Bu Tian Gang Ch37

Author: 梦溪石 / Meng Xi Shi

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 37

The park was open at all hours of the day. Since it was in the middle of the night, all was quiet and the streetlights were dim, occasionally shining their light on the homeless and destitute. The bushes were rustling, and they weren’t sure whether it was an animal or possibly a couple coming to seek excitement.

Li Ying carried a small compass in his hand as he led the way. He would glance at it from time to time.

During the day, the tree-lined park gave off a romantic feeling during the summer and autumn months as their leaves scattered around, attracting many local residents who would come to take pictures. At night, the scene was very different, perhaps due to the current psychological effect they were under. Dong Zhi and Gu Meiren both felt the surroundings were particularly gloomy.

The park was large. Li Ying turned along the street into a small grove nearby, then crossed a steep grassy hill before arriving at an artificial lake. He suddenly stopped.

Everyone subconsciously looked at the compass in their hand and saw that the compass needle was stuck and wasn’t moving. Li Ying turned in a few directions while he shook the compass vigorously, but the needle didn’t respond.

“How strange,” he murmured.

Several people raised their heads and looked around. The artificial lake was so large that they couldn’t see the other end. There were lights by the lake, but the brightness was not enough for them to see things clearly.

“What should we do now? Did anyone else bring a compass?” Liu Qingbo asked.

Dong Zhi shook his head. Although he was considered a disciple of the Hezao Sect, it was only in name, and he didn’t develop the habit of using compasses. At that moment, Gu Meiren took out a short stick from her backpack and walked towards the lake. She put the stick to her mouth and started playing.

Through the dim streetlights, Dong Zhi realized that it was actually a small flute that looked lush and green, similar to that of a bamboo flute. The sound was not a familiar tone, but still melodious, and it could be heard from far away in the silent night. Suddenly, a small snake appeared, slithering across the grass towards where Gu Meiren was standing.

“Be careful!”

Gu Meiren remained motionless and continued playing the flute without stopping. The small snake did not attack her but instead straightened up its upper body and started hissing, as if it was communicating with her.

The sound of the flute became shorter, and a little while after, the little snake turned around and left. Gu Meiren put down her flute and said, “It should be over there. Come with me!”

Liu Qingbo thoughtfully asked, “My mother said that in Mengxiu county, in Ruili, there’s a flute fairy who can attract insects with music. Do you know of her?”

Gu Meiren smiled and said, “That should be my grandmother, but she’s not a flute fairy. That’s just flattery from the villagers.”

The four of them went around most of the lake until they ran into a body lying not far away.

“Is that Chi Banxia?” Li Ying was the first to identify her.

Everyone quickly ran over and found that Chi Banxia was completely submerged in water from below her chest. Her whole body was in a state of semi-consciousness. If it hadn’t been for one of her hands gripping tightly to the dirt nearby, she would’ve sunk into the depths a long time ago.

Her fingers on her right hand gripped the ground so tightly that the surrounding area was a mess. There was grass uprooted everywhere, showing signs of an intense struggle. When everyone rescued her, they found that her other hand was still submerged in the water. Her hand was wrapped around a large group of aquatic plants, and there were stones tied to them. It seems she was trying to tear them apart, but in the end, it was futile.

Gu Meiren tried giving her artificial resuscitation, but to no avail.

“What should I do?”

“I’ll do it.” Li Ying said. He pressed his hands on both sides of Chi Banxia’s temples and yelled, “Ha!”

Chi Banxia’s body shook slightly, and after a while, she slowly came to. She looked at everyone in a daze, confused about her current situation.

“Chi Banxia!” Li Ying patted her cheek. “How are you? Can you hear us?”

Chi Banxia slightly nodded, then coughed violently. Gu Meiren helped her up and brushed her back.

“Cough, cough!” She coughed so intensely that tears came out.

