Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch78

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 78: Rejected Without Saying Anything?!

Yan Qiuchi had received many valuable birthday gifts since he was a child, but none of them was as exciting as the gift he had received from Shen Jintai just now. He instantly put the watch on his wrist and admired it as he turned his hand left to right.

So attractive. So lovely. This was the watch that Shen Jintai gave him.

His heart sped up, his Adam’s apple bobbed, the corners of his mouth rose uncontrollably, and finally he let out a soft chuckle.

Shen Jintai had a hard time when he was thinking about what gifts to buy. The gemstone and watch that Mrs. Yan gave him for his birthday were so valuable that he wanted to return them with gifts of at least equal value.

For a family like the Yan’s, gifts given must be handy. For Mrs. Yan, it would be jewelry. Shen Jintai wasn’t familiar with Yan Tiefang, but he saw that he worked on calligraphy at home on occasion, so he gifted him with a sun and moon, dragon and phoenix inkstone.

As for the two Yan brothers, the only things he could think of for men were watches, belts, and ties. Yan Yaoxuan was out of the country, so he planned to wait for him to come back and make up for it. As for Yan Qiuchi, he contemplated for a while and ultimately decided on a watch. He felt that watches were the most expensive of the three items. After all, it did match Yan Qiuchi’s domineering president aura!

When he bought it, he also bought it according to Yan Qiuchi’s character. He felt that a dark-colored watch was more suitable for him. Thinking about watches made him recall all the watches he saw in Yan Qiuchi’s cloakroom. The amount he had could probably hold an exhibition with a total worth of probably tens of millions. Most likely, his watch will simply be added as part of his collection.

Yan Qiuchi changed his outfit before heading downstairs. Mrs. Yan asked, “Did you see the gift Xiao Jin gave you?”

Yan Qiuchi let out a “Nn”.

Mrs. Yan asked, “Do you like it?”

Yan Qiuchi: “En.”

Mrs. Yan glanced at him and said, “You didn’t put it on.”

“I’m not going anywhere. Why would I wear a watch?” Yan Qiuchi asked, “Where is Jintai?”

Instead of answering, Mrs. Yan simply laughed. Yan Qiuchi slightly blushed as he looked at her faintly.

Mrs. Yan said, “I’m really not used to you calling his name, so I often don’t pay attention. What did you call him before? Why don’t you just call him Xiao Jin like us? When I hear the name Jintai, it gives me goosebumps.”

Yan Qiuchi ignored her as he pulled out a chair and sat down.

Mrs. Yan laughed. “You two really have a connection. You gave him a watch, and now he has also gifted you one.”

“There’s only a few things that men can gift to each other,” Yan Qiuchi said. “Let’s have dinner. I’m hungry.”

“Wait for Xiao Jin,” Mrs. Yan said. “He’s on the phone and will be down shortly.”

It just so happened that Shen Jintai’s photo album was on the table. Yan Qiuchi leaned back on the chair and started browsing it. Going through it, he reminisced about the days when Shen Jintai was in The East Palace. He couldn’t help but notice how attractive Shen Jintai appeared in all of these photos. As he was flipping through the album, he saw Shen Jintai coming downstairs. He quickly put the photo album aside and told the maid to prepare dinner.

Shen Jintai sat down next to him, smiled, and asked, “Is the gift okay?”

Yan Qiuchi said, “I like it very much. Thank you.”

Sure enough, the answer was very formal. Shen Jintai expected as much. The watch he gave Yan Qiuchi was more valuable to him, but for Yan Qiuchi it’s worth was inconsequential.

Mrs. Yan was silent. She couldn’t figure out what was going on between the two of them, so she pretended to be deaf and dumb.

Shen Jintai was about to join the crew, and filming would be for three months. The director was famous and the production was big, so the requirements were extremely strict. He had to remain with the crew for the next three months, and it would be autumn by the time he finished filming.

“Can you ask for leave during filming?” Mrs. Yan asked.

Shen Jintai: “Yes. When it’s your birthday, I will ask for leave and come back.”

Mrs. Yan: “Your Uncle Yan and his sons all have consecutive birthdays in July. Forget Yaoxuan’s. He’s abroad and may not come back in the summer. You have to come back for your uncle and Qiuchi’s, especially your uncle. It’s his 50th this year and we’re planning something big.”

“Mine’s July 17th,” Yan Qiuchi suddenly said.

