Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch65

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 65: Show Sincerity

After the excitement, Shen Jintai was sitting in the car looking at his phone. He had calmed down and felt a little tired. Since today was his birthday, Li Meilan told him he needed to post on Weibo to interact with his fans. It was also the day when new episodes of <The East Place is Coming> premiered, so there were many hot searches related to the drama.

The hottest search, though, was “Shen Jintai’s Birthday.”

When you’re popular, birthdays are a big deal, at least to the fans. They were quite generous. His birthday celebration was themed “The 29th of the twelfth lunar month. Gold powders will accompany you forever” and the party was still ongoing in a lively state late into the night. There were drone confessions in small cases.

From Time Square in New York, to the bustling streets of Shibuya in Tokyo, to the most lively and prosperous commercial centers of the 34 top cities in China, along with commercial boxes on major subway stations, were all looping greeting videos and warm wishes for Shen Jintai.

Gold powders’ prosperity had finally reappeared in the world, and today they would accompany Shen Jintai with their golden light!

Shen Jintai had been watching these videos on his way back to the hotel. Tears filled his eyes. Even someone as worldly as Mrs. Yan was dumbstruck to see such a grand birthday celebration for him.

This was the pure love of millions of people. Shen Jintai posted a thank you on Weibo, accompanied by a photo of him making a wish and blowing out the candle, with the text: [I wish to be with you, and for you to be with me, forever.]

As soon as it was posted, Weibo exploded.

“Brother, don’t worry, gold powders will always follow!”

“Always be with you! Always be with you and call you brother every day!”

“Long-term! Long-term! I’ll accompany you forever!”

“Have you received all our blessings? Be sure to pay attention to your body.”

Though he knew his fans loved him, he was able to climb to the top of the hot search on his birthday due to the blessing of other celebrities like Song Wei, Yang Lizhi, Bai Qingquan, Zheng Siqi, and many others. Even artists from Monsoon Entertainment, whether he was familiar with them or not, sent him birthday wishes.

The rich have distant relatives in the mountains*!

*Full saying is no one asks the poor and downtrodden, and the rich have distant relatives in the mountains (贫居闹市无人问,富在深山有远亲) It’s an idiom referring to nobody talks to the poor even if you live in a bustling city, but someone will always come visit you in person if you’re rich despite living in seclusion (in the mountains). Excerpt from Zeng Guan Xian Wen. || In this context, it basically means that, with Shen Jintai’s high popularity, everyone is giving him well-wishes whether they know him or not (since they might be able to rub some heat off him).

Shen Jintai, perhaps due to drinking a bit too much, was a bit tired and his heart was softened. He replied to all the warm wishes from his friends and acquaintances.

When he reached the hotel, he found they had prepared him a birthday gift. The manager personally came to congratulate him and gave him a bouquet of flowers when he entered the lobby.

“Thank you.” Shen Jintai hugged the flowers and took pictures with the people in the hotel. When he returned to his room, he found that there was also a bouquet of flowers on the table in the room. Between the red roses, there was a bottle of red wine.

“It has finally calmed down,” Mrs. Yan picked up the wine, took a look, and said. “This wine is okay.”

Shen Jintai put away the card and put down the flowers in his arms.

Mrs. Yan: “There is still cake that hasn’t been eaten yet. Do you still want to eat them?”

Shen Jintai said, “Yes!”

Mrs. Yan was very happy. She kept thinking about the cake she had baked herself. When they got out of the car, she asked the driver to bring it up to the room. She opened the cake box. The cake looked cold and still fresh.

“I’ll see if the brothers want to come over.” As Mrs. Yan said, she called the Yan brothers. Both had declined the invitation, saying they didn’t want to eat cake.

Mrs. Yan was so angry. “Is this really about eating cake?”

Shen Jintai smiled and said, “Why don’t I call my agent and the others. Just as well, I need to have a small meeting with them later anyway.” Shen Jintai called his team and invited them over.

Seeing that he was still busy, Mrs. Yan went back to her room after eating a few bites. Shen Jintai went to see her off. She waved her hand hurriedly. “No, just stay.”

Shen Jintai still sent her out to the elevator. When they arrived at the elevator entrance, Mrs. Yan said, “Okay, go back. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Auntie, hug.” Shen Jintai said with a smile, and he stretched out his arms. Mrs. Yan grinned and hugged him tightly. Shen Jintai returned her hug and said, “Thank you.” He really appreciated Mrs. Yan for allowing him to feel the only affection he had in this world.

