Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch108

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 108: Finally Looking Forward to This Moment!

In today’s entertainment industry, in terms of fan numbers and loyalty, there was none that could compete with gold powders. No one in the fandom circle dared to provoke them. The cooking of the powder was so worry-free that there was no chance of tearing it up, so gold powders had a peaceful scene.

This had led to a very good impression of them from the outside world. It was rare for fans of an idol to be so amiable. It was very good being a gold powder.

However, there was a sore spot for them, and that was their brother’s black history. Not only that, but all this black history was also real, like the fact that he had stalked and chased a man and committed all kinds of lewd acts. This wasn’t catching the wind and catching the shadows. There were specific videos that made it undeniable. Gold powders could only counter back by saying, “That was all in the past, and now these two people have nothing to do with each other!”

This so-called persecution complex had caused gold powders to tear anyone apart to the point of autism as long as Yan Qiuchi was mentioned in any of Shen Jintai’s related posts. The period when Shen Jintai was entangled with him was the most humiliating point in his life. Gold powders were angry and embarrassed at the thought that the brother that’s in the palm of their hand was being trampled on like this. Fortunately, it was all in the past.

Xiao Qi posted an anonymous post in the rabbit area to test the water. Sure enough, she attracted a bunch of crazy gold powders. She was scolded until her eyes turned red, filled with anger and happiness.

Anger from how brainless those fans were. Happiness from confirming Shen Jintai’s biggest weakness.

The scene Shen Jintai was filming today for <When You’re Older> was the part where Luo Wensheng confesses to Yu Nuo. He was preparing in his dressing room when Xiao Tang came in with his phone and said, “Brother Jin, phone.”

The makeup artist immediately stopped applying makeup on Shen Jintai. Shen Jintai looked at his phone and saw that it was Yan Qiuchi calling.

“Are you busy?” Yan Qiuchi said. “I sent you a few messages, but I didn’t get a reply.”

“I usually don’t have my phone with me when I’m filming. Why are you looking for me?”

“Are you free tonight? I want to ask you out to dinner,” Yan Qiuchi said.

Shen Jintai suspected that Yan Qiuchi knew his filming schedule because tonight just happened to be the night he was free. In the past several days, he had to film at night, but today he had it off, and coincidentally, Yan Qiuchi had asked him out for dinner.

Feeling he couldn’t lie, Shen Jintai said, “Yes.”

“Then I’ll make a reservation. I want to talk to you about my mother’s birthday.”

Hearing Yan Qiuchi’s reason, Shen Jintai couldn’t refuse and could only say, “Alright. Text me the address after you make the reservation.”

After he hung up, he handed Xiao Tang the phone. Xiao Tang was nervous and reported the incident to Li Meilan.

“President Yan asked Brother Jin to dinner.” Xiao Tang’s tone was full of worry.

“Where?” Li Meilan asked.

“I don’t know. I’ll let Brother Jin tell you later,” Xiao Tang said. “Xiao Qi’s incident has made so much noise recently that I’m a little worried. That woman could be hiding somewhere and secretly taking pictures. I don’t know what’ll happen if she photographs them together…”

Since the issue with Xiao Qi blew up last time, Xiao Tang had been constantly worried. The one thing that gold powders was unable to accept was Shen Jintai and Yan Qiuchi getting together.

Li Meilan said, “I’ll talk to Jintai later and ask him to stay vigilant.”

Li Meilan had come to the crew today to specifically talk to Shen Jintai about this matter in person. When she arrived on set, Shen Jintai was hugging Bai Qingquan tightly, causing his face to flush. She went to the director’s side to look at the shooting effect. Shen Jintai looked young and handsome on the director’s monitor. The light from the sunset dyed his jet-black hair, causing it to look a little maroon. His eyelashes were long—even longer than Bai Qingquan’s—and they were unusually dainty and shiny. Compared to his waist, Shen Jintai’s eyelash still wins overall.

Shen Jintai’s hands were long and fair, and his fingertip was tinted slightly pink. He used one hand to hold the back of Bai Qingquan’s head.

Bai Qingquan’s appearance was softer. He had always been known for his beauty. In terms of this, Li Meilan would dare to say that he was definitely the most beautiful figure in the history of film and television.

Seeing these two on camera, Li Meilan felt this movie would be a surefire hit. Sun Sihai had shot them so beautifully, but beauty wasn’t the only factor. The later plot points of this movie would also be touching.

“Cut!” Sun Sihai said. “We’re changing the camera angle. Let’s shoot it again.”

When the two of them let go, Bai Qingquan’s face was still red. He said, “You strangled me so much I almost couldn’t breathe.”

They retook the shot five times. With each time, Shen Jintai improved, and his emotions became more wired. For a moment, he was taken in and felt that the two of them really had become lovers.

Since the start of filming until now, the more sensational scenes had not been filmed yet. The ones they did so far were mainly small and light. A little poking and a little sultry, but the emotions weren’t as strong yet. Today’s scene allowed Bai Qingquan to find the kind of feeling that he felt from Shen Jintai that made him to enter the act, similar to when he was filming The East Palace with him. This was the feeling that Shen Jintai could draw out of him.

The immersion of his acting was so deep that Bai Qingquan knew Shen Jintai no longer saw himself as Shen Jintai, nor did he see him as a sister, but as a boy who was deeply in love with him and was stimulated by his affection and desires.

During their second reshoot, Shen Jintai’s face turned red. He was slowly immersing himself in the scene when he suddenly heard a ding dong, signifying that Xiao Ai had come online.

