Bu Tian Gang Ch36

Author: 梦溪石 / Meng Xi Shi

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 36

Xiao Han turned pale with fright and said to everyone, “Can I trouble everyone to go back with me to have a look?”

Chi Banxia also made the request as well. While Li Ying could ignore Xiao Han, he needed to give Chi Banxia some face, so everyone headed back to the hotel. When Xiao Han knocked on the door, it took a while before Hui Yiguang opened it with trepidation.

Her face was even more terrified than before. She looked frightened beyond her wits. When she saw Chi Banxia, she rushed over and hugged her, crying.

“Hui Jie, are you okay?!” Xiao Han asked anxiously.

Hui Yiguang sobbed. “After you left, I was too sleepy, so I laid on the bed and closed my eyes for a while. Who knew that as soon as I fell asleep, I dreamed of being choked by someone. When I woke up, I saw the curtains were not drawn, so I got up and walked towards the window. When I was about to close it it…”

She pointed in the direction of the master bedroom. “I saw the roof of the high-rise building opposite of me, someone standing there facing me as if he had been looking at me!”

Everyone ran into the bedroom to take a look. The curtains were indeed not drawn, and the light from outside leaked in. The presidential suite was located on the top floor of the hotel, overlooking the night view of the bustling city. Below, the lights were bright and you could see the top floors of several nearby buildings, but there was no sign of the figure that Hui Yiguang spoke of.

For fear that the others would not believe her, she pulled off the silk scarf she’d been wearing and showed her neck to them. “This is the place that I was choked in my dreams. Look!”

On her fair neck was a shocking mark of five fingerprints that were red and purple. This was something that couldn’t be done by yourself.

“The person you saw, was it a man or woman?” Liu Qingbo asked.

Hui Yiguang said uncertainly, “It seems to be a woman. I can only see her wearing white clothes.”

Dong Zhi suddenly said, “Miss Hui, can you tell me about your first two assistants and what you had them do? After you switch to the third assistant, she has been fine all this time, yet your first two encountered accidents. Do you know why? Have you offended anyone?”

Hui Yiguang frowned slightly. Despite her looks, she was still amazingly beautiful, a testament to why she became so popular. But then again, her appearance is stunning compared to the average person, but wasn’t an uncommon sight in the entertainment industry. To stand out, in addition to strength, she also must have extraordinary luck.

“I really don’t know.” Hui Yiguang smiled bitterly. “To be honest, my family’s background is ordinary. Since I made my debut, I know that I had to rely on myself and be kind to others. How would I dare offend anyone? If I have to recount who felt bitter towards me, there were two previous managers who wanted me to do unspoken rules, but I politely rejected them. There are good people in the circle who are pure, so they won’t hate me for this, right? Later, after I became popular, I got along well with everyone and didn’t step on any toes.”

She breathed a sigh of relief and said, “I know you may think I’m hallucinating, but I told you before that I have been checked and everything is normal. There are no problems with me.”

There are those who are born with kindness and blessed with popularity, and Hui Yiguang is undoubtedly one of the best. Everyone’s original doubts and unhappiness had been almost erased under her sincere explanation.

However, Dong Zhi remained unconvinced and continued questioning. “Miss Hui, I found seasonal high-end clothing from two luxury brands, L&P and Cheryl, in the closet of your room. As far as I know, these are very expensive, and they’re not something you can just get by having money. You don’t seem to sponsor these brands, so can you tell us the reason why you have them?”

Hui Yiguang said in an unhappy tone, “Are you investigating me?”

Cheng Yuan’s tone was even more displeased as he rushed in front of Dong Zhi and said coldly, “You’d better figure it out. You’re asking us for help, but you’re hiding details from us, so we don’t know the specifics of your situation. Next time something happens, no one can save you!”

Dong Zhi said, “This information is not a secret and can be found on the Internet.”

