Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch121

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 121: Warm Him

Song Chenchen was the original author of <When You’re Older> and also the screenwriter of the film. He didn’t look like a big star, as he usually wore relatively low-key outfits. Despite having on a plain sweater and a baseball cap, he still couldn’t hide the noble spirit of an extravagantly rich young master. <When You’re Older> was his first work. Now that it was about to be put on the big screen, he attached great importance to it, so he came here to supervise the crew.

“Screenwriter Song.” Shen Jintai smiled as he shook his hand.

After Song Chenchen shook hands with him, he shook Bai Qingquan’s. “Thank you for your hard work.”

Song Chenchen was not only the screenwriter of this movie but also the executive of Fang Xingyun, who was this movie’s main investor. It was rumored that his family had funded a large portion of it, so his opinions held a lot of weight.

“Let’s have a small meeting.” Song Chenchen said, “I plan to add two more scenes, and I want to hear your opinions.”

“Then go to the lounge and talk,” Sun Sihai said.

Song Chenchen planned to add two passionate scenes. “I feel that for such a strong emotion, there must be a breaking point. There is no distinction between spirit and flesh. It’s normal to have sex when the affection is strong.”

Others were okay hearing this, except Bai Qingquan, who slightly blushed. He was used to being a fairy, so he wasn’t used to such straightforward words. This screenwriter Song was worthy of being a man! His manner of speaking was much different from those chicks at a glance.

Hearing this, Shen Jintai couldn’t help but feel inexplicably ironic when he thought of the love harmony system.

Song Chenchen still respected the two actors. After all, they were both top stars and knew that they had to be cautious when making this kind of drama. If the actors agree to it, they have to get permission from their agency as well.

“If Screenwriter Song and Director Sun think it is necessary, I will accept it,” Shen Jintai said.

With Shen Jintai saying it, how else could Bai Qingquan respond? But his idol route had a much heavier burden. His tone was not firm as he said, “I can do it as well, just don’t show too much, hahahaha.”

“You should take a look at the added part first.” Song Chenchen gave them the flying pages. “The text is not very specific, so it depends on how Director Sun takes it.”

Sun Sihai said, “You are pushing the problem onto me.”

Song Chenchen’s writing was ingenious. With just a few sentences, he captured the feeling of being born and dying. There were two passionate scenes, but the feelings were completely different. One was when the two had sex for the first time. Their young bodies collided fiercely as the carnal desires of a young man in his 20s broke out. The second was when Luo Wensheng was much older. It was heartfelt, and while the feeling of lustful desire faded, the affection remained ever so strong.

In fact, there was also a third scene, but strictly speaking, it wasn’t focused on passion. It was the part when Yu Nuo found Luo Wensheng, who no longer recognized him. He took care of Luo Wensheng in the nursing home as he helped him wash and scrub his body. After they were finished cleaning, Yu Nuo hugged Luo Wensheng and went to sleep. While Luo Wensheng no longer recognized him, he still called out his name in his sleep.

Shen Jintai felt that the addition was very good and made the movie more complete. Shen Jintai had relatively large autonomy for his career, while Bai Qingquan usually listened more to the arrangements and opinions of his company and team.

Wei Ge read the flying pages for a long time and said, “The script is written very vaguely. I don’t know what it will be like when it’s actually shot. Can you actually do it? You know that even if the venue is cleared, there will still be the director, photographer, light technicians, radiographers, and such on the scene. You not only have to perform, but you need to moan as well.”

“Moan?” Bai Qingquan asked.

Wei Ge: “If you don’t moan a few times, won’t you be just like a dead body?”

Bai Qingquan scolded himself. He really couldn’t let go. In this regard, he was envious of Shen Jintai. Shen Jintai was the kind of actor who could fully deliver the role with all his heart. He was not afraid of anything while being in front of the camera. Moreover, he had more experience than he did when it came to switching between acting and immersing himself in the play. He had depended mostly on Shen Jintai to do this when they were filming this movie. With Shen Jintai’s guidance, he was able to enter the act much easier, making him feel dependent on him, so whenever he sees Shen Jintai, it puts him at ease.

“I watched a little of the rough cut. I think Director Sun is capable, so much so, I didn’t even recognize that it was me in it. I hope this movie will win an award,” Bai Qingquan said. “If you don’t dedicate yourself to art, then it won’t be easy to win, right?”

