Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch176

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 176: Hot Springs

Taking into account the program, Shen Jintai had tried asking passersby in his broken English for directions. After asking several questions, he didn’t understand what they told him. He then followed Yan Qiuchi around two blocks and suddenly found himself in front of a hotel. When he saw it, he thought he had entered a shooting scene as it looks exactly like the photo in his hand.

It was just that the angle they were standing at now was different from the one in the photo, but examining closely the exterior wall, it’s almost the same.

While trying to find the angle to match the one in the photo, he heard someone yelling: “Ahhhhhhhhh stop!”

He hurriedly looked back and saw Tang Ye and Wang Siyi rushing towards them like a wind. Shen Jintai immediately ran towards the hotel entrance and rushed Yan Qiuchi: “Hurry! Hurry!”

Both teams have found the same hotel, so chances are, this was the correct one!

Yan Qiuchi smiled and followed Shen Jintai into the hotel with their suitcases.

Tang Ye panted and stopped at the hotel entrance and saw Shen Jintai standing behind the glass door waving triumphantly: “I’m sorry!”

Wang Siyi also ran over. Her face was flushed, and she was heavily panting: “It’s too… too bullying! I was almost there! Where did you come from? How could you be faster than us!”

“If I were you, I would try to find the second hotel quickly. I heard Siqi and Yang Lizhi said their goal is the second hotel,” Shen Jintai said.

Tang Ye straightened up as soon as he heard this, pulled his suitcase, and together with Wang Siyi, they hurriedly ran away again.

“I can’t do it. I can’t do it. I really can’t run anymore.” Wang Siyi clutched her stomach and waved her hand.

Shen Jintai smiled, turned around and walked towards the counter. When he saw the brand of yogurt sponsored by the program group in the hall, he knew they had found the right place. Yan Qiuchi went over to talk to the front desk, and Shen Jintai looked at him with admiration.

He was really captivated by Yan Qiuchi. After looking for a few seconds, he suddenly realized that the camera was capturing his face. Only then did he realize how lustful his expression had been just now and he immediately restrained himself, and gave a thumbs up to the camera, pretending that he was overly excited.

“How did you know it’s closer to take the alley?” He asked Yan Qiuchi as he walked.

Yan Qiuchi said: “Didn’t you see the map of the town?”

Shen Jintai was taken aback for a moment: “No. I thought you had been here before.”

“I guess a few of them didn’t see it either.” Yan Qiuchi said with a smile: “But there is also an element of luck, and luckily I was right.”

Pushing open the door to their room, Shen Jintai couldn’t help but marvel: “It’s really super luxurious.”

He opened the door to the balcony and saw a small round table with two chairs. On the table was the yogurt provided by the sponsor. He opened it and sat down on the chair and started eating it as he gazed out at the view. Lake Lemans was blue like the sky, incredibly beautiful like a piece of jade. In the distance of the lake were towering snow-capped mountains. The view was exhilarating.

Yan Qiuchi never came over. Shen Jintai got up while eating his yogurt, saw Yan Qiuchi come out of the bedroom, went to another bedroom, and then came out again, and said: “There are really no cameras.”

Shen Jintai almost forgot about this, and immediately double checked when he heard his words. Soon, the people from the program team came over and wanted to interview them. Shen Jintai chose to give the interview on the balcony. He felt that the scenery was beautiful enough and it would look better when it was broadcast.

He felt that the program team was most intimate with him, as they seem to be everywhere. The setting sun was dimming outside but its light was still very strong. He asked Yan Qiuchi to sit beside him and went to the camera to take a look before adjusting his position. Since he was a professional in this regard, Yan Qiuchi fully obeyed his instruction, moving his body bit by bit according to what Shen Jintai say.

“I’m very curious. It seemed that everyone was walking straight into the direction of the church, but why did you choose a different path all of a sudden?”

Shen Jintai said: “I asked him this, and he said that he had noticed the map on the side of the road.”

“But there is no name of the hotel in the photo, so you can’t tell if just look at direction, right?”

Shen Jintai looked at Yan Qiuchi: “Then I have to ask President Yan.”

Yan Qiuchi lightly took out the photo to explain, listing three reasons:

First, since the program team prepared the most luxurious hotel rooms, he felt that it must be one of the most famous hotels in the area. It wouldn’t be an unknown small hotel, and such eliminate most hotels in town besides the very big ones that’s marked on the map.

Second, the corner of the church is shown in the photo. The height should be a room above four floors. The snow-capped mountains cannot be seen behind the church, which determines the location of the hotel.

Third, it was based off his intuition. He felt that as a tourism program, they wanted to show the beautiful scenery of Evian as much as possible, so the location of the hotel must be in an ideal area where both the mountains and lake are visible.

Shen Jintai said: “I saw the church.”

Everyone was basically like this. They all headed straight to the church from the beginning and after finding it, would search for the hotel.

“It’s also luck.” Yan Qiuchi said politely.

“Did you really not put any cameras or microphones in this room?” Shen Jintai asked.

The director smiled and said: “I really didn’t. I hope everyone can have fun in Evian. You can take a break and after the other two groups settled down, we’ll all meet a the city hall.”

After the program crew left, Shen Jintai went to the bedroom to change clothes. As soon as he took off his shirt, he saw Yan Qiuchi come in.

“All gone?”

Yan Qiuchi said: “Nn. Xiao Fan isn’t following me anymore, so I’m a little bit unaccustomed.” Xiao Fan is Yan Qiuchi’s follow-up cameraman.

