Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch112

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 112: President Yan’s Method

Bai Qingquan wasn’t aware of any set visit today. The boss certainly didn’t tell him when he came. Everyone knew that it was an excuse Yan Qiuchi made and that his true intention was to see Shen Jintai. The hot search for this pair was still hanging online.

“Xiao Bai. President Yan and I came to visit you,” Zhang Yuan said slightly embarrassingly.

Yan Qiuchi had suddenly pulled him into this, and he was completely perplexed at first. Lost, he took out his phone to play games on their way to the set, only to see the hot search. His hands shook so excitedly that he almost dropped his phone.

Bai Qingquan hurried over, bowed, and shook hands with Zhang Yuan and Yan Qiuchi.

“Hello, President Yan,” he said.

“You’ve worked hard,” Yan Qiuchi said.

“Not at all, not at all.” Bai Qingquan glanced back shyly and saw that Shen Jintai had already gotten out of the RV.

The two looked at each other, and Yan Qiuchi took the lead and stretched out his hand.

Although he had just recently spoken with him on the phone, he was still embarrassed to see him in person. Shen Jintai quickly shook Yan Qiuchi’s hand, pursed his lips, and nodded. His heart was pounding, and his face was hot.

It was so hateful that since he got his flushing reward, he would be easily covered with red from face to neck every time he blushed. He let go of Yan Qiuchi’s hand and greeted Zhang Yuan.

Zhang Yuan was naturally respectful and quickly shook his hand. After all, Shen Jintai was likely to become his boss’ lover. “Hello, hello.”

The eyes of the entire crew were locked on them. Yan Qiuchi said to Bai Qingquan, “Lead us so we can meet the director.”

Bai Qingquan hurriedly led them to the director. When Yan Qiuchi left, he glanced at Shen Jintai and smiled at him. They gave each other a quick look that was direct and natural and that created an ambiguous mood, causing Shen Jintai to feel tickled.

He breathed a sigh of relief and went to the dressing room. Not long after sitting down, Bai Qingquan came in. Since the makeup artist was next to him, Bai Qingquan was more restrained. He only laughed and said to Shen Jintai, “Coming to visit me on the set, do you believe it?”

Shen Jintai’s face blushed.

Coming to visit Bai Qingquan. He had to admit that Yan Qiuchi was clever when chasing him.

Now that Yan Qiuchi liked him and everyone knew about it, there were some who were still reluctant to believe it. This set visit was proof that he had accepted the matter, yet he didn’t come bearing flowers, so it must mean he was embarrassed. Using the excuse that he was visiting Bai Qingquan, despite everyone knowing his ulterior motives, they wouldn’t call him out on it. Shen Jintai had to hand it to him for being this clever. It was so blatant yet relaxed that it didn’t make anything awkward.

Despite using Bai Qingquan’s visit as an excuse, Yan Qiuchi barely talked to him, nor did he deliberately ignore him either. The hot searches were still on the internet, so they were still under the scrutiny of the public’s eye. Yan Qiuchi didn’t express excessive closeness or deliberate alienation, putting just the right amount of distance between them. This was an exemplary response to what a decent big boss who had been rejected should look like. His catching glimpses of Shen Jintai would occasionally fill the crew’s stomach with gossip.

“Ahhhhhhhhh. Live broadcast: Prince Yan visits Shen Touhua’s set!”

“Oh my God, is it true? I want to see it!”

“Someone photographed it in the crew of . It’s absolutely true!”

“Will a kind-hearted young lady post a picture? I’m so anxious!”

“The picture is here!”

The pictures were poor-quality GIFs, but Yan Qiuchi and Shen Jintai were easily recognized in them.

“Damn. It’s true. The prince is chasing his wife!”

“Do you think that Touhua is a shou? But isn’t he a gong in the BaiJin CP?”

“I can’t distinguish who’s the gong and shou, sister!”

“The pair of them are really bloody. I think that as soon as the JinQiu CP comes out, Jintai Qiongying or Jintai Meijing will all be floating clouds*. The wealthy noble son and a popular traffic idol who used to chase him and was rejected are now reversed, with the wealthy noble son chasing him. This kind of dog blood is so sour yet refreshing! It should be a match that is hard to come by!”

*(什么都是浮云) Refers to mean that nothing is worth mentioning. It also has the meaning of complaining and sighing.

“This CP is really good to eat. It’s better that Touhua’s a shou. That small-waist and that ass that’s so pink and tender~ Ahhhhh, I need to stop thinking about this quickly!”

“Take Shen Jintai away! No appointment. My brother has clearly rejected it.”

Good horses don’t eat back grass*. Shen Jintai is only focusing on his career right now. Thank you!”

