Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch158

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 158: The Golden Age!

On the stage of the Nancheng Arena, Shen Jintai pressed one hand to his ear as his body swayed to the music, looking extremely relaxed and confident. In actuality, he felt embarrassed, and his breath was unstable. Li Meilan stood under the stage and gave him a thumbs up.

If he wanted to rest in the afternoon, he would need to pick out the important content and arrange it this morning. This time, dancing and singing were separated, which worked better for him so he wouldn’t be constantly panting and unable to sing.

“Good?” He came down and asked Li Meilan.

“That’s all we can do.” Li Melian felt that saying more would deflate Shen Jintai’s self-confidence, so she added, “I think it’s enough. We didn’t charge anything for this event, and it’s mainly for the fans to see you!”

Shen Jintai was still worried, especially after he witnessed the whole process of Bai Qingquan’s depowdering with his own eyes. Not every fan was a little angel, and many had come from far away just to attend this event. If he performed too badly, they would be disappointed and angry.

If his stage skills weren’t enough, he could only make it up with other aspects. He decided that every fan who was present would be given a small gift package. Souvenirs would be given during the event, and after discussing it, everyone decided to add a snack package to it.

It happened that he had an endorsement with a highly popular national snack brand. Li Meilan immediately contacted the brand. Before she left, she turned back halfway and asked, “Do you want to add a bottle of milk as well?”

Shen Jintai also had a milk endorsement. Apart from his underwear endorsement, both of these national brands were his only two non-high-luxury endorsements.

“Let’s give each person a rose,” Shen Jintai said.

“That’s a good idea!” Li Meilan said.

Flowers have always been Shen Jintai’s signature. He’ll be wearing a rose in his chest pocket during his performance, so if a rose is distributed to every fan there, it’ll be romantic and would make them very happy.

“We are really losing money this time,” Xiao Tang said. “Brother Jin, take it easy and don’t let it affect our year-end bonus!”

Shen Jintai laughed loudly and said, “I have already prepared all your red envelopes. When the event is over tonight, let’s celebrate together, and I’ll send them to you!”

At 6 PM, night had already fallen. The weather wasn’t good, and it was extremely cold. Outside of Nancheng Arena, there was a scene of hustle and bustle as long lines wrapped around the entrances.

“Is this the largest birthday party in the entertainment industry? I heard that the stadium, which could hold 30,000 people, is full!”

“I saw the aerial photography just now. It’s really amazing! Gold powders occupy about half the fan circle!”

“I want to go to the scene to watch it. Why don’t you broadcast it live? Touhua will be on the stage again after a few years. To be honest, although he was a bloody storm at the beginning, he really had the charm of the stage. He was harmed by the ghost animal Touhua Dance made by the black powder!”

“I heard that Shen Jintai’s team emptied all flower shops in Nancheng today. It seems he’s being very generous!”

“It’s true. My friend works for a flower shop. He said that he only wanted roses at the beginning. Later, except for the ones that other people had reserved, he bought all the flowers!”

“Touhua is really popular. This birthday has such a prosperous atmosphere!”

“The LED screens of the whole city seem to have been covered in gold powder. It is said that they are going to send him a sea of gold all over the city tonight. There are so many gold powders, and a lot of them are local tyrant fans!”

“Speaking of local tyrants, isn’t Shen Jintai’s biggest local tyrant fan Yan Qiuchi? Is he going to take advantage of this birthday to make a big wave?”

“Why do I think the two of them will go public tonight?”

“Now, fans generally have acquiesced, right? Maybe it will be made public at the birthday event, but I don’t know if Prince Yan will be there.”

The gold powders thought this as well, especially when they saw that the staff at the entrance were handing out flowers. The arena was not only a sea of people, but also a sea of flowers. Golden light signs and glow sticks connected one by one like a flowing ocean.

The star-chasing experience this time was truly great. It was more lively than Chinese New Year’s. Looking around, they were all people who were the same. Everyone was like-minded, and for the sake of their idol, they gathered today. The sisters who used to chatter in the group chat finally had the opportunity to meet in reality.

“Where did you get this bracelet? I want it too!”

“Wow, your poster is so beautiful!”

“Have you watched my brother’s new movie… Yes, yes, my crying eyes are swollen now, look at my eyes!”

“Sister Qianqian, I finally met you in person, I’m Xiao Hui. I even put on makeup today!”

“When the meeting’s over, let’s go back together from Dongcheng and have dinner together? Okay, okay!”

The atmosphere in the arena was positive and enthusiastic, full of people who spoke a common language and had the same interests!

Zheng Siqi was the first celebrity friend to arrive. When he entered the dressing room, he saw that Shen Jintai was already putting on makeup.

“Happy birthday,” Zheng Siqi said as he handed over a bouquet of flowers.

Shen Jintai took it and hugged him. “I’m too busy, so I won’t greet you.”

Zheng Siqi said, “Xiao Bai will come later, and he asked me to tell you.”

When Zheng Siqi and Bai Qingquan went to the audience area accompanied by security guards, they caused a small commotion, but the bigger commotion was when Yan Qiuchi appeared.

“Really, really, is it Yan Qiuchi?!”

“It must be. He is so tall!”

“So handsome! Why is he so handsome in person?! He walks so manly!”

“It won’t really be made public tonight, right? Wuwuwu. I’m in a complicated mood.”

Li Meilan and others heard this commotion in the dressing room. Xiao Tang, who was brushing the gold powder group, laughed and said to Shen Jintai, “The fans are all guessing that you will announce your relationship tonight.”

Shen Jintai: “What is their attitude?”

Xiao Tang: “Most of them are saying that it’s a pity for such a good cabbage*, ahahahaha!”

