Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch47

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 47: The Ad is Coming

Aishang’s advertising production cycle was very short. The brand felt that taking advantage of the soaring popularity of Shen Jintai, launching the ad at this time would be like pouring oil onto fire. Before the launch, they communicated with Shen Jintai. Li Meilan felt that it should be able to make the hot search.

Recently, news about Shen Jintai was everywhere. He had multiple hot searches related to him. The unprecedented popularity of <The East Palace is Coming> cause the third week broadcast to pass 1.8 in ratings. Breaking 2.0 was just around the corner. There was no current series that could match against it. Even in the last five years, it could be regarded as the most topical TV series. If it stabilized in the later stage, it would become a phenomenon-level drama.

With the TV series being hot, and everyone knowing about it, there were enough fans that reviews could be controlled. In addition, with so many hot searches revolving around Shen Jintai, it would be crazy not to take the offensive now. What was more, she and Shen Jintai had watched the commercial in advance. They believe it would be unreasonable if it didn’t make the hot search.

Li Meilan was watching the time. Shortly after the advertisement was released, it went viral. The hot search keyword was: [Shen Jintai Advertisement].

The video showed a pair of shiny leather shoes on the floor. Suddenly the sound of the door closing could be heard, followed by the sound of keys on the table. The camera moves up from the pant suit to the belt that was tied around the slender waist of a young man. Slender fingers clicked on a tablet as music started to play from the smart speakers.

Formal wear represented the most abstemious form of clothes. For an advertisement of underwear to start with this, it was obvious what their intention was!

It was portraying a white-collar worker who had just returned home from work. He stretched out his hand to pull off his tie and began to undress. The lens became very seductive as it focused in on his rosy lips and well-line chin, then protruding Adam’s apple to his fair and slender fingers. His nails were shiny and neatly trimmed. Button by button was undone as his white shirt was taken off revealing his chest.

Shoes, socks, and pants were taken off until there was only underwear remaining. Holding the edge of his underwear with both hands, he slowly pulls it down as a shallow mermaid line was exposed. As he was about to fully undress, the camera suddenly cut away revealing the handsome face of Shen Jintai that was giving a mischievous and ruffian smile.

Sudden rhythmic drum beats accompanied by cheerful music sounded as the video cuts to different images of showering, swimming, a 360 degree shot of Shen Jintai’s well-proportioned body, then to Aishang’s various style and color of underwear. The finale of the shot showed an indistinct scene as the music suddenly slowed down and the camera abruptly stopped. The picture became clear showing Shen Jintai sitting on the toilet with only his underwear on, holding a cigarette in his hand. He raised in head in slow motion giving a piercing look with his sharp eyes at the camera showing anger.

“Oh my god! It, wrung, all, my, blood, completely, dry!”

“Worthy of being the number one ass in the entertainment industry. This ass!”

“Did you see the waist?!”

“The beautiful venus dimples are my favorite! Touhua is absolutely superb!”

“Whet popular fresh meat dares to make this kind of advertisement. Even if it’s Touhua, I will still take it!”

“Mom, look, it’s this little waist spirit that took my heart away!”

“This waist, this ass, this face value!”

“Look at these long, straight, fair and thin legs. I don’t deserve to be a woman!”

“Ohhh, oh, ah. I can’t control my brain. It’s being filled with Jintai Qiongying!”

“I used to think that Touhua wasn’t beautiful enough. But now look at him. My god. So hot!”

“Are you embarrassed to mention it or something? Why didn’t you specify which part is hot!”

“Sister upstairs, I understand you! You are such a fan!”

AWSL*! I didn’t even notice whether the cuckoo upstairs was praising him or not!”

*Acronym for ah I’m dead. Kinda like saying “Oh my god!”

“Just two words: I can*!”

*Reminder: Refers to someone or something that you like very much as in “I can sleep with him” or “I can be in a relationship with him” ect.

“Sister, sister, sister!”

“Call out bravely! We’re sisters!”

“This is really a white glow. It brightens people’s eyes when they look at it.”

In the last shot, Shen Jintai woke up from a bed. The morning sun shone on his sleeping face illuminating the white skin and rosy lips. His sleeping face had a strong and cold aura. The music had stopped. Quietly, a vase of flowers bloomed brightly at the head of the bed.

The ad started with a routine shot and ended with a routine shot. Shen Jintai long and delicate eyelashes shook a few times as he opened his eyes to the sound of an alarm. The camera started to slowly blur in the sun as it gave him a close-up shot around his gorgeous eyes.

