Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch189

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 189: Shen Jintai, Shen Jintai

Shen Jintai wasn’t in Nancheng for filming this time. Yan Qiuchi couldn’t accompany him so he could only take time to visit Shen Jintai on weekends. Their filming this time was particularly arduous as Shen Jintai was under a lot of pressure for his role. When they went to bed, he would always restrain himself and did nothing, only hugged Shen Jintai as they slept.

He had the endurance and he wanted to support Shen Jintai’s career.

It was only now when Shen Jintai said at that time: “I’ll ask for leave to prepare for the award ceremony next week. I’ll have three days off,” that Yan Qiuchi finally got the day he’s been waiting for, as he had been holding back for over half a month now.

For a young man in his twenties like him, going dry for half a month was truly suffocation to the extreme.

He leaned into Shen Jintai’s ear and said a few words gently. There weren’t any outsiders in their room, so no one would hear if he spoke louder. However, Yan Qiuchi loves to bite his ears so it he was deliberately doing it. Shen Jintai shrank his head back as his breath sprayed into his ears.

His ears are one of Yan Qiuchi’s favorite places to play with.

Yan Qiuchi said: “I saved it all for you.”

Yan Qiuchi’s lewd remarks always made his face flushed every time. He felt Yan Qiuchi had been more talkative in bed recently. Shen Jintai’s face turned red, and he had a hunch that another violent storm was approaching.

Tomorrow morning, he’ll attend the shortlisted cocktail party, and in the afternoon, he has to prepare for the red carpet, then in the evening, he’ll attend the award ceremony. Regardless of whether he wins or lose, he and Bai Qingquan will participate in the party with the crew of <When You’re Older>. It’s estimate that he’ll be extremely busy until the early hours of the morning.

However, he can be regarded as having experience now. He couldn’t hold Yan Qiuchi back, because that’ll only has one ending, and it was himself who always suffered, so this time he decided to compromise.

Still, he had overestimated Yan Qiuchi’s endurance as he was executed with just half a push in. Fortunately, Yan Qiuchi supported his work from the bottom of his heart, so he was very gentle as he said he wanted to “moisturize” him.

Facts proved that Yan Qiuchi was right, as the next day, he was able to move freely without any discomfort. When Wang Nan was putting on his makeup, he said: “Brother Jin, you look great today.”

Indeed he did as he was a man who had been “moisturized” by a ton of “love”.

Shen Jintai looked at himself in the mirror and felt radiant. Well, Yan Qiuchi certainly served him well from head-to-toe last night.

“Are you nervous?” Li Meilan asked him.

Shen Jintai nodded: “Nervous.”

The feeling of winning this time wasn’t as big as when he was striving for the golden bell, but he’s also one of the hottest candidates, so his chances aren’t impossible. This kind of inability to know whether he could win or not made him particularly nervous.

Compared with Shen Jintai, Bai Qingquan was much more relaxed. Just as he was shortlisted last time for the golden bell, he still felt that his nomination now was already a victory and it was probably his fate to just accompany Shen Jintai.

If Shen Jintai’s chances weren’t great, what kind of chance did he have? Although he contributed his best acting skills since his debut in <When You’re Older>, he still thought his performance wasn’t as stunning as Shen Jitnai in terms of aura. Shen Jintai played the old and ugly so this point would be favored by the judges.

“Why are you still so insecure.” Wei Ge said with a smile.

Bai Qingquan said: “Our film has received nine nominations. To win any award is the victory of the whole crew.”

“Hurry up, hurry up,” Fang Fengmei put on her coat and walked out, urging Yan Tiefeng: “What are you doing?”

“Can’t you just go with Qiuchi. I don’t need to go, right?” Yan Tiefeng said.

“Hurry up and cut the nonsense.”

Yan Tiefeng walked up to her and raised her chin. Fang Fengmei took the tie in his hand and tied it for him: “Qiuchi said Xiao Jin has a winning chance this time. If Xiao Jin wins, he hopes that we can all be witness to it at the same time. Even Shen Ruhai and Liu Qi is going.”

“If you have such high expectations and Xiao Jin doesn’t win, I think you-”

“You and your crow’s mouth again. Last time he lost because of your crow’s mouth!” Fang Fengmei poked his head.

Yan Tiefeng said: “Yes, definitely, Xiao Jin will win best actor this time around.”

When the couple came downstairs, the driver was already waiting for them outside. Yan Tiefeng asked: “Where’s Qiuchi?”

“He went to pick up Shen Ruhai and his wife and went with them.”

Yan Tiefeng became a bit jealous and said: “Such a flatterer.”

“You and Lao Shen are really interesting. Originally, he used to be awkward, but now he’s well adjusted and you’re starting up again,” Fang Fengmei said.

“I just hope Qiuchi still remembers who his father is.”

Fang Fengmei laughed and walked out the door holding his arm.

<When You’re Older> received a total of nine nomination, including several of the most important awards such as, best film, best director, best adapted screenplay, and two best actor. As a major director’s work, <Pilot> was a box office record holder and received twelve nominations*, which basically encompassed all the awards category in the ceremony. Among them, it had a good chance of winning best film.  

*Clarity: seems like author forgot how many nominations she gave Pilot last chapter cause now it’s 12.

“Come, come, come. Let’s bet on tonight’s Golden Dragon Awards. Who will win what?”

“The film queen will go to Song Wei. No need to discuss it. The other nominations can’t compare.”

“There shouldn’t be any suspense for the best picture. <Pilot> is guaranteed. It’s a national blockbuster film. With good word of mouth and box office numbers, I don’t think it’ll be a problem for it to win best director either. The Golden Dragon Awards have always owed Lu Ming an award.”