Hui Yiguang’s face turned pale, and she softened her tone. “You misunderstood because I thought this matter had nothing to do with what’s going on with me, so I didn’t say… My boyfriend bought those clothes for me, but he’s an outsider who runs his family’s business and has nothing to do with the entertainment world, so I didn’t tell him about what was going on.”

This whole time, Hui Yiguang maintained a glamourous image in front of her boyfriend and never allowed any sloppiness to show. Her boyfriend regarded her as a goddess because of her acting and he treasured her like a pearl in the palm of his hand. Lately, he chalked up her strange behavior as her being in a bad mood, and naturally, Hui Yiguang didn’t want her boyfriend to know the real reason.

Dong Zhi said, “Then does your boyfriend have any enemies?”

Hui Yiguang hesitated. “…I don’t think so. Even if there is one, he and I are not married, so why would they retaliate against me?”

Dong Zhi said, “I mean, does your boyfriend have an ex-girlfriend or something?”

Hui Yiguang’s face changed slightly, but she concealed it so well that even Dong Zhi, who had been staring at her, thought he was seeing things.

Li Ying said, “Yes, there must be a motivation for everything. Your house is not haunted, and your surroundings are clean. Only accidents have been related to you and the people around you. I can’t really think of any other situation except for someone who’s thousands of miles away.”

Chi Banxia said, “I’ve heard that the Miaojiang have a kind of poison technique, similar to witchcraft, that attaches spirits to you. It also uses mental control that makes it difficult for a person to sleep and eat. Do you think this is it?”

Liu Qingbo shook his head. “I am also slightly knowledgeable in poison, but it doesn’t look like it.”

Everyone began talking, but they couldn’t come up with any results.

Hui Yiguang implored softly, “I know that everyone has real abilities. The two masters I hired before not only said that I was haunted by the ghosts, but also said that they helped me exorcise them, but it didn’t get better after that. Can you help me solve this problem completely? I will treat you as if you were recruited and pay handsomely. How about two million?”

With a total of ten of them, they’ll each get 200,000. The big star was quite generous.

Li Ying felt that this wasn’t getting anywhere, so he said, “Why don’t we divide into several groups, each with two people? They will spend two days with Miss Hui and assess the situation. If anything happens, I will contact everyone else to come help immediately. What do you think?”

Wealth certainly does move people’s hearts. You can make 200,000 yuan simply by solving a difficult problem. This was highly cost-effective. It’s no wonder those feng shui masters now have countless properties at every turn. While the money was easy to make, for Li Ying and the others, there was a more important reason. They could treat this as a real-life mission and gain valuable experience.

This was simply killing two birds with one stone. Everyone was motivated and nodded in agreement. Hui Yiguang was overjoyed when she saw this and thanked them profusely. The money meant little to her, but if these strange things kept happening, it would be the death of her.

Li Ying said, “Miss Hui is a celebrity. With two people around her appearing out of thin air, it will attract attention. The outside world will speculate and gossip. In this regard, you need to solve this problem yourself, Miss Hui.”

Hui Yiguang thought for a while and said, “This is easy to accomplish. I’ll just say that you’re the bodyguards sent by the company. Others generally only pay attention to my assistants and agents and won’t pay any heed to you.”

With the matter settled, Li Ying and Chi Banxia were the first group for the first round of the two days. For the rest of the lottery, Dong Zhi and Cheng Yuan were in group two that will handle the second round. Gu Meiren and Liu Qingbo would be the third round, and so on for the rest.

Hui Yiguang felt refreshed that she asked for everyone’s bank account number on the spot. On the way back, each of them had received a transfer of 300,00 yuan, which was much more than the total original negotiated price.

Not mentioning Cheng Yuan or Gu Meiren, but even those who don’t usually lack money, like Dong Zhi, felt Hui Yiguang was a very generous person. She had shown her sincerity first. Despite their lack of experience, she had entrusted them, so they could not easily turn her down and would naturally try their best to help her.