Li Ying: “Where’s Hui Yiguang? Didn’t you guys go out together? Did she also fall into the lake?”

“I don’t know…” Chi Banxia took a breath and began recounting what happened.

Hui Yiguang insisted on going out to buy face masks in the middle of the night. This behavior in and of itself was abnormal, but Chi Banxia had known her for years and knew she was obsessed with beauty products, so it wasn’t too surprising. Hui Yiguang said that the nearby supermarkets didn’t have the brand she wanted, so she had to drive to another place to buy it. As the car drove further and further away from the hotel, Chi Banxia sensed something was off, so she hurriedly asked her to stop the car. Hui Yiguang pulled to the side of the road and obediently followed her directions.

Chi Banxia said, “Stop. Let’s go back quickly.”

Then she heard Hui Yiguang slowly say, “Go back? Where are you planning to go back to?”

Chi Banxia was stunned as she looked at Hui Yiguang, who also turned her head and smiled strangely at her.

“Hui Yiguang!” Chi Banxia yelled before she quickly acted. She stretched out her hand and tried to knock Hui Yiguang out but was stopped by her opponent. Hui Yiguang, who was always weak, suddenly had amazing strength that was able to fiercely push Chi Banxia away. She opened the car door and walked out.

Not caring for the severe pain in her arm, Chi Banxia quickly hurried to catch up.

“What happened after?!” Liu Qingbo asked hurriedly.

Chi Banxia coughed. “Later, I saw her running towards the lake. She was about to jump into it, so I hurriedly rushed forward to catch her. Who knew that she was so heavy that I was almost dragged down by her? I don’t know what happened afterwards…”

There were clear marks of five fingerprints on her arm that had already turned dark purple and black. This situation was like an eagle who has been training for a lifetime and was blinded by the eagle*. A dignified witch doctor was actually plotted against. It would be extremely shameful if it were to get out, so Chi Banxia was full of anger and hatred.

*Refers to being in a field that one’s most familiar with only to be calculated against by those familiar people (AKA lost at what you do best).

“I’ve put a tracking curse on Hui Yiguang, so I should be able to sense where she is. Come with me!” She tried her best to get up as Dong Zhi and Gu Meiren assisted her.

In her condition, it would be too slow to move forward like this, so Dong Zhi said, “I’ll carry you. Just show us the way. Let’s go!”

Chi Banxia had no objection. She was barely alive at this point and had no real strength, so she pointed in the direction while on Dong Zhi’s back. Everyone followed it and walked on the path next to the lake for a while. Chi Banxia kept pointing to keep moving forward. Li Ying suddenly said, “If I remember correctly, there is a side gate from the park that leads to a hospital.”

Liu Qingbo took out his phone and opened a map app. “The fourth district hospital?”

Chi Banxia closed her eyes and meditated for a while, then opened her eyes again. “Yes, she’s in the hospital. It should be on the… fifth floor.”

Everyone no longer hesitated. They all rushed to the hospital. The fifth floor was the inpatient department. When several people hurried over, it alarmed the nurse who was on night watch. She got up frowning and said, “Who are you people? Visiting hours are not allowed right now. You’re disturbing our patient’s rest!”

Li Ying hurriedly said, “We are not here to visit patients. We’re looking for someone. Did a young woman come here just now? She’s very beautiful and was dressed in gray clothes!”

The nurse said, vigilantly, “I’m calling security since it seems you people have nothing better to do!”

Li Ying smiled bitterly. “She is Hui Yiguang, and we are her friends. She recently encountered something in her life, so she’s confused and in a bad mood. We’re afraid something had happened to her. We have been with her all this time, but she suddenly ran out. Can you tell us where she went?!”

“So it turns out she was Hui Yiguang!” The nurse said, with surprise. “No wonder she looked so familiar! She went to see the patient in room 5109. She said it was her friend.”

“Who’s in 5109? Can we visit them as well?” Li Ying said.

