavyweight awards, especially <Pilot>, which won best film.

After the media interviews, all the winners got up and prepared to head to their celebratory banquet.

“Where are you going?” Bai Qingquan put on his coat and said with a smile: “Do you still have to think? You must come to our side.”

Shen Jintai laughed: “Just now, Qiuchi called me to tell me that he wanted to host. He invited the crew from both sides to come together. The venue is large, and it’ll be more lively with everyone together. Teacher Song Wei and the judges were also invited so it’s going to be a big party.”

“Then I’ll tell Siqi and let him come with us!” Bai Qingquan said.

“On such a successful day like today, what’s the point of having money if we don’t spend it!” Fang Fengmei said gallantly: “Go to our five-star hotel!”

As soon as her voice fell, she saw Shen Jintai come in surrounded by Li Meilan and others. Fang Fengmei hurriedly stood up: “Let me touch your trophy.”

Li Meilan and others quickly handed over Shen Jintai’s two trophies. After Shen Jintai greeted Shen Ruhai and the others, he saw Yan Qiuchi standing behind four elders, looking at him with a smile.

Shen Jintai was so happy he rushed towards him immediately.

Yan Qiuchi smiled and hugged him: “Baobei, congratulations.”

Regardless of whether “baobei” was heard by Yan Tiefeng and the others, he was happy. Shen Ruhai and the others passed around his two trophies as Yan Teifeng interrupted: “Let’s stop standing around here and head to the hotel.”

“Let’s go,” Fang Fengmei said happily: “Alright everyone, go, go, go.”

Shen Jintai and Yan Qiuchi contacted the crew of <Pilot> and <When You’re Older> to invite them. Since Shen Jintai starred in both films and was the recipient of both awards tied to them, they happily agreed.

“Your fans have also come. Would you like to meet them?” Yan Qiuchi asked.

Shen Jintai nodded, and before going to the celebration banquet, he went to meet the gold powders first. On the way there, he suddenly remembered that after the Guohua Awards ceremony last year, he burst into tears when he saw the fans. He was afraid the fans would see it, so he hurriedly got into he car. Now he’s holding two trophies and thinking of it again, it seems to be just a distant memory.

“Do you remember what you said in the car at the time?” Yan Qiuchi asked.

Shen Jintai smiled and shook his head: “What did I say?”

He didn’t remember, but Yan Qiuchi remembered it very clearly.

Shen Jintai finished crying in the car at that time, and sat in the car and said, “I will make many works in the future, win many awards, and be a very successful actor so that everyone will know my name.”

At that time, he wanted to hug Shen Jintai, but because of the slightly unfamiliar relationship between the two of them, he only secretly stretched out his hand, pressed the back of Shen Jintai’s hand, and then gently moved away.

Now in this moment, he was holding Shen Jintai’s hand, the hand that had become his dearest lover.

When they got out of the car outside the restaurant, the gold powders who were waiting for him in the restaurant all ran out. He was greeted by gold powders with bouquets of flowers and a sea of light signs all smiling at him in the cold autumn wind.

Shen Jintai shed tears in front of the fans this time, smiled and bowed and said: “Thank you, thank you.”

The celebration banquet lasted until the early hours of the morning. Shen Ruhai and his wife were the first to leave. Not long after, Yan Tiefeng and Fang Fengmei also came out of the hotel holding hands. As soon as they came out, they saw a lot of reporters outside the hotel.

Because Yan Tiefeng was also very famous, most reporters recognized them and hounded them wildly. Since the couple were generous and was in a particularly good mood today, Fang Fengmei greeted them sweetly: “It’s so cold right now yet you’re hard at work. Thank you for all your hard work.”

A reporter smiled and asked: “Are Mr. Yan and Mrs. Yan very happy tonight?”

Yan Tiefeng smiled, but did not speak, Fang Fengmei said with a smile: “Of course. We are all happy for Xiao Jin.”

The driver had already opened the car door, and the couple got in as they gave a wave to the media.

Celebrities like Song Chenchen, Zhao Dongdong, Sun Sihai, Lu Ming and so on came out the door of the hotel one after another. The atmosphere was joyful and such when they came out, everyone was full of food and their faces red. They were polite to the media but did not accept any interviews.  The Yan family arrange it carefully so that a luxury car would come pick them up and drive them home.

When Bai Qingquan came out, he ushered in the first small climax. The cameras flashed non-stop as he put an arm on Zheng Siqi’s shoulder and staggered a little. He had obviously drunk too much as his face was completely red.

“Qingquan, accept our interview.” A reporter shouted loudly.

Bai Qingquan was too drunk as after he heard this, he let go of Zheng Siqi and walked in front of the reporters with a smile.

“Congratulations on taking your first Golden Dragon film emperor award.”

Bai Qingquan, who has always shown people the image of a lofty fairy now looked flushed. His tone and eyes were full of charm: “Thank you.”

Bai Qingquan answered all their questions, but because he was too drunk, he didn’t know if he had answered truthfully or not. Finally, a reporter asked: “After winning your award, what do you want to do the most now?”

