Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch74

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 74: Peihua Boy Walks the Red Carpet

Since the end of The East Palace, gold powders have felt as if they were becoming schizophrenic. On one hand, they were immersed in Li Xu’s sadness. On the other, watching Shen Jintai sweep the nation made them very excited.

“Everyone must continue to call for your brother, and let the judges hear the voices of the masses!”

“My brother has always been a hot candidate. As soon as the official blog post came out two days ago, his popularity went up again. It was simply building momentum for my brother!”

“The emperor* must not run away this time!”

*Clarity: Referring to the winner of the golden bell award. They are usually referred to as “emperor”. || In this context, they’re saying that he will not lose the award for best actor.

“I think it’s better for everyone to keep a low profile. My brother has a good chance of winning the award. But remember He Zhuchun, who was supposedly a big hit at last year’s Guohua Award? In the end, he flopped. The taste of the judges is not easily fathomed, not the mention that this year, best actor has fierce competition.”

The nearer the award ceremony was, the more nervous the gold powders were. Shen Jintai’s impact was too big, so almost everyone was optimistic. The ratings exploded, the role exploded, and the acting skills were praised, with almost no shortcomings.

His closest competition was a veteran actor named Chen Fang, who had starred in many legendary dramas. This time he also participated in a big drama this year. It was generally believed that the competition for best actor was between the two of them.

“I should just give up,” Bai Qingquan said to Wei Ge while trying on his clothes. “Yes, I’ve already given up.”

Wei Ge smacked his forehead. “Qingquan, where is our self-confidence?”

Bai Qingquan smiled and said, “But don’t worry. I’m in a good state. As long as Jintai can win best actor, it’ll be a victory for our entire East Palace!”

Wei Ge felt that Bai Qingquan’s personality had changed a lot since he finished filming The East Palace. The feeling of growth was particularly obvious, and his mentality had obviously calmed down a lot. He believed it was all due to Shen Jintai. He couldn’t help but feel weird when thinking about him.

It was like he had changed his personality overnight. Whenever he looked at Shen Jintai now, he would think… Well, he’s alright! He was no longer a demon, had solid acting skills, and was sincere.

With the red carpet coming up, all eyes were on the <The East Palace is Coming> crew. Shen Jintai, Bai Qingquan, and Zheng Siqi were all single-handedly capable of detonating the flow!

“Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up, help me pull the zipper up!” Mrs. Yan turned her back and said to the maid.

“What are you doing? You’re just an unrelated person.” Yan Tiefang chuckled.

Mrs. Yan: “What do you mean unrelated? Today is the day that Xiao Jin gets his first actor trophy. Can I not go? Besides, your son is still going. This drama was heavily invested by your son. How can you say it has nothing to do with me?”

Mrs. Yan picked up the small bag and poked Yan Tiefeng’s head. “Eat by yourself tonight. We are going to celebrate with a banquet!”

Yan Teifang: “You are like this now, but what if Xiao Jin doesn’t win?”

Mrs. Yan: “Fuck your crow’s mouth*!”

*(乌鸦嘴) Refers to someone’s mouth as particularly hateful.

Mrs. Yan left the room in a radiant red dress. Yan Qiuchi came by to help her. She put her arm around his as she assessed Yan Qiuchi’s outfit.

Yan Qiuchi was like a clothes rack with wide shoulders, a slender waist, and long legs. He would still look good in rags. The most suitable things for him were formal wear, which was especially in line with his icy, abstinent temperament that exuded rigorousness and manliness that was particularly outstanding and photogenic.

She took Yan Qiuchi’s arm as they walked downstairs and asked: “You said there’s a good chance that Xiao Jin will be regarded as emperor?”

Yan Qiuchi: “His reputation has already preceded him. The trophy is just the icing on the cake. Whether he wins or not, it doesn’t matter. He is the one who will be most watched tonight.”

Mrs. Yan couldn’t help but think her eldest son’s emotional intelligence was quite high, which made her feel a sense of satisfaction.

“The best gold cups and silver cups, and the word of mouth, are all great harvest*!”

*Clarity: Gold cups/silver cups are referring to awards. Word of mouth refers to one’s reputation. The great harvest refers to the awards and rise in reputation that Shen Jintai will/has reap.

She was surprised as she said this. She then pulled Yan Qiuchi’s cuffs. The black suit showed a little white lining on the cuffs, and a black and white watch was half exposed.

Mrs. Yan: “This watch seems familiar. I seem to have seen it somewhere before.”

Yan Qiuchi said lightly, “I’ve had this for several years now and wear it often.”

Mrs. Yan was a little confused. Have I seen this on Yan Qiuchi’s wrist before?

Yan Qiuchi was originally going to walk the red carpet with The East Palace crew but decided to decline and enter the venue directly. Mrs. Yan didn’t plan to walk the red carpet. She just wanted to come and witness the moment when Shen Jintai won his award. But before taking her seat, she wanted to meet Shen Jintai first.

Yan Qiuchi said lightly, “I will take you to his hotel room.”

Yan Qiuchi hadn’t seen Shen Jintai for what felt like eons. The last time was during Bai Qingquan’s exit banquet. God knows how he’s been living these days. Fortunately, Shen Jintai often participated in activities and made a lot of appearances. While he couldn’t see him in reality, he at least often saw him on the news. He had developed the habit of searching for Shen Jintai’s news before going to bed.

The hardest part was the half month after the finale premiere. He wasn’t sure if Shen Jintai was too deep into the drama, but he had remained silent entirely for half a month. He had even asked his mother to visit him. When she came back, she told him: “I’m not sure if he’s overly tired or something, but he’s been looking decadent these days. All he does is nestle in his hotel every day.”

