Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch79

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 79: Pilot

A bigger blow was yet to come. On July 17, Yan Qiuchi’s birthday, Shen Jintai called back in advance, saying that the crew was too busy, and he could not come back.

Once an actor started filming, it became a big deal. Accommodating one actor so they can leave for friends and family’s birthday meant they had to accommodate others. This would completely stop the shooting’s progress.

Shen Jintai planned to wait until Yan Tiefeng’s 50th birthday before he came back. He called Mrs. Yan first and then Yan Qiuchi to inform them of his decision.

Mrs. Yan didn’t know what kind of mood Yan Qiuchi was in. She only knew that Yan Qiuchi didn’t celebrate his birthday and went abroad on a business trip. She only asked him to eat a bowl of longevity noodles.

Yan Qiuchi only replied with a “Nn” before he resumed his work.

Mrs. Yan honestly felt that it was just dessert. In her mind, when someone liked you but you ignored them and got impatient, then they turned around and cut you off from their affection and you missed it… Well, all she could say is, “Bitch, you deserve it!”

At the same time, she understood Yan Qiuchi’s change. Shen Jintai had really changed a lot into a completely different person. Still, her son was somewhat selfish, and the outcome could only be heartbreak.

A man who was already 25 years old was the ripe age to fall in love. Her son was the slow-heating type that wouldn’t easily like someone. A “first love” that encountered such twists and turns, even for a tough man like him, would still be hurt to some extent. What if he continued to be hurt for another three to five years?

Recently, Yan Qiuchi had been working overtime every day and had become even more of a workaholic than before. Even Yan Tiefang asked him to give himself a break occasionally.

Mrs. Yan said, “You can take the time to give yourself a vacation. It just so happens that I am going to see Xiao Jin. You can accompany me.”

Yan Qiuchi was initially going to refuse. He felt that what he should do now was to cool down. He feared meeting Shen Jintai would cause him to fall deeper and add more trouble for the both of them.

Mrs. Yan continued, “I heard that he seemed to be injured during filming two days ago.”

Yan Qiuchi, who was about to refuse when he heard this, did a 360. Debates started going through his head. He knew it wasn’t a serious injury, or the news would have come out a long time ago, but it could still be a minor injury. He…

It was fine. It wasn’t like his confession was rejected. Everything was the same as before, so it shouldn’t be a problem if he took a look. He let out an “Nn” and said, “I’ll ask the assistant to coordinate the time.”

Her son was, after all, still her son. Mrs. Yan used to “dislike” this son in every possible way, but now when she looked at him, she couldn’t help but feel more and more distress for him. She felt that she shouldn’t be discouraged. She still had to match them up if there was still a chance. She just couldn’t do it in such an obvious manner.

Shen Jintai hadn’t appeared in public since he entered the crew, but his popularity had not diminished.

The second round of The East Palace broadcast was in progress. With so many beautiful men like clouds, there were many CPs that made it especially suitable for editing materials. The hottest CP was still Jintai Qiongying, while Jintai Meijing was quietly taking sugar. The hottest person was still, naturally, Shen Jintai.

Among the costume clips, there was a song called “Tears of the Old One”. The edited video was extremely popular, as it showed off Shen Jintai’s beauty in all directions, according to the lyrics. The video wasn’t long. It was only half a minute. The lyrics “cherry lips, willow eyebrows” were accompanied by the classic shot of Li Xu raising his eyebrows. “Looking back and smiling, my heart is intoxicated,” showed a slow-motion movement of Li Xu looking back during the Lantern Festival, with his fair face and rosy lips. A smile slowly appeared, expressing a soft gentleness.

The line “the tears of the old one, to whom” showed Li Xu was dressed in white, with scattered hair, and red eyes as tears slid down in slow-motion towards the camera. “There is no time to be sad in this life. I will chase you again in the afterlife,” showed Li Xu, turning his head and looking at the camera. A smile on his face gradually converged and finally disappeared. In slow-motion, he turned his head away as his hair fluttered, like a fairy, and his figure gradually disappeared, turning into a ball of roses.

The song was good, and the video cuts made it even better. It quickly went viral. It turns out the creator, Master UP, was a gold powder and her East Palace editing was amazing. Gold powders poured in one after another, begging the great god to cut another modern version.

Shen Jintai had not filmed a modern drama since his comeback. His shots in modern clothes were limited, but this didn’t pose difficulty for Master UP. She relied on raw pictures taken by fans and several commercial ads that Shen Jintai did to edit into a modern blockbuster. At the end of the video, Shen Jintai put one hand in his pocket and the other hand was carrying sunglasses. As he walked in front of the fans, the camera suddenly slowed down. Matching the sound of the music, he slowly turned his head. His eyebrows were sharp, and his eyes were clear, looking like an A and sa*.

*(又颯又a) Means good-looking, handsome, and very heroic.
A describe a person who is excellent and radiant. It’s the abbreviation for alpha. 
Sa is often used to describe girls who are handsome, especially the kind of cool girls with short hair that’s neat and dashing.

“Shen Jintai suffered so much in the East Palace, but in reality, looks pretty A.”

