Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch154

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 154: Significance

“Have you heard that Touhua was photographed going in and out of the hospital where the Yan family was located many times? According to insiders in the hospital, he went there almost daily, no different from the Yan family.”

“Rumors has it that he and Yan Qiuchi had already talked about it so I think it’s true that it’s going to be announced to the public soon.”

“But I heard that Yan’s family has been in turmoil recently. Yesterday, I was chatting with my friends, and I was still emotional. Such a flourishing business empire could be so fragile that it could collapse at any moment.”

“Your district is really only suitable for water gossip. Such little IQ. Yan Tiefang may fall, but the Yan group will not. The country will not let them fall as its related to the jobs of tens of thousands of people. At most, there will be a successor.”

“Prince Yan, Prince Yan! Yan Qiuchi, as the Prince Yan of the Yan family isn’t he the rightful and only successor? His younger brother seems to still be in school, right?”

“Yan Qiuchi is too young. I don’t think he can match the directors of the Yan corp.”

“A company that has grown to that kind of scale, the distribution of power must be relatively balanced. Unlike small companies there the boss is in charge of everything, the Yan’s leadership is relatively intertwined, so the internal struggle will be fierce. When Yan Tiefeng was at the helm, he relied not only on business ability but also prestige. Yan Qiuchi is only 25 and is too young to helm such a large business.”

“Not only the Yan’s, but Sunshine Media stock have fallen a lot as well. It’s too miserable. It’s only been listed for less than a year.”

“Sunshine Media belongs to the Yan Group. It is the entertainment territory of the Yan Group. It is not surprising that it’s affected by the parent company. However, I don’t think that Sunshine Media shares falling has anything to do with Bai Qingquan. After all, it is a matter of the family. There are too many projects invested by Sunshine Media last year and they also acquire two major companies. There’s also a time difference between the projects and earnings so the annual report looks ugly.”

“Yes, Sunshine Media has developed so well in the past two years, there will definitely be no problems. The main thing is the future of Yan’s parent company, and whether it can survive safely or not.”

Although Yan Tiefeng was sober, he can’t control the company’s affairs. Several shares of the Yan Group have fallen and some even delisted as the company was in turmoil.

The Yan Group was founded by Yan Tiefeng, so naturally his son is the successor. It’s just that after Yan Qiuchi graduated from college, he founded Sunshine Media to hone his skills. His main expertise was in the film and television industry while the Yan group covered many fields like real estate, entertainment, tourism, and finance, forming a huge business empire. If Yan Qiuchi want to take over smoothly, he can’t do it without the support of the leadership of these various branches.

However, there are some on the board of directors that wanted to take this opportunity to decentralize the power. With the internal struggle intensifying, rival companies have taken the opportunity to come and poach talent. The vice presidents of two important departments have submitted their resignation and took their teams away and since the spot was vacant, someone will have to fill it, causing the factional struggle to become even worse spiraling the Yan Group into a major crisis.

“Don’t worry about it.” Old Lady Fang said: “Old Wang and Old Li have a very good relationship with Tiefeng. They hold prominent seats in the board of directors. With their assistance, Qiuchi will be able to live up to their expectations. This difficulty will pass. The most important thing is for you to take care of your health. Everything else is unimportant. Isn’t the money you make in this life enough to spend?”

Mrs. Yan laid down and said: “It’s not a question of money or not. Old Yan has worked hard all his life. You can see how hard he fought and suffered when he was young. The Yan Group is his lifelong effort, and it can’t be taken away by others because of an accident, let alone have it collapse. Xinyang Group and Chunfeng clearly wants to divide us.”

“But what can you do in this state.” Old Lady Fang said.

“Now that Old Yan is incapacitated, we have to support the company and then give it back to him when he recovers. Qiuchi is capable, but he’s too young. They’ll bully him for being young so it’s impossible for him to compromise easily. I have to talk to them.”