Bai Qingquan tilted his head and smiled and said: “What I want to do most is to fall in love.”

Zheng Siqi hurriedly pulled him back when he heard those words, bowed to the media, and quickly dragged him into the car.

As soon as they left, Yan Qiuchi and Shen Jintai walked out from inside.

It has been more than half a year since the variety show <Honey, Let’s Travel> had aired, but this couple still remained one of the most popular CP in the entertainment industry. In addition, Shen Jintai had won both supporting actor and the film emperor award tonight, so all the media rushed up to them. Cameras flashed nonstop as Yan Qiuchi smiled and bowed to everyone while slightly shielding Shen Jintai’s eyes with his hand.

Shen Jintai seemed to have drunk too much and kept holding Yan Qiuchi’s arm as his entire body seemed to be snuggling up to him. During dinner, he had drunk too much and spilt some wine on his coat so now he’s wearing Yan Qiuchi’s coat, which was much bigger in size. Yan Qiuchi was only wearing a white shirt that tighty fitted his body showing up his muscular figure.

Some reporters discovered that Shen Jintai and Yan Qiuchi were wearing their well-known couples watches.

“Jintai, Jintai, accept our interview!” The reporters shouted loudly.

Yan Qiuchi smiled and said: “I’m sorry, he drank a little too much today, so he won’t be accepting interviews. Thank you all.”

Shen Jintai was drunk, but he hadn’t forgotten his “professional ethics”. He has always cooperated with the media, so he slid his hand down Yan Qiuchi’s arm and crossed fingers with him before giving the media a smile and raising their hands, recreating the classic scene from the variety show.  

This move ushered in dense shutter sounds, as the two got into the car and out of the spotlight. After closing the door, the media was still recording wildly at the car window.

As the car slowly started, Shen Jintai covered his face, laid on the seat, and said in a soft voice: “I drank too much.”

Yan Qiuchi smiled, unbuttoned his coat for him, and said: “When I’m there, you can drink whatever you want.”

Shen Jintai opened his eyes and smiled, then leaned towards him and leaned on his shoulder.

Yan Qiuchi’s phone rang suddenly, and he connected it. After saying a few words, he put the phone to his ear and said: “Yaoxuan’s calling.”

Shen Jintai took the phone and said with a smile: “Yaoxuan.”

“Congratulations, I heard you took film emperor!”

Shen Jintai smiled and said: “So you know.”

“I… I had something going on, otherwise I would definitely be the first to congratulate you!”

“Have you caught a cold?” Shen Jintai said: “You sound really nasally.”

It seems like his nose was airtight so either he has a cold or he was just crying.

Yan Yaoxuan responded vaguely, and when he heard someone next to him seem to be saying something, Yan Yaoxuan said vaguely: “Get out.”

Shen Jintai was taken aback for a moment, and then he heard the sound of shoving on the other end of the phone. Shen Jintai asked: “Who is it?”

“Shan Cheng,” Yan Yaoxuan’s tone sound as if he was gnashing his teeth: “I won’t say more. I’ll talk to you when I return home in a few days…”

Suddenly an “owah” sounded and Yan Yaoxuan’s voice was vaguely heard saying: “I want to talk to him!”

The line was cut leaving Shen Jintai looking up in a daze. However, he’s now drunk, so while he was little confused, he had no interest in the gossip right now. He leaned on Yan Qiuchi and fell asleep after a while.

He didn’t know how long he slept but when he woke up, he saw Yan Qiuchi reaching out to hug him. He pursed his lower lips and wanted to get out of the car by himself. When he stepped out of the car, his legs became soft, but fortunately Yan Qiuchi was there to support him.

Yan Qiuchi simply picked him up and carried him as Shen Jintai wrapped his arms around his neck and said softly: “I just had a dream.”

Yan Qiuchi asked: “Nn. What did you dream of?”

Shen Jintai did not answer him. He carried Shen Jintai into lobby on his back then as they were going up the elevator, Shen Jintai said in a barely audible voice: “I hope that Li Xu, Chen Zheng, and Yu Nuo will all be happy.”

He leaned on Yan Qiuchi’s back, pressed his head against it as he said: “As happy as I am in this moment.”

For the last time in his life, he shed tears for the three of them. The tears were warm and wet as they dampen Yan Qiuchi’s neck.

It would be great if everyone in this world could be happy.

Yu Nuo and Luo Wensheng would have the most ordinary and smoothest life, Chen Zheng would be born in a era of peace, while Zhou Ying waited for his Li Xu.

This is what he dreamed of. Perhaps in a certain world in another timeline, it would be like this.


The author has something to say:

May everyone be happy.

Next is the long side stories (how long is it, I don’t know!). The first appearance is Xiao Bai and his crew cut guy. A fairy on the outside, but lusty underneath. He’ll meet his strait-laced gong, crew cut guy. After years of harboring a secret love, it’ll finally come true. He’ll hold him in the palm of his hand for fear of him falling, and hold him in his mouth for fear of melting. A pure adolescent crush turn into a fiery adult love.

