Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch52

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 52: Husband Powder is Coming

The original script of <Welcome Rain on a Spring Night> was very well written. It was warm, restrained, and touching. However, Shen Jintai also understood why, after Qiu Hong wrote this script, he hadn’t been able to find investors for it. The plot was too plain and dull. There were very few ups and downs. Although the story was moving, it wasn’t a good film for the box office.

If this movie was made, it probably wouldn’t attract much attention and would result in poor box office numbers. Shen Jintai felt that if he starred in the movie, the result might be different. With his own heat and topicality, he could push the movie to become more visible and garner more attention for it.

After he told Li Meilan, Li Meilan was surprised and asked, “Didn’t you say you were going to reject it?”

Shen Jintai: “The script is not the original one. It’s a completely new story. I’ll send it to you.”

After reading it, Li Meilan cried and said, “It’s so touching.”

“This script is very good, right?”

Using her professional vision, Li Meilan said, “It’s more suitable to be a novel than a movie. Regardless, if you decide to pick it up, I will agree. My mother died of Alzheimer’s disease, and it was portrayed very realistically. Qiu Hong should be someone who has experienced it.”

“Sort out the schedule required for <The East Palace is Coming> and let me take a look at it. I’ll be able to give Director Qiu a more specific time.”

Li Meilan nodded. “Jintai, I think you will definitely become a good actor in the future.”

Shen Jintai smiled and said, “You can tell?”

Li Meilan chuckled. “At first, I thought you only participated in The East Palace to make money. You have never liked acting. I sometimes think we have had too little contact in the past two years that we almost lost touch. I wasn’t sure if something traumatic happened to you. Thinking about it, I couldn’t help but pity you. I know my abilities are average compared with other agents. When you signed with Monsoon, you could have picked a better agent, but you still stayed with me and Xiao Tang. I really thank you.” Her smile and eyes were sincere after she finished speaking.

“I am a nostalgic person,” Shen Jintai said. “I will be a big star and a good actor in the future. We’ll go on this path together. We’re all facing a new and unfamiliar stage. Let’s learn and make progress together.”

Shen Jintai had a very rational side. Despite his dislike for hype and marketing, he would gladly participate in them because he knew it was necessary in this industry. A white lotus couldn’t survive here. Despite that rationale, he was still sentimental. Even knowing he could change to a more capable agent, he still chose to go with Li Meilan.

Sometimes he would lose his bottom line, but he still kept some of his humanity. He would never cross the line and blacken his heart like in Vanity Fair*.

* I believe this is referring to the novel Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thackeray. The book depicts a picture of the arrogance and intrigue of the upper class. It ruthlessly exposes the nature of the feudal aristocracy’s shamelessness, depravity, hypocrisy, and the bourgeoisie’s pursuit of fame, wealth, and intrigues.

Fang Yun had been in the company for several years. She started as an entry-level assistant serving tea, and step by step climbed the ladder to achieve the position of senior assistant today. Now that Gao Qiao was sent away on business, she had become the executive assistant.

Recently, the company’s workload had been particularly heavy, and it kept increasing for two consecutive days. The first few days were fine, but today was when the new episodes of The East Palace would be broadcast.

Yes, Fang Yun was an East Palace fan. It was almost 7 when she looked at the clock. As a loyal fan, she wanted to participate in the live broadcast and contribute to The East Palace ratings, but President Yan was still working. The office blinds were drawn, vaguely revealing light inside.

She had just asked Yan Qiuchi if he wanted her to order dinner for him. He had told her no, so she thought that she should be able to get off soon. As she was lost in her thoughts, she suddenly heard footsteps coming from inside. She stood up quickly and saw Yan Qiuchi walking out of his office with his coat on.

“President Yan.” She immediately picked up her bag and stood up.

Yan Qiuchi responded with a “Nn”, and she followed him downstairs.

Despite working by Yan Qiuchi’s side for a while, her heart would still pound quickly whenever she was near him. It wasn’t because of fear, but more so because she felt both shy and awe. Although she knew President Yan was out of her reach, she, as a single woman, couldn’t help but gaze at such an excellent man like him. He was incredibly handsome and certainly didn’t lose when it came to looks compared with major celebrities.

She accompanied Yan Qiuchi into the elevator as her heart continued beating wildly. Most likely, it would take a long time before she could adapt to working with Yan Qiuchi. When the elevator reached the first floor, her phone suddenly rang. The ringtone was the theme song of <The East Palace is Coming> with the lines “History does not leave my name, still I remain in your memory” rang out.