“Look at your condition. You want to help but you can’t even walk yet and the scars on your body haven’t even healed.” Old Lady Fang hurriedly said: “Don’t be brave.”

Mrs. Yan smiled and said: “Only when I appear in front of them like this, will they be soft-hearted. Qiuchi will be the one to take over in the future. He can’t be soft with those old things. When I think about it, it’s best for me to come forward. Moreover, they are all old people who have followed Old Yan for over ten years. It’s best to give them some benefits, then move them with affection and reason. I’m also familiar with all their wives as well.”

Having made up her mind, Mrs. Yan went to Yan Tiefeng’s room to learn more about the company’s inner workings. Since she planned to make a move, she must prepare to make a big movie.

Yan Tiefeng disagreed and said: “You’re like this. Just rest and recuperate for me.”

He was like Old Lady Fang, in this moment, her body was the most important. She still had bandages all over her arms.

“I think Qiuchi has been working too hard recently. He eats and lives in the company. Those old men rely on the old to sell the old*, and they always make trouble for him. One’s either an elder uncle or a younger uncle*. He’s still young so it’s not a good outlook if he’s too aggressive. If this continues, maybe nothing big will happen but it will affect his mood. After all, he’ll still be the one who’ll take the helm in the future. Now that he’s deflated in front of these directors, who will be afraid of him in the future? You can’t move now, but I can. Don’t think I don’t have any skills just because I’ve been a housewife for all these years and go shopping and to beauty salons every day.”

*Rely on the old to sell the old (倚老卖老) = Idiom referring to an older person who shows his seniority, despises others, and believes that everyone must be humble and considerate to him.
*She’s saying [Shushu] (
叔叔) and [Bobo] (伯伯). They both mean uncle but shushu is used to refer to someone who is older than one’s father, while bobo is used to refer to someone younger or of the same age as one’s father. I will translate it as elder and younger uncle to mark the difference.

Yan Tiefeng smiled and said: “I have never thought of you that way.”

“Before I got married to you, I supported myself. Later, when we got married, didn’t we work hard together in the early years? In fact, in the past two years I have started to doubt. You are becoming more famous and whenever I got out, everyone always calls me Mrs. Yan. I’m not only Mrs. Yan, I also have my own name. When did people stop calling me Sister Fang? Don’t people know that I’m Fang Fengmei.”

Yan Tiefeng smiled and patted her hand.

Fang Fengmei sat on the hospital bed and continued: “The Yan Group is your effort, mine, and the future of our children. I will guard you well and you will recover from your injuries. When you recover, I will return it to you. In the future, you will lead Qiuchi and Yaoxuan to make the company even bigger and better. I know your ambitions best. Haven’t you always wanted to make Yan a world-class company?”

Yan Tiefeng’s eyes were moist, and he held her hand without speaking.

“Besides, if it weren’t for you protecting me at that time, it might’ve been me who couldn’t get up from the hospital bed. You know my temperament. If you treat me well, I’ll treat you well. I can’t stand being unable to help you and still lie in bed all day doing nothing.”

After Fang Fengmei finished speaking, she suddenly burst into tears. Yan Tiefeng said: “What’s wrong? It’s not that I didn’t agree with you.”

Fang Fengmei smiled lied on top of him and said: “If you don’t die in a catastrophe, there’ll be blessing in your future. Our blessing is all behind us.”

Yan Qiuchi was sitting in the office, preparing for the upcoming board of directors. A knocked came from outside, then Gao Qiao came in, bowed and said: “President Yan.”

Yan Qiuchi: “Your back.”

Gao Qiao nodded. He was extremely excited to see Yan Qiuchi again.

“Your spirits look much better than before.” Yan Qiuchi stood up and said: “Are you ready? We’re going to fight side by side again.”

Gao Qiao excitedly said: “I’m at your disposal any time.”

“You can discuss it with Fang Yun. Without affecting the normal operation of Sunshine Media, form a team for me. You two should take the lead and be courageous and capable.”

