Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch181

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 181: Husband Powder!

Since “Qiuchi Yingjintai” is the name of the CP fandom, there were many ID numbers with this name on Weibo. Many accounts had “Qiuchi Yingjintai” had long been registered with letters, numbers, or patterns at the end.

Yan Qiuchi’s alt account had a red heart added to the end of “Qiuchi Yingjintai”. The name is rotten, so it wasn’t very eye-catching. Many fans followed him, thinking that he was just one of the many CP fans among them.

Yan Qiuchi had created this account a long time ago and would use it from time to time to blow rainbow farts for Shen Jintai. Now his alt was discovered, but the treatment was very different from Bai Qingquan, and that’s because his alt only had a certain purpose and nothing that it posted would be deemed “controversial”.

In the beginning, his relationship with Shen Jintai was widely resisted by the gold powders. At that time, the public’s impression of them was still stuck on the fact that Shen Jintai was cheap and turned upside down. To solve this problem, Yan Qiuchi made a series of efforts, including using this alt account. His original intention was to burst this out after a period of time, so that he could show netizens that he really liked Shen Jintai, including his fans.

The purpose was clear. It was to pave the way for their relationship and to protect Shen Jintai, so all the posts he made on the alt account spoke the truth. Since he knew that this alt would be exposed in the future, he restrained himself and didn’t post anything inappropriate for young children.

Only later, when he and Shen Jintai got together, did he realize that the alt was no longer meaningful, so he kept this secret and didn’t tell Shen Jintai. He planned to tell him one day in the far future and felt it would be a cute and funny little secret between them.

Unexpectedly, after <Honey, Let’s Travel> was broadcast, he’d become popular, and with this popularity, his alt was instantly discovered.

It was easily found out because the set of brooches he wore was very special. A lot of them were from Cartier that cost over a million. There was one that he liked very much that was given to him by Fang Fengmei when he first started working. He would sometimes wear it on formal occasions, and it was through this that his alt was discovered.

Another hard piece of evidence was his watch, and from his alt, it also revealed a super sweet secret.

Most of the alt Weibo posts were usually about his feelings. The gist of them was that the owner of the account had fallen in love with a boy who was his childhood sweetheart. This boy has a good relationship with his family, but he didn’t love him. He then developed a secret crush on him, and when he confessed, he was rejected. One of the posts was about a watch that said:

[I didn’t know what to give him for his birthday. Later, I gave him a Patek Philippe watch. I was afraid he wouldn’t accept it because it was a bit expensive. I put it in with the gifts my mother gave him, so he didn’t know that it was from me. He thought that it was from my mother, and he often wears it. Every time I see him wearing the watch I gave him, I feel very happy, because when I first saw that watch, I felt it was very suitable for him.

Coincidentally, later, on my birthday, he also gave me a watch. It turned out to be the same style, but the color palette was swapped. I often wear this watch and feel like I’m wearing a couple’s watch. Sometimes I feel that I’m already very happy just by wearing it. Other times I feel that even if I hug and kiss him every day, I still won’t be satisfied.]

“Oh my god!”


“I brushed the alt from start to finish. A’Wei’s dead*!”

*It’s a line from the movie “Anti-drug” that refers to being killed by someone or something. It’s used to express one’s extreme excitement or love for seeing something.

“Hahaha, I wasn’t interested in the Touhua couple on the new variety show, but Yan Qiuchi’s alt made my day. Oh my god, my roommate asked me why I had on an auntie smile*!”

*Buzzword to describe a kind, doting, and loving smile that a girl shows when she sees a person or things she likes.

“Are you me? I was laughing like a chicken under my blankets!”

“Prince Yan looks so tall, cold, and excellent, but I didn’t expect such a domineering president to have such a humble secret crush. He’s on the side carrying the sedan chair for his wife. This just proves how charming Touhua can be.”

“Have you seen the pictures posted by netizens? The watch that Shen Jintai usually wears the most to attend events is really a Patek Philippe’s, with a white dial and black needle. And the watch Yan Qiuchi wore on <Honey, Let’s Travel> is also a Patek Phillipe’s, but the dial is black.”

“Someone researched it and said that the watch Prince Yan gave to Touhua cost more than three million yuan! The rich will eventually get married, and the poor can only witness it with their very own eyes. Wuwuwu!”

“I really admire this pair. The money spent on Touhua by the Crown Prince is so sweet!”

Whether it was due to <Honey, Let’s Travel> being so popular, the topic being pushed by Sina, or just his own popularity, but [Yan Qiuchi Alt Account] made it onto the hot search. Because of Bai Qingquan’s scandal, everyone was very nervous when they saw the word “Alt Account”, especially Sunshine Media and Monsoon Entertainment.

When Li Meilan saw this hot search, she was so frightened that she dropped all the steam buns in her hands. Now that Shen Jintai’s and Yan Qiuchi’s relationship had transitioned safely, there was no room for any mistakes. She looked at it hastily and called the team.

