Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch110

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 110: Prince Yan’s Statement!

Yan Qiuchi once pessimistically believed that his hope of being with Shen Jintai was slim. He was unwilling to give up on this, but if he continued to chase, Shen Jintai would alienate him, and they wouldn’t even be able to be friends. Being repeatedly rejected while still stalking would be no different from what Shen Jintai did in the past. He didn’t want Shen Jintai to be disgusted by him.

You had to first love yourself before you could love another. Therefore, those who were in an unrequited love cannot rely on the enthusiasm of their brains to keep chasing their target. They required means and wisdom. At no point should they allow themselves to be consumed by their selfish desires and cause suffering to others.

The appearance of the lunatic Xiao Qi gave him a solution. This was a way for him to satisfy his own selfish needs without harming Shen Jintai. He would whiten Shen Jintai and let the gold powders raise Shen Jintai up. He was the cause of Shen Jintai’s black history, so he would be the solution to resolve it.

But Xiao Qi couldn’t be left to her own devices. Her ultimate goal was to hurt Shen Jintai, so there would be problems providing passive guidance. Sure, he could wait until Xiao Qi struck at Shen Jintai’s most critical moment, and then he could appear as the hero and save Shen Jintai from this, increasing his favorability. But this would mean that there would be a bad impact on Shen Jintai. Even if the impact would only last a few hours, he didn’t want Shen Jintai to suffer any damages.

Therefore, as the one who held the most power, he chose to do what he could and deal with it in a concise manner.

Killing and punishing the heart*, this is his treatment of Xiao Qi. When he saw that she was about to accomplish what she set out to do, when she was at her happiest, he let her fail. Her last ditch effort in the end resulted in whitewashing the person she intended to harm.

*(杀人诛心) Idiom which means it is better to expose and condemn the motives, thoughts, and intentions of such a person than to destroy a person’s body. From “The Book of the Later Han: The Biography of Huo Xu”.

“I didn’t force you, did I?” Yan Qiuchi asked Xiao Qi.

Xiao Qi shook her head. “No… No.”

Yan Qiuchi stood in the night and looked at her coldly. “Shen Jintai is someone I like. If you touch him, it is more serious than touching me. Understand?”

Xiao Qi: “I understand… I understand.”

Why? Why? Why would such an excellent male god fall for someone like Shen Jintai?!

She was so jealous, uncomfortable, and angry, but she was also helpless and scared. If she wasn’t obedient, only death would await her!

On a well-known entertainment forum. Looking at the top ten posts, six of them were all related to Shen Jintai.


“Ahhhhhhhhhh, sister upstairs, I understand you!”

“Black question mark face, can anyone explain what happened?”

“Go and see the number one hot search. Touhua is bursting from a new relationship!”

“I can’t read it now. Weibo has collapsed. The screenshot is here!”

“Holy shit. Prince Yan. Was it that Prince Yan who refused Shen Jintai at first? Yan Qiuchi?”

“If it’s not him, then who else could it be? My god! This is more explosive than a simple romance!”

“I went to read about it. I think it’s a bit far-fetched. It’s all based on a few photos and a video. The rest are all texts someone made up. No matter how you look at it, it’s fake. This is even more fake than the BaiJin affair.”

“I think so too. Let’s see how the parties respond. According to my analysis, those marketing accounts are all the same ones related to Xiao Qi. Maybe it’s her alt accounts. This smells like conspiracy.”

“I’m not familiar with the name Yan Qiuchi. Can someone enlighten me?”

“Yan Qiuchi, graduated from an Ivy League school at the age of 21, and founded Sunshine Media at the age of 22. He is 191 cm tall and weighs 75 kg. He is unmarried. His father is Yan Tiefeng, his mother is Fang Fengmei, his grandfather is [redacted], and his uncle is [redacted]. In short, Shen Jintai, the most famous object of gossip, chased him until he went bankrupt!”

“Fuck, that’s so fake. How could a bachelor like him eat grass?!”

“Yes, the more I look at it, the more fake it is. I don’t think it’s hype from Shen Jintai. Otherwise, if the other side responds like before, Shen Jintai will be shamed to death.”

