Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch141

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 141: Let’s Go Together as Sisters

“Oh my god!”

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!”

“Sisters, have you all seen it? Shen Jintai was confessed to by a local tyrant!”

“Ahhahahaha, I suddenly felt outside my home was turning red. When I poked my head out, I saw love all over the screen. I wanted to say whose confession can be so crude, but I saw the landscape painting. After thinking about it, my god, it wasn’t crude at all!”

“I don’t understand what the things on the big screen mean. I thought it was just some kind of ordinary pattern. Is there any special meaning? Why does it say Shen Jintai?

“Qiuchi Yingjintai, sister. This is the CP name of Yan Qiuchi and Shen Jintai. It took a lot of careful thought. There are seven colors in the middle, which represent gay colors*.”

*Colors of the rainbow.

“Hahaha, his confession is very vague, and many people must not understand it.”

“It’s really cool to look at it. I read on Weibo that the central business districts of 34 capital cities across the country are all showing this. Oh my god, the love of the rich is amazing!”

“I think the best thing about this confession is that it is half-covered so only people in the circle can understand it. Passersby have no clue what’s going on. If someone confesses to me like this, I will marry him immediately!”

“Sister upstairs, wake up, it’s time to get up and work!”

The gold powders exploded even more.

“Ahhhhhhhh, my brother was publicly confessed to by Yan Qiuchi!”

“Yesterday, I was still saying that he couldn’t be chased so easily, and he had to chase him a few more times with great fanfare, but today he confessed all over the world. Qiuchi Yingjintai! Wuwuwu, I’m beyond moved!”

“Hahahaha, me too. If he only put my brother and his name on it, I would find it obscene, but with such a pattern… My god, Yan Qiuchi is too good.”

“This confession still maintains Prince Yan’s consistent level, but why do I feel like I’m doing crisis management for Bai Qingquan?”

“I also think the timing is very delicate. Bai Qingquan is an artist from Sunshine Media. Yan Qiuchi wants to kill two birds with one stone, right?”

“There is no live courtship stream. Isn’t my brother still filming with the crew? He didn’t confess in person. Obviously, Prince Yan just sprinkled water. It shouldn’t be regarded as a formal courtship.”

“One piece of gossip I heard was that Headline Entertainment originally photographed my brother, but it was bought. I didn’t expect Headline Entertainment to explode with Bai Qingquan.”

“Fuck off! Don’t talk nonsense if there’s no evidence, and recruit black material for our brother!”

“This isn’t the kind of thing my brother would ask Headline Entertainment to do. It’s all solely on them doing these disgusting things. I always say that paparazzi are scum!”

“Ahhhhhh, this is the first time I have seen a confession of this kind of magnitude. I want to record it and take pictures to send to all my circle of friends!”

“I understand that as sisters we all have girly hearts and they like to eat this kind of thing, but everyone should sober up, otherwise you’re going to fall into the hands of that Yan dog!”

After the candid photos came out yesterday, Yan Qiuchi had a plan in motion. He summoned people from the PR department for an overnight meeting to start dealing with his relationship with Shen Jintai.

He knew that the best way to minimize the impact on Shen Jintai’s career was to make the courtship as grand as possible. He originally wanted to take time to arrange it, as a true courtship requires at least a week of preparation. He originally planned to surprise Shen Jintai next weekend when he invited him to dinner.

Although this plan was to appease the gold powders and give Shen Jintai face in public, the courtship was also sincere, and he had hoped to surprise Shen Jintai with it.

Unexpectedly, Bai Qingquan exploded the next day. Headline Entertainment was really callous. They took his money and suppressed Shen Jintai’s materials, but then exposed one of his company’s artists.

Bai Qingquan had taken the bullet for him and Shen Jintai. Headline was like a mad dog and did not play cards according to common sense. Yan Qiuchi was worried that they would have devised some other scheme in the future, so after obtaining Shen Jintai’s consent, he advanced his confession plans.

This was done to protect Bai Qingquan as well as themselves.

Unfortunately, it was too hasty, and there was no time to prepare. He could only take the simple and crude route by lighting up big screens as a way to show his courtship. This didn’t really match his personality, as he was a person who treasured privacy in terms of feelings. If it weren’t for the fact that his relationship with Shen Jintai was special and a public confession was needed, he would have kept everything extremely low-key.

He wanted to fall in love and get married in a low-profile manner. This so-called public confession was only intended to appease outsiders. Now that Bai Qingquan had been dragged down, he could only regard this as a slight compensation.

Besides, Shen Jintai had liked Bai Qingquan before and wanted to chase him. He didn’t want Shen Jintai to feel like he owed Bai Qingquan a favor.

“Everyone’s saying it’s killing two birds with one stone, but why do I feel like it’s three?” Li Meilan said.

Xiao Tang said, “First, it’s to build momentum with Brother Jin, and second, it’s to shift the heat to Bai Qingquan, an artist under his banner. Besides these two, what else?”

“Headline Entertainment is doing things too unorthodox. It is estimated that there isn’t a car they can’t overturn in the entertainment industry, so they’re getting bolder. In order to prevent retaliation and constant stalking in the future, he’s planning to make it public in advance.”

She felt that Yan Qiuchi must have another wave of courtships planned for the future, both in public and in private, to finally completely take down Shen Jintai.

“Will you agree?” Li Meilan asked Shen Jintai. Truthfully, she was excited, as this kind of powerful confession can make anyone blush.

“No,” Shen Jintai said. “He said that this confession is just to build momentum for netizens to see. It doesn’t count. He says he’ll make it up to me next time.”