He stretch his body and then got out of bed. Faint sounds of footsteps could be heard as he walked towards the window. With a “swish” the curtains were drawn open. The sun came through basking him in sunlight as the window scenery blurred into a ball. His figured was bathe in the sun as the light slowly covered his thick black hair, moving downwards to his straight shoulders, then to the grooves on his back as it winded down to the venus dimples. It was finally fixed on the Aishang’s underwear he was wearing.

The tall and beautiful figure stood there as a background narration said: “I’m in love. How about you?”

The top hot comment was: [OH MY GOD!!!] followed by the second hot comment: [I’m in love! I’m in love!]

This hot search quickly reached the top with lightning speed, and with the aftermath of <The East Palace is Coming> and the signing of Monsoon Entertainment, it quickly spread all over the Internet.

Bai Qingquan was stunned after reading it. His heart was beating wildly. Shen Jintai was such a hot commodity!

He looked up at Yang Lizhi on the opposite side. Yang Lizhi couldn’t control herself: “Wow, wow, wow!”

She shouted out the point she personally admired most: “Shen Jintai actually has a waist!”

His love handles were perfect. When Bai Qingquan held Shen Jintai’s waist, he felt that such a waist was unattainable anywhere!

The ad quickly spread to the entire crew. With the exception of those who were actively working, everyone else had turned on their phone to watch. While engrossed in it, they saw the man of the hour came walking in.

Shen Jintai usually wore very casual clothes on the crew. Now that it was cold, he stopped wearing shorts and T-shirts. This time he was wearing sneakers, with long pants and a denim jacket.

“Good morning.” Shen Jintai greeted the crew.

“Li Xu, your advertisement is so exciting.” Chang Ji said with a smile.

Shen Jintai smiled and said: “Oh that underwear ad? Thanks.”

People didn’t pay much attention before. After seeing the ad, everyone started to look at Shen Jintai again in a different way.

He was currently wearing a robe with a belt that was wrapped around his slender waist. He was tall and handsome whether he had his clothes on or off. This feeling had gone beyond just handsomeness to the realm of magnificent. It was unknown whether it was because of the psychological result of watching the commercial.

It seemed like there was a white and pink halo glowing around Shen Jintai that made people amazed when they look at him.

The weather was good today, and the autumn light was brilliant. Shen Jintai looked particularly radiant today. His energy affected his appearance and made him emit some kind of compelling radiance. When people were popular, they were different*.

*Clarity: As explained in a past chapter, now that Shen Jintai has become more popular and people are starting to see him in a different and better light, their perception of him has changed and they couldn’t help but look at him more positively. Before it was “How average looking he is” vs now “How magnificent he looks” and it’s all mainly due to perception changes (not the actual person himself).

At this point in the plot of the drama, Li Xu had started to slowly ascend. He practiced archery with Zhou Jing in the courtyard.

Shen Jintai was wearing a brown robe with a black belt wrapped around his waist looking tall and handsome. Before he shot his arrow, he nodded as he listened to the guidance of the person next to him.

“Raise it a little higher.” The guide said: “Look at the direction of the arrow with your eyes, raise your chest, try not to move your head, and sink your arms.”

Shen Jintai smiled and nodded to the guide.

“Three, two, one, action!”

As soon as the director’s words fell, Shen Jintai raised the bow and arrow in his hand. With a serious expression he pulled it to the tightest point. He released the arrow with a “fwish” as the arrow shot out.

Bai Qingquan, who was standing next to him suddenly felt the beating of his heart as if the arrow had directly hit it.

Badump, badump.

Kinky Thoughts:


Is the BaiJin ship taking off?

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11 thoughts on “Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch47

  1. The author never fails to mention Shen Jintai’s ass and i love that. At this point i kinda want a polyamorous relationship between Shen Jintai, Yan Quichi and Bai QingQuan. Hell throw in the other two as well make it a party. But i know these are just my very own fantasies…

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  2. Technically speaking, AWSL = 啊我死了 (ah I’m dead), so I think in this context it’s closer to “oh my god” rather than “that’s so cute”?


    • Thanks. I think that makes sense given the context. My footnotes mainly derives from searching Baidu so I have a hard time finding out the meanings behind them especially when I get mixed results.


    • I’m also like that. In my years of Reading BL and BG novel I’ve never read a harem novel, I just can’t stomach it. But whenever I read novels like this I will be like’if this is a harem novel I think I might make an exception’.

      But trust me, if this novel was tagged harem you wouldn’t even bother reading it.

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