Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch172

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 172: My Man’s So Excellent

Fang Fengmei and Yan Tiefeng were deeply concerned about Yan Qiuchi’s participation in a variety show.

“What time are you leaving tomorrow?” Yan Tiefeng asked.

“The plane takes off at 6 in the morning,” Yan Qiuchi said.

“That’s early.” Fang Fengmei said, “Have you packed everything?”

“We’re all packed,” Shen Jintai said. “We’ll be back in a week.”

The program team was fully cooperative during Yan Qiuchi’s time. Since he has a lot of work, the time he could spare was limited. It wasn’t possible to film for 15 consecutive days, so the program team adjusted the shooting plan and coordinated the schedule with the other four. They would shoot for one week, then wait a week and shoot again for another week.

Zheng Siqi and Shen Jintai had a good relationship, so he was naturally willing to cooperate with their schedule, while the other pair of celebrities, actress Wang Siyi and actor Tang Ye, were newcomers who were just overjoyed to be selected and starred in the show with a few top stars. The show was bound to catch fire, and they were just there to drink the broth, so of course they were more than happy to cooperate.

It was only Yang Lizhi who had her own opinions but could only hold them secretly inside. Recently, there had been several new post-00’s huadans in the entertainment industry. When she debuted, she had won multiple awards and was lauded for her beauty. Now, seeing that she was about to turn 30, she felt an impending crisis coming. Her acting skills weren’t strong enough, so she needed a hot variety show to brush her sense of existence. Sunshine Media’s thighs needed to be hugged as much as possible, given the recent period drama she starred in that was produced by them had caught fire.

Starting tomorrow, they will live under 24-hour surveillance, so tonight was their last moment of freedom. Shen Jintai felt that he should give Yan Qiuchi a little sweetness. After all, in the next week, they have to share the same bed, but they can’t do anything… Since cameras will be recording them even in their bedrooms. Though they can hide themselves under the blankets, they can’t cover up the sounds, so they must live an abstinence life.

But when he saw Yan Qiuchi, he seemed a bit odd. He wasn’t sure if the psychological pressure was too great.

Shen Jintai said, “Now that we have decided to participate in the program, let’s treat it as a vacation. Just relax and do what we usually do, but pay more attention to our words and actions.”

He felt that Yan Qiuchi’s cultivation was there, so his normal performance should be outstanding.

Yan Qiuchi rubbed his back with one hand and finally stopped at his waist as he kneed it slowly. Shen Jintai was taken aback at first before leaning towards him to slightly kiss Yan Qiuchi’s lips.

Yan Qiuchi said, “You don’t want to record the show tomorrow?”

Shen Jintai was slightly embarrassed as he said, “You don’t want it…?”

Are you going to take it or leave it?

Yan Qiuchi smiled and said, “I haven’t been allowed to touch you these few days and have been holding back. It hasn’t been too bad for this week, so I’m holding it in. I’m afraid if I get it, you won’t be able to move tomorrow.”

The plane was also departing at six in the morning, and they had to get up at five to make it.

It was late at night, but the gold powders were already chatting enthusiastically.

“I’m worried.”

“Yeah, me too.”

“Yan Qiuchi wouldn’t hold back our brother, right?”

“He’s never been on a show before, so who knows what kind of person he is. I’m not demanding much from him. Just don’t drag our brother down. Otherwise, those sunspots will have another orgasm.”

Yan Qiuchi was praised too highly online. They all said how good he is, but they simply found that this was just flattery. If Yan Qiuchi performed badly on screen, wouldn’t this mean that Shen Jintai had no vision? After all, Shen Jintai was obsessed with Yan Qiuchi, and everyone knew this.

Early the next morning, before dawn, Shen Jintai was woken up by Yan Qiuchi. He opened his eyes in a daze and felt Yan Qiuchi kiss his forehead. “It’s time to get up.”

He sat up and found that Yan Qiuchi had already finished washing and was fully dressed. There were two cameras squatting in the corner like ghosts and he didn’t know when they came in. Only a small light was turned on in the room, making it look quite dark. Shen Jintai sat up and rubbed his eyes.

Fortunately, due to his beauty rewards, he had a superb complexion, so that even when he just got up in the morning, he still looked handsome. The crew originally wanted to capture his plain-looking face but found that Shen Jintai looked better without makeup on.

While he did look gorgeous when he had makeup on, his face looked exceptionally pure without it. His lips were naturally rosy, his eyebrows were neatly trimmed, and his eyelashes were dense and long.

Turning on the headlights, he left the bedroom and found that there were already a bunch of people in the living room, including Li Meilan and the crew.

“Are we starting to film now?” Shen Jintai asked in a hoarse voice.