He was a person who wanted to pursue his career and appear on the big screen going forward. He felt that it was easier to win an award for acting in a large-scale role, such as playing the old and ugly. Since Shen Jintai was playing the old and ugly in this film, if he didn’t give up, could he still win by skills alone?

Regardless of that, he would still need to be on equal footing with Shen Jintai, not only to fulfill his role but to fulfill Shen Jintai’s as well*.

*Clarity: He’s saying if he acts his best, he will also boost Shen Jintai’s role as well making them both look good. This is needed to make the movie good overall but can hamper his chances of winning individually, but if he doesn’t do this and the movie sucks, then that’ll even further hamper his chances of winning at all.

“You were a bit out of control during filming today, holding Shen Jintai and kissing him all over.” Wei Ge gave him a meaningful look. “Don’t get caught in the act too deeply. There are many eyes watching on set.”

Bai Qingquan smiled and laid down on the seat. When he entered the act, he had the impression that Shen Jintai was genuine and that they both had feelings for each other. It made no difference who was the gong and who was the shou.

His eyes started to turn red again as the feelings returned. He turned to look out the window, only to see Shen Jintai behind him. He was going to participate in a fashion event today, and Shen Jintai was going to film Luo Wensheng’s scene in the nursing home for the elderly.

In Luo Wensheng’s last few years, he suffered from dementia. He was afraid that he would forget Yu Nuo, so photos of Yu Nuo were posted everywhere in his room. Every morning, he would stare at them for a good while before getting out of bed.

But eventually he forgot. He woke up one day, stood at the head of the bed, and stared at Yu Nuo’s picture as usual for a long time. This time, though, his eyes were blank. He could no longer recognize the person in the picture.

Bai Qingquan felt that this part was too abusive, and he couldn’t bear to watch it. Maybe he had entered too deeply into the act. Whenever he looked at Shen Jintai, he was filled with mixed emotions. His heart was lingering and moist, and he couldn’t stop these feelings.

“Let’s go,” he said to the driver.

While he was out this time, he wanted to ogle at all the handsome guys. There were countless good-looking men in the world, not to mention that his condition was top-notch now. He felt that he didn’t need to be tall or powerful. As long as he kept his eyes closed and contained his temper, he could also be as beautiful as Shen Jintai. When filming with Shen Jintai at close range, he found that beautiful men were very pleasing to the eyes, and one would never tire of watching. Eventually, if one kept staring for a long time, good feelings would come.

Bai Qingquan couldn’t help but feel he was being too lustful.

The next part of filming would focus on the affectionate scenes. Scenes like taking a shower together, kissing, and sleeping with their arms around each other. From beginning to end, they had implemented one phrase: “ear to ear*”.

*(鬓厮磨) Refers to the ears and the temples rubbing against each other. It describes an intimate situation.

He was nervous when he thought of spending time side by side with Shen Jintai and also adding passion to these scenes. Faintly, he was looking forward to it. He was most worried about Yan Qiuchi, though—Yan Qiuchi might visit the set when they were filming these intimate scenes, and he had to act in front of him. He felt that mentally, he wasn’t strong enough to handle it yet.

Yan Qiuchi had recently come twice already, and Shen Jintai had given him the cold shoulder. Someone from the crew had been continuously broadcasting this unforgettable dog-blooded love story between the two, providing ample melons for netizens to eat.

The most excited were the gold powders.

“Wow! My brother is really right. He’s cold to Yan Qiuchi, and it feels so good that Yan Qiuchi is posting upside down.”

“The only small regret is that Yan Qiuchi’s personality is relatively light, so he didn’t reproduce the same appearance as my brother when he was chasing and posting upside down back then.”

“That’s enough. After all, as an icy president, he needs to save some face.”

“He couldn’t catch up anyway, and from what it seems, he won’t be able to catch up for quite a while.”

“Brother, be a cinnabar mole in Prince Yan’s heart. Let him love you for the rest of his life! Ho, ho, ho, ho, brother, you can do it!”

This wave of operations gained Shen Jintai a lot of praise. There was nothing more emotional in the world than a counterattack, setting up an ideal image for Shen Jintai. With the blessing of this image, Shen Jintai’s momentum was sent skyrocketing up by 90,000 miles.

