Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch184

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 184: Brother Chi is the Best

If you didn’t slow down or pause while watching the clip, there really wasn’t a problem with the video. After the female stars came out of the hot springs, they were wrapped in bathrobes while the male stars came out one after another. Bath towels were given to them by the program team and were tied to their waists. When it was broadcast on TV, everyone was amazed at the good example set by the Touhua couple.

The intention of the program group was also simple: to show off their figures. They were all handsome men. Being wrapped in bath towels made it a very seductive scene in contrast to the formal clothes they had worn at the City Hall dinner party in the last episode.

Netizens who took this screenshot were also very powerful. When Yan Qiuchi came out of the hot spring, Shen Jintai had blocked the camera for him. When it was broadcast, the program team strictly controlled the camera scale. The shot of him coming out of the water that was focused on the lower half of his body was taken in less than half a second, even though he was wearing shorts.

However, the sugar sprinkled by Yan Qiuchi and Shen Jintai was so imaginative that netizens were anxious to find anything and everything. When the second episode was released online, one clever netizen focused on the hot spring section with the mentality of trying to intercept the shot*!

*Clarity: In case you’re missing this. She basically zoomed in slow mo on the scene where he’s getting out of the hot spring so they could get a picture of his bulge.

“Ah, mom, my eyes are polluted. I am no longer a pure child!”

“What did I say?! Yan Qiuchi is thin yet has such a big nose*. It’s not easy to tell at first glance, so some people refuted me!”

*Clarity: Referring to his dick.

“When Yan Qiuchi untied his bathrobe, I was awed by his abdominal muscles, chest muscles, and those mermaid lines. The clothes he usually wears make him look so thin*.”

*Clarity: She’s saying the clothes he normally wears make him look so thin that she didn’t expect he was packing so much heat underneath, which is why people were refuting the poster above who said he definitely has a big “nose”.

“Please look at your own figure and nose! I think it depends on your temperament! Men are simple animals. They will be confident if they are good at that aspect. Although Yan Qiuchi is a gentleman and restrained, he’s extremely confident as well!”

“It seems that everyone has sharp eyes.”

“Although the lighting is a bit dark, it’s definitely really good… Should I congratulate Touhua or should I feel sorry for him?”

“This is really quite common among Europeans and Americans. It’s a pity that I can’t see it clearly!”

“Sister upstairs, what do you want to see clearly?!”

It was already evening by the time Shen Jintai and the others arrived in Italy. This time, the program team abandoned them halfway and told them they needed to find the way to the hotel themselves. The purpose of setting up this plot is simple. In addition to increasing the visibility of the show, they wanted to support Yan Qiuchi because they knew that he could speak Italian.

The image of the almighty male god needed to be held up for people to see. They needed to add more fuel to the fire. Generally, popular variety shows and popular people complement each other. As long as Yan Qiuchi’s fans are stable, the ratings of their program will also stabilize.

“Here is the accommodation information. This time you’re staying in a family hotel.” Guo Weimin handed the information and keys to them. “You’ll need to find it by yourself and assign your own rooms.”

“Can you ask someone?” Shen Jintai asked immediately.

“Of course.”

“That would definitely make Brother Chi stand out.” Zheng Siqi laughed.

Five people stood on the side of the road, listening to Yan Qiuchi speak in fluent Italian as he asked passersby for directions to their hotel. While they didn’t understand what they were saying, they all thought how amazing he was.

“I’m really convinced of Brother Chi,” Tang Ye said as he looked at Yan Qiuchi. There was no need to support a person like that, as his own built-in conditions were enough already.

“Brother Chi is the hottest person in our show now,” Wang Siyi said cutely. “All my friends are fans of him. The second episode had just aired in China. It’s a pity that our phone was confiscated by the program team. Otherwise, I want to check out the comments online.”

“How many languages does he speak?” Yang Lizhi asked Shen Jintai.

Shen Jintai said, “I don’t know either, but I counted at least four. French, English, Chinese, and Italian.” His tone was quite proud.

“He can’t speak German too, right?” Tang Ye said.

Among the five of them, only Zheng Siqi was regarded as college-educated, though his other qualifications weren’t very good. He could only speak average English but was used to being held in high regard because of this, but compared to Yan Qiuchi, who was blessed by the heavens, there was no need for such a comparison.