The nurse shook her head. “I didn’t let her in just now since it’s past visiting hours and she wasn’t a relative of the patient.”

Dong Zhi put Chi Banxia down. She closed her eyes, then opened them again and shouted categorically, though her voice was still weak, “No, she’s been there!”

Dong Zhi asked, “What about now?”

Chi Banxia frowned, her expression gradually showing pain. “Wait, I’ll look…”

Meanwhile, Li Ying called her assistant and asked her who was in room 5109 of the hospital and how it was related to Hui Yiguang. At this time, everyone had faintly guessed that there was some hidden secret that Hui Yiguang had been hiding from them.

Chi Banxia held her head and thought for a moment, then suddenly stretched out her hand and shook it in front of the two nurses on duty. The expressions of the two suddenly change. Chi Banxia shouted, “I cast a coverup! They’ll treat us as if we don’t exist, so hurry and go to 5109!”

To Gu Meiren’s and Dong Zhi’s surprise, the two nurses really lowered their heads and continued to do their jobs as if they hadn’t seen them.

Liu Qingbo: “Is this spiritual descent*?”

*(灵降) A kind of head taming technique that uses one’s willpower to make the victim hallucinate or lose consciousness and do unimaginably strange things. Practitioners are usually called descendants. || Note: I’ll be referring to her as a witch doctor going forward, as head-taming master sounds too weird. I’ll also be translating head-taming as witchcraft as well. See my Kinky Thoughts for details.

Chi Banxia smiled but did not deny it, simply saying, “It’s time limited and will automatically lift after a while. When I was sensing Hui Yiguang, I felt some mishap had happened to her. We need to go to 5109 to have a look before I can further confirm her whereabouts.”

If it weren’t for the paleness of her face, the smile she had now would look much sweeter and more moving.

On the way to 5109, Li Ying put down the phone and said to them, “The name of the patient in 5109 is Wang Qi. She’s also an actress but got into a car accident a month ago that left her in a vegetative state.”

Dong Zhi asked, “What’s her relation to Hui Yiguang?”

Li Ying said, “I heard that the two used to have a good friendship. They lived together for a while when they first entered the entertainment industry, but parted ways somehow. Xiao Han didn’t know all the details, but rumors have it that Wang Qi’s ex-boyfriend is Hui Yiguang’s current boyfriend.”

Could it be emotional entanglement? Everyone started to have traces of doubt in their hearts.

Liu Qingbo asked Chi Banxia, “Didn’t Hui Yiguang tell you anything?”

Chi Banxia smiled bitterly. “No, I don’t mix in their circle. I only met her again after I came to Beijing.”

“5109! There!” Gu Meiren said.

It was a double room. Taking the lead, Li Ying pushed the door open. There wasn’t any sound inside. On the bed closest to the door, lay an old man who was sound asleep. There was also a nurse dozing off next to him. To avoid alerting them and attracting unnecessary trouble, Chi Banxia waved her hand and, just as before, put them into deep slumber.

A young woman lay there on the inner bed. Her head was shaved, and she had a haggard expression, but everyone could vaguely tell that her face was beautiful, but strangely, the monitoring system next to her had been turned off.

She was also wearing a mulberry flower ring on her hand. The style was so unique that it would make people do a double take. Her medical records were hanging next to it. The name on them was Wang Qi.

Li Ying’s heart sank as he sensed something foreboding. He took two steps forward and pressed his fingers on the artery of the woman’s neck. His complexion drastically changed as he whispered, “I can’t sense a pulse!”

Everyone was shocked.

Dong Zhi suddenly said, “Wait!”

He quickly grabbed Li Ying’s arm to prevent him from touching the surface of the bed, then pointed to the area next to the pillow and said, “There’s an indentation here. Someone must’ve been here recently!”

Li Ying gestured. “It’s a woman’s palm.”

That should be Hui Yiguang.

Gu Meiren: “We must quickly find Hui Yiguang!”