Shen Jintai was taken aback for a moment, and then heard Mrs. Yan say, “Of all the people who would forget, Xiao Jin isn’t one of them. Every year, Xiao Jin cares the most about your birthday.”

Shen Jintai smiled shyly. He really didn’t know. He had planned to go back and research it on the internet.

“What you bought this time can be considered a birthday gift. When you come back when the time comes, you don’t need to get anymore gifts. There’s no shortage here,” Yan Qiuchi said.

Mrs. Yan knew her son best. When he wanted to be considerate, he could indeed be considerate. Just seeing him being so thoughtful to Shen Jintai, the suspicion in her heart became even stronger, causing her to faintly become excited.

After dinner, Mrs. Yan called Yan Qiuchi to her room. “Let’s talk.”

Yan Qiuchi: “About what?”

Mrs. Yan: “What’s going on with you and Xiao Jin.”

Yan Qiuchi thrust both hands into his trouser pockets. “What do you mean?”

Mrs. Yan: “You know what I mean.”

Yan Qiuchi had never lied. He would either answer directly or remain silent. After a prolonged silence, he said, “It’s what you’re suspecting.”

Mrs. Yan couldn’t control the joy in her heart, “Didn’t you hate him before?”

Yan Qiuchi said, “Nn, is it obvious?”

Mrs. Yan was elated. She could barely stay calm. “It’s not obvious, but you are my son, so I know you best. I can see it at a glance.”

Yan Qiuchi: “What do you see?”

Mrs. Yan: “You like Xiao Jin, don’t you?”

Yan Qiuchi looked at her. He always had been a mature and quiet person since his youth, but his eyes revealed a hint of embarrassment. He removed his hands from his pockets and made an “Nn” sound.



Mrs. Yan roared inwardly. The day she had waited for had finally come. Her son was enlightened! This was the joy of an old mother!

“When did you start liking him?” With the intention of extracting more gossip, she suppressed her inner ecstasy. “Did you like him when we had dinner together and ran into all those fans and you protected him?”

Yan Qiuchi: “En.”


Mrs. Yan couldn’t help laughing and patted him. “You child. You’re too patient.”

Yan Qiuchi put his hand in his trouser pocket again. He stood there coolly as his throat bobbed. “He doesn’t like me.”

Mrs. Yan was stunned. “Did you confess to him?”

“No,” Yan Qiuchi said. “but I can tell.”

The way Shen Jintai looked at him was completely different from before. His eyes used to stick to him, but now his gaze was simply magnanimous and direct, without any hint of emotions or desires.

Mrs. Yan said, “Then you deserve it. He used to chase you like that, yet you gave him the cold shoulder.”

Yan Qiuchi didn’t speak.

Mrs. Yan was full of joy. “But he has liked you for so many years. How can you say that he doesn’t still like you now? If you don’t confess, how can you know if he’ll refuse? Maybe he’ll be happy to hear your confession.”

Although Mrs. Yan also wanted to see the picture of her son chasing his wife in the crematorium, she still wanted to see the two of them get together more.

“Xiao Jin has changed a lot now. Now that his career is booming, he really may not consider emotional matters… In this way, Mom will help you explore the wind and see if he is still interested in you,” she said and patted Yan Qiuchi again. “I thought you were quite courageous, why are you so cowardly now?”

“It’s pretty good now,” Yan Qiuchi said. “I don’t want to embarrass each other. Being friends is good enough.”

Mrs. Yan felt that what Yan Qiuchi said also made sense. “I have much better sense than you.”

The wish that she had been looking forward to for so many years finally came true. Mrs. Yan was filled with glee and immediately went and knocked on Shen Jintai’s door.

Shen Jintai was squatting on the ground, packing his luggage. “Come in.”

Mrs. Yan went in with a smile. “You’re still packing?”

Shen Jintai: “Almost done.”

Mrs. Yan: “I heard that it’s dry around this time in the northwest, and the shooting conditions are also very difficult. I have also prepared a lot for you. They are all loaded into the car and handed over to your assistant tomorrow.”

Shen Jintai: “Thank you, auntie.”

“No need for thanks. You are the same as my son.” Mrs. Yan squatted down, took his clothes, and helped him fold them into the suitcase. “Your mother and I have been good friends since we were young. Your mother told me to take care of you before she died, so I treat you like my own son. It would be great if you really became my real son one day.”

