Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch50

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 50: Fengqi Jintai

“Did you see the signing ceremony between Touhua and Monsoon Entertainment today? There were so many fans on the scene that the security guards almost couldn’t stop some of them who slipped by. I felt that he really is popular.”

“Do you have any doubts? Now it’s going to be a top-tier battle with Bai Qingquan.”

“He’s really smart. Signing with Monsoon Entertainment is a wonderful step. I feel that all the gold powders that took off before has now gone back.”

“Yes, he used to be able to retreat for love, but now he has such a brain. It’s really surprising. It was rumored that he was going to sign with Sunshine Media, and I wondered why he would be so stupid. Thank God he didn’t miss this big opportunity.”

“There are really too many people who have eaten the prodigal son’s* return. <The East Palace is Coming> is still being filmed and broadcast. If he can turn over in the later stages and completely overwhelm Bai Qingquan, then he will win this battle so beautifully.”

*(浪子) Refers to a bohemian person who is not bound by customs and ethics, a person who has no home, and especially a person who leads a debauched life without a proper job.

“I’m all excited about what that person said upstairs. Let’s not talk nonsense. I want to see the two of them tear it up. The quiet appearance of these few years now really makes me uncomfortable!”

“Everyone didn’t notice, but when Shen Jintai became a hit, the momentum of moonlight powders suddenly went down.”

“Hahaha. The whole world is celebrating. In the past two years, there has been no new traffic in the entertainment industry that can compete with Bai Qingquan. Look at the ferocity of moonlight powders in the past two years. They have been violent all over the internet.”

“Honestly, Shen Jintai has too much black history. There are also too many people. Who could grab the top spot in the entertainment industry? He also brings bloody winds. On the other hand, Bai Qingquan’s personality is too immortal and ungrounded.”

“I also think Bai Qingquan is a little bit stiff, but his fans are too fierce, so I dare not say it before.”

Bai Qingquan sat on the set and swiped Weibo during the break. He felt that he was probably the most gossip-loving male star in the entertainment industry. He became furious when he saw these comments.

Some said that he and Shen Jintai have a Yuliang complex*, and there could only be one. There was no way to coexist.

*(瑜亮情結)  Refers two people who had similar backgrounds and talents and had to work together but were jealous of and secretly competed against each other. It comes from “Romance of the Three Kingdoms“.

He went to look at Shen Jintai’s red carpet photos. Shen Jintai was born to attract attention. The flower on his chest was different from the big red rose last time. This time it was a pink rose with small petals that paired well with his gray suit.

Bai Qingquan felt that he liked this match more than the black suit with red rose last time. It had a younger, more fashionable feeling.

Shen Jintai was very serious when it came to filming. He once said on set that he wanted to grow his hair long for <The East Palace is Coming>. Due to this, his hair was longer than previously, and he didn’t comb it back. It gave him a very noble and reserved look.

It looks good.

Why didn’t he think of the idea of attaching a flower to his chest pocket?

Shen Jintai was really more suitable to be a star than he was. He also had many strange ideas.

Bai Qingquan thought he needed to reconsider whether he had similar ideas to Shen Jintai.

The signing ceremony was still in full swing. There were many celebrities on the scene. Some of them had never interacted with Shen Jintai before. The biggest star there was an actor named Cai Jun.

When Cai Jun was young, he spent two years with Monsoon Entertainment and had a good relationship with them. He came this time to support them. His appearance immediately caused a commotion among reporters.

Cai Jun won his third actor trophy at the International Film Festival. His appearance raised everyone’s spirits at the event as he walked with wind*.

*(走自带风) It refers to someone walking very quickly bringing wind with them, implying a meaning that you are proud/feeling good about certain success and happiness you have made.

“I’m an old friend of Ji and Monsoon Entertainment, and I have worked with them for a long time,” Cai Jun said to the reporters who were holding their cameras. “Today, I’m here to participate in this grand event, and to meet with old friends.”

“Then do you know Shen Jintai?”