When the program team said they would film them 24 hours a day, they really meant it. Even on their way to the airport, there was a cameraman sitting on the passenger seat, shooting the whole process. Li Meilan was calm as she said, “It’s fine. If you don’t think it’s appropriate, we can have them cut it out.”

For this shooting, stars were not allowed to bring their own staff. Li Meilan was only here to take him to the airport. On the way, she chatted with the program team and offered some suggestions to them.

They felt that Yan Qiuchi was too quiet and cold, so they hoped that Shen Jintai could talk more. Otherwise, this whole scene would be quite dry, and they may need to cut it out later.

There were three pairs of celebrities. Shen Jintai and Yan Qiuchi were the true lovers pair, Zheng Siqi and Yang Lizhi were taking the friendship route, and Wang Siyi and Tang Ye were taking the single individual route. Whether they become hot, or not would all depend on the early stages, and more importantly, whether the show would be popular or not would mainly depend on whether the sugar between the two of them was sweet enough.

The program team knew this, and Shen Jintai knew it better. However, he wasn’t a coquettish man. Yan Qiuchi was quite lustful, but only behind closed doors. On the outside, he would be restrained and gentlemanly. It’s estimated that he wouldn’t be able to stand it if they asked him to kiss Shen Jintai, and neither could he.

“How big is the scale of the broadcast?” Yan Qiuchi, who had been sitting silently beside Shen Jintai, suddenly asked.

Li Meilan glanced back at him. The editor-in-chief sitting in the front turned his head and said, “It’s okay. If it’s inappropriate, it will definitely be cut off when it’s broadcast.”

Shen Jintai was also curious about the broadcast scale of the TV station, so he asked, “Can kisses be broadcast?”

Li Meilan laughed and slapped him on the arm. “I don’t know if the kiss can be broadcast, but they will definitely put in what you said just now.”

Shen Jintai was embarrassed. “No, no. Cut out what I said just now.”

The editorial director was overjoyed. This is the kind of pink bubble that she wanted!

“This depends on the kiss,” The editorial director said, “We have staff who specialize in controlling the scale. Don’t worry about it too much. Our show strives for authenticity. Just do what you two usually do!”

Kiss as much as you like! If they can get a shot of the two kissing, their ratings will ascend straight to heaven!

Shen Jintai sighed with emotion as he felt the looseness of the television series in this world. Not only were there gay TV series and movies, but even variety shows could feature gay couples, and they could even kiss!

He glanced at Yan Qiuchi.

Although Shen Jintai’s itinerary was not made public, many gold powders knew about it, so they ran over to send him off. Fortunately, there weren’t many people there since it was just about dawn. Many of them had been waiting all night at the airport. Shen Jintai went over to take a picture with them.

“My friend in Paris said that it has been raining for the past two days, so it’s a bit cold over there. Brother must pay attention and keep warm.”

“I have all my essentials,” Shen Jintai said. “I really can’t accept your gifts. I’m not allowed to bring an assistant, and I have to go abroad, so I can’t take them with me.”

Yan Qiuchi went to check in. After they entered the airport, Li Meilan and the others went back. With no assistance, Shen Jintai was afraid he couldn’t handle all the suitcases by himself. Hurriedly, he said a few words to the gold powders, and they all ran to help him.

Many gold powders were talking about it secretly as they took pictures with their phones.

“Yan Qiuchi is so handsome.”

“He looks better in person.”

“He doesn’t even let our brother take his luggage. He’s quite good at taking care of people.”

“He seems to be wearing an Armani jacket. He is indeed an Armani lover.”

The gold powders have grilled Yan Qiuchi inside out. They found that his fashion sense was relatively fixed, mainly sticking to black, gray, and white formal clothing, and the brand was mostly Armani.

As for Shen Jintai, the windbreaker he was wearing was from a brand that he was currently endorsing. It was one of the two top luxury brands under his endorsement right now. Most likely all the clothes he prepared on the show were from this brand, based on the rumor that broke saying Shen Jintai had met with the person in charge of the brand.

Shen Jintai’s clothes today were somewhat different from usual. Since his comeback, he usually followed the formal business style whether he was attending public events or in his private life. Today, though, his clothes were particularly fashionable. He was wearing white gold bracelets on his wrists that carefully matched his luxurious clothes, giving him an exceptionally glamorous look. It was quite contrasting to how Yan Qiuchi was dressed, but it made them match particularly well.

After a while, the other two pairs of celebrities had arrived at the airport. The shots of them gathering together attracted many passersby who came to watch.

A round of introductions was made. Wang Siyi blushed when she shook hands with Yan Qiuchi and Shen Jintai as she shyly said, “Just call me Xiao Yi.”

Shen Jintai wanted to laugh but, worried about the camera recording him, held himself back. Seeing Wang Siyi’s eyes shine, it was obvious that she was a rotten girl.

