Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch101

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 101: There Is No Danger, Duo Lovers

Yan Qiuchi blushed, and he let go of his phone. He didn’t lie. He really dreamed of Shen Jintai just now. It wasn’t a trick. He was just being a bit indulgent and saying what was on his mind. He felt that being in love made people vulnerable.

He had become very unlike him. In the process of falling in love, Yan Qiuchi discovered many things that he didn’t know before.

For example, this feeling of coquettishness, childishness, vulnerability, and dependency was usually a characteristic of women and children. He had never acted spoiled, even with his parents, and he had not been coquettish since he was a child. Though young, he was mature for his age, independent, and always self-improving. However, after liking Shen Jintai, he discovered that people are no different from each other. Men occasionally wanted to act spoiled like children to gain attention from the person they long for.

Of course, this side would only be revealed in front of a lover. These small details will only appear after falling in love. These things were so novel, embarrassing, yet exciting to Yan Qiuchi that he became addicted to the taste.

“This is Yan Qiuchi’s personal number,” Shen Jintai said to Xiao Tang. “From now on, you will go to engage with him on my behalf.”

“I already have President Yan’s number.” Xiao Tang looked at Shen Jintai suspiciously.

Shen Jintai glanced at Xiao Tang. “Oh. Alright then. You go and rest.”

Xiao Tang couldn’t hold back his inner gossip. Something must have happened again!

“By the way, Brother Jin, our plane tonight will leave at half past seven after dinner.”

Shen Jintai nodded. “Are they still guarding the hall?”

Xiao Tang: “Yes, but not many. Some of them have dispersed after listening to Sister Lan’s persuasion.”

Shen Jintai will attend a promotional event for a high-luxury brand tomorrow morning, so he couldn’t further delay. His itinerary was very packed. Fortunately, Monsoon Entertainment had contacted a local security company and hired bodyguards to escort him to the airport.

After dinner, Shen Jintai put on a hat and mask and got out of the elevator under the escort of Xiao Tang and others. As soon as they arrived in the hall, the squatting illegitimate rice immediately surrounded them. The bodyguards instantly blocked them. They were tall and big, so the little girls didn’t dare to come too hard. They stood back as they held up their cameras and shot wildly at Shen Jintai. Li Meilan was also wearing a mask and stretched out her hand to block the cameras. One hand tightly grasped Shen Jintai’s arm.

Shen Jintai lowered his head slightly. He had always been kind to fans, but now he didn’t say a single word. He quickly walked towards the commercial car that was parked outside.

As soon as he left the hotel gate, a gust of wet rain splashed his face. An assistant helped him open the car door. When Shen Jintai was about to get in the car, a girl with an umbrella on the side of the road suddenly rushed towards him. The bodyguard hurriedly reached out to block her. Before he could block her, the girl slipped and fell to the ground with a thud.

“Oh my god, did you see it?!” Xiao Qi patted her colleague on the shoulder excitedly. “Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up!”

There were screams from the crowd because the girl’s umbrella rolled directly onto the road. A passing car drove by and almost ran over the girl’s arm.

Someone immediately helped the girl up. She was drenched and pale. She shook her head and said, “I’m fine. I’m okay.”

Shen Jintai took off his mask and immediately walked towards the group of illegitimate rice. Li Meilan pulled him but couldn’t hold him back.

“Can you pay attention to safety! Do you want to die?!” Shen Jintai was severely frightened. His expression was extremely ugly. The girls around him still held their phones as they continued recording and taking pictures of him, thinking they had finally seized the opportunity. The flashes from their cameras were dazzling in the night as they captured Shen Jintai’s gloomy face. Before he could say anything else, Li Meilan grabbed him and dragged him into the car.

Shen Jintai’s body was wet, so Xiao Tang hurriedly took a towel and wiped the rain from his hair.

Li Meilan quickly shut the car door. “If persuasion worked, they would have dispersed a long time ago.”

“She was almost killed just now!” Shen Jintai said. “If something really happened, I can’t imagine the terrifying result!”

“Go, go, go, go,” Li Meilan said to the driver.

The bodyguards couldn’t stop the girls, so they rushed to the car window. Shen Jintai grabbed his phone and took a reverse shot. Outside the blurred car window, there were several faces that were almost glued against the window. Flashes of light were shining behind them, creating a scary scene.