Then there’s Yaoxuan and Shan Cheng’s side story. Two second-generations who are both gongs and refuse to yield to each other.

In this is a possible mix of more Shen Jintai and Yan Qiuchi, but they are not the focus.

The purpose is that everyone in the text must be happy!

Thank you to everyone who has followed the novel to the present, thank you very much.

Closing remarks: The text of <Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day> is over. *Sprinkle flowers*

This novel has achieved unexpectedly good results. Thank you again, to all readers who are chasing it.

In fact, judging from the title and introduction of the novel (many people complain about Xiao Bai). I know that this novel was originally written with the theme of cool and sweet in mind, but it slowly became more serious, especially the dramas, which was particularly abusive.

I’m really embarrassed that I abused everyone.

The novel “Rivals” was on the gold list and ranked in the top three. Some it was through my own diligence, but the most important thing is that I can’t do it without everyone’s support. Thank you for chasing the novel and for your hard work!

I think the happiest thing is that when I write what I feel is very sweet, and I see the comments are full of groundhogs barking. When I write about sad moments, and the comments are all saying that they are moved (I really appreciate the reader’s tolerance. Most of them were so moved that they felt so abused that they were crying, but they still didn’t scold me.) This kind of experience with consistent emotions is really cool.

I wish to be with you forever, and I wish you’ll be with me forever.

Kinky Thoughts: Well, this is the end of the main story. I honestly did not expect to get here so soon (191 chapters yo!). I initially picked this project up because I wanted to read it and then suddenly developed a hobby in translating novels.

I hope everyone enjoyed the story. If you did, please consider supporting the author by buying the raws. I used Google chrome with their auto translate and this guide on how to buy novels on jjwxc. Remember, only with your (financial) support can artists continue to produce more great works.

I really enjoyed this novel. I think its one of the best entertainment novels I have read so far. While not perfect, it gave me a wealth of emotions while reading it. With so many ups and downs, tears and laughter, it had brought immense entertainment for me, and at the end of the day, that’s all I ask for in a novel.

The ending really ties together smoothly all the plays that Shen Jintai had acted in. I hope in a different timeline, all these characters get the happy ending that they deserve.

While sad that Shen Jintai and Yan Qiuchi CP is over, there’s still 41 chapters of side stories that revolves around Bai Qingquan’s and Yan Yaoxuan’s pairings so it’s not time to say goodbye yet. There’s also portions of sweetness between the main couple as well, so I’ll see you all in the extras!

Finally, I like to thank everyone for your comments, encouragement, help with my translations, and ko-fi donations. It’s in part fuels my motivation to release so frequently and try to finish this novel as soon as possible. If you enjoy my translations, I do have another project I’m currently working on [Bu Tian Gang] that I hope you’ll check out (there are also a few more planned in my pipeline but nothing concrete yet).

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  1. Thank you so much for translating this. I never imagined what a ride I’d be experiencing when I first started reading it months and months ago. You used to update it at 4:30AM for me and I’d stay up until then just to read the new chapter before bed (or maybe that was just my excuse to stay up late haha). I can’t wait for the Bai Qingquan chapters because he’s such a sweetheart that really deserves love. Thanks for letting me read and get to know these characters which I otherwise would’ve missed out on entirely if not for your translations. Hope you’re doing well!


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  3. Thank you very much for translating this! It really shows all the effort behind it, this became one of my favorite Danmeis, I’m sure I’ll always have it in my heart! I am so happy and at the same time so sad that it is over… my consolation is the extras! I hope everyone is happy because they really deserve it! A story where there are no villains, just people who make mistakes and learn from them, although there was a lot of abuse, there was also dog food, this bitch loves that!
    PD: I really speak Spanish, sorry if there is any mistake hehe, Translating all this with google translate to Spanish, I was able to understand everything perfectly! This just goes to show how hard you worked translating it! Without further ado, again, thank you very much! ❤️


  4. Thank you so much for translating this amazing novel! I binge read this but I’m surprised by how fast you udpate!
    Also, in this chapter Shen Jintai says that Yu Nuo is his character but as far as I remember he played Luo something, the one who ages.


  5. Dear translator, thank you for the hard work 🙏 I’ve read other edited mtls so I can confidently say you did a great job! Chinese fiction, whether contemporary, ancient, or fantasy, is SO difficult to translate because webnovels especially are full of memes/ puns, literary allusions, special vocabulary, slang etc.
    I enjoyed this novel very much! I’m glad that there was no big villain and the supporting characters (will) get their happy endings too. I particularly like how the author treated BQQ as the protagonist whose destiny is being replaced and SJT’s stepmother. Such characters usually get the short end of the stick and treated as absolute villains. It means a lot to me when authors actually sympathise with the characters they write and don’t just abuse them for fun.
    I would definitely recommend this as a transmigration story. Every character was likable but not perfect to the point of being a Gary Stu. The author is obviously talented! I’ll keep an eye out for his other works.


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