This, of course, was obvious to everyone present, but the question was: Where did Hui Yiguang go? The nurse just said she didn’t let her in, so how did she get in? Is it possible that, like them, she had some kind of mysterious ability?

Li Ying frowned. “Could it be that she came here specifically to kill Wang Qi?”

They would’ve gone to the police a long time ago if it weren’t for the fact that Hui Yiguang was able to suppress a witchdoctor, which gave them pause.

At that moment, Li Ying’s phone rang. He answered it, spoke a few words, but most of the time just listened to the other end. After a few minutes, he hung up and his face became uglier and more serious.

“That was Hui Yiguang’s agent. I asked Xiao Han to look into the matter between Hui Yiguang and Wang Qi. Hui Yiguang’s current boyfriend did date Wang Qi, but according to Hui Yiguang, they only dated after he broke up with her. It was through Wang Qi’s recommendation that she landed the opportunity to star in her breakout film. Furthermore, the two injured assistants who came into misfortune were related to Wang Qi as well. The first one was injured after she was told by Hui Yiguang to go warn Wang Qi not to try anything after their falling out. The second that had the car accident was told by Hui Yiguang to visit Wang Qi in the hospital.”

Liu Qingbo surmised, “So, those two assistants are indeed related to Wang Qi.”

Combined with the strange things that were happening to Hui Yiguang and coupled with her weird behavior when she suddenly came to the hospital late at night, all the clues invariably pointed in the same direction.

“Is it because Wang Qi’s dead and her resentment is too hard to dispel that it’s lingering and disturbing Hui Yiguang’s tranquility? Wang Qi wanted to take revenge, but because we were there, she couldn’t get close, so she had to act out and make a big move?”

Dong Zhi said, “But Cheng Yuan said before that Hui Yiguang was clean and there was no ghost with lingering resentment stuck to her. Besides, Wang Qi is still lying here, indicating that she must’ve been breathing just now.”

Gu Meiren exclaimed in a low voice, “The soul! Before we came, Wang Qi hadn’t died yet. Her soul was separated from her body, and she became a living soul so that’s why Cheng Yuan didn’t notice it at that time!”

Almost at the same time, Liu Qingbo also said, “So that’s why Hui Yiguang said she always felt that someone was watching her!”

Li Ying frowned and said, “How could a living soul have such great energy? Even Chi Banxia was confused, hallucinated, and almost died!”

Dong Zhi tried to speculate on the situation. “Regardless of whether the living soul is capable or not, if Wang Qi’s living soul entangles with Hui Yiguang and could even control her body, what would she do?”

Liu Qingbo continued, “If she hadn’t been discovered by us, she would definitely live under the identity of Hui Yiguang. She would first take revenge, then take everything belonging to Hui Yiguang. But now that we have traced it to her, she most likely knows that she’s been exposed. Since the truth will come out sooner or later, it’s better to just…”

Gu Meiren said in a low voice, “Let Hui Yiguang’s body commit suicide, and no one will gain anything from it!”

There were many ways to commit suicide. There was no shortage of equipment inside a hospital, but the ward was more secure, and the windows had guardrails. The most likely thing to do is to run to the park and jump into the lake, but that would be too far away. It would be better to choose a faster and more convenient way.

Chi Banxia had been closing her eyes tightly just now, trying to sense Hui Yiguang’s location. She suddenly opened her eyes and shouted, “The rooftop! She’s on the rooftop!”

Everyone exchanged glances before fleeing the ward.

Dong Zhi grabbed Li Ying. “We suddenly appeared, and Wang Qi died afterwards. The surveillance must’ve recorded it.” It would be difficult to explain this situation once the investigation happened afterwards.

Li Ying said, “It’s fine. When we came in, I used a trick to make the monitoring system fail. To be safe, I’ll ask the Special Administration Bureau to intervene, but we need to focus on our target first!”