“I know of him as I’m also watching his drama. It’s very popular. Today’s the first time I’m meeting him in person. He looks like a very energetic young man,” Cai Jun said with a smile.

“Is it possible for the two of you to cooperate in the future?”

“Anything is possible,” Cai Jun replied. “I have never excluded cooperation with newcomers.”

“It’s rumored that Monsoon Entertainment won Shen Jintai this time because it had offered conditions for working with you on a movie. Is this true?”

Cai Jun was stunned for a moment. He smiled but didn’t answer immediately. The man in his forties, who looked tall and elegant, began to answer, “This…”

His agent immediately stopped him. Cai Jun waved his hand at his media friends and then followed his agent into the room.

This kind of vignette that captured the wind and the shadows*, most people wouldn’t care too much about it, but the gold powders got very excited when they heard it.

*(捕风捉影的) Metaphor referring to speaking or doing things without a factual basis. 

What fans didn’t want to see their own cooking act in a movie, and which actor didn’t want to act in a movie!

“It would be great if my brother could really cooperate with actor Cai. Unite strongly!”

“I’m very curious about the rumors of cooperation they said. Does anyone know what Cai Jun will star in next?”

“Cai Jun has gained too much momentum in the past few years. A once-in-a-lifetime kind of person, he had a double harvest with both good box office numbers and multiple trophies. Many big cakes are licking him. It’s hard to say whether that rumor is true or not, but I also look forward to my brother acting in movies with him in the future. Brother’s acting skills are so delicate, which is most suitable for the big screen.”

“Yes, the most subtle expressions can be expressed on the big screen. It’s the ultimate dream of every actor. I hope that my brother will also be a film actor in the future.”

“Towards the path of the actor, rush!”

“Brother Jin, will he only focus on being an actor in the future? I really want to see him return to the stage. He’s so dazzling on the stage!”

“But it’s a short career span to be an idol. My brother should want to take advantage of this comeback and transformation. The artistic life of male actors is relatively long. Look at Cai Jun. He’s in his forties and has only reached the golden age of actors.”

“Brother Jin is only 20 years old, and there’s still a long way to go in the future. Maybe he’ll try everything and fully bloom.”

“Right! Youth is capital. Everything is possible. Brother Jin has a promising future!”

“I still hope that he will take advantage of his young age and good appearance to play more love scenes. Jintai Qiongying is really good. Woo, woo, when I finish the live broadcast, I’ll go to watch today’s update.”

The theme song of <The East Palace is Coming> was also played at the signing ceremony. Together with this song, fans at the scene screamed uncontrollably. The melody of this song was too brainwashing. It was also very emotional.

Shen Jintai on stage laughed when he heard this song.

“I know that Jintai has received invitations from many entertainment companies since your comeback. Why did you choose Monsoon Entertainment in the end?” The host asked solemnly.

Shen Jintai was familiar with driving lightly* and said with a smile, “To be honest, it’s because of sincerity.”

*(驾轻就) Metaphor meaning to be familiar with things, so it’s easy to do. || In this context, it means he’s used to interviews like these, so this was easy for him.

Ji Fengxing took the microphone and said, “The conditions we have given to Jintai are really unprecedented. Of course, this is mainly because we are unanimously optimistic about the future development of Jintai and we also believe that our cooperation can push each other to greater heights.”

Ji Fengxing was a big boss. He spoke and did things slowly, had a special tone, and a domineering aura that was beyond his age.

At the end of the signing ceremony, Ji Fengxing smiled and said, “We also prepared a gift for Jintai.”

The host cooperated very willingly and made a curious look. “There are gifts? What Jintai said just now regarding sincerity, I now believe it!”

There was a burst of laughter at the scene, and Ji Fengxing raised his hand and said with a smile, “Our gift is over there.”

The song that had been gradually lowered just now suddenly sounded again, singing the climax of <Moths to a Flame>:

[I am a moth drawn to the flame.
Love and hate burn inside of me.]

But it wasn’t the familiar female voice of the original theme song, but a clear male voice. The singing was also very gentle and serene. Shen Jintai was stunned. He looked across the stage at the audience and saw Zheng Siqi walking up from the other end with flowers in his arms.