‘So handsome! So handsome!’ She secretly commented.

Tang Ye glanced at her. “I’m sorry that it’s me that you’re traveling with.”

Though Tang Ye could be regarded as a handsome guy, compared with Zheng Siqi, Shen Jintai, and Yan Qiuchi, he instantly became inferior.

Yang Lizhi was still a gorgeous queen. Her hair was wavy as she flicked it back. When she filmed the East Palace, she almost couldn’t drink the broth of the heroine. This time, she was determined to grab a little bit of heat for participating in this reality show.

After boarding the plane, it was more than ten hours before they reached Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris. When they left the airport, the members of the program crew left them to their own devices.

They decided to take a taxi to the hotel together.

Yang Lizhi had just woken up from the flight, covered herself in sunglasses, and wore a big hat. She said, “I can’t do it. I can’t speak English, and my French is atrocious.”

Wang Siyi was even more delicate, and the other three actors all showed embarrassed expressions, but they weren’t worried as they knew Yan Qiuchi had studied abroad, so his English was bound to be good.

Yan Qiuchi said, “I’ll ask.”

As he said it, he walked towards someone nearby while everyone waited there with their luggage. As soon as Yan Qiuchi spoke, everyone was stunned. Yan Qiuchi actually spoke in French. His pronunciation was so fluent that it was sexy.

Shen Jintai knew that Yan Qiuchi’s English was good, but he didn’t expect his French to be of the same caliber as well. Last night, he asked Yan Qiuchi if he could speak French, and he replied that he could speak a little bit.

What little bit?!

He gave Zheng Siqi a triumphant glance since the two of them are familiar and interact the most.

Zheng Siqi said, “Look at how prideful you are.”

Under Yan Qiuchi’s leadership, everyone successfully got into the car. When they arrived at the hotel, Yan Qiuchi took the lead as the five of them waited around in the lobby.

Tang Ye looked at Yan Qiuchi and gave a “wow”. He shook his head and said, “Brother Chi is awesome1.”

“Swearing1 isn’t allowed in front of the camera,” Wang Siyi said.

1Clarity: The word he’s using is (牛逼) which refers to someone as being very “powerful” and “strong” but can also refer to as a “bragging cunt”. This is why Wang Siyi responded like this.

Shen Jintai glanced at the two of them.

The hotel that the program team booked for them was average with okay conditions. It was mainly chosen because it was in a good location that was close to several major attractions. As soon as he entered the room, he said to Yan Qiuchi, “I’ve discovered a secret. Wang Siyi and Tang Ye feel like lovers.”

It seemed that they were a couple pretending to be strangers in order to participate in the show.

Yan Qiuchi pointed to the camera in the living room. “Are you allowed to say it?”

“They can cut it,” Shen Jintai said.

He put down his luggage and explored the room. Despite being small, he found there were actually eight cameras set up. With the exception of the bathroom, the cameras captured everything else. He opened the bathroom door and beckoned Yan Qiuchi to come over.

Yan Qiuchi glanced at the camera and walked towards him. Shen Jintai pulled him into the bathroom, shut the door, and immediately put his arms around Yan Qiuchi’s neck.

Yan Qiuchi smiled. “You’re acting mischievous again. You know I dare not touch you, right?”

Shen Jintai smiled and said, “I’m just praising you. Your French is so good that it gave me a lot of face.”

Yan Qiuchi smiled and said, “If I don’t come back out and they broadcast this, the audience will think we’re doing it in the bathroom.”

Shen Jintai became excited. “How do you say my sweetheart in French?”

“Mon chéri.”

Shen Jintai followed suit before smiling and kissing Yan Qiuchi. “Monch é ri*.”

*Clarity: It’s purposefully like this because Shen Jintai isn’t fluent in French, so his pronunciation is off.

“What’s wrong with you? Are you trying to rile me up?” Yan Qiuchi put his arms around Shen Jintai’s waist.

“I just think it’s so sexy when you speak French!” Shen Jintai’s eyes were hot. He suddenly felt his love for Yan Qiuchi growing. Bai Qingquan was right. A literate man was truly sexy!

Yan Qiuchi smiled and pecked his lips. “You know, usually when I touch you, you bemoan as if you’re dying. Now that there’s a bunch of cameras around, you want to hook up?”

Shen Jintai said, “I’m just thinking about it. It’s just that you’re so sexy.”

There was nothing scarier than a handsome guy with culture.

Kinky Thoughts:

After this episode Yan Qiuchi signed up for a lifetime membership to Rosetta Stone, thinking if French can get him laid, he’ll learn all the languages.

Yan Qiuchi: “Mon chéri.”
Me: Faints.

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