Bu Tian Gang Ch20

Author: 梦溪石 / Meng Xi Shi

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 20

It was too late to close the door, and when he saw the other party looking at him, he could only show an awkward polite smile. After all, he wasn’t an employee, but he still hangs around here all day long. He felt a little embarrassed and feared he might have left a bad impression.

Long Shen asked, “What’s wrong?”

Dong Zhi said honestly, “Couldn’t sleep.”

He didn’t dare tell him that the two of them were playing games all night long. Long Shen didn’t ask any more questions, nodded, and said, “Come with me.”

Dong Zhi was taken aback for a moment, and thought that it was because he looked pleasing to the eye that he planned to open the backdoor for him and recruit him in advance, right? He followed into the other party’s office, half anxious and half expectant.

Deputy Director Long’s office was just like him. Simple and clean. The only special thing to take note of was two swords hanging on the wall. The scabbard was worn and looked old. Even the gemstones inlaid on it were covered by a layer of fog.

“Fill this in.” Long Shen took out a form and pushed it in front of him.

The form requested his personal information and even his bank account number. Was this his remuneration for his job?

Dong Zhi asked shyly, “Do I need to fill it out so soon? Isn’t it a bit unfair to the others who haven’t passed the exam yet?”

Long Shen was puzzled. “What test? Didn’t He Yu tell you that you made great contributions on Changbai Mountain, so he applied for a 20,000-yuan reward for you. The account should arrive within ten business days after submitting the form.”

Dong Zhi: …

Red quickly spread from his neck up, ashamed of his self-indulgence.

The smile in Long Shen’s eyes flashed away, and he slowly asked, “I heard He Yu say you want to be admitted here?”

“Yes, I will study hard!” Dong Zhi said hurriedly.

Long Shen said, “I suggest you give up this idea.”

Dong Zhi was stunned. He was full of enthusiasm only to be slapped by cold water. “Why?!”

“Because you are not suitable.” Long Shen’s expression was faint. “Everyone here has a special and extraordinary origin. Take He Yu for example. He was born in the Hezao1 sect. This sect originated from the Tang Dynasty. It was once one of the three great sects, on par with Maoshan2 and Longhu3. It was only during the Ming and Qing Dynasties that it gradually became low-key. You are indeed clever, but it stops there. After all, you are still only mortal. There are dragons and tigers hidden here. You can’t get in, so don’t waste your efforts.”

1Famous Taoist Mountain and is the ancestral mountain of the Taoist Lingbao School.
2Famous Taoist Mountain and is the birthplace of the Taoist Shangqing School.
3Famous Taoist Mountain where Zhang Daoling forged alchemy there. Eventually his 4th generation grandson, Zhang Sheng, settled in the mountains during the Three Kingdoms and their descendants have inherited it for over 63 generations.

Dong Zhi opened his mouth but couldn’t refute. He knew that what Long Shen said was right. He Yu could draw talismans, Chaosheng could become a cat, and even Lao Zheng had a whip that could deal with those Sneaky Yaksha. What could he do? Even the talisman that he painted was taught by He Yu.

But he wasn’t reconciled. Just like when he was a child and a teacher said that his hands were too clumsy, and he was unsuitable for painting. It only made him more stubborn and want to work harder to prove him wrong.

“Boss Long, I know that people with abilities like yours look down on me. I also know that I don’t know anything compared to you, but He Yu said that there will be training after the exam, and there will be individuals who don’t know any techniques. After passing the training, they can take the lead…”

“And die on the front line.” Long Shen interrupted.

Dong Zhi was shocked.

Long Shen said coldly, “There was a person who was an outer disciple of Wudang*. His qualifications were much better than yours, and he also passed the exam. He worked in logistics here. There was an incident in the Southwest more than ten years ago. At that time, we had insufficient manpower, so he was sent over, but, in the end, he died while on the mission. Even if you are admitted, you can only be a logistics officer at most. If you’re given an order, you must do it. I won’t spare the lives of my subordinates, but I won’t let them die for no reason either!”