“I got it! Did you capture everything?” Xiao Qi asked excitedly.

“I did. I did!”

Before Shen Jintai even got off the plane, the piece of news had spread online.

[The staff around a top idol pushed fans roughly, almost causing a car accident. Star chasers must be rational, and stars must treat fans as human beings.]

There was an accompanying picture that looked chilling. It was a GIF showing a girl suddenly falling to the ground in the foggy, rainy night and a car suddenly turning sharply. From the perspective of the shooter, it looks as if the car had run over the girl’s arm.

“Oh my god, so scary!”

“I heard that it was the bodyguards pushing and shoving, and the road was slippery since it was a rainy day, which caused the fans to be pushed down. It looked really dangerous!”

“Isn’t Touhua always good to fans? I remember that his company had sent a lot of press releases, and he’s simply the first person in the entertainment industry to cook with care. What’s going on?”

“What else can happen? He’s starting to play his tricks again. Have you already forgotten his true face?”

Immediately, a marketing account released a video of Shen Jintai scolding an illegitimate rice when he first debuted a few years ago. There was also a video in which he directly flipped off a candid camera. He didn’t care if it was gold powder filming him. He simply ignored it.

The main reason why the GIF was so chilling was that, in addition to the girl who was completely drenched, making her look quite pitiful, there were also fierce big bodyguards surrounding her. The icing on the cake was Shen Jintai’s dark face, which seemed particularly domineering.

Since he hadn’t made an appearance in a long time, as soon as this news was released, it quickly climbed the hot search, and the entertainment forums were in full swing.

Xiao Qi looked at the money in her account and said, “It seems that Shen Jintai was blocking the way of many people.”

More monks than meat*. I don’t know how many peers want to watch him overturn.”

*(僧多肉少嘛) Idiom referring to less resources and more people that want them.

Not only were there stars who had a competitive relationship with Shen Jintai, but there were also those who were enemies of Monsoon Entertainment. Among the most popular artists, Shen Jintai rarely showed up because he usually filmed behind closed doors with the crew, which was considered relatively rare.

The gold powders were the first to smell the blackness. “Who is blackening my son?!”

“Several marketing accounts are building momentum, and they seem organized. Sisters, go and control the comments.”

“It’s really scary to look at! It can’t be true. I still believe in my brother. There must be a reason.”

“Sisters, wait a moment. I will contact Brother Tang to find out the real situation!”

Shen Jintai and the others had received the news when the plane landed. This could be considered Shen Jintai’s first negative news after turning red. Ji Fengxing had called personally and asked Li Meilan to deal with it carefully.

Monsoon Entertainment was good at PR, and it had done a pretty good job of containing this news. Not long after the hot search was launched, Monsoon issued a solemn statement in response to the rumors of Shen Jintai being a diva and shoving fans.

The company’s statement was strictly in accordance with the standard template, striving for accuracy and objectivity. It was mainly aimed at ill-intentioned disinformation marketing accounts. Not long after the company’s statement was issued, Xiao Tang cooperated and posted another long Weibo post.

In the post, he described the entire situation, starting with the blockade of illegitimate rice at the hotel until the so-called “shoving incident”. His personal Weibo post complained about the bad behavior of illegitimate children, and the tone was angry. A lot of it was not suitable for a company, let alone for Shen Jintai himself to post, so it had to come from someone else.

Finally, Shen Jintai retweeted these two Weibo posts with only one sentence: [Safety will always come first, both for you and me.]

“I knew someone deliberately framed my brother!”

“Some people are jealous, so they have started to use the following methods, right? So many marketing numbers are following the rhythm, and many comments are headed by a water army!”

How could the gold powders stand this kind of anger? The marketing accounts were immediately torn to shreds that no one could even recognize them any longer. When the gold powders came out, the black material was strangled in the crib before it even had the chance to spread.

The discussion online began to shift towards the issue of illegitimate rice. All popular stars have encountered them before. Serious fans abhorred this kind of behavior. In fact, a lot of them weren’t even illegitimate rice but actually black powders just pretending. Their purpose was to irritate celebrities, create negative news so it would damage their image, and the more perverted ones just wanted to make stars and fans angry.

