Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch183

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 183: Let Me Rest

Yan Qiuchi smiled, glanced down, and said, “Let me cut your toenails.”

So it looks like he does understand human language.

“Don’t kick me,” Yan Qiuchi said.

Shen Jintai took a pillow and leaned his back against it. Yan Qiuchi got out of bed, took out some nail clippers, and began cutting his toenails. He pruned them very carefully and then polished them after.

Shen Jintai’s feet are particularly beautiful. The toes were well-proportioned, and the middle had a healthy blush. Yan Qiuchi rubbed them lightly twice, and then held his ankles up to see.

Shen Jintai wasn’t shy. He opened his toes slightly, looking arrogant, and asked, “Do you want to kiss it?”

Yan Qiuchi raised his head, showing him the smile that he was particularly familiar with. Seeing this, Shen Jintai felt uneasy and wanted to shrink back his feet, but Yan Qiuchi held them firmly in place.

In his daily life, Yan Qiuchi was a bit of a neat freak. He loves to be clean and organized, so everything around him was orderly. On the surface, he’s a gentleman with an abstemious and cold appearance, reflecting what a noble son should look like.

However, when in bed, he was a completely different person. He had no inhibitions and was willing to kiss and love everything. Moreover, he would be coquettish and abrasive, making Shen Jintai powerless; thus, there was only one result: Shen Jintai stayed in bed until it was time to film the variety show.

Yan Qiuchi went overboard again. Every time he thought Yan Qiuchi could no longer go further, he would be proven wrong. The worst thing was that he was terribly addicted to that feeling now!

Fuck! Yan Qiuchi does his job too well!

However, Yan Qiuchi didn’t blindly always ask for it. He cared a lot for Shen Jintai, and if he was really feeling unwell, he would restrain himself. The problem was, he found out Shen Jintai was like King Kong and was extremely resilient to their tossing and turning. Such a physique that was different from that of an ordinary person surprised him every time.

He’s been testing it over and over again as he went further and further, and he felt that if he truly let go and released all his inhibitions, Shen Jintai could withstand it. When they finished filming the show, he wanted to try it!

Shen Jintai simply counted down the days and waited until they filmed the second half of the variety show. He wanted to work, as that was the only excuse he could have to escape Yan Qiuchi.

“What jobs do I have lined up?” He asked Li Meilan while lying in bed.

Li Meilan looked at him and said, “You’re recording the second part of <Honey, Let’s Travel> tomorrow. You didn’t forget, right?”

“This recording will be finished in a week, right?” His new movie won’t start filming until May, so what did he have to do in April? Jesus, he really can’t stand it for an entire month!

Yan Qiuchi’s sentence: “But you haven’t worked recently, so you’re on holiday every day now.” echoing in his mind, sending chills down his spine!

“Are there no other jobs?”

“There are some public events,” Li Meilan opened the small notebook and looked at it. “There will be a brand event in Nancheng on March 27th and in City A on April 6th. On April 15th, you will record…”

“Isn’t this too little work?” Shen Jintai interrupted her.

“What?” Li Meilan adjusted her glasses and raised her head. “You barely even rested for less than a month last year. Your next two movies are back-to-back, so you’ll have to free up time to promote them. <Pilot> will be released in the summer, followed by <Welcome Rain on a Spring Night> at the end of the year. Not only do you have to run publicity for them, you may also have to participate in film festivals along with various brand endorsements. There’s also fashion week in September and October. You should take time to rest this month so you can do your best.”

Sister Lan, please look at me. Where am I resting? Do you think it’s okay for me to keep lying still all day?

He coughed. His expression was quiet as he said, “I can’t rest well.”

Li Meilan looked at him and said, “I think you look pretty good after a week of rest. Your complexion is all ruddy and shiny.”

Then Li Meilan also coughed, remembering the noise she heard last time she came to visit Shen Jintai. She became embarrassed and said, “Besides, you are busy, and Yan Qiuchi is also busy. You have to make time so you two can spend it together. I ran into him in the parking lot when I came here today. He told me not to arrange too much work for you this year because he’s afraid you’ll get tired.”

Hur, hur, hur! He just wants more time so he can do it!

“I like work.” Shen Jintai said, “I’m an ambitious person, so I get antsy if I don’t work. Besides, I’m still in my ascending period. I want to fight harder while I’m still young.”