“The most unstable top awards for <Pilot> is best actor. In addition to his poor performance, I feel that the judges won’t give all the awards to one movie. For best actor, I bet on Zhang Wei from <I Want Us to be Together>. It’s a pure art film so it should be very stable.”

“Then I’d better bet on Touhua, for no other reason besides I just think he’s lucky. He has the greatest chance of going on stage. He has two best movies, one for best actor, and one for best supporting actor. I can’t help but believe in his luck. He’s bursting with it this year so it’s not impossible that he can win best actor.”

“But the votes can be split because of Bai Qingquan for <When You’re Older>. Honestly, his performance is on par with Touhua. One movie that contributed two male protagonists… having said that, the two leading movies this year have no female protagonists, resulting in this year’s competition to have very little suspense.”

“It’s hard to say if the votes will be split. There have been many double yellow eggs at the Golden Dragon Awards before. Perhaps Shen Jintai and Bai Qingquan will have the one plus one is greater than two effect and can beat Zhang Wei. In short, the suspense for film emperor this year is really great. Zhang Wei has the acting skills, but this year is the year of Shen Jintai. His luck is too fierce.”

“I feel sorry for Sun Sihai. He should have been nominated for best new director this time and could have easily won, but Xingyun wanted him to be nominated for best director. There’s a high chance that he won’t be able to beat Lu Ming.”

“The highlight of tonight’s show is basically on the film emperor. I hope Touhua takes it. The mole left from Li Xu still remain on the tip of my heart. It’s always been difficult for me that he didn’t win the Golden Bell.”

“I also hope that Touhua can take it. I have an inexplicable sense of cultivation for him. I watched his journey step by step and I want to see him soar into the sky. Awards are his only shortcoming now. After taking the film emperor, he’ll directly go to the top.”

“Touhua is so awesome. He’s walking the red carpet twice! If he wins film emperor, my god, I’ll also become his fan!”

“Sisters, the red carpet has begun!”

“Touhua will walk the red carpet twice tonight. The night of Touhua has officially arrived!”

Like the last award ceremony, Fang Fengmei and Yan Qiuchi still came to the lounge to meet Shen Jintai before he takes to the red carpet. Though the organizers have prepared many lounges, tonight there were more stars here than there were stars in the sky and only big names like Shen Jintai could have his own independent lounge.

“Brother Jin, President Yan and the others are here.”

Shen Jintai hurriedly got up and saw that Yan Qiuchi and Fang Fengmei had already come in. There was a sudden restlessness in the lounge because everyone saw the male god Yan Qiuchi in the flesh!

Yan Qiuchi has been on fire for a whole summer and is the idol of many girls. Since he’s not from the entertainment industry there were few chances to see him. He would only show up on Shen Jintai’s Weibo a few days in the month, and his own Weibo was nothing but Shen Jintai’s daily life.

A group of people followed him in the corridor outside, holding their phones and taking pictures of him. He only smiled and turned his head and waved his hand, which caused a group of girls to scream.

So handsome, so tall, so fair. Much better than what they saw on TV!

Shen Jintai smiled and said: “You’re here to grab the limelight.”

Fang Fengmei smiled and said: “Don’t mention it. If you hadn’t brought him out, I didn’t even know how hot he could become. He’s just like a big star, which scares me.”

Shen Jintai wore a black suit this time but didn’t wear a formal undershirt. Instead, he wore a white t-shirt that had a small rose printed on it. The look was serious yet bright and playful. His whole body seems to be full of spring. Fang Fengmei felt that he looked stunning. A man that was both proud of his love life and career really shines wherever he goes.

“Brother Jin, the crew of <When You’re Older> is about to walk the red carpet.” Xiao Tang reminded.

“Then you go quickly.” Fang Fengmei said: “We will wait for you.”

Shen Jintai nodded, and seeing Yan Qiuchi and the others about to leave, he suddenly stepped forward and hugged Yan Qiuchi. The little girls around stomped their feet excitedly, feeling that they were watching a live version of <Honey, Let’s Travel>!

Yan Qiuchi smiled and stroked Shen Jintai’s back: “Don’t be nervous.”

After speaking, he kissed his ear slightly, and then let him go.

“Ahhhhhhh, did you see what the gold powder group just sent? The Touhua couple are so sweet!”

“Shit, I’m not a gold powder. Sister, don’t delay. Hurry up and release the video!”

“Did the Touhua couple make sugar again? I knew it! Let me get some nourishment!”

Someone immediately sent the video.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh, I’m screaming. This pair never let me down!”

“Touhua must win the prize tonight!”

“The crew of <When You’re Older> is about to walk the red capret. He’s here! He’s here! Touhua is here!”

Today’s Shen Jintai was no longer the Shen Jintai of the past. He was completely different from when he attended the Guohua Awards a year ago. When he looked up, it was all gold powders. His fans accounted for almost half of the entire fan circle.

The host shouted in the most passionate voice: “It’s now time for the crew of <When You’re Older> to join us. Let us welcome director Sun Sihai, screenwriter Song Chenchen, actors Shen Jintai and Bai Qingquan, and other creators of the crew!”

Before the host’s could even finished, he was overwhelmed by the screams of the gold powders.

Shen Jintai walked slowly amid the cheers of fans as the night breeze blew across his cheeks. Facing such overwhelming cheers, he had already become a superstar and was now more relaxed and indifferent. He realized that he had become the most star-studded actor in this country, and he wasn’t even 22 yet. The path beyond his stardom had just begun.

The author has something to say:


Kinky Thoughts: As an MTLer it’s really hard to translate all these “vague” sex scenes as they use allusions so I have to put those terms in quotes. I hope we all have a tacit understanding of what “moisturize”, and “love” is referring to and what Yan Qiuchi had been “saving up” for all this time. Just connect the dots.

Good luck Shen Jintai!

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