Gao Qiao: “Yes!”

“Go.” Yan Qiuchi said.

Gao Qiao hadn’t seen Yan Qiuchi for a long time, and he wanted to take a good look at his boss, but he also knew the Yan’s current situation and that Yan Qiuchi was overloaded with work. He hurriedly turn around and went out when Yan Qiuchi suddenly stopped him: “Gao Qiao.”

Gao Qiao turned his head and he saw Yan Qiuchi smiling at him and said: “Be polite when you see Shen Jintai. He’s my partner now.”

Gao Qiao was momentarily stunned before blushing: “Don’t worry. I’ve changed my views on him a long time ago. I’m really happy for you.”

“Go.” Yan Qiuchi said.

After Gao Qiao left, Old Wang and the others came in. Yan Qiuchi stood up and greeted them: “Uncle Wang. Uncle Li.”

At the Yan’s last board meeting, the latest staff adjustment would be released soon. Whether it will be approved by the board of directors was still unknown. The entire headquarters was in a state of high pressure as senior directors entered the meeting room one after another.

As the directors talk among themselves, they saw the door of the conference room pushed open and Yan Qiuchi walked in dressed in a formal suit, holding a folder, and was surrounded by President Wang and President Li.

Yan Qiuchi’s eyes resembles Yan Tiefeng’s and he looked extremely cold and dignified with his serious expression. Ignoring his abilities, his appearance alone can intimidate anyone.

The room became quiet, as the meeting officially started. At first, the atmosphere was relatively harmonious, but after the latest staff adjustments was presented, everyone was unable to sit still.

“The chairman just can’t get out of bed, but we can still have a video conference. Letting Qiuchi participate in the board of director’s meeting for the staff adjustment report by various management department is a major event. I’m not saying he doesn’t have the ability, but is he familiar with the company?”

“At such a critical period, any small mistake can trigger a chain reaction. It would be better for the chairman to come forward, right?”

“What is Mr. Tian implying? Qiuchi and the chairman are father and son so aren’t his intentions the same as the chairman? How would he act against the chairman?”

“Then as you say if he’s just the mouthpiece for the chairman and have no personal decision, isn’t it better to hold a video conference? It’ll be clearer if we can hear directly from the chairman.”

While the meeting erupted into chaos, the door of the conference room was suddenly pushed opened. Everyone looked over and saw a well-dressed, plump, and tall women that had her hair in a bun, with a neat and calm demeanor walked in. It was Fang Fengmei, followed by her second son Yan Yaoxuan.

“Deputy Director Liu is there something that you still don’t understand?” Fang Fengmei walked in with a smile. Yan Qiuchi stood up and she waved her hand to Yan Qiuchi to sit down, as she sat down on the vacant seat next to him: “If you’re still unclear, I can explain it to you.”

Fang Fengmei has not intervened in company affairs for many years, but she’s a veteran of the company and its largest shareholder. Back then, she earned her title as the Iron Lady. Many directors present had worked with her when she was young, so they were quite surprise by her appearance. Her arms still had plaster, and despite the gorgeous makeup, it still didn’t cover up all the injuries on her forehead. Who could say anything when such a woman was sitting in front of them.

“Many of the people here are old friends who worked hard with Old Yan back then. I have nothing to say. Everyone knows Old Yan’s current condition and he will not be able to come back in a short time. Recently, the company’s stock has plunged sharply, and everyone here has suffered heavy losses. At this juncture, we should work together to support the company through this difficult time. Qiuchi just took office and all of you are his elder and younger uncles. You all have watched him grow up and I hope everyone can support him. Those who have any opinions can talk in private, but on forefront, I hope everyone can come together in unison.”

After Fang Fengmei finished speaking, Yan Yaoxuan behind her said discontentedly: “As the successor of the Yan family, my brother is recognized by everyone, whether you like it or not. Even if he doesn’t take over today, he will eventually succeed. I hope that all you elder and younger uncles can support him for not only his own good, but yours as well. Everyone in this room is smart. There’s no need to play games in this meeting.”