Xiao Qi failed to vent this time but had temporarily solved her money problems. She only became more motivated to blacken Shen Jintai. Everyone had shortcomings, especially those like Shen Jintai, who used to have a bad temper. She firmly believed that Shen Jintai was just using his hypocrisy to hide it temporarily. Sooner or later, the fox tail will show up again.

She wanted to be Shen Jintai’s only paparazzi.

This incident caught everyone by surprise but also taught them a valuable lesson. Ji Fengxing personally gave instructions to the company and equipped all their popular artists with professional bodyguards.

After Shen Jintai had returned to Nancheng, he joined the crew of <When You’re Older> to try on makeup, outfits, and took promotional photos. While he was on set shooting his promotional photos, Bai Qingquan, who had just finished recording his variety show, came over to meet him.

The first thing Bai Qingquan said when he saw him was, “Are you okay?”

“I’m alright.”

“I saw all the hot searches yesterday, and I forwarded your post.”

Shen Jintai smiled and said, “I saw it.”

“I have to lose weight,” Bai Qingquan said suddenly.

Shen Jintai was stunned for a moment. Bai Qingquan continued, “You seem to have lost a lot of weight again. Wearing this school uniform, you really look like a high school student.”

One-fifth of the movie revolves around the high school days of the characters they played. Fortunately, both of them were in their early twenties, so they were long and tender. After putting on their school uniforms, they really looked like high schoolers, especially Shen Jintai. He was so handsome when he was wearing a military uniform. Now that his hairstyle had changed and he was wearing a school uniform with a backpack straddled on his shoulder and his hands in his pocket, he was like the living image of Luo Wensheng.

His body was full of youthful sunshine. Bai Qingquan felt it was the correct choice to choose Shen Jintai. As long as Shen Jintai didn’t take off his clothes, he wouldn’t feel aggrieved. Of course, he himself wasn’t particularly adult-looking either. In his costume, he looked like a gentle and upright adolescent boy.

Unlike the confidential tone of <Pilot>, <When You’re Older> took a completely different promotional route. The first shot was a set of shots taken for the first trailer. The crew had bought the copyright to the song <When You’re Older>* and it was played as the background song in the trailer.

*Clarity: The song and the movie title are the same.

On a long forest road, the trees were lush as they provided shade from the sun. In the rustling wind were the backs of two teenagers wearing their high school uniforms, each carrying a backpack, running towards the boulevard. People behind them shouted, “Luo Wensheng, wait for me!”

The two boys in front didn’t stop, as laughter could be faintly heard. They ran into the distance together, and suddenly the leaves turned yellow, covering the ground with colors of gold. The wind blew, causing the leaves to rustle along the ground. A young man was wearing a black suit and guiding an old man. The old man had gray hair and was staggering along the road.

The light prelude music of the song <When You’re Older> sounded as their backs gradually blurred, like a wisp of blue smoke, and finally transformed into a sentence.

[A lifetime is not enough. I want to love you for a few more lifetimes.]

Then Zhao Zhao’s singing voice was clear, and he slowly sang, “When you get old, your hair turns gray.”

As soon as the trailer was released, it swept across the internet, and the two top streams joined forces to create a life-and-death love story.

The author has something to say:

As soon as the first sentence of <When You’re Older> came out, it made people cry.

The story of <When You’re Older> is the central drama of <Don’t Be Coquettish>. Because it has been written, the repetitive content will not be written again. Therefore, the movie mainly focuses on the filming process, and it will not be like The East Palace and <Pilot>. Too much ink is used in the drama. If you are interested, you can go to the novel <Don’t Be Coquettish> to read it.

It is about a man who will not grow old. After the death of his lover, he travels through time and space and keeps returning to the story of meeting his lover in the past. It is a love film with a bit of reversal, and the love and pain that go back and forth are crueler. If you don’t plan to read <Don’t Be Coquettish>, don’t worry. There will be stories and background introductions in the next chapter that will not affect the novel.

Kinky Thoughts:

The title, There is no danger (有惊无险) is an idiom referring to something seemingly thrilling but without any danger. The process of describing something as grim but ultimately achieving the desired results.

Anyway, if you are interested in the connection of this world, you can read my Kinky Thoughts in chapter 69 that explains in greater details how <Don’t Be Coquettish> (another novel written by the author) relates to this book as well as the summary for it.

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