This time, Yang Lizhi accepted her fate. Just like when she filmed <The East Palace is Coming>, she was dissatisfied at first and tried her best to fight back fiercely. In the end, she reluctantly gave up and thought it would be better if she didn’t drag herself down and just silently sipped on the broth.

Shen Jintai was truly enviable. He was born to be a superstar, and when he was looking for a man, he seemed to have found the perfect one waiting in the wings, which now made him even more powerful. Yan Qiuchi’s contributions to Shen Jintai were by no means small, not to mention that he still owned an entertainment company that would definitely be put to use to help Shen Jintai’s future career.

Having said that, though, when filming <The East Palace is Coming>, Yang Lizhi couldn’t help but marvel at Shen Jintai’s abilities. It was so damn good. Now that she was filming <Honey, Let’s Travel> and she looked at Yan Qiuchi in the distance, she couldn’t help feeling that he too was so fucking good.

Yan Qiuchi in the night looked handsome and elegant, with an extremely personable demeanor.

Xiao Tang didn’t follow Shen Jintai to Italy. He stayed at home and continued his vacation. Although he wasn’t currently working, he still paid close attention to all information about Shen Jintai and Yan Qiuchi online. Today, he came back around midnight after having fun with some friends. After showering and laying down in bed, he habitually went to the gold powder group to look. When he saw thousands of unread messages, he knew something must’ve happened.

Taken aback, he quickly read the contents from beginning to end, only to learn that Yan Qiuchi has a new nickname: Yan Dabao*.

*(大包) Means big package.

However, this nickname was too inappropriate for his fans, so he gave Yan Qiuchi a new one: Yan Tiancai*.

*(天菜) Means (Chinese) celery but is slang for “heavenly dish”. It spawned from the (ironically) variety show Happy Camp, where He Jiong refers to it as the best dish that meets his standards.

“Isn’t Yan Qiuchi a heavenly dish? Does he still have any shortcomings now?!”

“Hahahaha, it seems that there is none.”

“Don’t mention height, temperament, appearance, education, family background, etc., that’s all cliché and already identified as excellent. Now there’s another size that’s been added to the hardware. Isn’t he truly the perfect male god?”

“I’m so envious. This little fairy, did he save an entire galaxy in his previous life?!”

The remarks of these people spread to the gold powders, who reacted quite strongly.

“What galaxy did my brother save! I still think Yan Qiuchi still needs to catch up to my brother. Ahh, will it be okay once he gets older? I feel so sorry for him!”

“Don’t pay attention to these people. Just think, no matter how good Yan Qiuchi is, he was the one who chased my brother humbly, as revealed by his alt. As long as you think about it like this, you’ll feel relieved!”

“Yes, I feel so happy when I think of Yan Qiuchi, who once ascended to heaven and has now become a licking dog to my brother!”

“I wish my brother and Yan Qiuchi a long relationship!”

“Blessings all around.”

“Blessing my ass. Am I the only one who hopes he won’t be with Yan Qiuchi? I just watched the second episode today. The scene in the next morning where they swam around the lake, didn’t he look kind of weird… but Yan Qiuchi was full of vitality like the spring breeze!”

After reading the chat history from the gold powders, Xiao Tang went online to search for some information and had to thank God that the screen shot never made it to the hot search. Otherwise, it would be too embarrassing.

However, though it didn’t make it on the hot search, everyone was discussing it rabidly on major forums. Xiao Tang looked at some of the posts and felt that he had collected an entire encyclopedia of materials that were inappropriate for children.

Thinking of the voice that he heard that morning in the hotel, Xiao Tang couldn’t help feeling emotional. It was no wonder he screamed like that. Totally understandable. Brother Jin didn’t have it easy.

The author has something to say:

Xiao Tang, what do you understand? Tell Kangkang quickly.

Kinky Thoughts:

Rather, I’m more interested in this encyclopedia that he had collected…

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  1. I really don’t understand this Chinese obsession with the shou suffering in bed and not wanting to do it while the gong always wants to go for days =v=;
    Can’t we go for something a bit more human and such. Though at least in this one it’s made clear Shen Jintai still likes it (even too much), so at least there’s that.
    Thanks for the update!

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