*(好马不吃回头草) Refers to a person with ambition who will never turn back, even if he suffers setbacks.

Gold powders poured in and even posted photos of Shen Jintai’s heroic soldier in <Pilot>. “Where’s the shou!”

“Touhua is a temperamental gong with the body of a shou! This has formed his unique temperament in the entertainment industry that’s super charming!”

“With Prince Yan chasing him like this, wouldn’t Touhua be moved? What a superb man!”

More passersby thought this, and even the gold powder had this worry.

“Yan Qiuchi is really chasing my brother, and he even went to visit his set today.”

“Why hasn’t he given up yet? Wasn’t he already rejected?”

“I really want to see him continue to chase my brother madly and then be rejected. I think it’s not enough to be rejected only once!”

“Yesterday you ignored my love, and today I’m unattainable. Rush brother! I will never get tired of watching this kind of plot!”

“Speaking softly here… Prince Yan didn’t do anything wrong in the past, right? After all, my brother… Don’t beat me! I’m really a gold powder!”

“In terms of reason, he did nothing wrong, but in terms of love, I just want to abuse him!”

“Yes, me too. I want to see him love but can’t get it as my brother gets more and more radiant that he’ll regret it until the day he dies!”

“It’s not that I don’t like him because of the past, but that I don’t want my son to fall in love at this time. Finally, he’s so popular. Of course he has to fight for his career!”

“That’s right, I’m so worried that my brother has become love brain damage again, so Yan Qiuchi, forget it!”

The gold powders attitude towards Yan Qiuchi can be easily summed up as: admittance that he is indeed top quality, and this matter was very good, but they didn’t want Shen Jintai to fall in love with him.

The love of fans has always been blind. This current attitude towards Yan Qiuchi from the gold powder could be considered a great improvement. Before today, just that name alone would send them into fits of rage.

In today’s scene, Bai Qingquan constantly NG. He couldn’t help it. He was under too much pressure with Yan Qiuchi watching on set.

Even if the actor he was acting with was not Shen Jintai, he would still be nervous since it was his boss watching from the side, and said boss is now watching him act intimately with his love interest.

“Cut!” Sun Sihai said. “This one’s no good. Your eyes aren’t right. Try again.”

Bai Qingquan smiled miserably and glanced at Shen Jintai. The two of them had a tacit understanding during filming, and they both agreed. They were both not in good condition today. Bai Qingquan was nervous and embarrassed, and Shen Jintai was distracted.

While doing his makeup, Shen Jintai glanced at Yan Qiuchi, thinking about when he would leave. He hoped he wouldn’t stay for the entire day because in the afternoon they were going to film a scene of undressing in the rain.

To undress in front of Yan Qiuchi… He couldn’t do it. He wasn’t sure what was going on with himself. He turned his head and saw Li Meilan crossing her arms and looking at him sternly.

During lunch, Yan Qiuchi treated the entire crew to seafood. Taking advantage of the break, Li Meilan warned him, “President Yan is chasing you! It’s not impossible for you to be tempted, but you have to hold on, at least for a while. Don’t agree to him right away. Otherwise, the outside world will definitely think this was all just an act, and it will have a bad impact on you.”

“I’m fine,” Shen Jintai said.

“Then why are you a little out of state during filming today?” Li Meilan said.

Shen Jintai: “Our hot search is still hanging on Weibo, so I get embarrassed when I look at him.”

Li Meilan felt that what he said made sense. “It’s fine now. President Yan has already left.”

“Already?” Shen Jintai asked.

Li Meilan: “Well, he just left. I saw Bai Qingquan send them off.”

Shen Jintai said “Nn” and continued eating. After he finished, he went to take a break. Taking his phone out, he wanted to go online to read the news again but found there was a WeChat message sent by Yan Qiuchi.

It was just a few words: [I’m leaving.]

He looked at the time and saw it was sent a while ago. Shen Jintai didn’t reply to him. He put down the phone and laid on the sofa.

Has Yan Qiuchi really never been in love? He felt that he was too good at being ambiguous.

He suddenly remembered what Yan Qiuchi told him when he confessed by the river: “You are my first love.”

There was also: “The current Yan Qiuchi now likes Shen Jintai very much.”

Since Yan Qiuchi had made his statement, Shen Jintai couldn’t help but give him a ton of goodwill. He felt that his current feelings for Yan Qiuchi had suddenly changed. 

From the beginning, what impressed him most about Yan Qiuchi was his sexual charm, like the cold abstinence feeling that was bursting with masculine hormones. Even his physical and psychological traits were good. These things made him feel envious, but not moved. It was similar to that of a reader’s perspective who admires the male protagonist from a distance.