“There is a reasonable suspicion that someone is trying to mess with him. It seems that Touhua is blocking the way of many people.”

“I said a long time ago that when Touhua became popular, it offended a group of people. You still don’t believe it!”

“Touhua is really miserable! It’s that crazy woman, Xiao Qi, again! Why is she still around!”

Even the gold powders agreed that there was a conspiracy afoot.

“Can anyone tell me what the hell is going on?!”

“I smell conspiracy! I went to see it. The marketing accounts that first posted this news used to be all gold black powder. They always posted negative news about our brother. This is all a conspiracy!”

“Who the hell is ruffling my feathers! Is it that whore, Xiao Qi?!”

“Is it really Xiao Qi? This news is pretty dark but also refreshing.”

“Agreed. If my brother’s confession got rejected, I could vomit blood, but this news actually said Yan Qiuchi turned upside down and chased my brother and got rejected in the process!”

“Stop, okay. Let’s not discuss this kind of rumor that has no real evidence. If it is fake news, wouldn’t it seem that we are being self-indulgent!”

“You’re right. I don’t ask Prince Yan to regret it. I only ask that he leave my brother alone!”

“Ahhhhh, I’m really nervous and excited. I don’t know what’s wrong with me!”

“I hope an official statement is made soon, and we can deal with it!”

“I have already sent a private message to Brother Tang. Wait for a reply. Everyone stabilize!”

Shen Jintai was awakened by a phone call. He sat up from the bed and glanced out the window. It was just the break of dawn. He reached for his phone and connected the call only to hear Li Meilan screaming, “You and Yan Qiuchi are on the hot search!”

“Huh?” The shock shook Shen Jintai awake.

“Did you know that you were photographed having dinner with Yan Qiuchi yesterday?!”

He… He… He didn’t know!

“I’m already in the car, heading to the hotel. Get up quickly!” Li Meilan said gloomily: “I’ve been so careful. How come you’re still being targeted!”

Shen Jintai hung up the phone, but before he had a chance to go online to check out the news, the phone rang again. This time it was from Monsoon. “What’s going on with the hot search?”

Shen Jintai: “I haven’t read it yet, so I’ll get back to you after reading it.”

“Once again, don’t be careless,” Ji Fengxing said. “How to respond, discuss it well, and be cautious in your wording to prevent it from being overinterpreted.”

Shen Jintai: “Got it.”

After hanging up, Shen Jintai hurriedly searched the Internet and saw the big characters “explosion” hanging behind the words “Shen Jintai, Yan Qiuchi”, and he became a bit dizzy. His name had actually appeared on the hot searches with Yan Qiuchi.

This terrified him. He quickly clicked on hot search and saw that it was a candid shot of the dinner he had with Yan Qiuchi yesterday. This wasn’t the most surprising thing, though. It was in the headlines!

Yan Qiuchi had confessed that he was rejected. Only a few of his close staff members around him knew about this. How did this blow up and spread to the outside world?!

His first reaction was, ‘Oh shit. He implicated Yan Qiuchi.’

Li Meilan and Xiao Tang both rushed over. Shen Jintai confirmed with them that they had not leaked Yan Qiuchi’s confession or his rejection.

“This kind of private matter involves sensitive people. How can we talk about it? I haven’t even mentioned it to my husband,” Li Meilan said.

Xiao Tang: “I absolutely said nothing. Not only is it bad for Brother Jin, but it’s also embarrassing for President Yan as well. I dare not say it.”

Yan Qiuchi was even more unlikely to reveal it, as it was most hurtful to him. Shen Jintai had even tested it and found that he hadn’t even told Mrs. Yan.

“Then directly respond that it is fake news.” Shen Jintai walked back and forth in the room. “I guess someone took pictures of the two of us having dinner, and they had to make up the news, and coincidentally got it right. We’ll directly deny that we reserve the right to sue the marketing account that is disseminating this fake news.”

“If they want to fuck you over, the headlines should be something like your old feelings have been rekindled. Wouldn’t this have a greater impact on you? But it’s turned around to be Yan Qiuchi chasing you. I’ve looked at the marketing accounts. The wording, pictures, ect. they were all from the same news source,” Li Meilan said.

