Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch157

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 157: Hugging You

They slept throughout the entire flight, and when they came out of the airport, it was already dark. Neither of them could go back to the hotel to rest. Bai Qingquan was going to record a variety show, while Shen Jintai had to rush to the set of <Welcome Rain on a Spring Night>. After filming, he has to go to Nancheng Sports Arena to participate in his birthday celebration rehearsal.

“The day after tomorrow, I will see what time the variety show can be recorded. If I have time, I will join you.” Bai Qingquan said. He wanted to appear at Shen Jintai’s birthday party to support him and to use the opportunity to promote <When You’re Older>. It was like killing two birds with one stone.

Shen Jintai said: “If you want to come, tell me in advance, or tell Sister Lan and the others.”

The two hug and he couldn’t stop sneezing. Bai Qignquan patted him on the back and said: “You should pay special attention to your body for these few days and don’t get sick.

“I’ve been too tired recently.” Shen Jintai hadn’t slept enough.

“This is going to trouble Director Hong.” Bai Qingquan said with a smile.

Shen Jintai smiled and watched him get into the car. Only then did he go to the filming set accompanied by Xiao Tang and others. Exhausted, he fell asleep in the car on the way there.

When he arrived on the set, Li Meilan immediately handed him two cups of hot coffee to warm and refresh him up. The coffee was ineffective as he fell asleep again while makeup was being applied on him and he couldn’t hide his fatigue.

“Fortunately, the recent scenes I have to act fatigued, so this state is good.” Shen Jintai laughed as he took a deep breath before arriving on set.

As soon as Qiu Hong saw him, he said: “Congratulations.”

The opening for <When You’re Older> have exceed box office expectations and everyone in the crew knew it and were happy for him. After all, the more popular Shen Jintai is, the more favorable their movie box office will be in the future.

Shen Jintai filmed until 4 AM before sleeping in his RV for a while. At 8 AM, he took a few bites of breakfast before he started filming again. He continued until 4 PM and then took a car to Nancheng Sports Arena.

Tomorrow was the 29th, his birthday. He had been too busy recently with all his schedule colliding together that the rehearsal time had to be squeeze out. This was his only chance to rehearse. Without any stage experience, this was more stressful to him than acting.

The Nancheng Sports Arena can accommodate tens of thousands of people. Tickets were given out, and even then, it wasn’t enough. The number of gold powders were far too large. From elementary and middle school students to aunties in their 50’s and 60’s, his fans cover over four generation of young to the middle-aged.

All the tickets for this event were free. Despite the ticketing process was strictly controlled, many still fell into the hands of scalpers and the price set for them was sky high. Many fans spent copious amount of money and rushed thousands of miles away just for this event. The 29th would be the coldest time of the year. Shen Jintai was worried that if he didn’t perform well, it’ll disappoint all his fans enthusiasm.

The stage was an unfamiliar territory for him, and it was even more difficult to cooperate with the band. After rehearsing all night, it was still a mess. He began to feel regret about holding this event.

“You used to sing and dance very well,” Li Meilan said: “It’s only been a few years yet you’re this rusty?”

“That’s all I can do.” Shen Jintai said wearily.

Seeing that his eyes could barely stay open, Li Meilan said: “Go back and get some sleep first. Let’s discuss it again and see which parts can be cut off. I think you can’t keep up with your physical strength now so you can cut off a little bit of your dance portion. Bring in more background dancers.”

“But many old fans want to see Brother Jin take the stage again and reproduce the performances that were more famous during the draft.” Xiao Tang said.

Although Shen Jintai won the C position by throwing money in the draft, he really had the charm onstage. There are several performances that are classics in the hearts of old fans. Although Shen Jintai has now embarked on the path of an actor, the old fans were looking forward to him singing and dancing to a few of his notable songs during his birthday event.

“If I have time tomorrow, I’ll try again.” Shen Jintai said.

It really couldn’t work today. Not only could he not dance, but he couldn’t sing anymore. The weather was bad, and it was a moonless night. The forecast stated that there might be light snow. Seeing snow make him nervous, especially when there are so many fans and people coming tomorrow.

Anxiety had plague him all day and will keep doing so tomorrow.

Shen Jintai returned to the hotel under Xiao Tang’s escort and met Yan Qiuchi as soon as he got there.

He smiled and asked: “How do you know I’m back?”

“President Yan always ask me.” Xiao Tang said.

“You go back and rest, just leave him to me.” Yan Qiuchi said as he took the luggage in Xiao Tang’s hand.

Due to reheasing all night, Shen Jintai’s body was all sticky and greasy from sweat, so he went to take a shower. As he left to shower, Yan Qiuchi helped him organize his luggage. After seeing that Shen Jintai hasn’t come out of the bathroom for a long time, he knocked on the door.

“Haven’t you finished yet?”

There was no answer inside. Yan Qiuchi opened the door and saw Shen Jintai lying in the bathtub, already asleep. He was sleeping soundly until he was patted twice. Shen Jintai slowly opened his eyes, narrowed them into a slit, and said in an extremely tired voice: “I’m so sleepy.”

Yan Qiuchi fished him out of the bathtub and didn’t mind the hot water soaking him. He held Shen Jintai with one hand and went to get a bath towel in the other. Shen Jintai suddenly opened his eyes and look at him blankly while saying: “You’re so strong.”

“I thought you fell asleep.” Yan Qiuchi said.

Shen Jintai pursed his lips, but then really fell asleep. He regarded Yan Qiuchi as his lover now and was completely relaxed in front of him. There was nothing to worry about.

On the other hand, this was painful for Yan Qiuchi who was holding a snow-white body while wiping it down. Still, he counted this as a profit. He had seen a glimpse of it in the movie. His heart was hot looking at this view and he felt like he was rubbing tender tofu.