Li Meilan’s eyes lit up. “I see, I see. Alright then.”

Compared to grand confessions, Li Meilan hoped that Yan Qiuchi could deal with Headline Entertainment.

The water of Headline Entertainment must be deep, and they must have strong backing since they have withstood all these years in the entertainment industry. However, she felt that what they did this time was too irregular, and it should have angered Yan Qiuchi.

If she was Yan Qiuchi, she would definitely be pissed off. If he wanted to clean up Headline, he had a variety of contacts at his disposal, not to mention his own circle of friends and the Fang family behind him. Headline Entertainment could compete with artists, but they couldn’t compare to sheer capital.

Shen Jintai was emotional and couldn’t help feeling that Yan Qiuchi had paid too much for this relationship and suffered too many injustices. The truth was, Yan Qiuchi did nothing wrong, but the gold powders didn’t see it this way. Originally, Yan Qiuchi wanted to fall in love but needed to seek the approval and blessings of netizens so as not to affect Shen Jintai’s career, and now he was even more righteous for protecting Bai Qingquan, who took the bullet for them.

If possible, he wanted to confess publicly and repay Yan Qiuchi, but given his situation, this wasn’t plausible. Still, he could always confess in private. When this thought came to him, Shen Jintai became excited.

Even if he was a shou, he still had to take the initiative and grasp the opportunities! In modern society, many women take the lead when courting love. As a man, why did he need to passively accept a confession?

How would Yan Qiuchi react if he were to confess in advance?


Thinking of Yan Qiuchi’s possible reaction, he was filled with glee. He smiled and looked out the window.

“You seem happy,” Li Meilan said. “It seems that President Yan’s sugar-coated cannonball successfully hit you.”

“That’s right. I love him very much,” Shen Jintai said.

“You finally admit that you love him,” Li Meilan said.

“Yes,” Shen Jintai said.

Yan Qiuchi’s courtship of Shen Jintai exploded during prime time in the evening. This courtship was relished by netizens. The phrase “Qiuchi Yingjintai” went directly to the hot search. At this moment, netizens across the country were sighing at how good the CP name was, while Qiuchi Yingjintai CP fans were rejoicing as if they were celebrating Chinese New Year.

A pool of autumn water reflects the gold pavilion*. This artistic conception is so beautiful.

*Reminder: this is what the Qiuchi Yingjintai translate to.

There are many people who use big screens as a form of courtship, but few are as poetic and picturesque. With this event, the black history of Shen Jintai chasing Yan Qiuchi was once again exposed, but this time, nobody ridiculed him. On the contrary, everyone felt inspired.

“You have to love yourself first before you can be loved by others. This seems to ring true!”

“It’s no wonder Yan Qiuchi is tempted. Who doesn’t love Touhua now?”

“Touhua has almost no shortcomings in appearance, figure, wealth, reputation, work, endorsements, or traffic, right? In the past, he might have been trying to catch something out of his reach by chasing Yan Qiuchi, but now they are on equal footing, and the two are quite worthy of each other.”

“Touhua not only counterattacked beautifully in his career but also emotionally!”

“Isn’t Yan Qiuchi Bai Qingquan’s boss? This suddenly exploded right at this time. Maybe it’s not just about courtship.”

“Shen Jintai and Bai Qingquan are still good friends, and now they have related interests. <When You’re Older> is about to premiere. You can say that he’s doing it for Bai Qingquan, but it also makes sense to say that it’s also for Shen Jintai. Maybe Shen Jintai agreed to it.”

“I also think Shen Jintai also agreed. Otherwise, Yan Qiuchi, as a suitor, wouldn’t dare make this kind of play without approval.”

“Putting it like that, isn’t Touhua very righteous?”

“Doing such a thing, he must pity Bai Qingquan.”

“What does he have to pity him for? His collapse was due to the forces of others. Sunshine Media’s statement is still posted on Weibo, so originally he was going to sue them for misinformation.”

“I mean, he’s not the only one in the entertainment industry to hide his sexual orientation. His fanbase was the most devastating blow to him. Passersby are just eating melons and watching the dumpster fire. They don’t care if he’s gay.”

“Bai Qingquan had been sailing so smoothly since his debut. He’d abused a handful of fans when he was competing for the C position during his debut, and his fans are far less loyal than gold powders. This matter is sure to hurt him. It’ll all depend on how much moonlight powder is left, and those remaining are his diehard fans. From this perspective, it may not be a bad thing. He also has a large company like Sunshine Media backing him, so he won’t have to worry about film resources in the future. After all, his good sister Touhua started over, and if he’s lucky, he should be able to do it as well.”

“I also think that since Shen Jintai’s comeback exploded, the environment of the entire entertainment industry has changed. Now that more same-sex dramas are online, the entire circle has become more tolerant. Bai Qingquan took the opportunity to be himself. Maybe now he could change his style.”

“These sisters have been inseparable since their debut, and their fates are too similar!”

“As a Jintai Meijing CP fan, I cried and fainted in the toilet. I thought they were a CP but it turns out they were sisters, wuwuwu!”

The author has something to say:

Xiao Bai, look at your sister, you can do it too!

Kinky Thoughts:

You can do it Bai Qingquan! I’m rooting for you!

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  1. I’m still mad about this situation. I really want to flip a table over those paparazzos’ heads! Nobody deserves to be outed like that, especially someone who has always been kind. Did BQQ do anything wrong? He just went to a club. I hate that we live in a world where a person’s sexuality can be weaponised against them. Nobody should have to hide themselves like that.

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