Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch135

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 135: Brewing

Yan Qiuchi’s body was abnormally quivering, and the hug made him so excited that he pressed his forehead into Shen Jintai while saying, “Thank you, thank you.”

Being thanked so profusely made Shen Jintai embarrassed that he couldn’t say anything. His actions were strong, while his language was humble. Yan Qiuchi’s routine had eaten Shen Jintai to death.

The hotel where the crew of <Welcome Rain on a Spring Night> was staying was located in a new district that was originally rural. When it was first built, it was a landmark building in the area. After the district government moved nearby, the area developed rapidly and became the biggest feature of the new area. Eventually new high-rises appeared, and it could now be called the most prosperous place in Nancheng. Just opposite from this hotel across an artificial lake was another hotel. At this moment, someone was sitting on the bed watching a candid video.

On the snowy winter night, the lighted windows were photographed more clearly. The video showed Shen Jintai opening the curtains and looking out with a smile on his face. He turned around and said something before Yan Qiuchi was seen walking over behind him in only his pajamas. Shen Jintai then opened the window and reached out to pick up snowflakes. From the angle, it was obvious this was a candid shot, but the video looked as if he was filming an idol drama.

“These two look good together.” A man sighed.

“I didn’t expect to be able to shoot such a hot video,” the man’s colleague said. “Is Yan Qiuchi also wearing pajamas?”

“Both of them are wearing pajamas, so the relationship is solid.”

“It will definitely explode when it’s sent out. This month’s performance has been achieved! It was worth it for us to squat here for two days.”

Dawn had arrived, slightly brightening the sky. When Shen Jintai opened his eyes, he saw Yan Qiuchi looking at him. The feeling was strange, as Yan Qiuchi was the first thing in his sight. He was still in a daze, not fully awake yet. He stretched out his hand to cover his face as the memories from last night came rushing back.

Shen Jintai: “What time is it?”

Yan Qiuchi: “Half past nine.”

When Shen Jintai heard this, he immediately sat up. Yan Qiuchi’s arm was still around his waist. He grabbed it and shook it off. “Go back quickly! I accidently let you sleep here!”

Yan Qiuchi smiled and said, “You fell asleep after I kissed you yesterday.”

Shen Jintai blushed and waved his hand. “Xiao Tang and the others will be here later.”

“It’s still snowing heavily outside,” Yan Qiuchi said.

When Shen Jintai heard this, he glanced out the window. The curtains were opened, and the fluttering snow showed no sign of stopping.

Yan Qiuchi got out of bed and said, “Then I’ll go.”

“Did you sleep?” Shen Jintai asked.

“Rested my eyes for a bit,” Yan Qiuchi said. Though he didn’t sleep well, and his expression still looked haggard, his spirits was uplifted.

Yan Qiuchi put on his coat and said, “You can go back to sleep. Isn’t the dinner party in the afternoon?”

“Do you know my entire schedule?”

“I only know that your filming schedule was arranged by me, and it’s not as packed as your previous few dramas,” Yan Qiuchi said.

Shen Jintai laid down with a smile, lying on his side and looking at him.

“I’m leaving now,” Yan Qiuchi said with a reluctance in his tone.

After Yan Qiuchi left, Shen Jintai got out of bed and opened the curtains completely. Overnight, the whole world was wrapped in snow.

Fang Yun was the first to discover that Yan Qiuchi was very different today. He looked incredibly happy.

Oh my god! Could it be that what she had imagined came true? Did he knock on Shen Jintai’s door in the middle of the night?

How exciting! So exciting! She wanted to know more!

She could be regarded as a passerby fan of Qiuchi Yingjintai. She held Shen Jintai in high esteem, so there were not many people in this world that could be worthy of him. Even a man with a good figure and a good family background, like President Yan, could only be considered barely worthy of him.

She tried to imagine all kinds of scenarios that could’ve happened but found that she couldn’t think of anything. President Yan was really too icy and looked too abstemious, and his personality was so cold that she couldn’t imagine what he would look like when he acted tender and affectionate.

She glanced at Yan Qiuchi. She still couldn’t imagine anything. Shen Jintai, on the other hand, was like a brain tonic for her. He was full of sexual tension and seductiveness, with hints of reserved coquettishness. She felt that he could be paired with anyone, and her imagination was endless.

Li Meilan came in the afternoon. The heavy snowfall had brought about serious traffic jams on the roads. She arrived half an hour earlier than scheduled due to this. When she entered, she asked Shen Jintai, “What’s wrong with your mouth?”

Shen Jintai acted naturally as he said, “Seems like I ate something I’m allergic to.” He then licked his lips and asked, “Does it look obvious?”

“It’s a little swollen.” Li Meilan took a closer look.

“It’s a bit itchy and painful,” Shen Jintai said.

“What did you eat?”

Shen Jintai didn’t answer her and pivoted to, “Just let Wang Nan cover it up with some makeup. It’s just a bit red.”

His team members arrived one after another, and they all believe his story. Wang Nan, as his makeup artist, instantly noticed the bullshit. How could something like this escape his expert eyes? He was a veteran on this kind of battlefield who would draw lips every single day. Whether it was due to allergies or a rough kiss, he could tell from a single glance. However, he didn’t expose it either, only giving Shen Jintai knowing glances as he was putting on his makeup.

Shen Jintai probably knew that he couldn’t hide it from him, as he sat there with his head slightly raised and his eyes a little unnatural.

“Very intense,” Wang Nan whispered.