*Famous Taoist Mountain associated with the god Xuanwu. The Wudang Sect (sometimes known was Wu-tang sect) is a fictional martial arts sect that based off of this mountain.

Seeing that the other party was silent, Long Shen said, “It’s just nonsense, but I hope you take my words into consideration.”

“Thank you for your suggestion. I will think about it clearly.” Dong Zhi said earnestly, striving to show sincerity, but inevitably feeling like a wilted flower. He turned around and was about to leave but was stopped by Long Shen.


Dong Zhi stared blankly at the other’s outstretched hand as the slightly cool fingertips touched his neck, causing him to shrink subconsciously. As the other party’s breath got closer, Dong Zhi’s mind went blank, and his heartbeat accelerated. His mouth felt like it was stuck together with glue, as if he had forgotten how to open it.

“You…” Long Shen finally spoke.

What did he want to say?

Dong Zhi’s mind ran wildly with random guesses, and the more nervous he was, the easier it was to trust the horse to take the reins*.

*(信马由缰) Metaphor referring to let things take their natural course.

Is it because of his beauty? Should he accept or refuse it if he wanted to use unspoken rules*? Why hasn’t he spoken yet? Is he waiting for him to take the initiative himself?

*(潜规则) Refers to certain industries/groups of people that impose certain behavioral constraints that are implicit rules that are widely exercised and generally observed by all parties involved. Examples are bribes, glass ceilings, offering sex in exchange for benefits.

“There is something on your collar.” Long Shen retracted his hand, and there was indeed a piece of hair on the palm of his hand.

Dong Zhi: …

If it weren’t for the fact that he’s his male god, Dong Zhi would probably have cursed.

“It probably got there when I was out!” He stammered, not knowing what kind of expression to put on.

Long Shen snorted, “You can go.”

The corners of Dong Zhi’s mouth twitched. He wanted to rush up and grab the other’s shoulders and shake them vigorously, roaring at him to covet his beauty; Telling him if he wanted unspoken rules, come quickly! Why dilly-dally and make excuses!

But he didn’t dare. He could only inwardly cry cowardly and then prepare to leave feeling aggrieved.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door, and after a few times, the door opened, and a head was thrust in. He Yu looked at Long Shen and then at the listless Dong Zhi. “What’s the matter?”

Long Shen looked at him coldly. He Yu chuckled dryly, feeling that a hole was burning through his body from just his gaze. He picked up Dong Zhi and ran out, not forgetting to take the form on the table with him.

“Boss, I’m taking Dong Zhi back to Hezao Mountain today. I asked you for leave before! We’ll head out first. I’ll give you the form when I come back!”

When they returned to He Yu’s office, Dong Zhi saw that there was someone there. He saw Kan Chaosheng sitting in an office chair, eating snacks as his two short legs dangled off the ground. His cheeks were bulging.

He Yu said, “If it weren’t for Kan Chaosheng, who saw you being called in by the boss just now, I wouldn’t have been able to save you. Are you okay? What did the boss say?”

Dong Zhi’s mouth deflated, and he repeated what Long Shen had said just now.

Kan Chaosheng patted the snack debris on his hand and said, “I think the boss is right. You really know nothing, and He Yu is completely fooling around!”

He Yu rolled his eyes. “I’m not messing around, thanks. Dong Zhi is indeed very talented at drawing symbols. This time, I plan to take him back to my school. I have a martial uncle who has no children or disciples under him. I plan to recommend my little baby Dongdong to him.”

After speaking, he patted Dong Zhi’s shoulder. It was obvious he was depressed as his shoulders were slumping. He Yu said, “Don’t be hit by the boss’ words. Compared to his level, let alone you, even I am invisible to him. It doesn’t mean you are useless. The boss just doesn’t want you to regret it in the future or die because of your own impulsiveness, so he’s being a bit more serious!”

Dong Zhi smiled bitterly and said, “I know that Boss Long is kind, but I really want to join and fight side by side with you!”