“Dear~ congratulations on scoring two more points. Your killer feet reward has been given out! The soles of your feet will be well-proportioned, your toes will remain slender, and the tips will be well-rounded, ruddy, and fair…”

“Shut up.”


With a beep, Xiao Ai went offline.

This interruption had disturbed his state. He was planning on giving up attacking Bai Qingquan, but his favorability had risen again. He debated once more if he should continue or not. There was a slight pounding in his heart as he stroked Bai Qingquan’s head with one hand. Their chests were pressed together, and he felt Bai Qingquan’s heartbeat.

In that instance, they looked like a couple after a successful confession. They were at the prime age for falling in love and finding their significant other, whom they would spend the rest of their lives with, the 17-year-old Yu Nuo and the 18-year-old Luo Wensheng. From this moment on, they would walk hand-in-hand, from their teens to old age, until that day when Luo Wensheng would die in Yu Nuo’s arms.

Shen Jintai’s emotions suddenly returned, and his eyes instantly became moist.

“Cut!” Sun Sihai shouted. “Jintai, what’s wrong with your eyes?”

Luo Wensheng, at this moment, should be extremely happy. He was able to attain the desire of an adolescent boy. All he could feel was endless joy, not sadness.

“Sorry, sorry. My fault.” Shen Jintai let go of Bai Qingquan.

After filming this scene, the atmosphere between the two was a little awkward. Bai Qingquan’s heart hadn’t once slowed down. He thought he had entered the act too deeply. The hug between a man and woman was too vast. He wanted to fall in love.

Of course, it wasn’t with Shen Jintai. His heart was mixed with Yu Nuo’s love for Luo Wensheng. Feeling this, it only made him more depressed. For the past few years, he couldn’t be in a relationship, and he spent a ton of effort to cover himself, so now there was little chance for him to fall in love. He wasn’t sure if he’d eventually end up alone.

Thinking these thoughts only worsened his mood.

Wei Ge asked him, “What’s the matter? You look so sullen.”

“I want to fall in love. I want to be with a man,” Bai Qingquan said.

Wei Ge was already used to this. “You should think about it carefully.”

Bai Qingquan glanced up at him. “I think you are pretty handsome.”

Wei Ge: “…”

Shen Jintai was sitting in the car feeling melancholic. He was entangled. At the rate they were going, Bai Qingquan would most likely fall for him after the end of filming this movie. For a beauty like Bai Qingquan to fall for anyone, no gay in the world could possibly refuse. Regardless of appearance or identity, Bai Qingquan was definitely top-notch.

Shen Jintai couldn’t help but feel moved, but suddenly, Yan Qiuchi’s appearance appeared in his mind. He was surprised that he suddenly realized that Yan Qiuchi was already of similar weight that could be compared with Bai Qingquan that pervaded his thoughts!

He already conceded that Yan Qiuchi would never be a shou. This only gave way to more confusion.

Shen Jintai was currently in Li Meilan’s car. Before setting off, Li Meilan had talked to him about Yan Qiuchi. This only confirmed the difficult situation that he was currently in. It wasn’t good for Bai Qingquan if he pursued him, but it wasn’t good for him if he relented to Yan Qiuchi.

Either path seemed to be fatal, and both would lead to the abandonment of powder.

Shen Jintai got out of the car heavily disguised. He saw Yan Qiuchi waiting for him in person at the entrance of the restaurant. When he came over to greet him, Yan Qiuchi smiled and said, “I waited for you for a while. Let’s go in.”

Shen Jintai nodded. When he was about to enter the restaurant, Yan Qiuchi suddenly stretched out his hand and gently wrapped it around his waist. His movement was so light that Shen Jintai didn’t notice it, but this was all captured by Xiao Qi’s camera.

Ahhhhhhhhh. Thank you, Lord! Thank you!

Why was she having such good luck? This was what she was looking forward to!

She had only wanted to take photos of Yan Qiuchi today to gather more materials. She didn’t have much hope at first, but suddenly a pie fell from the sky. It turns out the person Yan Qiuchi was waiting for was Shen Jintai!

The surprise was so shocking that she wasn’t mentally prepared! The moment she’s been waiting for has finally arrived!

When this news was sent out, she believed that it would detonate the internet. Even if Shen Jintai came out and denied it, the black history between him and Yan Qiuchi would break out again and return to the limelight. She had already gathered a ton of videos and news for the netizens.

It was time for more passersby to see Shen Jintai’s ugliness. Ahhhhhhh~

Xiao Qi actually liked Yan Qiuchi a lot. She thought he was the perfect image of what a male god should look like. His condition was so superior that it was easy to arouse her spring heart. What she especially liked the most was Yan Qiuchi’s attitude towards Shen Jintai.

Her greatest happiness for the past few years was watching Yan Qiuchi’s rejections of Shen Jintai. Her favorite was that one year where Shen Jintai tried to court him in public and Yan Qiuchi didn’t even acknowledge him, not even bothering to get out of his car.

This man has the same vision as her. She could tell that he shared the same contempt for Shen Jintai as her!

Even if gold powders wanted to scold him, they wouldn’t be able to pick out his faults. He was a gentleman through and through. Even though he didn’t love Shen Jintai, he always maintained a polite demeanor towards him. For example, he would occasionally go with Mrs. Yan to visit Shen Jintai during open set visits. This was because of Mrs. Yan’s affection for him, and Yan Qiuchi was only humoring her due to his gentlemanly etiquette.

Such a discerning man was her favorite type. He was going to give her one of her favorite performances of face-slapping again.

Happy to fly*!

*(开心到飞起) Means very happy. This usually appears in the form of an emoji.

The author has something to say:

It’s you who is going to be slapped in the face and sent flying!

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