The elevator bell suddenly rang as Fang Yun quickly connected her call. She chatted in a low voice and then hung up. She glanced over at Yan Qiuchi embarrassingly.

Yan Qiuchi asked, “Are you chasing The East Palace too?”

Fang Yun blushed as she nodded. “Everyone is chasing it.”

Since Yan Qiuchi rarely talked, despite taking the initiative to ask, he said nothing more after that. When the elevator reached the underground floor, Fang Yun walked out and said, “The ratings for The East Palace have broken 2.5 this week.”

She was really excited. As a fan of the show, she would refresh and provide clicks to The East Palace’s ratings daily. Her excitement level was equal to that of chasing stars.

Breaking 2.5 meant that the ratings of <The East Palace is Coming> was the most popular drama in the past five years. The average ratings for both stations have surged above 2.8. Nowadays, if you didn’t watch The East Palace, you couldn’t chat with colleagues*!

*Clarity: It’s saying ratings are so high that anyone and everyone is watching this show and talking about it. If you don’t watch it, then you have nothing to talk to your acquaintances with.

The explosive ratings mean that more effort will be spent in the latter stages of the show. The company would be more willing to invest, the writers and directors would be more attentive, and the cast members would be as excited as chicken blood, returning an even greater investment. This kind of cycle would allow for it to continuously improve*.

*Clarity: Good ratings -> More investment, hard working staff, actors more motivated -> Greater return on investment -> Better ratings -> ect. Rinse and repeat.

“Who do you like best among the characters?” Yan Qiuchi asked her suddenly.

Fang Yun was stunned at the question. After struggling for a while, she said honestly, “Li Xu.”

She knew about the scandal involving her boss and Shen Touhua. She even had to witness one of their entanglements once. She became nervous after she answered Yan Qiuchi. She couldn’t help it. Lying to one’s boss for assistants was a taboo. To edge around the corner, she used Li Xu’s name instead of Shen Jintai.

Unexpectedly, Yan Qiuchi responded with a “Nn” and said, “He’s really good at acting.”

Fang Yun had reached her car. It was parked in front of Yan Qiuchi’s. She stood there and watched as Yan Qiuchi took out his keys and got into his car. The Maybach lit up, and as it drove by, Yan Qiuchi said, “See you tomorrow.”

Fang Yun quickly bowed, then straightened up as she tucked her long hair back behind her ears.

When Yan Qiuchi returned home, he saw Mrs. Yan and several of the household staff sitting together watching The East Palace. Mrs. Yan rarely chased dramas. As a rich housewife, there were more exciting things to do in life. This time, she was chasing after Shen Jintai. It was boring to watch alone, so she invited the household staff to watch it with her every time a new episode premiered.

There was nothing more comforting than watching a drama with a few women. They could be sad together when they encounter sensational scenes and excited together during joyful scenes. This kind of experience could never be inseparable after experiencing it once!

The scene currently playing showed a princess falling out of favor and unable to vent her hatred, she perversely tortured a pure and innocent palace attendant.

“Oh my.” Several of the maids sighed together. “It’s too bad for this woman.”

“When will He Lanbi take this princess down? It’s too sad. So sad.”

Mrs. Yan turned her head and glanced over. “Qiuchi is back.”

Yan Qiuchi responded with an “Nn”.

The cook got up and asked, “Have you eaten yet?”

Yan Qiuchi: “No.”

The cook glanced at the TV again and hurried to prepare a meal for him. Yan Qiuchi sat down at the dining table. The TV in the living room was very loud and he could hear it clearly. He listened to half an episode of the drama while eating.

After he finished eating, he was about to head upstairs when Mrs. Yan called to him, “Let’s watch it together. It will be Xiao Jin’s scenes soon.” Mrs. Yan kept her gaze focused on the TV without giving him a look.

When Yan Qiuchi returned to his room, he turned on the TV that he rarely uses. As soon as it was turned on, <The East Palace is Coming> was already on screen. It was the first time in his life that he chased a drama; a drama that his own company produced, at that.

In the beginning, he watched it because it was something his company produced. It carried the hopes of his company’s chances of being listed. Coupled with the significant investment made in it, the pressure was high. He watched the drama to ensure the quality and saw this as more work than pleasure.

Watching it now, it was more for enjoyment.

Though The East Palace had dog blood and excitement, the lines were solid with feelings of humanity that were well shot. The aftertaste it left behind made it feel as if there wasn’t even a real villain in the series. Everyone had their own moving parts. The love and hate entanglements were restrained to the highest point and then released all at once at the climax of the plot. Truly beautiful.