Gu Meiren felt uneasy. “I’m afraid I can’t help her solve her problem, so I don’t feel right about keeping the money.”

Dong Zhi said, “If you refuse to accept it, she’ll be afraid you won’t do your best. Take it for now and return it when you really can’t solve the problem.”

Cheng Yuan also agreed. “Yes, I heard that there’s lots of money to be made in Taoism nowadays. If you look at all those feng shui masters, they charge millions for a single trip. Compared to that, we are already considered good quality and come cheap.”

After being persuaded by them, Gu Meiren nodded and stopped mentioning the money. Switching topics, she asked, “According to you, what do you think her problem is?”

Cheng Yuan said, “The house and her whole body are indeed clean, but there is one thing that is very strange. The choke marks on her arms and neck are not fake.”

Dong Zhi’s heart stirred, and he suddenly said, “Could it be a demon, or perhaps a devil?”

Cheng Yuan frowned and said, “I won’t rule out this possibility, but I’m more inclined to believe that she’s been cursed by witchcraft. This pathway is not observed by gods and ghosts and can easily be done but can go unnoticed by the affected party.”

Gu Meiren said, “I think that her symptoms may be entangled in nightmares. It is said that ghosts can also turn dreams into nightmares.”

The two of them had different opinions, and neither could convince the other. They all wanted to get recognition from Dong Zhi, who simply gave them a wry smile. “In fact, I have a bit different thought from you guys, because I have dealt with demons before, which is why I suspect that this time, demons are at fault.”

Cheng Yuan said, “Then let’s see if we can find clues in the next few days. If it’s according to what I said, and she’s really been cursed, then even if someone follows, she will still encounter an attack. As for the accidents of her two previous assistants, it may be just a coincidence.”

While talking, Gu Meiren had arrived at her place. Dong Zhi and Cheng Yuan sent her back, and after chatting for a while, they made an appointment to meet Hui Yiguang tomorrow before parting ways.

Back at the Special Administration Bureau, the old man who was the security guard at the back door had already become acquainted with Dong Zhi. He had eaten the beef jerky that Dong Zhi brought for him several times. As he sat there napping with his arms folded, he gave Dong Zhi a glance and nodded slightly to greet him.

Dong Zhi found it curious that this uncle seemed to be there 24/7. No matter what time of day or night, he would always see him whenever he went in and out.

When he climbed up the stairs to the floor where his dorm was, he saw Long Shen standing in the corridor, opening the door to his room.

“Boss Long?”

Long Shen turned to look at him, also a little surprised. “You haven’t slept yet?”

Dong Zhi said, “I just came back from the outside and encountered something. Are you planning to rest?”

Long Shen said, “Not yet.”

Dong Zhi: “I happen to have something I want to ask you. Is now convenient?”

Long Shen: “Come in.”

Dong Zhi was ecstatic at having accomplished the achievement of entering the male god’s room for a second time. At first glance, he saw the yulu placed on the cabinet by the entrance when he entered. The plant was still there and hadn’t been thrown away, and it looked to be well raised.

His mood entered a state of bliss. He could never raise succulents. It didn’t take long after he bought them for them to wilt. He didn’t know what he was thinking when he gave Long Shen the succulent. He thought it was a mistake and he should have bought something that would be able to be stored and kept for a longer period of time.

He walked over to examine the plant, as he hadn’t seen it for a few days. The yulu had become more energetic, looking crystal clear, as if it was glowing green under the light. It was more vibrant than when he first bought it.

“This flowerpot seems to be different from the original?” He chuckled.

Long Shen said, “I took it to a flower shop and asked them to change the pots.”

Truthfully, changing the pots would not have saved the original yulu. The store said the roots were rotted and it couldn’t be saved, so they suggested he buy another plant. Long Shen refused and insisted that they change pots, and when he came back, he used a small technique to revive the plant.

