Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch94

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 94: Blame These Beauty Rewards!

Shen Jintai felt that he had gained insight into a secret that was truly frightening. Certainly, it wasn’t what he thought, right? Yan Qiuchi probably just didn’t want his younger brother to chase someone who had chased him, right?

Would Yan Qiuchi like him?

No, he didn’t think so. Yan Qiuchi obviously has the taste of a straight man. His type is those 0 seductive beauties since he has such an offensive temperament. Could it be because of his beauty rewards that they triggered Yan Qiuchi’s desires?

He took his clothes off and looked at his body. He was sure that he was what a handsome guy in his early twenties should look like. Sure, his ass was unusually fair and tender, but it’s not like Yan Qiuchi could see it!

“Xiao Ai!” Shen Jintai yelled angrily.

Xiao Ai didn’t respond.

“Hello, Xiao Ai!”

With a ding dong, Xiao Ai came online. “Dear!”

“Dear my ass! Let me ask you, is it possible for Yan Qiuchi to like me? How does he feel about me now? What is my favorability for him?”

“Dear, don’t get excited. It’s like this. Because your task is to attack the male’s protagonist official match, steal his white moonlight, suppress him, and sharpen him, our love system only detects two data points. The first is Bai Yueguang’s favorability for you, and the second is the value of the male protagonist’s dislike for you. This means the score can only rise with a negative point value. That is to say, if the male protagonist hates you more, more points will be rewarded to you, but if the male protagonist doesn’t hate you, even if his favorability for you has risen, sorry~ that’s not within our test range!”

“So does he like me now, don’t you know?”

“Xiao Ai only knows that he doesn’t hate you now. As for whether he loves you, Xiao Ai doesn’t know.”

Why did Shen Jintai feel that this calculation method was full of conspiracy. He seems to have fallen into a trap.

“Dear, don’t worry. Xiao Ai brings you good news. Would you like to hear about your sexy reward for your next level?”

Shen Jintai: “…”

“Your reward for the next level are killer feet! You will have a pair of the best-looking men’s feet in the world. The soles of your feet are well-proportioned, the toes are slender and well rounded, and the cheeks are ruddy and fair. At first glance, it’s a pair of handsome feet that will make people overwhelmed by love when they look at them!”

Shen Jintai: “…”

Can you please be quiet, alright?!!!

“Okay,” Xiao Ai had heard his inner voice. “Then Xiao Ai will go offline, beep!”


God damn it.

Shen Jintai closed the door quietly. He didn’t even bother to listen to what Yan Qiuchi and Yan Yaoxuan were talking about.

Yan Qiuchi patted Yan Yaoxuan on the shoulder. “Go back and get a good night’s sleep. Dad is drunk, so I will pick him up.”

Finished with his conversation with Yan Yaoxuan, Yan Qiuchi headed downstairs. He was a bit ashamed and sympathized with Yan Yaoxuan, but he also felt relief now that the issue with Yan Yaoxuan had been solved smoothly.

Shen Jintai must have never considered Yan Yaoxuan, as his love may not be considered love in a romantic sense. Otherwise, how could he retreat so easily? If it were him in Yan Yaoxuan’s position, even if his confession failed, he would never be reconciled. If he couldn’t catch him, he would wait.

Shen Jintai was sitting on his bed. After the initial shock, he began to calmly think about it. He felt that maybe he was just overthinking too much. Yan Qiuchi had no reason not to love a little 0 beauty like Bai Qingquan. That was the type he liked, right?

He was indeed not the former Shen Jintai but others didn’t know this. Would Yan Qiuchi really like someone who he has looked down on since the episode where they were entangled in bed together? This would be a huge slap in the face. How could a domineering president bear such a thing?

Though Yan Qiuchi had treated him well recently, it was simply his nature as a thoughtful gentleman. It made sense to treat him as a good friend since his behavior had improved. Shen Jintai suddenly thought of the night Yan Qiuchi was drunk, where he held him and pressed him down.


No! Shen Jintai felt that he was taking it too seriously. He lay on the bed, anxious, as he kept tossing and turning, sweating profusely. He couldn’t lie still because it was getting on his nerves, so he got up and prepared to go to the pool.

When he went downstairs, he ran into a maid who lived on the first floor. She said to him, “Xiao Jin, why haven’t you slept yet?”

Shen Jintai: “It’s hot and I can’t sleep, so I’m going out for a walk.”

The maid watched him go out. He had grabbed a robe and put it on. Looking at his back, she saw a tall, romantic, good-looking figure. He looked like he was walking on a catwalk.

It was windy at night. The air was neither hot nor cold, giving a comfortable climate. The flowers and trees were faint along the path as the streetlights were hidden behind their lush leaves. Insects buzzed in the light and shadow. Shen Jintai stood by the swimming pool, looking at the sparkling water that was reflecting the light from the streetlamp. He sat down by the pool and put his feet into it, causing a ripple of small waves that broke the light reflection.

He recalled what Xiao Ai was saying earlier. What was his next sexy reward? Feet?

He looked at his feet and thought they looked good enough. Moreover, it doesn’t matter if a man’s feet looked good or not. Who would show off their feet? Fans wouldn’t care. When shooting movies or dramas, it wasn’t like his feet would be the focus.

Thinking about it like this, the only person that would notice this part would be an intimate lover. What can a pair of feet do…

Not good! His thoughts had wandered to Yan Qiuchi again!

Shen Jintai jumped into the pool and held his breath for a while before he emerged from it. The water in the pool had become much colder. He stayed in the pool as he thought about this beauty system. The more he thought about it, the more he felt that these rewards were doing more harm than good to him.