Li Meilan was quite moved when she heard this and said, “I know you work for 11 months in a year, which is really a lot. Even the average worker is not as busy as you. It’s currently impossible to pick something up right now, but I’ll find a few more events in April. Besides, your appearance fee is quite high now.”

“Good, good.” Shen Jintai hurriedly agreed.

The first episode of <Honey, Let’s Travel> was broadcast for a week, and word of mouth had spread all over. Before the second episode aired, the group had already set off to Italy to film the second half. This time was completely different from last time. Yan Qiuchi has now become a national son-in-law, and he was recognized by many people at the airport.

On the night they flew to Italy, the second episode was broadcast on TV, and the popularity was even better than the first episode.

“Sisters, is anyone watching the live broadcast of <Honey, Let’s Travel>?”

“It’s coming! Yan Qiuchi’s about to undress. Hee, hee, hee.”

“I heard that the Honey program crew will have a live webcast next week. Oh my god, I’m looking forward to it!”

“Where are they going next week, Italy?”

“Italy and Germany. I don’t know which day it will be broadcast live.”

“It’s starting, it’s starting. Sisters, Yan Qiuchi’s about to undress!”

As soon as Yan Qiuchi took off his clothes, Weibo fans went into a frenzy again. The entire network was envious of Shen Jintai.

“Rich, handsome, and tall, with a great family background to boot. Cultured, capable, and hot. There are few good men like this in the world, and one has been taken away by Touhua. Shen Touhua has been my rival in love ever since!”

“In the last episode, he attended the dinner in City Hall dressed in formal clothing, and he exploded. As soon as he took his clothes off in this episode, what did I see? A waist of a male dog with long legs and a mermaid line!”

“He has such a good figure, and Touhua too, but they are completely different types. One’s a clear gong, and the other’s a clear shou. Touhua and Yan Qiuchi are so blessed!”

“Seeing the two of them soaking in the hot spring together, I can’t control my mind! Are there any yellow texts out there of the two of them for me to read?!”

“Hahahaha, someone must have written something with such a hot CP.”

The comments of netizens reached a climax during the meal that was featured in the trailer. The famous scene of Shen Jintai saying to the restaurant owner, “He’s my boyfriend” appeared.

“Ahhhhhhhhh, Touhua said Yan Qiuchi is sappy. How exactly is he acting in this way? Begging the program group to broadcast it!”

“Fuck. I just can’t visualize Prince Yan that way. Is he sappy? Who could resist?”

“I died when Yan Qiuchi touched Shen Jintai’s ear.”

“Yeah, yeah. Especially when he asked if he drank too much. So doting and shy. I love it!”

“What kind of mythical variety show is this? I really didn’t expect a variety show to make me so hyped. I wasn’t even this excited about Jintai Qiongying!”

“Reading between the lines, the amount of information revealed is super suitable for replenishing the brain!”

“Can anyone tell me what the last few words Touhua whispered into Yan Qiuchi’s ear?”

“I’m guessing it’s something along the lines of ‘I like it’.”

“It’s natural to like each other. Wuwuwu, I’m hugging my teddy bear tightly. They are so sweet it makes single dogs want to fall in love.”

“Why are the two of them running away so fast?”

“What else can they do? Did everyone forget that on the way to Evian in the last episode, the program team said that they would not install cameras in the room?”

“Hahahaha, how could I forget. This program group is really too good. This episode deliberately replayed that last scene at the beginning.”

“Young and lonely men, staying in the same room, full of vigor and love, what else can they do? Of course, they are doing something they love to do, hee, hee, hee~!”

“Everyone seems to understand the sinister intentions of the program team!”

“Damn it, did everyone see in the next post over?! Spurting blood!”

“What’s the matter? What’s the matter? Speak quickly!”

“Someone posted Yan Qiuchi’s wet body!”

“Where is this screenshot from? Why don’t I remember this picture!”

“I don’t know which little clever ghost took this, but it’s the shot when they were coming out of the hot springs. Didn’t Shen Jintai block the camera for Yan Qiuchi? At that time, I only saw a little bit!”

Kinky Thoughts:

I was pretty curious as to what Shen Jintai had whispered to Yan Qiuchi in that scene. Hah! So tsundere.

Also, I would like some yellow text for this CP too…

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