These days, the hospital was afraid of unstable patients who were short-sighted, so they installed an iron gate that led to the rooftop that was locked all year round. When the group got there, they found that the lock had been opened and the door was ajar. It was obvious that someone had been through it.

Everyone rushed up and looked around, only to find a figure that was walking towards the water tank. The figure was stumbling in a weird walking and stopping pattern, as if someone was dragging it towards something while also resisting moving towards it. It seems as if the figure was fighting a battle between heaven and earth.

“Yiguang!” Chi Banxia shouted.

Liu Qingbo flipped the switch on the wall and all the lights on the rooftop turned on. Hui Yiguang turned her head around abruptly!

Half of her face was crying miserably, looking at them with a surprised expression, but the other half was indifferent and numb. Her eyes were full of resentment and hatred. Witnessing the combination of two very different expressions on the same face at the same time was too strange and chilling.

“Help me! Save me!” Hui Yiguang said, as one corner of her mouth twitched. Tears continued to flow out of her left eye. “I don’t want to die…”

“Wang Qi!” Li Ying said solemnly. “We know it’s you. Let’s talk!”

Hui Yiguang suddenly grinned. “Do you want to save her? You can’t. I’m slowly merging with her, and soon, I will become her and she will become me. You can’t save her now.”

The calm and relaxed tone of voice was different from Hui Yiguang’s usual manner of speech, as if she was a completely different person.

“No! I don’t want to merge with you! Wang Qi, I beg you. Leave. This is my body! I’ll give you as much money as you want! I’ll treat you better. I beg you, just please leave!” Hui Yiguang pleaded.

Li Ying and the others could see that her consciousness had not been completely swallowed up yet. It was like two souls were pulling a saw across Hui Yiguang’s body, fighting for dominance.

Dong Zhi quietly held the Qingzhu Sword behind him and slowly drew the sword out of its sheath while the other hand reached into his pocket and squeezed a talisman. Looking around at the others, they were all on guard.

“My body has long been broken! If it weren’t for you, how could I become like this! On the first day you came to Beijing, you couldn’t even pay rent. If it weren’t for my kindness to take you in, where would you have stayed! You couldn’t even land a role and could only apply to become an extra. I gave you the chance and got you a supporting role! But how did you repay me?! You stole my boyfriend and repeatedly slandered me on the internet! As a result, you ruined my reputation, and now no one wants me and I’ve lost all my endorsements!” Hui Yiguang roared, spilling out all of Wang Qi’s resentment.

“I didn’t! I didn’t steal your boyfriend!” Hui Yiguang’s voice suddenly changed to the one everyone was familiar with. “He told me that he liked me, but I didn’t accept it because I knew you guys were dating. It was after he broke up with you that he started chasing me!”

The two souls huddled in one body as they confronted each other. The same sounds, voice, movement, and expression all changed as each soul spoke. The whole situation was indescribably weird.

Wang Qi sneered, expressed on one half of Hui Yiguang’s face. “You didn’t promise him, but your words were ambiguous. You flirted with him and dropped hints everywhere! You’re a slut who repays kindness with revenge!”

Hui Yiguang’s body screamed, “I didn’t! I’m different from them. They all rely on their gold masters* while I didn’t do anything like this!”

*Basically, a backer who provides financial support/influence for the artist in exchange for (usually) sex or other kinds of physical or emotional affection/favors.

Wang Qi cackled as if she’d heard some kind of joke. “So you’re more noble than others! I treated you as a friend and told you about my past, yet you used it against me and revealed it to the media. If it weren’t for you, would I be this devastated?!”

Hui Yiguang: “That’s because you have offended too many people. It’s none of my business! Please let me go. I’ll treat you well. Qiqi, aren’t we best friends?”

Wang Qi scoffed, as if she didn’t want to admit she was wrong and completely lost interest in the confrontation. “Being friends with you is the last thing I regret in my life. A bitch like you should just stay quiet, resting in your own body while watching as I live your life and you can’t do anything about it!”