The clouds had covered the moon and dotted out the stars. There was wind blowing everywhere as the flowers and trees swayed slightly, creating rustling sounds. He climbed out of the pool, put on his bathrobe, and prepared to go back to his room.

When he arrived in the front yard, he saw a car parked in front of the villa. He entered the living room and found that Yan Tiefeng was back. Yan Qiuchi and the driver were helping him upstairs. Mrs. Yan was standing at the head of the stairs in her pajamas, frowning and covering her nose with her hand. “It reeks of alcohol.”

“Uncle Yan drank too much?” Shen Jintai hurriedly asked.

Yan Qiuchi looked back when he heard Shen Jintai’s voice, causing Shen Jintai to feel embarrassed.

Mrs. Yan said, “Lao Wang and the others insisted he wouldn’t be happy if he didn’t get drunk on his birthday. I told him so many times before leaving, and yet he still got drunk!”

Yan Tiefeng’s driver spoke up, “It’s his birthday today, so the boss was really happy that he had two more drinks.”

Yan Tiefeng suddenly turned his head. Although his body was being held by Yan Qiuchi, he still shouted at Mrs. Yan, “I… I’m not drunk. You… don’t be fierce!”

Mrs. Yan laughed angrily and followed them upstairs.

Shen Jintai followed to the door of their room and saw Yan Qiuchi and the driver put Yan Tiefeng on the bed. Yan Tiefeng grabbed the blanket and covered his head.

“Then I will go back first,” the driver said.

Mrs. Yan: “Thank you for your hard work.”

“You’re too kind.” The driver and their family were close acquaintances. He gave them a smile and left. When he saw Shen Jintai at the door, he froze for a moment before blurting out, “Li Xu?”

Shen Jintai smiled and nodded at him.

After the driver walked away, he couldn’t help but look back a few more times. It was really Li Xu. He was more handsome in person than on TV. His skin was extremely good, so fair, and he was tall. Seeing him on screen, he thought the actor would be only about 175 cm at most. He didn’t expect he would be at least 180 cm, especially for such a young man.

Yan Qiuchi took off Yan Tiefeng’s shoes and wanted to take off his coat, but Yan Tiefeng didn’t cooperate. Mrs. Yan was next to him and said, “Forget it. The bed’s already dirty anyway.”

She looked at Yan Qiuchi and asked, “Why is he so drunk?”

“When they saw me coming, Uncle Wang and the others refused to let me go, so they had a few more drinks,” Yan Qiuchi said. “I also drank a bit too much and spilled some all over me.”

“That old man is the worst,” Mrs. Yan said. “The maid will come up to help later, so hurry up and go wash and sleep. Don’t you have to go to work tomorrow?”

Yan Qiuchi walked out. When he saw Shen Jintai at the door, he asked, “Why is your hair wet? You went swimming again?”

Looking at Yan Qiuchi like this, he didn’t really sense anything strange. Shen Jintai responded with a “Nn” and looked at Yan Qiuchi straight in the eyes.

Yan Qiuchi avoided his direct gaze and said, “Alright. It’s late, so you should go back and rest.”

“All of you, go to bed,” Mrs. Yan said.

A maid came up with some hangover soup as Shen Jintai followed Yan Qiuchi upstairs. Yan Qiuchi’s body was drunk. He suddenly staggered under his feet. Shen Jintai quickly stretched out his hand and supported him.

Yan Qiuchi smiled and said, “I drank a lot.”

Shen Jintai took a step forward and grabbed Yan Qiuchi’s arm. “I’ll help you.”

Yan Qiuchi was shocked by his sudden diligence, but refused reluctantly, saying, “I didn’t drink that much. I can go by myself.”

“You’re poor at drinking, so you should drink as little as possible in the future,” Shen Jintai said.

Shen Jintai’s voice was extremely gentle and unfamiliar, but it was particularly charming to Yan Qiuchi. His heart was trembling as he said, “It’s mainly Uncle Wang and the others. They have a relatively iron relationship with my dad. The wine they had wasn’t that good, so I didn’t drink too much.”

“Then why were you so drunk when you visited the set last time?” Shen Jintai said. “Do you know what you did when you were drunk?”

Shen Jintai opened the door of the room, turned around, and propped one hand behind him as he leaned on the door frame. He stared at Yan Qiuchi, smiled, and said, “Did you know that you kissed me?”

A little flush appeared on Yan Qiuchi’s handsome and resolute face. He felt that he was looking at an illusion of Shen Jintai. He had no resistance to this gentle Shen Jintai. Even the subtle and unpredictable ambiguities could make his heart beat wildly.

Shen Jintai saw the strong tenderness in his eyes. It was enthusiastic while dodgy, restrained yet eager to strike, titillating inside him. It seemed Yan Qiuchi would confess at any moment.

“Rest well and have a good night,” Shen Jintai said. He walked towards his room, and when he reached the door, he glanced back and saw Yan Qiuchi still standing in front of the door to his room and was staring at him.

Oh god.

Yan Qiuchi likes him!


The author has something to say:

It’s a day*, but it’s a pity it’s not you.

*Clarity: Day () is slang for “fuck”. The ending is Shen Jintai’s inner thoughts saying fuck and the author is responding to it by saying: It’s going to be a day (fuck), but it’s a pity it’s not (fucking) you.

Kinky Thoughts: 

Why did Shen Jintai feel that this calculation method was full of conspiracy. He seems to have fallen into a trap.

Hunty… You’re a bit slow, huh?

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