Shen Jintai smiled, bent over, and took off his pants, exposing his fair body and glorious ass. Yan Qiuchi asked: “What do you want to wear?”

“I want to wear the blue plaid shirt.”

Yan Qiuchi opened one of the suitcases and took out his plaid suit and also a gray suit. What surprise Shen Jintai was that not only did he remember which suitcase had the plaid shirt but that before they joined the program, the costume designer had matched all their outfits together and Yan Qiuchi listened to his advice and remembered them all. This ability was as terrifying as his skills to make people’s stomach bulge!

After changing their clothes, they all gathered at the City Hall. At this time, dusk had settled in, and the lights were turned out. It was quite cold in March. Everyone was dressed formally and Yang Lizhi and Wang Siyi both wore evening dresses.

The most handsome among the men was Yan Qiuchi. It wasn’t just his face but when everyone is dressed in formal wear, nothing was more suitable than this than him.

The local government had set up a banquet to entertain them. Because Yan Qiuchi was there, none of the translators invited by the program team came in handy. Today, not only did Yan Qiuchi gave him a lot of face, Shen Jintai felt that he gave the entire program group face. He was proficient in French and had an extraordinary appearance that gave him a gentlemanly demeanor.

If he hadn’t joined the program, he wouldn’t have known all these good qualities of Yan Qiuchi!

Although they are celebrities, they were still nervous about attending such an occasion. After all, these people are from the local government and they were in a way representatives from China, so they couldn’t afford to embarrass their own country. Everyone was on their best behavior that night, even Tang Ye, who was usually impulsive, held back and acted like a shy gentleman.

Yan Qiuchi had slayed the entire audience.

Their program schedule was compact. After the dinner party, they have to walk to the hot springs. Because of this, Shen Jintai didn’t dare eat much, fearing that he would be uncomfortable if he was too full while soaking in the hot springs.

Walking through Evian at night, the air was moist, full of fragrance from the flowers, and the weather was a bit cold. The scene of a group of young men and women in formal clothing walking along the streets covered with flowers and stone houses was beautifully shot. Though the night dimmed the visibility, everyone was glowing like stars.

Tang Ye kept complaining about their accommodation: “There’s really only one bed, and it’s in the attic! I have to bend over whenever I go up and the window is this big.” He gestured with his hands.

Wang Siyi whose accommodation was downstairs from his wasn’t any better. Zheng Siqi and Yang Lizhi managed to find the medium-quality hotel and according to them, it was similar to the suite they stayed at in Paris.

Tonight, would be the highlight for them. If they wanted to soak in the hot springs, they would have to undress and show off their bodies. The cameramen and the program crew sat on opposite sides with Guo Weimin sat in the middle.

The crew chose an open-air hot spring, so it was very large. Dense water vapors could be seen smoking out under the night sky. Around the area were rocks that were covered with lush vegetation and flowers, and a large lamp illuminated the entire hot springs.

They began changing out of their clothes and came out in turns covered by a white bathrobe. When Shen Jintai came out, he felt the chill of the cold air. He tested the water temperature of the hot springs and thought it wasn’t as hot as he expected. Most hot springs in France seemed to be medium to low temperature.

Yang Lizhi had originally brought a sexy swimsuit. Although she rarely shoots sensuous TV series, her figure was quite hot as she was blessed with a big chest and a thin waist. She wanted to blind the audience’s eyes with her beauty this time, but the program team had checked her clothes in advance and said it was too revealing. Even the ones that weren’t too revealing wasn’t approved by the program team as her chest was too big that even if she wore a conservative swimsuit, it would still be a bit over the line. Thus, with no other option, Yang Lizhi could only wrapped herself in a bath towel.

However, to show off her good figure, she wrapped the towel tightly around herself so all her curves could be highlighted.

Wang Siyi had an average figure, so she wore a pink swimsuit that fully covered her.

Among the male stars, Zheng Siqi turned out to have the worst figure. Since he was young, he didn’t exercise much. His figure was lean. Tang Ye obviously work out as his upper body was strong, but his lower body was a bit too short. When he came out, he directly jumped into the hot spring causing a big splash. Wang Siyi scream and Yang Lizhi was hit in the face by the oncoming water. She has gotten used to this pair by now.

Shen Jintai’s expression was calm, and he sighed inwardly. He knew the intention of the program group and what they wanted to show the audience. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have made them “present” themselves and enter the hot springs individually like this.

Well, it doesn’t matter. He had shown a lot more in the movies and dramas he had done and at least now he still had swimming trunks on. He untied his bathrobe and dipped into the hot springs, but found that as he got into the water, Zheng Siqi and the others were all watching him.

Shen Jintai’s figure was well-known in the entertainment industry. Everyone knew about his thin waist, long legs, and glorious ass. Along with his fair complexion, it gave him a kind of ethereal glow under the lights.

Seeing him in person like this, even Yang Lizhi was surprised, not to mention the rotten queen Wang Siyi.

So white and pink, wooooo.

Just halfway through their conversation, Yan Qiuchi had started to untie his bathrobe.

Holy fucking shit!

The delicate Wang Siyi couldn’t help but cursed loudly in her mind. The best man on earth had just descended from heaven.

The author has something to say:

The gods descended to earth? Author, you exaggerate too much! What an ancient term is this!

Author: As the best male protagonist in a danmei, please imagine that he’s the best male god in the world!

Kinky Thoughts: Holy fucking shit is right.

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