While the gong’s charisma was great, his feelings were indifferent toward this type.

On the contrary, it was Yan Qiuchi’s personality that touched him. He was gentle and considerate, restrained and gentlemanly, and he had never made him feel uncomfortable. He even held back his own selfish desires just so that Shen Jintai could feel at ease.

Though he didn’t like Yan Qiuchi, Yan Qiuchi’s pursuit had never made him uneasy. Quite the opposite, it had now unknowingly bred a shadow of uncertainty.

It was like if they were standing in a crowd, and Yan Qiuchi would give him small glances from time to time, showing self-restraint and ambiguousness while revealing a tiny bit of the lonely tenderness of unrequited love. He never said any endearing words, but even the simplest words could poke his heart.

He got along easily with Bai Qingquan, and when he sees him, it gives him a pleasant feeling. However, with Yan Qiuchi, it was different. When he was with Yan Qiuchi, he couldn’t help but be nervous. Despite not feeling joy, his heart would always accelerate.

“Why have you been so silent these days?” Mrs. Yan asked. “Have you gone to visit the set?”

“I did,” Yan Qiuchi said.

“If the window paper is punctured*,you must chase it. Everyone knows that it’s best to chase. You see how crazy Xiao Jin used to chase you? Even if he has a good impression of you now, he can’t easily dare look back. What would the outside world think of him, and what would his fans think if he did? So, your first task is to ease his worries about being with you. You must chase hard so that the outside world can sympathize with you. At that point, won’t Xiao Jin be moved?’

*(窗户纸都戳破) Refers to two people knowing each other’s meaning but dare not say it. To pierce the window paper means someone has said it. || In this context, the window paper represents the divider between Shen Jintai’s and Yan Qiuchi’s (friendly) relationship, and Yan Qiuchi’s confession has now pierced it.

“I know it in my heart,” Yan Qiuchi said. “You can’t rush this matter.”

While it’s important for the outside world to see that it’s real, Shen Jintai’s feelings are more important.

“Can you afford not to rush?” Mrs. Yan said. “There’s still Bai Qingquan in the crew. Did you forget that Xiao Jin likes him?”

“Bai Qingquan is smart,” Yan Qiuchi said lightly. “I went to the crew, and he knew what to do.”

Mrs. Yan was taken aback for a moment. She hadn’t really expected her son to be like this. Seeing this, she worried that Shen Jintai would be eaten to death by him in the future. Fortunately, with her, the best mother-in-law in history, Shen Jintai won’t suffer any losses.

Since the set visit, the two of them hadn’t been in contact. Yan Qiuchi couldn’t sleep at night as all he could think about was Shen Jintai. He took out his phone and searched for his name to see what the public’s opinions was.

He thought this event was a big deal that would cause excitement for passersby. He found that passersby didn’t actually object to the two of them being together. In fact, they were quite anxious about eating melons. Many people have dissected his profile from his college days. When they found out that his height hadn’t changed but his weight exceeded 80 kilos, they all started blowing him rainbow farts.

Contrary to the passersby, the gold powder didn’t like him much. It seemed that if he wanted to capture Shen Jintai, he must first capture the gold powders’ hearts.

Yan Qiuchi didn’t have a Weibo account. He registered for an account and named it [Qiuchi Yingjintai*]

*Clarity: [Qiuchi] (秋池) means autumn pond. [Ying] () means reflect. Jintai refers to Shen Jintai. Put it all together and it translates to (the) autumn pond reflects (Shen) Jintai. It’s also a double entendre, as () is a homophone for () which means to answer (to)/to respond (to). It’s basically him saying Qiuchi answers to (is obedient to) Jintai (his wife).

After registering it, he suddenly felt that they were a natural couple. This name was too fitting for a husband and wife.

The author has something to say:

Can’t rush it?

President Yan is eating sugar all by himself.

Kinky Thoughts:

Nonsense Mrs. Yan. Your son is going to spoil Shen Jintai to death, and he won’t suffer any damages… except in bed. But you can’t help him there~

Yan Qiuchi, aren’t you getting ahead of yourself with that nickname?

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3 thoughts on “Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch112

  1. I thought it’s double entendre play on words. When I read the pinyin of Qiuchi Yingjintai, before you wrote down the character he uses for his Id name, he made it homophonic to his name ‘responding’ to jintai. So it’s very husband and wifey when it implies that he complies 應 to his wife. This ML is so cute. The author must be a huge fan of gap moe


    • Oh so it has a double meaning as well? If I’m understanding this correctly. He use 映 which is a homonym for 應 so it’s saying he also answers to Shen Jintai.


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