“Right, right! That’s how I fell in love with him. I think he is completely like two people on and off the screen. Some people say that he is not suitable for acting as a pilot. Haha, they’re waiting to be slapped in the face!”

“He is really good like this. Unlike some male actors, after acting they would smile and frown in private.”

“When will the makeup photos for <Pilot> be released? I really want to see the temptation of uniforms!”

“Tomorrow, the official blog will post the makeup photos,” Li Meilan said to Shen Jintai.

Shen Jintai, who was lying on the sofa, let out a half-dead “un”.

The movie <Pilot> was a commercial blockbuster. There were more action scenes and fewer dramatics. While not sadistic, it was still physically abusive. He was now filming the scene where pilots were being selected. He had to vomit every day on the spiral staircase.

Soreness in his whole body was such a common occurrence that the team hired a masseuse for him. It was hot, so he didn’t wear a shirt during the massages. He laid down inside the RV and asked the masseuse to press harder. Li Meilan saw his fair shoulders and back were covered with scars. It wasn’t easy making this type of movie.

When she looked down at his sunken waist and the curves around his trousers, her pity changed. Shen Jintai’s figure was too good. That ass… looked so firm when he was lying down.

“What time is Auntie Fang arriving?” he asked Li Meilan while lying there.

“…About 11 in the morning.” Li Meilan looked away.

“Then I should still be filming. You can help me receive her first and let her wait for me in the RV.”

Li Meilan nodded. “Don’t worry. Just leave it to us… I don’t know if President Yan will come.”

Shen Jintai laughed. “You don’t like him, right? You keep mentioning him recently. Sister, you are a married woman!”

Li Meilan didn’t stay on the set every day, but whenever she came, she always mentioned Yan Qiuchi from time to time. The subjects were usually all innocuous things. At first, Shen Jintai felt that she was testing him, but later felt Li Meilan seemed to care too deeply about Yan Qiuchi’s life.

It made him think that Yan Qiuchi was in love or something. As long as it wasn’t with Bai Qingquan, he could gossip about it.

Li Meilan smiled and said, “It’s useless for me to look at him. It’s not me that he looks at.”

Shen Jintai chuckled. He turned around and asked, “Has Sunshine Media gone public?”

Seeing Li Meilan nod, he said emotionally, “He is amazing, being able to get his company listed at such a young age.”

As expected from the male protagonist. When he wasn’t blinded by love, his professionalism was bursting. This was how men should be.

The movie <Pilot> was shot in Northwest China. When she got off the plane, Mrs. Yan felt it was hot and dry. She sat in the car as it drove to the set. Looking out the window, all she saw were loess. Before getting out of the car, she applied sunscreen to her face and neck.

She didn’t see any people along the way, as this area was sparsely populated. When they arrived at the filming site, she finally saw some semblance of life. There were many cars parked around, and multiple tents were set up. Mrs. Yan was wearing her sunglasses and a sun hat. A gust of wind swept over the loess as she quickly turned her back to look at the environment.

This kind of shooting condition is too difficult.

Li Meilan and Xiao Tang came to greet them in person. Li Meilan saw Yan Qiuchi instantly. His clothes were neat and tidy, and his figure was handsome as usual. Under the blazing sun above the loess, he looked even sharper and clean.

Xiao Tang hurriedly said, “Let’s take a break in the RV first. It’s hot outside.”

Not only was it hot, but it was also dirty.

Mrs. Yan pressed her hat and asked, “Where is Xiao Jin?”

Xiao Tang: “He’s still filming. He’ll finish soon.”

“Let’s go and have a look,” Mrs. Yan said.

Xiao Tang: “It’s not here. The site is a little distance from here. He’ll come back after he finishes his scenes.”

Mrs. Yan went to the RV first. Yan Qiuchi didn’t follow. He stood outside the RV wearing sunglasses and saw a van driving over covered in dusty sand.

“Is Xiao Jin back?” Mrs. Yan immediately opened the car door and walked out.

The door of the van opened, and a few men came out. They were chatting happily, with smiles on their faces. One of them was wearing a flight suit. His figure was thin and tall, and he held a helmet in his hand as he walked towards them in great strides. Among the group of rough-looking men, he stood out the most, looking heroic and handsome.

It was Shen Jintai.

Yan Qiuchi felt the tremors in his heart. Shen Jintai’s every move was like in slow motion. Though his face was dirty, he could still see his fair complexion. Such a difficult environment hasn’t made him rough and tanned. When he laughed, he revealed a row of white and shiny teeth. When Shen Jintai caught sight of them, his stunning eyebrows slightly raised, revealing translucent eyes, as he waved his hand and quickly ran over.

Yan Qiuchi’s heart, which had been half-dead for over a month, suddenly beat alive again.

It was inevitable. The way Shen Jintai ran towards him simply made his heart melt. It turns out that in the past month, his affection did not fade. It simply went into hiding, but now it was gushing out, just like the scorching sun above his head that was roasting him.

The author has something to say:

There is no way. He will become more and more excellent and charming.

Kinky Thoughts:

LOL. Mama Yan telling it like how it is.

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