Xiao Tang immediately called Shen Jintai. After calling for a while, no one answered. When he checked the time, it was 8 in the morning.

He hasn’t gotten up yet?

He got up immediately and prepared to go to the hotel to take a look.

Li Meilan said, “Call someone from the team, let’s meet at the hotel together.”

Meanwhile, earlier that morning, at 7, Yan Qiuchi said Shen Jintai had broken his word, so in the morning he set out to do what hadn’t been done last night.

Shen Jintai trembled all over as he held a pillow and buried his face in it. Yan Qiuchi pulled it away from him because he wanted to see his expression. While Shen Jintai could cover up his face using his hands, he couldn’t cover up his stomach.

While this excursion was happening, the phone kept vibrating on the bedside table so incessantly that it almost fell off the table.

Li Meilan and others hurried to the hotel. It took a long time to get from the negative first floor to the 22nd floor. Li Meilan asked in the elevator, “Haven’t you contacted him?”

“Brother Jin may still be sleeping,” Xiao Tang said.

Li Meilan said, “I just took a look while on the road. It doesn’t seem like a big issue regarding the alt.”

“I read it from start to finish. There is nothing shady about it. On the contrary, it’s very sweet. The comments also thought the same,” Xiao Tang said. “It also happened that the show is now on fire, so it caught heat from it. Sister Lan, do we need to spend money to take down the hot search? I feel that Brother Jin has been on too many hot searches recently.”

“We haven’t spent money to buy any hot searches in the past few months. There’s no point now because Xiao Jin is on fire.” Li Meilan laughed as she said this.

With Shen Jintai’s popularity, Sina was more than happy to push him to attract traffic. In addition, the works he’s been in have their own PR company that will buy them for him for the sake of popularity, so he’s often on the hot searches frequently.

However, most of the hot searches in the past two days have been about his relationship with Yan Qiuchi, yet the netizens weren’t disgusted by it. Rather, they were eager to dig out more material.

With a ding, the elevator had reached the 22nd floor. Li Meilan got out and asked, “Are the two of them still living on the 22nd floor?”

Xiao Tang said, “As far as I know, this floor is not open to the public. I didn’t see anyone when I came here yesterday.”

“The two of them really dare to live here. Aren’t they afraid of me?” Li Meilan walked towards the door of Shen Jintai’s room and knocked.

“I guess he’s still sleeping. I’ll try calling again,” Xiao Tang said.

As he took out his phone to make a call, they could hear some noises coming from the room. The room was soundproof, so the noises were muffled, but it seemed to be a man’s voice crying, as if he was shouting from both pain and joy.

Li Meilan frowned and froze for a moment as her woman’s intuition kicked in. She suddenly woke up and grabbed Xiao Tang’s hand, saying, “Stop calling.”

Xiao Tang hung up the phone and gradually understood as his face turned red. He felt awkward, and he didn’t know where to stand.

“Did you bring your room card?” Li Meilan said, “Let’s wait in your room.”

Xiao Tang’s room was on the right of Shen Jintai’s; since he was his assistant and spent the most time with him, it was natural that his room should be the closest since he can come over as soon as he’s needed.

After speaking, everyone walked towards the next door. When Xiao Tang was about to open it, Li Meilan paused and went through her bag. “Let’s go to my room.” Her room was farther away.

In the beginning of filming <Welcome Rain on a Spring Night>, Yan Qiuchi had arranged the rooms for their entire team, one for each person. Li Meilan’s room had a very good view, but she didn’t live there often.

When she swiped the room card, she immediately opened the door, and everyone hurried in. The atmosphere was awkward as Xiao Tang nervously rubbed his hands and said, “That… There seems to be nothing wrong with the alt account, so it should be okay not to talk about it.”

“Then… should we just disperse?” Li Meilan said slyly. They felt that even when Shen Jintai was done, it would not be easy for them to enter.

Everyone left the room again. This time, no one spoke. They walked with light footsteps towards the elevator. When the elevator door opened, everyone rushed inside in a panic. Just as the elevator door was about to close, they suddenly heard Shen Jintai’s obvious scream.

When the elevator door closed, everyone was silent for a few seconds before Li Meilan took the lead and let out a “pfft”. Everyone started cracking up, feeling embarrassed and amused. Li Meilan said, “No one is allowed to mention this. Let’s treat it as if we were never here!”

Xiao Tang was still a bit worried. He wanted to ask but was too embarrassed to, but he felt that the last sound he heard was a bit too loud.

Isn’t this domestic violence?

Wuwuwu, he was really worried for Shen Jintai!

The author has something to say:

Don’t worry, he is fine. This is just the “daily routine” with his husband powder.

Kinky Thoughts:

Well, it certainly is a kind of domestic violence, but not in the way you’re thinking of. Shen Jintai is about to ascend to heaven, dear Xiao Tang, not hell.

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