Dong Zhi, unaware of this, praised him. “You’re much better at raising plants than I am! I can’t grow succulents at all. The best I can do is aloe vera or cactuses.”

Long Shen frowned deeply. “Don’t gift me stuff like this next time.”

Dong Zhi responded coolly, “Then should I gift something else?”

Long Shen: “…Don’t give anything.”

Dong Zhi laughed. “Alright.”

Long Shen paused for a moment, thinking that he should still make things clear, lest Dong Zhi thought he was just saying it to be humble. “I don’t know how to raise plants. I just used a technique and lent it some vitality.”

Dong Zhi was surprised. “How?”

Long Shen said, “I took some vitality from a towering tree with a deep foundation and vigorous vitality.”

Dong Zhi thought for a while. “So, in this sense, can you also lend someone life force?”

Long Shen nodded. “Theoretically, yes, but it goes against the virtue of nature.”

Dong Zhi couldn’t help worrying. “Won’t this affect the plant then?”

Long Shen said, “It doesn’t apply to plants.”

He didn’t know what to say. Dong Zhi felt apologetic. “I really didn’t expect this small gift to bother you so much. You’re very busy and you had to spend what little free time you had on trivial things like this.”

Long Shen shook his head, thought for a while, and then said, “Every life is precious and cannot be easily given up.”

The male god’s heart turned out to be warm. The more he learned about him, the more Dong Zhi felt he wasn’t wrong to like such a person.

Long Shen led him to the living room and went to pour two glasses of water. Dong Zhi organized his thoughts and recount Hui Yiguang’s affairs to him.

“What do you think?”

Long Shen said, “I haven’t seen her, so I can’t make an accurate judgment. There are many of you, so it’s okay to take this for experience. The training exam will be more difficult than this.”

Dong Zhi blinked. “Does this mean that I passed the interview?”

Long Shen: “I am only responsible for one of the scores. The final results have not come out yet.”

Dong Zhi still persisted. “Then what score did you give me? Can you tell me?”

Long Shen stared at him without speaking.

Dong Zhi zipped his mouth with his hands and said consciously, “I understand. I won’t ask!”

A smile flashed across Long Shen’s eyes. Suddenly, Dong Zhi’s phone rang, interrupting him as he lowered his head to look at it, missing this precious moment.

“Hello, how are you?”

“Dong Zhi, something happened! Hui Yiguang and Chi Banxia are gone!” Gu Meiren hurriedly said on the other end of the line.

“What’s going on?!” Dong Zhi felt chills.

Gu Meiren: “I’ll come over to find you and we’ll talk on the way!”

Dong Zhi agreed and hung up the phone quickly.

Long Shen had heard their conversation, so he asked, “Do you need me to go?”

“No need.” Dong Zhi said. He naturally knew that if Long Shen was there, the situation would be worry-free, but he couldn’t always count on him for everything, otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to grow. “There are many people here this time, so it shouldn’t be a problem. I really can’t trouble you longer. Rest quickly!”

Long Shen nodded, got up and sent him out.

Seemingly thinking of something, Dong Zhi said, “I got a small commission this time, so I’ll invite you to dinner some other time!”

Long Shen said, “Okay.”

With just a few words, he managed to score another appointment. He praised himself secretly. ‘You’re so awesome, Dong Zhi!’

Just as he was about to leave, Long Shen stopped him and said, “Take the Qingzhu Sword with you.”

Hearing his words, Dong Zhi hurriedly returned to his room, put down his backpack, grabbed his phone, and put the Qingzhu Swords on his back and hurried downstairs.

After he left, Long Shen closed the door and found that his room was deserted again. The glass of warm water that he had just poured was still steaming on the table, as Dong Zhi didn’t have time to drink it. He turned around and walked towards the bathroom. When he passed by the entrance, as if his heart wanted it, he suddenly stretched out his fingers and touched a leaf of the yulu.