Mrs. Yan patted him and then entered the elevator. When she arrived in her room, she remembered the birthday gift she had prepared for Shen Jintai. She had forgotten to take it out of the car. She only remembered his birthday cake that she made.

She called Yan Qiuchi, “What’s your driver’s name again, and how can I contact him? The birthday gift I prepared for Xiao Jin is still in your car. Ask the driver to bring it up for me.”

“I’ll get it,” Yan Qiuchi said.

Mrs. Yan asked, “What going on with you? I asked you to come for cake, but you rejected my invitation. Same with your brother.”

“I’m going to shower now.” Yan Qiuchi hung up the phone after speaking. After getting dressed, he went down to the underground garage to where the car was parked, opened the trunk, and took out the birthday gift prepared by Mrs. Yan. He didn’t know what the gift was, but it was quite heavy.

In the innermost part of the trunk was also the gift he bought. It was a Patek Philippe* watch.

*Luxury brand company that specializes in watches. Their watches range from $12,500 USD to 2 million+ USD.

When he arrived at Shen Jintai’s room, Shen Jintai was live broadcasting. He was overwhelmed with emotions from seeing his fans celebrate his birthday in such a big way. He had been too busy with his schedule and the fan meeting was cancelled, so he wanted to repay them back while he was still grateful and enthusiastic. When you had been a star for a long time, you would get used to the fan’s admiration and devotion so that it eventually became a bit numbing.

The impromptu live broadcast made all his gold powders feel as if they were injected with chicken blood.

There was a knock that came from the door. When Xiao Tang went to open it, he saw Yan Qiuchi. He immediately became nervous. Seeing so many people in the room, Yan Qiuchi asked, “Working?”

“Brother Jin is live broadcasting.” Xiao Tang anxiously rubbed his hands together.

Yan Qiuchi handed Xiao Tang the gift in his hands. “This is a birthday gift from my mother. Can you give it to him?”

Xiao Tang hurriedly picked it up and asked Yan Qiuchi to come in, but Yan Qiuchi simply waved his hand and closed the door.

Li Meilan had walked over quietly when she saw Xiao Tang come in with the gifts. He leaned into her ear and whispered. Li Meilan raised her eyebrows and saw there was a card on it, so she picked it up and looked at it. It turned out to be a birthday gift from Mrs. Yan.

Rich people were really different. The gifts they gave were all luxurious.

It was already late at night after Shen Jintai finished the live broadcast. The rainbow farts from the fans were so powerful they made him feel as if he had been injected with chicken blood. He was so energetic he didn’t feel tired at all.

“What’s this?” He asked Li Meilan.

“Mrs. Yan’s birthday gift for you,” Li Meilan said. “Quickly, unwrap it and let us see what kind of gift an elite wealthy lady would give.”

Shen Jintai opened the big gift box first. Though it looked big on the outside, it was mainly due to the layers of wrapping paper. The box itself was also very heavy. In the end, after stripping it of all its boxes and wrapping paper, there was only a small box the size of a palm left. After opening it, everyone was amazed.

It turned out to be a gemstone. It shone brilliantly under the light.

Li Meilan finally understood what Mrs. Yan’s birthday card meant: [May you always shine as bright as a gemstone because you are the brightest gemstone in my heart.]

Even Shen Jintai was astonished. This gift was probably much more valuable than the RV Yan Yaoxuan tried to give him. When he read the original novel, he’d only seen descriptions of how wealthy the Yan family was. Now, witnessing it with his very own eyes, this gem was worth a thousand words. He felt the reality of how wealthy they truly were.

In addition to this gemstone, the second gift was a Patek Philippe watch. Compared to the flashy gemstone, the watch looked much more low-key, despite still being a luxury item. When everyone saw the brand, they knew the weight.

The watch was very simple, with a white dial and a black hand strap. Shen Jintai liked the gift a lot. When he looked at it, his heart kept beating faster.

“Wow…” An assistant from their team took out his phone and said, “Let a friend of mine appraise it. He said that the retail price of this watch is… one… ten… one hundred… one thousand… ten… one hundred… no one million! Oh my god! He said it was more than three million*!”

*About $414k USD at the time of this translation exchange rate.