Xiao Tang: “I think the old fans said that those marketing accounts are most likely to be Xiao Qi’s alt accounts. They haven’t said good things about Brother Jin before.”

“We have to deal with this matter quickly and don’t bring too much negative impact to the Yan family,” Shen Jintai said.

His current traffic, coupled with a family like the Yan’s, was too powerful and had too much influence on Yan Qiuchi. He was from the entertainment industry, but the Yan family was not. If it weren’t for his involvement with Shen Jintai, Yan Qiuchi would not have this kind of scandal.

But what to say, how to say it, and in what form still had to be discussed. Just as he was discussing it with Li Meilan, Xiao Tang, who was comforting the gold powders on his phone, suddenly raised his head and shouted, “Sunshine Media has made it clear!”

Li Meilan and Shen Jintai looked up together.

Xiao Tang looked at the screenshot sent to him by the gold powders and could hardly believe his eyes.

“What’s the matter?” Shen Jintai asked.

“Did they deny it?” This is what Li Meilan was most worried about. Once Yan Qiuchi denied it, this matter would not be as simple as oolong*. Shen Jintai would fall into ridicule immediately. But she also knew how whimsical it would be for them to admit it. It would be equivalent to a president slapping himself in the face.

*(乌龙) Idiom referring to negligence and error.

Xiao Tang endured his violent heartbeat and opened Weibo. The screenshot may not be true, so he had to confirm its validity. After reading it, he felt his blood boiling and handed the phone to Shen Jintai.


Today, some internet users and self-media outlets spread rumors about the relationship between President Yan Qiuchi and Mr. Shen Jintai on Weibo, Baidu, Douban, and other forms of media outlets. Our company confirms that President Yan is currently in the pursuit stage, but his feelings were not accepted by Mr. Shen Jintai. Because President Yan is not a member of the entertainment industry, we hope everyone will give him some space, and we apologize for the distress this incident has caused for Mr. Shen.]

Shen Jintai was stunned.

Li Meilan was also stunned.

The gold powders were boiling.

“My God, it’s actually true!”

“My brother rejected him! Ahhhhh, I will follow you for a lifetime!”

“So fucking cool. Ahhahahahahaha, my son’s charm is unstoppable!”

“Brother, hold on, don’t shake it!”

“The knot of my heart for so many years has finally been untied, wuwuwu.”

“I’m crying. The newcomer may not know how emotional we old fans are. Thinking back then, we were really helpless… wuwuwu…”

“Yes, although I also hated that iron is not made of steel, it was difficult to make peace.”

“This old relationship will never be used to insult my brother again. We gold powders will no longer have to worry about this history every day.”

This event finally made them completely relieved. When they were scolded by black powders and countered with “it’s a long time ago” and such, even they were like passersby. They truly didn’t believe Shen Jintai had really cut off the relationship completely. Facts had proven them wrong, as Shen Jintai did not disappoint them.

This incident set off a huge wave on the Internet.

“Have you seen it? How many people have been slapped in the face? It’s true that Touhua rejected Prince Yan!!! Yan Qiuchi is really chasing Shen Jintai!”

“Yan Qiuchi… Touhua actually refused a great man like Yan Qiuchi. All I can say is Touhua is awesome!”

“So, who would dare to talk about the black history of Touhua in the future? Touhua used actual actions to tell everyone that the Shen Jintai of the past has died, and now it is Niu Hulu Jintai who’s standing in front of everyone!”

“This incident is really inexplicable, and the number of Touhua fans is about to soar again!”

“What are you saying? It’s already soared, and this time the gold powders really love him to death!”

“Who would have imagined that the one who brought Shen Jintai to the top was the same person who made him fall to rock bottom. My god, I’m so excited as a passerby. This must be fate! Fate!”

“All the data of Touhua has really reached the top!”

The author has something to say:

Touhua fans are very relieved!

Kinky Thoughts:


I feel it’s a bit unfair to Yan Qiuchi, though. Technically, he didn’t do anything wrong, and he doesn’t know that it’s a new person in Shen Jintai’s body. Even so, he still did all this! Don’t worry, baobei~~ for your good deed, you’ll be getting that “every day and night” real soon!

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