Li Ying sensed something bad and interrupted the heated argument between them. “Wang Qi! Now that you are dead, you should go and reincarnate with peace of mind. If you steal others’ bodies, you will be punished by heavenly thunder! If you continue to be obsessed with this, don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

Hui Yiguang remained motionless. Instead of fear when she heard his threat, she smiled and said slowly, “You can’t get rid of me unless you kill Hui Yiguang.”

“Not necessarily!” Liu Qingbo suddenly moved, and instantly got behind Hui Yiguang. He pounced on her and, with a flick of his wrist, a stick with a sharp blade attached at the end suddenly lengthened, piercing Hui Yiguang.

Though she originally looked weak and dainty, she somehow became increasingly agile. Not only did she dodge Liu Qingbo’s attack, but she also managed to turn her defense into an offense as she fought with him completely empty-handed. Her strength increased so drastically that she was able to kick Liu Qingbo at his waist, causing him to retreat.

Li Ying took the opportunity and threw a talisman with his backhand. Instead of landing on the ground, it fluttered and burned in mid-air, sweeping towards Hui Yiguang. Then Dong Zhi and Li Ying made their move. One of them surrounded Hui Yiguang and formed an array around the entire rooftop, while the other assisted Liu Qingbo trying to trap Hui Yiguang with the talisman.

The array Dong Zhi was forming was the same as when they dealt with the Archfiend on Tianyuan Building. Its role was to form a barrier on the rooftop to prevent Wang Qi’s soul from escaping. After the events he had gone through, he had more practical combat experience and was more efficient in arranging the array. Using the compass app on his phone, he was able to calculate the approximate position immediately. Gu Meiren went to relock the iron gate to prevent innocent people from straying in.

Unfortunately, Li Ying missed. When the talisman was about to be affixed to Hui Yiguang, she stretched out her hand and grabbed it, crushing it fiercely in her palm. The burning flame didn’t seem to cause her to react.

Li Ying was in utter shock. The talisman caught fire because he used yang fire that was his own yang qi to ignite it. His yang merged with the gallbladder* of the talisman causing the talisman to burn spontaneously for a short period of time. This kind of fire couldn’t be extinguished by humans so easily. It could only be put out either by the yang qi being overwhelmed by the yin qi or rain from the heavens. Yet somehow, Hui Yiguang was able to crush the talisman so casually.

*Reminder: This is one of the five elements of a talisman that represents the doorway to the talisman. See lore glossary for details.

“Who the hell are you?!” He yelled.

“I am a person who has been harmed by Hui Yiguang. If you can accept a bitch like her but not me, then you’re not a very good person either!” Hui Yiguang’s face was grim as she spoke.

Li Ying said angrily, “It’s not up to you to decide if she’s good or bad. The way of heaven is constant, its cycle endless. You cannot escape from self-inflicted sins*!”

*This is part of If God commits evil, you can still violate it. If you commit evil yourself, you cannot live. (天作孽,犹可违;自作孽,不可活) It’s basically saying follow the rules and laws of God. Unless he commits them, you’re not allowed to.

Gu Meiren suddenly discovered that Hui Yiguang’s original expression was slowly being eroded away. It was estimated that it wouldn’t be long before her soul would be overtaken by Wang Qi and she would have complete control over her body.

Thinking of this, she couldn’t help but feel rushed, desperately trying to find a way to delay her opponent. She took out her flute and tried to use it to confuse her opponent, but as soon as she started to play, Hui Yiguang suddenly looked at her with fierce eyes as her figure dashed towards Gu Meiren.

As soon as Hui Yiguang moved, Liu Qingbo and Li Ying followed. One was holding a talisman while the other was holding a stick, trying to stop Hui Yiguang from two directions. This didn’t deter her movements at all as she kept moving forward and whisked them away with her bare hands.