“Another blue blood* endorsement had contact us,” Li Meilan said excitedly. “This was the one who terminated the contract with you previously. How much courage did they have to muster before crawling back to you?”

*(蓝血) Refers to European aristocrats and famous people || In this context, it refers to a luxury elite brand from Europe.

Shen Jintai: “It was because of my action that they terminated the contract in the beginning, right? Did it have anything to do with the brand?”

Li Meilan shook her head. “No.”

This was just shortly after the head pulling scandal broke out. Thinking about this, Shen Jintai wasn’t sure what exactly was going on with the hair-pulling scandal. <Everyone Loves Bai Yueguang> only mentioned this incident in order to give him the nickname “Touhua”. He had done research on the female star, Yao Qingqing, who was the other party involved, and discovered that she was a pitiful xiao hua* who was still not very popular. She mostly played secondary female leads in television series. It seemed that despite being the injured party, she still got the short end of the stick.

*(小花) Refers to all young actresses, regardless of popularity, reputation, and acting skills. It’s usually divided into several lines to represent their status and popularity in the industry. (i.e. 1st line covers the most popular actresses).

“By the way, President Yan will come to visit tomorrow,” Li Meilan said.

Shen Jintai was doing push-ups as he panted, “Does he still tell you in advance every time he comes?”

Li Meilan nodded. “I’m a little embarrassed about his cooperation.”

She was embarrassed to take advantage of Yan Qiuchi whenever she released “news”. For the more recent releases, she tried to make the wording as neutral as possible, describing only the objective facts without any vague wording to guide the public.

Shen Jintai showed off a calm smile that had a slight sneer. When Li Meilan saw it, she asked, “What’s going on with you and President Yan anyways? Why do I think it’s a bit like Zhou Yu beating Huang Gai*?”

*(周瑜打黄盖) Referring to one is willing to fight while the other is willing to suffer. Used as a metaphor for something that both sides are willing to do. This is a historical allusion from “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”.

“I’m not acting with him.” Shen Jintai stopped for a bit and laid down flat on the ground. “I think he’s a person who has always experienced smooth sailing in life. He should taste a bit of suffering, and that should let him know that there are people like this in the outside world.”

Shen Jintai thought this was a brilliant idea.

Li Meilan, however, couldn’t help but feel as if he was shooting himself in the foot. She moved her gaze down slightly and saw his ass. With Shen Jintai lying there, it appeared even firmer, tempting her to grab and feel it.

Thinking of it this way, she felt that Yan Qiuchi’s pursuit of Shen Jintai was pretty reasonable. She just didn’t expect that President Yan, who always exuded a cold and abstemious aura and looked exceptionally pure and clean, was actually kind of deviant on the inside.

Oh lord!

“Going to visit the set?” Mrs. Yan asked.

Yan Qiuchi: “Nn”.

News of Yan Qiuchi’s set visits that were met with cold treatment have been going around online. Mrs. Yan was as happy as those passersby eating melons. She thought they were both just acting, and she was pleased to see them cooperating so well. “Now that you stuck to the cold ass1, it’ll be smooth sailing going forward.”

Eh, there seems to be something wrong with this sentence1!

1The full saying is sticking your hot face into someone’s cold ass. It means trying to please the other, but they are cold/ignoring you. In this context, Mrs. Yan thinks that all this is just an act, but it’s actually not, and Shen Jintai is actually being cold, so “smooth sailing” doesn’t seem right (but she doesn’t know this). It also doesn’t seem right because it’s a double entendre for the literal meaning of sticking a face into someone’s ass, if you know what I mean.

Yan Qiuchi pursed his lips and walked out. The driver was already waiting for him in the courtyard. He got into the car and thought to himself, if he could really stick his face into Shen Jintai’s cold ass, that would be divine. He’ll stick to it and make it hot.

Unfortunately, the problem now was that he could only look at it. He probably had really offended Shen Jintai this time, as he now acted perfunctory in replying to his messages and in person, but it wouldn’t be truthful to say that Shen Jintai was completely cold-hearted either.

It was fine. Yan Qiuchi just had to slowly warm up Shen Jintai’s heart again.

Kinky Thoughts:

The abstemious President Yan is actually a closeted perv, but who can blame him. An ass to a gong is like an antelope to a lion. You gotta devour it!

Get ready for more tissues. The dog bloodedness hasn’t ended yet.

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