Yan Qiuchi had now followed the live broadcast like an ordinary audience.

Among the veteran actors, the best was Song Wei, who played Empress Xiao, and among the newcomers, the most outstanding was Shen Jintai. His acting skills were stable beyond his age. His range was commendable. He was able to perform well with heavily emotional scenes but also excelled with subtle parts. Yan Qiuchi felt that without the role of Li Xu, this drama would lose its color.

After continuously following the drama, Yan Qiuchi sometimes felt he couldn’t differentiate between Li Xu and Shen Jintai. He felt as if Shen Jintai had made Li Xu into a character that reflected his own personality. When he looked at Li Xu, it was like looking at Shen Jintai.

Li Xu was soft when he was in the arms of his lover, poisonous in front of his enemies, and cold when he was alone. Despite his ambition, it never affected the softness of his body.

The East Palace seemed to have become a popular nationwide drama. On the bus, the subway, in restaurants, there were people all watching it on their phones.

Near the end of the 20 episodes, it would reach the climax of the first half. Zhou Ying would kill himself, thus completely blackening Li Xu. Zhou Jing would ascend to the East Palace and He Lanbi becomes his liangdi*, paving her path to becoming empress.

*(良娣) Prince concubine. Second highest rank in the crown prince’s harem (only after the main wife).

The episodes were filled with high-energy plots, and Jintai Qiongying’s life would be ushered to its destined ending. The popularity of the CP had reached a fever pitch. As early as the day before the broadcast, “Jintai Qiongying” was already hotly searched.

The official blog put a photo out in advance. It was a poster of Shen Jintai and Zheng Siqi. Zhou Ying was on the left, and Li Xu was on the right. They both had their eyes closed as they held red and white roses in their hands. In the middle, between them, was the double mandarin duck jade pendant that was broken in half.

Both Zheng Siqi and Shen Jintai retweeted this Weibo post.

At noon on the second day, that godforsaken official blog even thought that the knife wasn’t deep enough, so they posted a 15-second video of the time when Zhou Ying took Li Xu out of the palace. It was the 15th Lantern Festival of the first month. The two went out together to watch the scenery. Zhou Ying took Li Xu’s hand and the two walked through the crowd with smiles on their faces as the city was decorated with lanterns.

At the sweetest point in the last few seconds, blood dripped out of the corner of the prince’s mouth. His stoic eyebrows wrinkled as tears filled his eyes. Li Xu’s hair turned white as he looked blankly at the camera.

“Just tonight, my Royal Highness, my A’Xu. Wuwuwuwu!”

“The screenwriter and director are so cruel. After begging for a few months, they still haven’t relented!”

“I predict that tears will flow into a river tonight!”

The author has something to say:

Thank you all.

I recommend a song that is very suitable for listening. It’s a Korean folk song: Hong Jingyin’s “Alive“, which can be eaten with it.

Kinky Thoughts:

WTF <The East Palace is Coming> blog?! You’re fucking inhumane. That poster gave me too many feels!!! And I didn’t need to know about that 15-second video clip! My poor babies. Li Xu and Zhou Ying T___T.

Me listening to the song recommended by the author while thinking about Li Xu and Zhou Ying… *sobs uncontrollably on the floor*.

Just a warning for the next chapter: get your fucking tissues ready.

Here’s a rough translation of the song for those interested (yeah no I’m not going to try to make it rhyme lol):

It’s said that living is like this.
Although it’s hard and painful, it’s always painful.
They say that being alive is so beautiful.

You have worked hard today.
How are you doing?
Did you drink alcohol today?
Even if one thing goes well,
Don’t be sad even if you sigh.
In which cloud,
Who knows if the rain is hidden.
Alive, alive.
Usher in a good day.

It’s said that living is like this,
Although there are many hard and painful days.
They all say that being alive is beautiful.
You worked so hard today.

Envy your neighbor?
Is my friend doing well lately?
No matter what others say.
Don’t be sad even if you are depressed.
Actually everyone has,
A lot of unspeakable difficulties.
That’s the big deal in life.
Isn’t that the case?

It’s said that living is like this,
Although there are many hard and painful days.
They say that being alive is so beautiful.
You worked so hard today.

It’s said that living is like this,
Although the world is unpredictable,
They say that being alive is really wonderful.
Everyone, cheer tomorrow.
Dear you worked hard.

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