*The full saying is that a good cabbage will make a pig arch. It’s a metaphor referring to something good having been ruined.

The video of Yan Qiuchi’s appearance at Shen Jintai’s birthday party quickly circulated on the forum. In the dim light, Yan Qiuchi was wearing a black coat and a baseball cap. Accompanied by a group of friends, he entered the auditorium very low-key, exuding a very restrained and luxurious aura. When it came to handsome men, the more photos that were taken, the more handsome they looked.

“The two of them are really worthy. The prince is young, handsome, and rich. He also has no messy love history. This brother-in-law is much more reliable than the other little flowers.”

“Hahaha, have you automatically classified Shen Jintai as a little flower?”

“Didn’t Weibo engage in a selection of our brother-in-law’s flower last time? Prince Yan ranked first. If Touhua is not a flower, who would dare to call it a flower?”

“No way, Touhua is too popular. He’s part of the young men’s selection and in the little flower competition.”

“The nickname Touhua is really getting more pleasing to my ears. I wish Touhua and brother-in-law’s flower to tie the knot tonight!”

The stage slowly rose to the sound of music, and the stadium of 30,000 people was surging with energy like a tide of golden waves in an ocean. The moment Shen Jintai appeared on stage, waves of cheers and screams rushed towards him. The big screen cut to him and gave Shen Jintai a close-up. His eyes were clear, his lips were rosy, his teeth were white, and his eyes were slightly moist. He looked majestic and energetic, and there was a red rose by his chest that was blooming brightly.

“I am like a moth drawn to the flame. Love and hate burn inside of me.”

As soon as Shen Jintai started singing, fans cried with excitement. The current Shen Jintai was completely different from the one from three years ago. It was like an entirely different person, but the starlight in his body was even stronger. There were more fans, and more of them were loyal. The mood was infectious, as hearing the young sisters and brothers shouting his name until their voices became hoarse made the surrounding area full of excitement.

“Shen Jintai, Shen Jintai, Shen Jintai…” Waves of shouts blasted throughout the arena. Yan Qiuchi saw Shen Jintai smiling and bowing, and his eyes were red at that moment.

“Ahhhhhhhhh.” Bai Qingquan waved his glowstick and said to Zheng Siqi, “I’m also a gold powder at this moment!”

He used to be a fake gold powder, hiding in the gold powder group and doing undercover work. Now he’s truly a real gold powder, as he sincerely shouted Shen Jintai’s name.

When Yan Qiuchi heard this, he glanced back at him.

Bai Qingquan smiled and patted Zheng Siqi. “Let’s go. It’s time for us to go on.”

The climax of the meeting was the theme song of <Moths to a Flame> accompanied by the shots of the three masters in <The East Palace is Coming>. Three people appeared on the slowly rising platform. Shen Jintai stood in the middle, while Zheng Siqi was on his left and Bai Qingquan was on his right.

The audience was boiling. The song was sung twice in total. Once when Shen Jintai sang it at the beginning and again with a three-person chorus. After singing, Shen Jintai took the microphone and said, “Everything started with <The East Palace is Coming>. If there was no East Palace, there wouldn’t be me today. Where are Director Guo Rui and screenwriter Meng Xiaosheng?”

Guo Rui and Meng Xiaosheng appeared in the audience on the big screen. They stood up, smiled, and waved. Song Wei, who played Empress Xiao, also came, as did Chang’an’s actor, Sun Chen.

“I don’t need to introduce these two people on stage.” Shen Jintai said with a smile.

The fans answered for him, he smiled and raised his hand to signal to the left, and the fans shouted, “Zheng Siqi!”

He raised his hand to signal to the right, and the fans shouted, “Bai Qingquan!”

“Thank you so much! But what I want to thank most of all is you…” Shen Jintai burst into tears and gave a slight pause. The gold powders went crazy.

Shen Jintai smiled with tears in his eyes as he saw the scene cast on the big screen of smiles all around. “I don’t know what to say. Just like the theme song we just sang, history does not leave my name, but I will remain a memory to you all. I think that after many years, no one will remember my name, but I know that at least you will remember me. I am honored to be remembered by you, and I believe that no matter how many years or decades pass, everyone will remember that there was a month on the 29th that you spent with a person named Shen Jintai. Thank you! I wish to be with you forever and always!”

The big screen behind him suddenly showed a clip of Shen Jintai that was glamorous and wild on the stage of <Pick Me>. He was dancing vigorously and had flirtatious eyes that ignited the heat of that summer. Following that shot were clips of <The East Palace is Coming> with a black hair Li Xu running on the long palace road wearing a green robe that turned into a white hair Li Xu wearing a red robe. Then the sound of surging music aired as a clip of Luo Wensheng slowly turned his head.

Finally, there is a video recorded by Shen Jintai. He looked directly at the camera; his eyes were bright and clear as he said, “Hello everyone, I am the actor Shen Jintai.”

The author has something to say:


Bai Qingquan finally became a real gold powder.

The East Palace was the most important chapter in Shen Jintai’s life, career, friendship, and love. This was all because of Bai Qingquan. (Bai Qingquan: My intention was to humiliate him!)

Remember and say goodbye to Shen Jintai in the past.

I wish to be with you forever and always.

Kinky Thoughts:

Yesssss! Bai Qingquan has become a real gold powder!!! Forever and always!

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  1. [TW about the thing that happened in the first chapter.] If you think about it, it’s very ironic: The real SJT committed suicide because he thought BQQ stole his “lover”. But the replacement SJT managed to be “reborn” thanks to BQQ. Also, by becoming popular again thanks to BQQ, SJT stole BQQ’s “destiny” of being the most popular actor and lover of YQC.


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