Shen Jintai glanced at him, and his ears turned red. He had always felt that Yan Qiuchi was a very gentlemanly and restrained person. He always had a sense of forbearance, which gave him a certain kind of urgency and a kind of beauty that reflected a well-disciplined gentleman. It was this kind of look that girls especially liked. The color wasn’t obscene, as he held a sense of restraint and shyness.

But yesterday, perhaps due to the security of the darkness, the essence of human nature was released, and Yan Qiuchi was eager to swallow him to satisfy his thirst and hunger. Fortunately, it was dark and nothing could be seen; otherwise, Yan Qiuchi’s current appearance must’ve looked extremely ugly, like a primitive male animal exposed in its natural state.

Since he caught fire, Shen Jintai had rarely made any public appearances and spent most of his time in seclusion. The gold powders were excited that he was attending a charity dinner organized by a fashion magazine and wanted to give their brother a sea of gold again.

“All gold powders who will be at the charity dinner are invited to find a station and receive light sticks, banners, gold ribbons, signs, and support gift packs!” A big fan named “Shen Jintai Station” posted.

“It’s snowing heavily in Nancheng today. All gold powders must pay attention to safety on the road. When you arrive at the scene, you must abide by their orders and listen to instruction so that the outside world can see the quality of us gold powders!”

“In addition, in response to the charity theme, there will be a charity donation called <Walking with you in the name of Jintai> organized during dinner in the name of my brother! I hope that we, as gold powders, can all give our love like our brother and contribute to the beauty of the world!”

Shen Jintai sat in the car and heard the news from Xiao Tang. “They also want to donate?”

Xiao Tang said, “This is the power of role models. There are many gold powders who are kind-hearted and lovely.”

“Most of them are students. Let them do what they can. It’s okay to do good things as long as it doesn’t affect their normal lives.” Shen Jintai thought for a bit and said, “After the dinner party, you can arrange for me to meet them.”

“The end of January will be your birthday. We are already renting a venue. Let’s do it then,” Li Meilan said.

When Shen Jintai heard her mention the birthday party, he laid back down on his chair. He was under a lot of pressure for this birthday party, mainly because this was his first birthday celebration that he’d be holding after his comeback. The whole process will not be just a simple meet-and-greet, as there will have to be singing, dancing, and a variety of other things that will take at least a few hours. If it was acting, there wouldn’t be an issue, but singing and performing on stage was a different ball game.

Although the original Shen Jintai’s singing skills were average, he was at least a good dancer. He, though on the other hand, was not. Since he hadn’t performed in years, he can use this as an excuse, but he was also the kind of person who would go all out once he decided on something. He asked Li Meilan, “Can we not do it?”

“If you don’t do it, can you still be worthy of thousands of gold powders?” Li Meilan said, “Be considerate of your fan’s feelings and give them a chance to get up close and personal with their idol.”

What could Shen Jintai say? He was someone who always doted on his fans.

“We will solve the problem of the venue right away. You are so popular now so there’s a huge number of fans. The company is looking at Nancheng Sports Center and the invoice will be issued after it is set.” Li Meilan flipped through her small notebook and continued, “For the remaining days of December, we will determine the performance process during the meet-and-greet and will contact a performance team for you to train and rehearse. You have to rehearse at least twice.”

“Is there enough time?” Shen Jintai felt that the scope of the project was huge.

Li Meilan: “It’s possible to squeeze it in. You need to work a bit harder.”

“Everyone has worked hard.” Shen Jintai said.

“Since we plan to do it, we must do it well and make it a spectacular gold powder event,” Li Meilan said. She was ambitious and had the intention of turning this meet-and-greet into one for the ages.

Tonight’s charity dinner had many famous faces in the entertainment industry, including Zheng Siqi and Bai Qingquan. He had dined with Zheng Siqi recently but hadn’t seen Bai Qingquan since they filmed together on the set of <When You’re Older>. He would usually text Bai Qingquan, but his replies weren’t as frequent as before. It seemed as if he had turned into a cold white moonlight all of a sudden. He wasn’t sure what was going on.

“I heard that Mrs. Yan is here too?” Xiao Tang asked while browsing his phone.

“This year’s charity dinner is very big. It basically includes all the famous and top echelon of Nanchang. The Yan family has always been keen to do charity, especially Mrs. Yan, so she’s coming on behalf of the Yan Family Charity Foundation,” Li Meilan said.

“Will President Yan come?” Xiao Tang asked immediately.

Li Meilan glanced at Shen Jintai, who responded, “I don’t know.” Yan Qiuchi didn’t say anything, and he didn’t ask.

Since the charity dinner was a rare event that gathered top celebrities, the internet was already lively before the red carpet even began.

“Come, come, sisters, come and watch. When the red carpet is about to go online, hotties and beauties will appear!”

“Touhua, Bai Qingquan, and Zheng Siqi! The three great top flows will meet again! There are also the three great flowers, Yang Liuzhi, Zhao Siyu, and Yuan Weiwei!”

Fans and water army from all walks of life poured in, and high-rise buildings were erected in a short time.

In the midst of all the fans’ rowdiness, a voice said mysteriously, “Sisters, my friend is from the industry. I heard that among the celebrities participating tonight, some of them will have a big explosion in the next two days, the kind that will paralyze Weibo!”

The author has something to say:

The grand event, the exposure, and the public trilogy are coming!

Kinky Thoughts:

The paparazzi never give up.

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  1. I knew that window would come back to bite them =w=
    Considering Jintai was just saying earlier he feels like someone’s been following him, he should’ve had the awareness to not provide such amazing opportunity for the paparazzi to take pics of Qiuchi inside his hotel room. And in bed too, at one point, if they got that as well.
    Celebs sure have it tough ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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