Shen Jintai was in complete shock. He immediately put the watch down. As a star, he had much better knowledge about these kinds of things than ordinary people, but even he felt that it was too expensive. He felt that watches that were worth tens of thousands of dollars were more than enough to match him.

He immediately called Mrs. Yan and said, “Auntie, the gift you gave is too valuable.”

Mrs. Yan: “Your 20th birthday is definitely different from other birthdays.”

Shen Jintai: “It’s too expensive, I can’t accept it.”

“If you say that again, I’ll be angry. You are like a son to me. A mother can give her son whatever she wants as gifts.” Mrs. Yan’s tone was like chiding a small child.

When he got off the phone, Li Meilan and the others were already gossiping about how rich the Yan family was. The scene was ironic. They were a group of poor people who were gossiping about how rich the rich were, but their gossip was so boiling that it made it seem as if they were rich themselves.

Shen Jintai really felt it after listening to their gossip. The wealth of a big celebrity in the entertainment world was nothing compared to the real giants. The Yan family was beyond the realm of just “rich”.

Yan Qiuchi hadn’t actually planned to buy such an expensive watch. Not all rich people were local tyrants. He had thought carefully regarding his relationship with Shen Jintai when he went to pick out a watch. He originally planned to buy one that ranged between ten and a few hundred thousand. He knew if it was too expensive, it would be inappropriate.

The problem was, whatever he ate, used, and wore since he was a child, was all top-notch. He didn’t have any semblance of what a normal standard and price range was. To him, it was only whether he liked or disliked it. When he was at the store, the clerks, who were only mere humans, immediately knew how expensive he was and recommended only the top-tier watches to him. They were all over a million. Yan Qiuchi deliberated for hours trying to find the right one that he thought looked good and was suitable for Shen Jintai.

He finally settled on one as soon as he saw it. It was the same watch that he had. He immediately thought that Shen Jintai should wear this watch in his heart. The price wasn’t important. All men loved watches, and Shen Jintai would have been no exception.

Mrs. Yan had asked Shen Jintai to go to their house for Chinese New Year. Shen Jintai said he would visit, but before going to the Yan’s manor, he planned to visit Father Shen’s family first. It wasn’t good if he didn’t see them for a prolonged period of time.

“Then have a meal at home,” Mrs. Yan said.

The weather was good today. The winter sun was warm and golden. Before Shen Jintai got into his car, he waved his hand goodbye to Mrs. Yan and the others.

Yan Qiuchi’s gaze was on Shen Jintai’s wrist. He saw that he was wearing the watch he had given. Its dial was shining brightly under the sunlight. He thought to himself that he had such good vision. Indeed, that watch really matched Shen Jintai. Such a watch deserves such a person.

He felt uncontrollable joy coming out of the bottom of his heart. It turned out that giving gifts to people you like could also make you happy. It didn’t matter if Shen Jintai didn’t know if it was him who gave him the watch.

Facing the sun, a small smile appeared at the corner of Yan Qiuchi’s mouth. It was brisk and fleeting as Yan Qiuchi returned to his normal abstinence and coldness.

Internally, Yan Qiuchi thought he was right to buy such an expensive gift for Shen Jintai. In this way, Shen Jintai would be more reluctant to throw away such an expensive item. In fact, he may wear it for a long time, perhaps even for the rest of his life.

The author has something to say:

Xiao Chi: The candy that I ate secretly is also very sweet.

Kinky Thoughts:

Yan Qiuchi’s inner monologue: ‘Yes, this watch is most suitable for Shen Jintai. I have the exact same one, so of course it feels right that he should wear it too, and for a long time… like forever! There’s no other hidden meaning behind this.’

Me: Honey, it’s called a couple’s watch…

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  1. No one asks the poor and downtrodden, and the rich have distant relatives in the mountains= it’s more like that nobody talks to the poor, and everyone claim they’re connected somehow to the rich (like remdom guy come in and say: “you’re probably don’t know me but I’m your relative who live far away (he’s not)” long story short, every celebrity claim they are good friends with Shen Jintai because his fans.


    • Thank you! You’ve been really helpful with fixing these idiom meanings. I’m not sure if its baidu or just my translation that I’m missing the meaning to some of them. It’s probably moreso the latter.


  2. He bought a Patek Philippe watch as a first gift without meaning to confess? *face palm* That’s a lot of dough for a “gift without meaning” my dude! So what is he going to buy when he does decide to confess or propose? An island?

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