The talisman was stopped by an invisible wall in the air while Liu Qingbo’s stick was grabbed by her other hand. She had such strength that she managed to drag Liu Qingbo a few steps forward!

Liu Qingbo gave a muffled huff as his wrist shook slightly. He suddenly pulled his hand back, and with a clang, everyone realized that the black stick was actually a scabbard. In his hand was a slender and sharp sword, similar to a western sword*, except the sword body was straight and sharp and was slightly glowing with blue light.

*Clarity: It’s referencing a fencing sword (foil, épée, or sabre in order of the picture). Note that it’s not a western sword though, as we’ll find out later what it really is.

Hui Yiguang threw the scabbard to the side as Liu Qingbo held up his sword and the two fought, yet Hui Yiguang didn’t retreat in the slightest step.

Li Ying tied seals with both hands and threw four talismans in an instant. They turn into four golden lights and shoot out like sharp arrows. Judging from the look of pain on his face, these four talismans must be of great value.

The four golden lights entered Hui Yiguang’s body, and she screamed. Liu Qingbo took the opportunity to stab her in the chest as he shouted, “Evil, come out!”

As the sword was drawn out of Hui Yiguang’s body, a mass of white shaped like a human figure fell out. The light mass kept shaking, but the face couldn’t be clearly seen as it kept tumbling around on the ground.

Hui Yiguang stagged a few steps before falling to the ground, holding her arms with both hands as she cried miserably.

“Is that Wang Qi? Is she gone?”

Liu Qingbo raised his sword and was about to stab the white light.


A scabbard suddenly appeared from beside him, covering Liu Qingbo’s sword.

Liu Qingbo glared at him and shouted, “Get out of the way!”

Dong Zhi said solemnly, “How do you know that that is Wang Qi?”

With his docile and soft face, it usually wasn’t very overwhelming when he spoke, but in this moment, as he asked that question, everyone was stunned as they looked at Hui Yiguang, who was still trembling.

Kinky Thoughts:

Two girls fighting over a guy… A tale as old as time. Just a life lesson, but in general the person that you’re fighting over is usually never worth it. Thank U, Next.

P.S. Don’t be a shitty friend and date your supposedly “best friend” ex. (I’m not taking Wang Qi’s side either cause she be cray as well.)

While it may be a controversial decision, I’m going to westernize some of these titles in order to help me better remember what they are as I translate.

Chi Banxia would be equivalent to something like a witch doctor/witch that practices witchcraft (head taming). From the description of a head-taming master/descendent, they are split into black and white magic. Witch doctors can cast curses but can also lift them and cure ailments (thus the doctor part). I think this is a more fitting translation than “head-taming master” or “descendent”, so I’m going with this. Shaman would also be fitting too, I think. Her other skills at controlling people are very similar to voodoo, which falls in line with a witchdoctor’s abilities.

In the same vein, head taming techniques are basically just witchcraft (but not in the sense that they’re inherently evil). So, I’ll be using the western equivalent.

Cheng Yuan is considered a warlock/sorcerer but, due to religious taboo, calls himself a psychic. I do not know the extent of his abilities yet to decide on his title, so I’ll stick to what the translation is for now.

Li Ying and Liu Qingbo seem to be your average Taoists who use talismans and such. Though Liu Qingbo seems to know things about poison since his mother is a famous gu practitioner. Either way, I’m undecided on their roles, so I’ll stick to what’s translated for now.

Gu Meiren and Ba Sang seem to be able to communicate with animals. Not sure what kind of English equivalent that is just yet. Most likely they are in the same vein as a druid and such, but I won’t make any decisions on that just yet.

Spiritual Descent (灵降)

A kind of head taming technique that uses one’s willpower to make the victim hallucinate or lose consciousness and do unimaginably strange things. This kind of ability must be performed with many spells. The effect is very fast, and it can control a person’s will in an instant.

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