“Don’t talk nonsense.” Fang Fengmei said.

The mother-son duo was collaborating with each other*.

*Term here is (在唱双簧) which refers to “singing double reeds”. It’s a metaphor referring to working together (like singing a duet).

Fang Fengmei had a gentle attitude as she talked and laugh while Yan Yaoxuan, due to his habit of being a dandy, would step in with a harsher rebuttal. As for Yan Qiuchi, he remained polite to the directors present, while hidden needles prick his heart, just like how his father is. The three joined hands and with Old Wang and Old Li they were able to reach a compromise*, and the thus the staff resolution was successfully passed.

*The term here is (和稀泥) which translate to “and slime/mud”. It’s a metaphor referring to reconciling disputes, mostly referring to unprincipled reconciliation and compromise.

“Why are you here?” Yan Qiuchi asked as soon as he entered the office and hurriedly went to help Fang Fengmei.

Fang Fengmei let out a sigh of relief, sat down in pain, and said: “Your dad was afraid that you won’t be able to handle them, so I had to step up.”

“Mom, did I behave well just now?” Yan Yaoxuan asked.

“I’ll reward you with a car.” Yan Qiuchi said.

Fang Fengmei smiled: “You did good and said everything we wanted to say and didn’t dare say.”

Yan Yaoxuan: “If you want, I can say that our family owns the majority of shares, and we don’t have to be afraid of them! What can they possibly do?!”

“That would hurt both sides.” Fang Fengmei said: “It’s not that simple to manage a company.”

Yan Qiuchi sent Fang Fengmei back to the hospital along with Yan Yaoxuan. On the way back, Fang Fengmei suddenly asked: “What’s the name of your friend who came back with you from abroad?”

Yan Yaoxuan: “Shen Cheng.”

Fang Fengmei: “Is it the Shen I’m thinking of?”

Yan Yaoxuan let out a vague “Nn”.

Fang Fengmei: “When did you make such friends? He’s quite loyal enough to stay by your side at the hospital for these past few days.”

Yan Yaoxuan: “He just messes around and is completely useless.”

Yan Qiuchi, who was driving in front said: “I don’t think he is as bad as you say.”

Yan Yaoxuan immediately changed the subject, pointed out the window and said: “Look, it’s Xiao Jin!”

On the big LED screen in the distance, the final trailer for <When You’re Older> was playing. Smiles, tears, youth, and a love that never ends. The scene showed a full back and a naked body appeared in a flash then finally the picture froze showing Shen Jintai and Bai Qingquan, twins of divine beauty.

The author has something to say:

The comeback of Bai Qingquan, the transformation of Mrs. Yan to Fang Fengmei, the deepening of Yan Qiuchi and Shen Jintai’s feelings, the emergence of Shen Cheng, the return of Gao Qiao, Yan Qiuchi’s career, and even the image of the Yan family foreshadows the performance of <Welcome Rain on a Spring Night>. Li Meilan, Xiao Tang, Wei Ge, Fang Yun are all supporting roles that have shown their warmth.

—After writing about Mrs. Yan for a while, I suddenly found that she was always address as Mrs. Yan and didn’t have her own identity. Thinking of the previous novels, several wives didn’t seem to have their own name so I felt that everyone should remember her name.

Only an enlightened, tolerant, and tough woman like Old Lady Fang can raise an excellent mother like Mrs. Yan, and a husband and wife like Mrs. Yan and Yan Tiefeng can raise a dedicated and outstanding son like Yan Qiuchi. The Yan family are all good people.

Except for crazy black fans, there are no bad guys in this novel!

Kinky Thoughts: Yassss Bai Qingquan comeback! I’m here for it!

I’m glad the author gave an empowering scene for Fang Fengmei. Too often danmei ignores the supporting roles of women. As one of my favorite characters, she’s getting the recognition she deserves!

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