The fat and tender leaves felt soft and full of life, like the vibrant smile of the man just now. In the past, Long Shen would never have done such a meaningless act. At that moment, as he had just touched the plant, he immediately retracted his finger.

Dong Zhi waited downstairs for a while before a car stopped in front of him.

“Get in the car!” Gu Meiren shouted as she poked her head out from the backseat. Dong Zhi found that the driver was Liu Qingbo, who turned his head around. When he saw the Qingzhu Sword on Dong Zhi’s back, he was surprised, as he didn’t expect his rival could use a sword.

When Dong Zhi got into the car, it immediately sped forward at such a fast speed that it made him lean back as he hit the seat. Not caring much about Liu Qingbo, he asked, “What happened? Where’s Cheng Yuan?”

Gu Mei said, “Cheng Yuan’s place is too far from here, so he can only go on his own.”

After that, she detailed what happened to Hui Yiguang. After they had left, according to the group agreement, Li Ying and Chi Banxia would be the first to stay with her for the next two days. The presidential suite was large enough and there were three rooms there, so it could accommodate them all. Li Ying stayed in one room, while the assistant stayed in the other. Because Hui Yiguang was scared, she asked Chi Banxia to stay with her. They were originally friends, so naturally Chi Banxia had no objections.

Li Ying was born on Mount Maoshan, and his father is both a consultant for the Special Administration Bureau and an elder of the Maoshan Sect, so he has deep qualifications. His own pedigree and his basic skills are naturally solid. At that time, he gave Hui Yiguang a Maoshan exorcism talisman and set up a small talisman array in her room. Whenever anything evil approaches, they will touch the array and be discovered immediately.

Everything was going well. Before going to bed, Hui Yiguang found that she had forgotten to bring her usual facial mask, so she asked Xiao Han to go downstairs and buy a box for her. Unfortunately, Xiao Han bought the wrong brand, making her unhappy, so she wanted to go out and buy it herself. She couldn’t be dissuaded, so Chi Banxia offered to accompany her.

The two had been gone for over an hour after they went downstairs. Xiao Han felt that it was taking too long and felt uneasy, so Li Ying pinched his fingers and suddenly changed color. He found that the Maoshan exorcism talisman he gave to Hui Yiguang wasn’t on her, and at this time they couldn’t contact either Hui Yiguang or Chi Banxia. Li Ying used his technique to calculate their approximate location and rush there.

Halfway there, he called Liu Qingbo and asked him to call everyone to come over to help, which led to Gu Meiren calling Dong Zhi.

It stood to reason that Liu Qingbo would have rushed over immediately when he received the call, but he didn’t know what he was dealing with. Whether it was a human or ghost, a demon or monster, or even some kind of curse or witchcraft, Liu Qingbo doubted that he could handle it by himself, so he had to call others to assist. As for whether he had the mentality to compete or observe Dong Zhi, this was not known.

The car drove north, getting further away from the city center. The road was unimpeded as it was late at night, and they finally reached their destination half an hour later. The area was in a non-residential area, and the entrance was to a park. Not long after they arrived, Li Ying also came.

“I couldn’t find Hui Yiguang, so I could only calculate the approximate location of Chi Banxia. It should be around here!” Li Ying hurriedly said as he got out of the car.

“Hasn’t anyone else arrived yet?” Gu Meiren said.

Li Ying: “We can’t wait any longer. Let’s go first!”

Despite so many people looking after Hui Yiguang, this kind of thing still happened. In addition to their anxiety at such an unbelievable event, for the first time in his life, Li Ying felt as if all the Taoism he had learned in the past 20 years were absolutely false!

Dong Zhi said, “Something has happened to Chi Banxia, so it’s better for us not to separate.”

Gu Meiren nodded. “That’s good idea.”

Liu Qingbo wanted to taunt him for his timidity, but when he heard that others agreed with this sentiment, he held back his tongue.

Kinky Thoughts:

Loving these cute small interactions between Dong Zhi and Long Shen.

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