Mrs. Yan originally wanted to take Shen Jintai back to her house, but Shen Jintai said he wanted to stay alone for a while. Yan Qiuchi was particularly worried that Shen Jintai was caught too deep in the act and couldn’t come out.

This made him very depressed during this time. He had always held Shen Jintai in his heart, and it hurt every time he thought that Shen Jintai was uncomfortable.

About to take a car to the red carpet, Shen Jintai sat in front of the dressing table and asked the makeup artist to help him fix his hair. He felt uncomfortable after his long hair had been suddenly cut short.

It may be because of the sudden change in hairstyle, but Li Meilan felt that he looked a little strange.

It stood to reason that with short hair, people tended to focus on it as it enhanced a person’s handsomeness, but after Shen Jintai’s cut his hair short, his hair wasn’t the focus, but all the attention went towards his face. His facial features were gorgeous. His eyes and eyebrows didn’t need any changes as everything looked perfect. His rosy and bright lip color was especially eye-catching. Paired with his tall, well-proportioned figure, Li Meilan felt that Shen Jintai had suddenly grown up and had a kind of mature heroic magnificence.

“Brother Jin, Mrs. Yan is here… and also President Yan.” Xiao Tang ran over to let them know.

There were a lot of people in his room today. Some of his team members were staff from Monsoon Entertainment. When they heard that Yan Qiuchi was coming, several girls were shocked. They’ve been in the industry for a long time and have seen all types of good-looking guys. What made them most excited was the rich and handsome type, like Yan Qiuchi.

When they looked forward, they saw a woman walking over with a tall, handsome man. He looked about 1.9 meters tall, in his mid-twenties, with a very well-rounded appearance and dazzling eyes.

“Xiao Jin!” Mrs. Yan opened her arms.

Shen Jintai smiled and hugged Mrs. Yan. “Why are you here?”

“Today is a good day for you. Of course, I will come,” Mrs. Yan said excitedly.

Shen Jintai smiled and glanced at Yan Qiuchi again. “President Yan.”

Yan Qiuchi let out an “Nn”. His phone suddenly rang, so he walked outside the balcony to take the call. He turned around and looked through the glass door of the balcony, seeing Mrs. Yan talking to Shen Jintai. With a smile on his face, Shen Jintai was dressed in a gray suit that covered his white shirt. The outfit accentuated his black hair, fair face, luscious lips, and long legs.

“President Yan. President Yan?”

Yan Qiuchi returned to his senses. “Nn. You can call back later. I’m busy right now.”

After he hung up the phone, he didn’t go in. The lights outside weren’t turned on, so it was dark. He could see clearly into the room while most people inside couldn’t see him, so his gaze was unscrupulous.

When he saw Shen Jintai, he was overcome with sadness. He was greedy and dissatisfied. He always wanted more, but he couldn’t get it, and thinking he’d never get it only made him more disappointed. If one day he got to the point where he couldn’t stop looking at Shen Jintai, what should he do?

Shen Jintai was preparing to leave. When Yan Qiuchi left the balcony, he caught a glimpse of Xiao Tang handing a watch to Shen Jintai. As Shen Jintai put on the watch, he nodded to him, then walked out with his staff.

The Guohua Award was the most famous award for a TV series. Many senior government officials attended. This year marked their 50th anniversary. As celebrities gathered, reporters from all over the country came to squat on the red carpet.

They were excited when the star-studded crew of other TV series passed by one by one, but their main focus was on The East Palace crew.

Even the red-carpet host understood this in his heart. When the East Palace crew was set to appear, he smiled and looked at the surrounding media and fans and quickly ended the red-carpet interview with the current star he was talking to.

“Be ready. Something amazing is coming. The one who’s about to step onto the red carpet is…”

Gold powders and moonlight powders already knew in advance the order of the red carpet. They began to cheer loudly when they heard the host’s introduction. The host smiled and waved his hand: “The East Palace crew has arrived!”

There were instant screams as flashes of light flooded the scene, almost blinding people’s eyes. Even the stars that were ahead on the red carpet turned around to look, seeing Director Guo Rui leading the team. The crew of The East Palace walked towards the red carpet full of stunning stars.

“Oh my god! My god, I didn’t expect that I would be so excited to squat live on the internet one day. As expected, the East Palace crushed everyone else.”

“Naturally, there would be more support. They have the most nominations. Ahhhhh, I saw Zheng Siqi!”

“Ahhhhhhhh, Bai Qingquan is so beautiful today!”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, Shen Jintai! Shen Jintai! Mother loves you!!!!”

“Shen Jintai has changed so much. He cut his hair. Oh my god, why is he so good-looking?!”

Peihua* Boy has reappeared in the world. What a truly stunning sight to behold!”

*(佩花) Term referring to wearing flowers, usually tied by fine metal wears, on one’s chest or temples as a headgear. || In this context, it’s Shen Jintai’s signature look.

Shen Jintai was dressed in a high-luxury gray suit with a white lining and shiny black leather shoes. It looked a bit low-key, with only a red flower on his chest that matched his high-spirited attitude. Among the countless shouts, the name “Shen Jintai” surpassed all traffic as his name resounded on the red carpet. For the first time, he was among the superb and handsome men like Bai Qingquan and Zheng Siqi, but he was the most eye-catching!

The author has something to say:

Jintai Chongya*!

*Clarity: The author is using the name chongya (冲呀) which means go/go ahead. It’s also a homonym for red duck (冲鸭) which is a popular buzzword meaning positive energy and encouragement.

Kinky Thoughts: 

Yan Qiuchi being a creeper on that balcony corner. Didn’t you hate Shen Jintai’s stalkerish behavior in the past?

Good luck Shen Jintai! I’m rooting for you!

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