Shen Jintai smiled and turned his head. “In fact, you are just like my mother. Really, I am very grateful to you for being so kind to me.”

Mrs. Yan returned his smile with her own. “In the beginning, I was looking forward to you and Qiuchi being together so we could really become a family. Hey, tell your auntie the truth, and your auntie won’t tell anyone. Do you still have him in your heart?”

Shen Jintai was surprised, revealing some embarrassment. “Auntie, I know you are doing it for my own good, but now I don’t want to think about anything but my career. You don’t have to worry about me anymore. I have someone I like.”

“Is it Bai Qingquan?” Mrs. Yan asked.

“I’m chasing him,” Shen Jintai said.

“Really?” Mrs. Yan said. “But I think he and you…”

Isn’t this bumping numbers*?!

*(撞號) Refers to them being both the same number in terms of positions, in this case both 0.

In the past, Shen Jintai and Bai Qingquan used to be rivals in love! Now she was utterly confused. What’s the situation in this gay circle? Shen Jintai… can be a 1… or 0? From Yan Qiuchi to Bai Qingquan… Isn’t the change in taste too big?!

Mrs. Yan: “Tell me the truth. Don’t try to use someone to fool your auntie.”

Shen Jintai: “I don’t know how to explain it to you, but I like his type now. I really don’t feel anything about Qiuchi anymore. The two of us are doing well now, very well.”

Mrs. Yan: “Actually, I think Qiuchi has really changed a lot for you…”

Shen Jintai: “Yes, I used to post upside down so much that I made myself uncomfortable, and he felt uncomfortable too. It’s good now. Don’t talk to me about this anymore. I feel so embarrassed when I talk about it. Hahahaha. It has been over now. It’s over.”

It’s over.

Mrs. Yan laughed dryly. Her mood was like a roller coaster that had suddenly dropped to the bottom. “Then… What if Qiuchi likes you?”

Shen Jintai: “Auntie, it’s really impossible for me and him.”

He really wanted to tell Mrs. Yan that they would bump numbers! Between him and Yan Qiuchi, who’s going to be the 0? Him! He really couldn’t stand the bulging belly!

Mrs. Yan couldn’t hide the disappointment on her face. “Auntie knows, so I won’t mention it in the future.”

“Auntie, it’s not that I’m the only one for him. Besides, you and I are already family. I know how much you love me in your heart.” Shen Jintai said this very sincerely, causing Mrs. Yan to be deeply moved. They rarely had such heart-to-heart conversation.

Mrs. Yan nodded. “Well, Auntie also wants you to know that no matter who you are with, you are still my son.” She got up and said, “It’s getting late. You should rest early after packing up. I will drop you off tomorrow.”

She came out of Shen Jintai’s room sighing heavily. She was about to go to Yan Qiuchi’s room. When she turned around, she saw Yan Qiuchi standing in the corridor looking at her.

Hearing her sigh, Yan Qiuchi knew the result. He already knew the outcome and had expected it, but he still didn’t want to give up. He should have prevented her from going, not encouraged.

“He said there’s no chance between you and him,” Mrs. Yan said.

Yan Qiuchi didn’t speak, only his throat bobbed. After a long while, he said, “Nn.”

Fortunately, he was still able to maintain the current relationship without confessing. He was devastated, though. He now knew he really had no hope, and his fantasies have been bitter ever since.

A month had passed since Shen Jintai joined the crew. Yan Qiuchi continued his daily routine as he commuted to and from work. His clothes, ties, and shoes were different every day. The only thing that remained unchanged was the watch that Shen Jintai had gifted him.

People who had never been in love would become deeply infatuated when their hearts moved.

The author has something to say:

Xiao Jin, you have to believe that you can eat it.

Kinky Thoughts:

Mrs. Yan and Shen Jintai are both thinking about bumping numbers, which is certainly a kind of mood.

In case you miss what the author is implying, it refers to Yan Qiuchi’s member and eating refers to taking it. The bulging stomach means it is so big it bulges his stomach when he eats it.

God reading the comments in jjwxc is killing me. Here are some highlights:

[Looking down on your superb ass.]

[Isn’t it just a bulge? Baobei you can do it!]

[Eat! Use above or below!] (I 100% approve of this message)

[Hello President Yan. Can you tell me what kind of fantasies you’re having _(: 3」∠)_]

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