“What’s the use of being sincere when you have no strength!” Kan Chaosheng’s poisonous tongue lashed out as he threw a piece of potato chip at He Yu, then resumed chiding mercilessly. “He Yu, you are like those parents who dot on their children unequivocally!”

He Yu beckoned to him with a loving smile. “Son, you have eaten so many snacks from dad. Come and say thank you to your father.”

Kan Chaosheng smiled grimly. “If you want to be my father, let me knock all your teeth out!” He threw the snacks in his hands at He Yu as he rushed towards him, and the two immediately got into a scuffle, turning into a big ball of dust.

Despite his small figure, he didn’t seem disadvantaged at all when fighting against a tall, burly guy like He Yu. He even managed to strike him with a few punches, causing him to say, “If you have true skills, don’t release your true form!”

Kan Chaosheng clamored, “I don’t need my true form for laozi to make you kneel and beg for mercy!”

With a wave of his hand, the water from the two goldfish tanks in the office flew up at the same time and poured onto He Yu’s face.

He Yu yelled with anger and threw out a talisman. “You cheat!”

Before the talisman reached Kan Chaosheng, he pointed in the direction of Dong Zhi. Dong Zhi felt something and quickly avoided it. The water in the water cup behind him was suddenly sucked up out of thin air and turned into a water arrow that flew straight to the back of He Yu’s head.

The office instantly descended into chaos*, leaving Dong Zhi dumbstruck.

*Chicken flying dog jumping (鸡飞狗跳) Idiom referring to panic and chaos. Describes the scene of frightening chickens to fly and dogs to jump around.

Half an hour later, the two fought so hard that they were completely out of breath. They finally stopped and slumped onto the sofa while panting like dogs with their tongues out. Dong Zhi handed each of them a drink and opened a can of Coke for himself.

Luckily, he had the foresight to put aside the drinks when they started fighting. As expected, during the battle, snacks spilled everywhere as several generations of unopened potato chip bags were trampled on.

He Yu kicked Kan Chaosheng. “Hey, do you have any good opinions of him?”

Kan Chaosheng gave him a blank look. “The boss doesn’t want him. What can I do?!”

He Yu said, “Eat people with short mouths*. Don’t think I don’t know. You ate a lot of snacks from my little baby Dongdong on the train. Aren’t you monsters the most concerned about cause and effect? Spit it out quickly!”

*Eat people with short mouths, take people with soft hands. (吃人嘴短啊) Idiom refers to not eating and taking casually. It’s a warning to people to not take benefits of others and when you accept benefits, you must give others face and help them in return.

Kan Chaosheng kicked him back in anger, gulped down a big mouthful of Sprite, then said, “Don’t you want to take him back to your school? If your uncle is willing to accept him as an apprentice, there’s no need for me to do anything!”

He Yu smiled and said, “Then I’ll take it as a promise!”

He said to Dong Zhi, “Don’t underestimate Chaosheng. He just likes to pretend to be soft, but in fact, he’s an old monster. If he’s willing to help you, then you won’t need me to do anything!”

Dong Zhi hurriedly said, “Will this be too much trouble for you?”

“Che, don’t think too much. I’m just paying you back for the snacks you gave me!” Kan Chaosheng snorted and cocked his chin. It was impossible to associate his behavior with his actual age. “First pass the written exam, interview, and training test. At most, I can only plead for you in front of Zong Lao. If you don’t live up to expectations, there’s nothing I can do about that!”

Dong Zhi was determined to be successful. The more others looked down on him, the more he wanted to prove himself.

He wanted to pass the exam and impress Long Shen, so he’d retract what he said to him before. He’ll enter the Special Administration Bureau in a dignified manner, and from then on, little by little, he’ll reach the pinnacle of his life, and eventually the male god will praise him!

Of course, Dong Zhi wants to fight for it. The more others look down on him, the more he has to prove himself with strength.

His depressed mood only lasted for half an hour, and like a child, Dong Zhi immediately became ambitious and lively again.

Kinky Thoughts:

Long Shen is certainly going to be opening a certain backdoor, that’s for sure…

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