He and Shen Jintai hadn’t been able to see each other and haven’t slept together for many days. With his arms around Shen Jintai, he slept more comfortably than usual. He was entangled for a few minutes on whether he should dress Shen Jintai in his pajamas or not. Eventually his gentlemanly demeanor overcame the desires of his heart and felt that he shouldn’t take advantage while Shen Jintai was sleeping like a dead log. It was best to strip Shen Jintai’s clothes off one by one when he was most sober.

Shen Jintai didn’t sleep well that night. He kept dreaming about the upcoming event and became more nervous. Suddenly he woke up and it was already early the next morning. When he woke up he found that he was tightly held in Yan Qiuchi’s arms and the smell of Yan Qiuchi filled him.

“Happy birthday.” Yan Qiuchi said.

Shen Jintai smiled in a daze, rubbed his eyes, lay down for a while, and said: “I have to get up.”

“It’s still before 7.”

“I want to rehearse again before dark.” Shen Jintai moved for a moment, and then glanced at Yan Qiuchi slightly embarrassedly.

Yan Qiuchi’s complexion was slightly red, but his expression was very magnanimous as he said: “It’s just a natural reaction, right?”

Shen Jintai: “I’m exhausted, so I don’t think about it.”

Yan Qiuchi said: “It’s said that it’s a natural physiological response that have nothing to do with whether your brain wants it or not. If you think there’s a problem, maybe you should see a doctor.”

Shen Jintai: “No, I am very healthy!”

Shen Jintai sat up but Yan Qiuchi lied back down and said: “I have to sleep for a while. You slept soundly last night but I didn’t sleep much.”

Shen Jintai knew most likely the reason why, so he said: “You’re still busy?”

Yet still so much energy to think about this kind of thing!

“I’m done. It’s Chinese New Year’s so the company is on holiday.” Yan Qiuchi stretched out his hand and suddenly put his arms around his waist again, burying it into his pajamas as he took in a deep inhale.

Shen Jintai smiled, lay down again, and inched closer to Yan Qiuchi, meeting his eyes.

Yan Qiuchi pressed his forehead up to his and said: “You were right last time.”


“You love me more than before.” Yan Qiuchi said: “The way you look at me is different.”

There was a soft gentleness in those eyes and more love. Whenever he talks to Shen Jintai, he would always look into those eyes.

Shen Jintai got up to wash. While brushing his teeth, Yan Qiuchi suddenly entered the bathroom and peed directly behind him. Shen Jintai was a little unaccustomed to it, so his face became slightly hot as he secretly looked at Yan Qiuchi through the mirror. The sound of the water feels as if he was penetrating into his heart.

The way they act now was like an old married couple. They wake up together with their arms around each other. When one was washing up, the other comes in to use the bathroom. This shows that they were very close. But it was still different from a real married couple, as they have not had intimate physical contact yet*.

*Clarity: Intimate as in sex.

Yan Qiuchi came over to wash his hands after peeing and kept watching Shen Jintai with a smile on his face. Shen Jintai gave him a glance while he continues brushing his teeth with his electric toothbrush when Yan Qiuchi suddenly came over and hugged him from behind, and took a big inhale of his neck.

“I like your smell.” Yan Qiuchi said. It smelled so good and it warmed his heart.

Shen Jintai: “Later, will you go to the hospital with me to see Auntie Fang and the others?”

“They have already gone home, it’s too far away.” Yan Qiuchi said.

Shen Jintai was taken aback for a moment and asked: “Can they be at home?”

“I hired a professional medical team at home, which is more comfortable than the hospital.” Yan Qiuchi said.

Shen Jintai rinsed his mouth, as Yan Qiuchi kept hugging him. He shrugged his shoulders and said: “I want to wash my face.”

“When can you take a full day off?” Yan Qiuchi asked suddenly.

“What’s the matter?” Shen Jintai asked.

“Nothing.” Yan Qiuchi said: “I just want to hold you all day.”

Yan Qiuchi has always been restrained and gentlemanly. He rarely would say things that are too straightforward, like this. Even so, Shen Jintai understood the implicit meaning behind the words that he dares not say aloud. A whole day of hugging would be more than just hugging.

The two of them are now of the same mind, and they have already determined their relationship. Unless they were exhausted, how can they be alone all day and be like Liu Xiahui*.

*Also known as Zhan Huo is a Chinese politician that was known for his eminent virtue. It is said on one occasion he had held a lady in his lap without the slightest imputation on his moral character.

Even if Yan Qiuchi could, he could not. Thinking of these things made Shen Jintai a little nervous and some discordant thoughts appeared in his mind. He recalled that day he went to Yan Qiuchi’s room and suddenly ran into him who had just taken his shower and was standing there naked…

His mood changed suddenly. He even felt that his taste in men had change to the said person that was hugging him at this very moment. In their own private space, there was no cover. Yan Qiuchi might act abstemiously, but his hair was messy as he just woke up, making him seem a little less aggressive. He looked handsome but had a very homely feeling.

While he may look indifferent on the outside, there was an entirely different scene in his heart. Maybe it was because they haven’t slept with each other yet that Yan Qiuchi refuse and couldn’t let him go. While he acted gentlemanly, everything he desired was said in secret.

Yan Qiuchi laughed. The sound very light and airy.

The author has something to say:

Fill in the blank: “I want to [ ] you all day.”


Reading comprehension: How to understand the sentence: “I want to hold you all day.”

Kinky Thoughts: God I love these dog food scenes. Yan Qiuchi is so fucking cute. It won’t be long now y’all. Patience is key.

I love how the author is doing his best to skirt around these censorship issue. I’ll play your game author. For those who missing it, replace “hold” with a four-letter word that starts with the letter F and ends with a K.

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