The CP fans exploded all at once. Since the CP of “Jintai Qiongying” became popular, Shen Jintai and Zheng Siqi haven’t had many interactions. At most, they only interacted on Weibo, and it could only be added up to a handful of times. This was the first time they had been on the same stage in public.

Zheng Siqi was also an artist for Monsoon Entertainment. Now that Shen Jintai had signed with Monsoon, it was natural for Zheng Siqi to come to the scene to congratulate him.

The CP fans had guessed that the two of them would be on the same stage. As the signing ceremony was nearing its end and he hadn’t shown up, they thought that Zheng Siqi wouldn’t be part of it.

When it came to marketing, it had to be Monsoon Entertainment. As soon as Zheng Siqi showed up, he went directly on the hot search. Jintai Qiongying became a general trend and was today’s national CP.

Prince Zhou Ying’s character was too good. He was portrayed as the beautiful and infatuated prince who had a miserable end. This gained a lot of sympathy from the viewers, leading to an explosive CP. It was just the result of being at the right time and place. If the actors were other people, this effect might not have happened.

As such, gold powders also had special affection for Zheng Siqi, belonging to a kind love the house and the crow*. Likewise, Zheng Siqi’s fans were also the same, and the two fandoms had a harmonious relationship.

*(爱屋及乌) A metaphor for loving a person and caring about people/things related to him. Originally came from Shang Shu Da Biography. || In this context, it refers to how Zheng Siqi impacted Shen Jintai and their CP, fans of Shen Jintai also had special feelings for Zheng Siqi, and the same applies to his fans.

Zheng Siqi was a newcomer. Though he had become popular due to the popularity of the drama, this was the first time he attended a public event. He was very sentimental on stage. Though he was a few months older and a little taller than Shen Jintai, on the stage, Shen Jintai was more like a big brother to him. As the host was talking, Shen Jintai turned his head slightly to talk to Zheng Siqi. Zheng Siqi looked serious and leaned over with his head slightly lowered. The audience didn’t know what was said, but both of them laughed.

This scene almost made Jintai Qiongying fans faint.

The two actors were so sweet in reality, but in the drama they had just ushered in a sad moment tonight. In the preview of next week’s broadcast, it was going to be the night the poisoning case broke out and the crown prince was arrested. Li Xu’s hair was scattered as the jade hairpin loosened, shattering on the ground. “The prince was wronged” was shouted, directly hitting people’s hearts.

After taking sugar here, the tears from watching the trailer over there couldn’t stop.

Several more hot searches all related to Shen Jintai appeared. After attending the dinner organized by Monsoon Entertainment, it was already late at night. On the way back to the film and television city, Xiao Tang was happy and worried. “There seems to be a too many hot searches recently?”

Li Meilan: “I also think there’s a bit too much, but we didn’t buy them.”

Going by usual practice, if a drama was in the prime-time slot on satellite TV, the producer would buy one or two. This method could be regarded as the default to normal marketing. There were so many actors participating in <The East Palace is Coming> that could drive traffic, and that didn’t even include Yang Lizhi and Bai Qingquan. Even resource coffee shops like Liu Hui would take advantage of the heat and buy some hot searches. With all these factors, sometimes Shen Jintai got dragged along.

In addition, Weibo themselves will rub heat and occasionally send one or two.

Li Meilan said, “Why don’t we spend money to take it down?”

Shen Jintai was happy when he heard this. Xiao Tang couldn’t help but laugh. “If other celebrities heard this, they’d cry in anger.”

Li Meilan smiled and looked at her phone. “You have almost 10 million Weibo fans now. There is still more than half a year remaining.”

Shen Jintai smiled, lowered his head, and flipped through the script in his hand.

The script looked very plain. It was just a white-bound version. Big black words hung on the top: <Welcome Rain on a Spring Night>.

The author has something to say:

The movie pie warms up.

Kinky Thoughts:

In case you forgot, this was the script Bai Qingquan passed on (Chapter 37).

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